Day 3 – Rain, Rain.. GET LOST!

For the events of Sunday, May 31, 2009

8:00 AM – Got up late after working on blog and pictures again. Again, didn’t have breakfast this morning – it’s $6 for a glass of orange juice here, which doesn’t really appeal to me, and I’m sick of fast food, so thought I’d get something at the Convention Centre.

10:00 AM – I took a cab to Convention Centre for 10:15. We decided yesterday that both of us in the booth all day was a bit much – it’s only 10×20′ and gets crowded, so we decided to only be there during peak time (10-2) together. I’d take later shift and early shift tomorrow, so I can leave early and come in late Tuesday (and leave early that day cause it ends at 2:00!) I figured that would give me the most touring, and the other guy agreed, so that’s great. He wanted to go out Saturday night with a friend from Boston, and thought coming in later tomorrow would be helpful.

4:30 PM – very long day today – got out a bit later than I thought (exhibits were supposed to close at 4:00). Didn’t get lunch until 2:00 PM as it was so busy in the booth. They only had a little sandwich and salad place in the Convention Centre (see picture right, click for larger), which I got a good $8 deal on a Greek salad and roast beef sandwich, so it was OK. Went to a Walgreen’s across from the Convention Centre to get some orthotics for my boots to make them more bearable – we’ll see if it works. My back was aching after standing in those things all day. Walked again to the hotel again tonight, but went down Exeter Street, which runs parallel to the Boylston Street route I took yesterday. This area hd a lot of historic buildings turned into condos and businesses. Really pretty neighbourhood, so got some good pictures, though it was pretty grey as it started raining while I was in Walgreen’s. Fortunately I had bought a Boston Red Sox umbrella (cheapest one!) at the store, as there was no place to buy one on the way home – it was all designer clothing stores, etc. – and a mile is a long way to walk in the rain, even though it was really warm outside still.

5:30 PM – A block from the hotel, I got a very expensive (and not worth it) root beer float from a street vendor – never again. Still raining, but dropped off some stuff in the room and went to the City Plaza Shops – a little office buildilng and food court about a block away from my hotel. They had a sit down pizza place, but it looked busy and a bit expensive, and I had pizza last night, so went to Osaka Express and got – you guessed it – teriyaki (Japanese) food. They gave a HUGE amount for $6, and got all the way back to the hotel with it – and realized I didn’t have a fork! So went down to the restaurant making sandwiches just off my hotel, and bought a danish (they have a bakery too, which will be great for the morning!) and picked up a free fork with it…haha. I spent the night catching up on my pictures and blog, and watching TV. At 6:30 PM, I heard thunder, so stayed inside for the evening and just relazed. Went to bed at midnight – have to get up at 7:30 AM.


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