Day 2b – American Transplant Congress Begins

For the events of Saturday, May 30, 2009

5:00 PM – Grabbed a cab from the hotel and went to the Hynes Convention Center, to get changed for my 5:30 debut as a Mountie for the opening of the American Transplant Congress. Noticed on the way into Boston from the airport that the taxis have Interac machines in the back seat for you to swipe your own card, or pay by debit! But this cab was even cooler – it had a computerized information system in the back of the driver’s seat that you could use to surf the web, check on local attractions and book tickets for baseball games, etc. (see picture left, click for larger)! The cabs also all have these sliding windows that made you feel more like you were in the back of the paddy wagon than public transit.

5:30 PM – The show begins! Over 4,000 doctors from every continent attend the mis-named “American” Transplant Congress – it’s really just a smaller version of the world Congress we are having next year. I handed out little Mountie moose and beavers, dressed up as a Mountie myself, and it was fun. But also really exhausting. Another guy that is hired to organize our Congress also wore his Mountie outfit and did same thing. Luckily, because our booth isn’t in the main exhibit hall this time, but down the hallway on the way to it, so doctors are always rushing by us. Rather than stand behind the counter in the booth, we had to grab a bunch of little toys and stood in the middle of the hallway just handing them out all over the place. It was great – was giving over a dozen away a minute at times.

I was so tired by the time the closing time of 7:00 PM came up for exhibits – but people weren’t leaving like they were supposed to! As it was the opening of exhibits and they had such a short time to view them (pretty stupid I thought) they hung around until almost 8:00 PM, and I was just wasted at that point.

8:00 PM – I changed quickly and walked back to the hotel – which was about 10 blocks away. Again, like Friday night, the streets were full of people and the stores were all open late. it was kind of neat, and I got to see a bit more of the city. I grabbed some pizza this time (my mouth still hurts from the cheese burning it in TO airport, but I do like a good pizza!) and had it in my room. I spent until about 12:30 AM going through all the pictures I had. Probably took about 300+ digital pictures today alone! Want to make sure I get at least one great shot of everything. Not going to make the same mistake I made in Sydney were I still have not, to this day, finished going through all my pictures and deleting bad ones, naming and organizing them in folders.

As I went to bed I was watching the Weather Channel – we should see a storm tomorrow, but at 1:00 AM (yes, I’m still on Vancouver time) when I finally went to bed, it was +18C still, and very humid. Several tornadoes in Indiana and Ohio tonight.

More tomorrow!


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