By Shawn Jorgensen
Founder, Calling Out Community
Posted: October 27, 2016.  Updated November 12, 2016 
[God’s Got A Plan For You!

.On October 23, 2016, the Fraser Valley branch of the infamous “Creep Catchers” posted a video online about ME (if you can imagine) that was both highly inflammatory and frankly, almost totally ridiculous.  

The accusations made against me were completely unproven in the video that was posted, some information was a complete lie, and some information was left out to make the picture look better for them – they are after all looking for viewers/month for their YouTube channel, and sensationalism and sex sells.  If only this story had some of either…

UPDATE:  October 15, 2016 – YouTube removed this video from their site for violating privacy.

UPDATE: November 10, 2016 – DailyMotion has removed the video from their site

UPDATE: November 12, 2016 – YouTube is again petitioned to remove the video from their site.

UPDATE: February 5, 2017  – Looks like the jackass created at least 3 more YouTube accounts and posted my video in each one.  Not a new video either, of course – the same factless science fiction as before. I’m currently reviewing some new legal angles offered by YouTube as advice. He was also stupid enough to state on (which looks, ironically, like a fake news site):


So now we have the same narrative – that I knew all along it was them? Then the rest of this makes no sense – I never thought any kids were involved, and I played him for this story, though it wasn’t three times, as I say below.  He’s just admitted to knowing that.

He also posted this video like it was some new event in January, 2017.  Man he’s pathetic.  And a grand total of 58 views of the video.  Good job!  meanwhile I’ve had over 5,000 views of this article! 

Still waiting for the jackass  to actually offer proof, and for the police to come by (that’s never gonna happen, now 16 months later.  They WERE here the last night he was in my building, and they told me there’s nothing here. That same night, he took off before the cops came – who did he know was WRONG in that situation?)

My dealings with “Creep Catchers” (a band of vigilantes with likely good hearts, but very wrong methodologies at times) began several weeks before this current story – back to May 8, 2013, when I posted this review online of Central City Mall in Surrey.  I since had edited it to update the information, after Target left the mall, along with Futureshop, and WalMart was welcomed.

Update: Some Creepy supporters tried to argue that, because I mentioned stores in the mall that didn’t exist in May 2013, the whole thing must be a sham.  Yes, I posted a review on the Facebook site, was able to auto-backdate 3 years ago, and have them host it, all without them knowing and taking it down.  Aren’t I brilliant – or perhaps, if you believe that, you are just STUPID:

Original Facebook review of Central City Mall - May 8, 2013.
Original Facebook review of Central City Mall – May 8, 2013.

(UPDATE: On November 12, 2016, I was forced to remove this review altogether from the Central City site.  I was sick of all the drooling breeders and Neanderthals posting idiotic comments – it’s amazing to me how some people can be given all the facts to show that this situation was a lie, and still believe it’s true – apparently 5-time convicted criminals’ word still holds water in Surrey – the thug capital of the nation

Regardless, this review doesn’t change the fact that on September 4, 2016 – just 15 days before the Creep Catchers first stated I had made an “attempt” to lure kids, I posted this comment about Creep Catchers on Facebook, and here’s the link.

I had never even heard of “Creep Catchers” before – until September 3, 2016, when I started to see people commenting on my review like this.  I think it showcases the kind of mindset we see with some of the avid followers of “Creep Catcher”:


The mall “supports pedophiles” apparently.  I really hope they legally went after some of these idiots, who think that because they post a comment online, it has no legal repercussions.  I couldn’t believe it.

Does anyone have a brain in Surrey, I thought?  Then it dawned on me that actual pedophiles would be very interested to read this information – they’d be marking it off on their tourist places to visit.  So I sarcastically thanked this nimrod for pointing that out to all the sickos in Greater Vancouver.

Which was stupid, because it started a flurry of posts on Facebook, accusing me of being a pedophile, just because I didn’t oppose the ban on Ryan Laforge. Sounds like a pattern with these people – they find pedophiles apparently behind every tree.

I didn’t know who Ryan Laforge was, and I most certainly didn’t support pedophilia, nor am I a pedophile as they liked to say at that time.  I finally deleted my reply comment that caused the whole furor in the first place, and it died out.  One other comment I saw during that time:

ccmall1 ccmall2

We’re glad, Jarron Veach, that clearly mentally-unstable individuals such as yourself are not shopping at Central City now.  The fact you could see pedophiles lurking kinda makes me wonder if you aren’t one yourself.  (See how easy that is to do)

Yes, apparently “children’s pants half off” to this guy was some kind of sexual message to the children of the city, who by the way don’t buy their own clothes – their parents do, and kids aren’t standing around reading signs in stores regardless.  I’m also guessing that the store sign didn’t actually say this at all.

