Day 5c – Banana Splits and Barack

For the events of Tuesday, June 2, 2009

7:00 PM – funny – my camera just flashed the message “battery exhausted”, and I thought – ‘yah, you and me both’! Was at the Charlestown Navy Yard looking at the Constitution when it happened – the last stop on the Freedom Trail. Could you get better timing than that? I did bring other batteries with me, but was just a friendly nudge that I’d seen and done ENOUGH today already. I suddenly felt like there was no way I could walk another minute, not to mention all the way. Just at that time, a cab pulled up right beside me.

You have to understand – the Navy Yard at 7 PM (1 hours after Constitution viewing closes) is pretty quiet. There was only 2 old ladies wandering around – I think they were lost, and I thought maybe they would need the cab more than me. At the same time, there were a lot of in shape guys and girls jogging around here. At first I thought it was my imagination, but they kept coming and coming and …..I thought, oh, I guess these must be sailors! I had just thought this was the most fitness friendly suburb in America previously, but obviously not. Never seen so many joggers in my life.

Suddenly something possessed me to just start walking back! I must be insane from the heat or something. I didn’t have anything to prove, even to myself. I had walked the approx. 4 km route (or more the few times I almost got lost and wandered around a bit) without sitting down even once.

I walked back across the Charlestown Bridge, and noticed beside Bunker Hill Bridge to my right that I hadn’t noticed the Boston Garden looking in the dusk before (now called TD BankNorth Garden).Man, I hate corporate naming today. I guess most are OK – GM Place passes the test (though who knows how long that will last with yesterday’s bankruptcy news!) and the United and Pepsi Centers were always cool names, I thought. I think that the world is coming to end, however, when an NHL arena is named Arena (in Glendale, AZ). Is that an April Fool’s joke? Not a fan of Rexall Place in Edmonton either – I miss Northlands Colisseum. I think Boston’s name comes in a close second for dumbest names in the NHL, but it looks pretty. Home to the Celtics as well. (see picture right, click for larger).

I walked back to the Haymarket subway station, which was at the new City Hall, and just across the bridge I was just on. First time using the subway in Boston this trip (had used it a few times in 2002). A bit confusing how to pay for it – you put $5, 10, etc. dollars on a card, and then use the card for trips of $1.70 each. Stupid system – it means you always have some left over change on your card. I prefer our unlimited zone pass that you use as much as you want.

It was only 5 stops back to Arlington Station – the “newly renovated” one. Wow, if that was the most handicapped-accessible, newest, easiest to navigate station on the Green Line – the whole system needs intense prayer. They had just reopened this station after renovating it for 3 YEARS. Take a look to the left and see if you think it was money and time well spent. I mean, it’s shiny, but it’s so old looking already – there’s weird piles of gravel between the rails throughout the entire Green Line system – I have no idea why. Every Skytrain station on the Millennium Line of Skytrain looks newer and better than this station, and they are nearly 10 years old!

7:30 PM – went back to Burger King (I know, I need to eat better) and got the Burger Shots thing again. Yah, I’m over it now. Had a hot bath to relax my legs – they felt like I was dragging rocks around with me by the time I got back to the hotel – I did miles of walking today. Hopefully I’m not touring around in a wheelchair in the morning.

Worked on my pictures from yesterday (I took over 300 pictures on Tuesday and over 400 today on the Freedom Trail!) so my blog writing slowed down a bit – sorry about that! Will try to catch up tomorrow morning – not in a hurry to get moving, as I saw so much of my ‘must see’ list already!

9:30 PM
– Just had a craving for some Ben & Jerry’s (well, ice cream in general – I don’t remember when I’ve been to an actual Ben & Jerry’s before). It’s right on my building – got a huge banana split with cookies and cream, pecan and cream and something else I don’t even remember now, with bananas (to make it “health food”) and some chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Did I mention it was HUGE? Yah, it was huge.

Came back and watched a special NBC show Inside the Obama White House, with Brian Williams reporting. It was really interesting – showing a full day following the life of the President at the White House. Tonight is part 2, this time following the First Lady for a while day. I won’t miss it.

Went to bed at about midnight after finishing editing/naming all my pictures – from yesterday. It’s just so easy to take a million pictures with a digital camera, but then you have to deal with all the editing later, which isn’t the fun part of the trip. I’m not setting an alarm tomorrow morning, I’m just going to get up when I’m actually feeling like getting up.

Well, maybe I better set the alarm then!


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