Day 8a – Coming Home Today

For the events of Friday, June 5, 2009

8:00 AMFirst of all, finally finished the Freedom Trail blog this morning (Day 5b) so check it out!

Woke up, went down and grabbed a yogurt, cinnamon bun and orange juice from Au Bon Pain (hotel breakfast is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive I realized) and got everything all packed up. Thought I had a lost passport scare for a second – it wasn’t in my bag that I brought with me. However, knowing what a scatterbrain I can be, I had packed it up in a plastic satchel in my suitcase for safekeeping – whew! That and my electronic things are usually watched with an eagle eye – minus that camera. I still don’t get how it just vanished – one minute I had it, the next minute it was gone. I’ll never know if it was taken from my room, from the booth at ATC or maybe left in a cab, but the latter is unlikely – it’s always in my pocket zippered up. Oh well, the new one is so much better. At least I know I can take it with me anywhere – I did buy it after all.

9:18 AM
– Did Express Checkout downstairs and now can work on my blog until 11:30, when I’m going to leave here. I didn’t mind Boston, but I’m so over this city – I probably will never be back here in my lifetime unless I feel it’s totally necessary. One never knows.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog! It was fun doing all this stuff and writing it down. See you back home! Will update on my trip as it unfolds in a separate blog entry, if there’s any news!

12:30 PM – Got here at around noon – taxi driver only took me 15 minutes to be here. I cleared customs immediately – not a person there in front of me, which was odd. Realized though that this is just a 50 seat plane I’m flying on to Vancouver, and then a 747 from Toronto home. This is by far the smallest terminal building at an international airport that I’ve ever been in in my entire life. There are three gates in this part of the building for Air Canada – period. And they all share one big waiting area. There are other airlines in Terminal B, but they seem to be all separated out into their airline areas.

It’s a great setup though. They have a little cafe right in the lobby here that sells sandwiches, salads, etc. and a business workstation area where you can plug in your laptop and use WIFI. I bought a banana nut muffin and a peach Snapple, and they gave me a free banana – which was really fresh. Very cool and nice touch.

12:51 PM – Just waiting for my flight to board – we are scheduled to depart at 1:30 and it seems everything’s on schedule. Looking forward to being in Canada again, where I understand everything going on around me.

1:23 PM – on plane now and we are leaving right away. Already filled in my customs card to hopefully breeze through.

Thought I picked a good seat – window in last aisle in right side, but didn’t think that I wouldn’t be able to put my seat back – and there’s a bathroom behind me! Thank God for headphones.

Much smaller plane than I had coming to Boston – an Air Canada Jazz flight. I have a 2 hour layover (get there at 3 and YVR flight at 5 ). There’s also a flight at 4 with 7 seats available still, so will try to get on earlier when I check bags at Canadian customs. As it’s a small plane I hope it doesn’t take long. We are taxing out at 1:28 already so things looking much better than the Gong Show coming down here.

Plane has no entertainment system at all but we have 50 nice leather chairs on this little Bombardier jet so I guess it’s a trade off. I have TV shows on laptop that I downloaded this week and others on iPod and all is charged enough to get me to TO. The big plane should have everything I need.

Watching a show called Kings right now – a modern day readaptation of the story of King David. He’s an autobody mechanic whose name is David Shepherd. So far it’s a REALLY good show – I think it’s awesome idea and done very well so far- seem 2 episodes. Not sure what network – I stumbled on it by accident on and then found all episodes I could on Bittorrent.

2:00 PM – the guy beside me has nasty cigarette breath – he’s making me ill. I’m trying to figure out how to open this window. Speaking if which – I think my right leg is starting to freeze up and it’s not even touching the plane wall. Seriously it feels like a draft and at 30,000 feet- not pretty. I’ve never felt so cold on a plane – seriously glad this isn’t a long flight.

Stewardess just brought a bag of ‘jet fuel’ snacks and a Coke. Very well named – I thought I recognized the taste.

“Cigs” beside me here ate his so fast I pulled my arm back before my jacket got vacuumed in too. I want to throw these snacks out the window, along with him, just as soon as I figure out how to open it. There must be a lock on this somewhere….

Extremely smooth sailing on this flight so far – which is ironic, as I managed to spill Coke on my jeans anyway. Ugh.

2:46 PM – already starting descent at TO airport. Hoping luggage won’t take too long. Would really like to catch 4:00 flight but if everything’s backed up I have no choice. Probably would be smaller plane as 5:00 is always a jumbo. Crossing my fingers! I hate being rushed in TO but I hate the airport even more. Guy sitting in front of me on this plane felt he had to be Joe Citizen and let everyone on the flipping plane in front of us get off first – even if they weren’t ready beforehand, and I was in row 12, so it was a LOT of people. I finally got ticked off and told him to either get moving or get out of the way, and the guy behind me agreed. He lipped me off but got moving. Idiot.

5:00 PM – no luck. Called Mom and emailed Betty and wandered the halls until they started boarding at 4:35. I couldn’t get on 4:00 – they said not enough time to get luggage on different plant though they had 45 minutes and I had it with me through customs. Did I mention I hate Toronto airport? I’ve never ever had a good experience here – this city is full of lazy morons.

6:40 PM / 3:40 PM PST – plane took off on time (at 5:00) and has been going well so far. Nice older man from Nanaimo sitting beside me. He just came back from Madrid so we talked a long time about the Prado Museum, Palacio Real and other places I saw when I was 16. He had a lot of pictures on his digital camera and showed me most of them, which was really cool. Brought back a lot of good memories.

We are on one of the new 767’s – looks like the 777 Dreamliner I took to Sydney, but it’s smaller – about 240 vs. Sydney’s 320. Still the cool design of the business section – 2, 3 and 2 seats across. Everyone can stand straight up from seats making it easier for everyone to get off, and there are two rows of people that can be disembarking at once.

6:00 PM – we had meal. I forgot I had prepaid for a meal and snack, and picked a BBQ chicken flatbread pizza- at least 12×8 – maybe bigger – it was a lot of food for the 6 they charged. I couldn’t eat it and have my Coke on tray at same time – not enough room! Also got apples with caramel dip again, and a Caramilk for dessert.

Tried watching the movie the Watchmen – I think it was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen – like a low-budget Japanese B movie about former superheroes who join back together again. One was called “The Comedian” – honestly, what would his superpower be? Laugh you to death? Tell lousy jokes in a smoky bar until everyone ran away? 20 minutes in I had to find something else – I couldn’t take it anymore it was so crappy. Changed to the Transformers – nothing like seeing things ‘blow up real good’ – as they used to say on the comedy show SCTV years ago – to pass the time!

I worked on editing and naming my Boston photos for probably 1.5 hours – great to have some uninterrupted quiet time to do it, which I watched the movie in the chairback in front of me.

6:45 PM – touchdown in Vancouver, a few minutes early! I was thinking I’d be home at 7:30, and then they said 7:00 on the plane which was nice, but this is even nicer! I was able to quickly get my bags and got home around 7:45 – to find that security in Boston had cut the lock off of one of my suitcases, and taped it a note inside saying they were inspecting my bag for “prohibited items” which clearly they didn’t find. I realize now what it was – I bought some maple fudge in Boston, and it had melted a bit inside the Saran Wrap it was wrapped in. They had opened it a bit to see it was fudge, not plastic explosives or drugs as the X-ray machine probably picked it up to be. Interesting – that’s never happened to me in all my years of travel. Another souvenir to pack up with this trip!

Sammy was happy to see me – she’s been trotting around me most of the evening as I unpack and put stuff away – clearly she missed me. A good end to a good trip.

Thanks for reading!


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