After a whole day of reading these kind of moronic comments, accusing me and the Mall of being pedo-friendly, I’d had enough, and I wrote this posting on the Surrey Creep Catchers  Facebook  and also similar comments on other Creep Catcher sites:



Yah I was being melodramatic, and I did get someone from the Edmonton branch trying to call me at one point, though not sure exactly what he was going to do about it.  There was a message exchange online between him and this Ryan Laforge about the situation – neither of them particularly cared that their followers were accusing everyone in sight of being a pedophile, just for writing a review of a mall several years ago.

Made me think that the mall probably had the right idea.  This Laforge guy sounded like a bit of a tool.

I should stop right there and say that I didn’t actually think Ryan Laforge was a tool then – but I sure as hell do now.  In fact, I think if the methods and motives were completely in sync, I could see why so many people might think of him as a hero.  The crime rate in Surrey was just growing insane this past year, with over 50 shootings and the year’s not even over year.

Apparently there was some rash of child abusers that I wasn’t aware of, that he took a keen interest in.  I don’t know the man’s story, so I don’t know if he had been a victim himself or not.  If he had, I totally understand why he does what he does.  And he’s had some measure of success.  But not sure I feel comfortable with someone broken by child abuse running around as a vigilante against abusers.

And he’s had at least two high-profile disasters PR wise in the last few months, and I believe mine being a third.  Here’s the first two:

I thought, wow, that’s a bit ridiculous to name someone that you have no proof of.  Yah, I was about to discover how ridiculous.  This guy was clearly not making any friends with Surrey RCMP either, which I discovered later was also truer than I realized at the time.

On October 10, 2016, another story came out that again showed how completely untrained and dangerous these people had become:laforge5

What the hell, why are these people allowed to continue doing what they are doing?  They are completely reckless, I thought, and the media should stop encouraging them in this nonsense.

Others agreed:



And more importantly, the Surrey RCMP are not amused.  Now, one might say that’s because one of their own was caught in a sting with these people – but the reality is, I’m sure they get numerous calls about them, and very few of their activities ever go to trial.  It’s just a lot of report writing for nothing.  And how did this guy get away with naming now several people and not have at least a Civil Claim against him after?  It can be extremely damaging to be fingered on his site, as it’s popular and each video can get 10,000-30,000 views or more.  It’s like throwing feathers to the wind once unleashed, you can never reach them all with the truth, and most don’t want to hear it anyway.


But regardless, they vow to continue on no matter who they hurt or why.  It’s just collateral damage for these attention seekers – Laforge being in the media all the time with some story or other – though not are all positive.


Yes, I agree with Laforge’s comment under his photo above – the police aren’t doing what they are doing.  Because the police must maintain some ethics and abiding by the law.  Apparently these guys can just slash someone’s reputation, whether right or wrong, and just keep going – like a bull in a china shop.  Only the bull owner never gets the bill – and we all have to deal with the bull shit.


And I would debate the fact that he has a “huge support” in our city. Sure, he has about 1,900 subscribers for the Surrey branch (which seems to default to Ryan Laforge’s account now – they must have been suspended?) and 1,300 for the Fraser Valley branch (which opened this year, possibly to share the liability) on YouTube, but that’s not a huge number considering Surrey alone has 400,000 residents or more.

I have almost as many Twitter followers as that with both branches put together, and nearly 2,000 more than that on this blog.  But I freely admit that his 500,000+ combined views is no small matter – obviously some people many many times.  And clearly should be a money maker for him as well – perhaps that’s now the point.  But I digress.

I thought it would make a great story for the blog if I was able to actually watch how they do their hunt, or their process – anything that I might think our readers would want to see/hear.  What a dumb idea that was.


(Click for chat logs here)

On September 13, 2016 I was chatting online with a few friends when I started a conversation with a guy that said he was 18 online.  It quickly turned out that the guy was 12, and he was out on the street late at night – his mom away from home and he didn’t seem to know what to do with himself.  I couldn’t believe it – I knew right away that this had to be Creep Catchers.  Throughout the conversation, I even dropped little hints stating that.  Unbelievably, they actually published two of those statements in the video they produced – not sure how they thought that was incriminating against me?  It made it sound more like I was ONTO THEM the entire time.

