Day 4b – I’m Missing The Picture(s) Here (?)

For the events of Monday, June 1, 2009

4:05 PM
– Just ended my Mountie duties at the Hynes Center, and took a cab back to the hotel after touring the booths at ATC. Quickly changed – and then realized my camera wasn’t in my bag where I keep my clothes during the day and Mountie outfit at night. I figured it must have been left in my room, but I was almost positive I had taken it to ATC with me. The office was going to buy a new one anyway but didn’t think it would be this soon!

Got back to the hotel and realized it wasn’t here either. I’m not worrying about it too much – I take the pictures off every day, and will check Hynes lost & found tomorrow to see if I left it somewhere, but I was so careful with it. I can’t imagine a doctor keeping it if he found it somewhere, but then they were taking our toy Mounties, pens and chocolates like they were homeless so who knows. Some doctors would come back every day and pretend they had never been at the booth before, to take things all over again. This happens at every conference, and it’s amazing how bold they are. You’d think they could afford their own souvenirs!

Quickly dropped everything off and then went to Radio Shack to look at new cameras. I could not believe how bad the service is at this store. I debated going again there – had bought headphones there on Friday, and the cashier and manager of the store spent 5 minutes talking to each other about the Chinese food they were going to order, right in front of me, while I waited to pay them. I finally interrupted them and told them to get moving.

Well, Radio Crack Shack (as I’ve just decided to call it) proved they are just as stupid as I thought. I wanted to buy a camera right off the shelf – an easy sale. But all the demos had dead batteries and when I came up to the same useless cashier as Saturday to tell her they were all dead, she said she couldn’t put new batteries in them. I could not believe it. I said “ok I’ll go somewhere else” and she said “OK”. I got mad and walked out and then I thought – ‘not a chance, you cow. I’m going to get you in trouble for this’. So I came back in and walked up to the same useless manager from Saturday, and said it shocked me that she wouldn’t put a battery in the camera so I could take a look at it, and he said ‘they come with rechargeables‘.

I was stunned – I said “you do know you can put ANY batteries in a camera for 2 seconds so you can try it out”. He just looked at me. I just said out loud, so everyone could hear – “you just lost a $200 camera sale over a 20 cent battery” and walked out. They couldn’t care less. Why even show up for work if you aren’t going to do anything? Now I know why the staff are useless – the manager is a wingnut. I was so frustrated – now I have to find another store in a strange city!

You’d think with their economy in the toilet Americans might try harder, but I can honestly see now how they got into this mess in the first place – some of the poor dears are just plain RETARDS.

Kept walking down Boylston Street (by Trinity Church, etc. from before) and came up to Rick’s Cameras. Walked in and they were more than happy to sell me everything I needed in about 5 minutes – the young guy behind the till was pretty happy to make such an easy sale. Paid with own cash and bought the type I’d like (got it for about $140) so if I do find the old camera, I’ll keep this one for myself. If not, at least we’ll have a decent camera for the office.

Stopped by Burger King on the way back to the hotel, and got these cute little things called Burger Shots – 6 tiny hamburgers in a box (see picture right, click for larger). I can see why Americans are so fat – all the sizes for medium, etc. fries are way bigger here than in Canada. By the 5th one I was done, and threw the rest away.

At Burger King today, the cashier gave the guy in front of me a $2 US bill – and he thought it was fake and gave it back. I was then nervous to take it too – in my life I don’t remember ever hearing of one. Then I got back to the hotel and read that it’s the rarest form of US money, and probably is worth much more than $2 on eBay! Darn it, I should have taken it.

I also noticed that in vending machines now, they give you U.S. ‘loonies’ back – I didn’t even know there was a $1 US coin now. They are apparently making them a big deal now, and realizing 4 new ones every year with different Presidents on the faces. Very cool. Some of the dollar bills ($10, 20, 50) are slightly colorful now too, to make them all look different. They must have got the idea from us. They’re a bit slow down here, but worth waiting on as someone once told me. Honestly, I am surprised at how slow some Americans here are – Boston is clearly a blue collar town, and people just can’t spell or talk properly here. It’s kind of sad.

6:30 PM – Wasn’t going to tour today. But when I finally finished eating, watching the news and planning the rest of my trip, I got a bit stir crazy in the room and decided to go for a walk. So glad I did, as you’ll soon see. Stay tuned!


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