What did piss me off about the video was this story about smoking meth with the kid.  I didn’t discuss sex or drugs with him, and while i don’t dispute they had that conversation with somebody, they sure as hell didn’t have it with ME.   As you can’t see the time stamp on the chats, one can’t even verify what day they took place.  However, I can say that the video wasn’t produced until about 3 days after I last encountered them, which I found very interesting, considering there was a significant gap between this first “encounter” and the last – nearly 6 weeks.  I also noticed that the chat log they posted in the video doesn’t match the formatting or colors of the chat logs (over 20 pages total) that I posted from that night.

When I went to meet them, I laughed as I approached Gateway Skytrain station that night – a rather large man was flailing his arms around about something, like he was cranked.  Perhaps not, just looked like it.  As I got near the place where I was supposed to meet the young guy, I took him by surprise, as I wasn’t wearing what I said I was going to, and I gave them a false name of Timothy (my middle name).  However, I made no effort to hide my real name or cell number, etc. as we chatted – I didn’t have anything to hide.

img_9916img_9915They thought they had a major coup and promoted on their video that they “caught” a Conservative Christian blogger with 7,000 followers.  Except I kept telling them again and again that in fact, it was I that had caught them.  Like I believed someone who was 12 would pretend he was 18, to chat on an adult-only dating site.  I was very curious by this point to see what these people were all about, and what their modus operandi was with situations like this.

Here’s the photos they provided too – doesn’t look like an 18 or a 12 year old.  So I knew right away what was going on and thought I would say some leading comments all along the chat, just to ensure that after, they had nothing.

Ryan Laforge, from his Facebook profile.
Ryan Laforge, from his Facebook profile.

As you’ll see from this video, which shows the entire conversation after I met them, I had them duped all along but they didn’t seem to get it. They kept talking like I thought I was meeting a 12 year old.  It was just bizarre.

When I saw how honking huge Ryan Laforge was, and how cranked he and his very odd friend with a hoverboard looked, I wasn’t about to let them catch and mug me.  Here’s a photo of what Laforge looks like, so you can see for yourself what a 6′, 150 lb. guy would think when introduced to someone literally twice his size ….in the dark…..with another cranked out friend with him.

Of course I expected, and I got, plenty of threats at the time that “I was dun” as they always say to their captives, and that the police were called, etc.  I’m still waiting for the police to show up over that incident, and that was 16 months ago.

When they said they had talked to my building manager, however, I laughed out loud – seriously, how stupid do you think people ARE out there?  They wouldn’t have learned where I even lived in the last few minutes, and I later confirmed with the landlord that no one had talked to him about me.

They also had some strange reference to letting “Mayor Clark” know – I still have no idea who that is, as I live in Surrey, and that isn’t her name?  And if they wanted to let Premier Christy Clark know, they could feel free – she doesn’t know a thing about me.  It was a very odd comment.

Since September 13, 2016, I have been visited by ZERO police officers.  That was 503 days ago today (from this update on January 29, 2018) Even though this video seems to purport that they had me, they had my phone number, they had an address I provided and my name, and they said in the video that they had a chat log showing me talking about sharing meth with a kid, clearly they either didn’t produce that to the police, or the police looked at it, as sane humans would, and said “yah, this is bullshit” and left it.

I know the Creeps were furious about that, however.  Because I didn’t “deal with them” (whatever that meant) I was gonna “burn in hell”. Yah, sorry, but that’s not really your decision to make now, is it Ryan Laforge?  I don’t think that 5-time convicted criminals, including a stint for drug dealing, have a corner on the Heaven market.

At the end of it all, the video states that I “got away” – even though they made out they even knew what apartment building I lived in, because they had talked to the manager?  Even though they said they had video proving I showed up, they didn’t ever show it to anyone.  And they still had nothing on me anyway, as the whole purpose of it was to sweep them out so I could see who they were and what they were about.  I actually had planned to introduce myself to them and tell them that I was writing an article about their process – what goes into being a Creep Catcher.

Apparently, NOT MUCH goes into it.  When I saw how clearly cranked they both looked, and how they menacingly half-chased me down the street, threatening as they went, I thought that was a good time to get the hell out of the area.  I’ve since seen the younger of the two at the same Gateway Station, standing on the hoverboard, clearly showing some immaturity, as he looks like he’s 30.  They might wanna re-think the 12 year old decoy they portray him to be (again, how stupid do they think people are)?


They state in the video that I promised some 14 year old a night of sex, and then “bailed”.   Not a shred of evidence.  They alsio stated I was going to meet this “kid” in Abbotsford, though not sure again when or where this was supposed to take place.

No date was mentioned for this nonsensical story, no chat logs, no videos to back that up.  I DEMAND TO SEE THOSE CHAT LOGS, AND FEEL FREE TO SHARE THEM WITH THE AUDIENCE. It’ll take them a month to make all that shit up in a conversation I never had.

This right there proved to me that the whole thing was PERSONAL with Ryan Laforge.  It also said to me that they would go to any lengths to come up with a story, even when they have offered no proof of it.  And the redneck little cretans that follow him just lap it up.

Laforge was still choked about how much shit I stirred on September 3, with that stupid Central City review, I think, and he couldn’t believe his luck when he “caught me” in his trap.  But I ensured I didn’t talk about sex or drugs or rock n roll that night. Again, the ONE PAGE of a chat log that he showed in his video didn’t even match the formatting or style of the other chat logs that I posted of that entire conversation.  He pulled it from some other conversation, and whether he knew he was doing it on purpose or not, he attributed it to me, with zero proof of same.

Why, for example, did he block out the phone number of who he chatted with on that first chat log?  Clearly he wasn’t concerned about my personal privacy – he posted my APARTMENT ADDRESS for God’s sake.  So why did he block that information from showing?  Because he knew it didn’t match my phone number, that’s why.  


(Click for chat logs here)

On October 19 at about 10:10 PM, my “second” opportunity to see what they were all about presented itself.  By the way, since that time, I’ve counted no less than 4 separate attempts to “bait” me again.  Sorry to disappoint, but I kept all those chat logs too, and in every case, I didn’t start the conversation first.  They are just bound and determined to try to get me on something. 

In every case, I ended up blocking the person once they started the “trap” in motion again, and then I reported them for being underage.  They can explain to the chat sites who they were and what they were doing – from my perspective, they admitted being underaged, so they were dealt with accordingly.  LOL – i know that made them majorly angry, because they had to keep creating new chat profiles all the time afterwards.

Now, I admit that neither instance was well thought out on my part, mostly because I didn’t realize how bat-sh*t crazy these people are.  This time, they again introduced me online to a 14 year old kid – who started on his first sentence with some sensational story about how he had been kicked out of his house by his Dad because he was gay.

They were clearly not aware, no matter how many times I stated the obvious in that chat, that I was on to them from that moment on.  I instantly thought – wow this young guy certainly likes to share an awful lot of detail in the first sentence with a total stranger.  What a strange coincidence that it follows the exact same pattern as all of the other times they have chatted with me online.  It was really quite incredible to realize just how dense these people were.  I knew I had them again.

I really played this one up from the very first sentence.  I knew where this was going.  They were probably thinking “oh my god, we got him again” LOL.  At times, the “kid” sounded almost genuine, but I could quickly tell that his story about being kicked out in the middle of the night (it was about midnight I think when we started talking) was a bit too played up.  And again, why was he sharing all this with ME, of all the hundreds of people online in the area that night.

When they added that the parents were “pretty religious”, I laughed out loud –  they figured I would resonate with that, being from a Christian home myself.  And frankly, I was ticked off after the first nutty encounter with them, and I thought that this time, it was I that was going to have them taken down for their anarchist BS on our streets.  They played the whole situation up just a bit too much.  So I started to play back.

untitledI told the “boy” that I would call the police and have them come pick him up and they could figure out the best place for him.  No no, he didn’t want to go back home.

Then he started babbling about wandering around outside all of a sudden and I thought, “oh isn’t that a coincidence”.  So I advised them that no kid can just be left wandering around THIS neighbourhood late at night.  And the Creeps would be exposed before they even got into my building – I planned to call my landlord’s son to come downstairs with me (he lived across the hall at the time) and we would meet whoever showed up in the lobby.

My plan of attack this night was to call the cops regardless of who it was, and use the excuse that BC law clearly states, on the BC Government website that I had a responsibility to report to the police, if I felt a kid under 19 was in danger.  Pretty hard to do that when the “kid” won’t stay in one spot long enough to be talked to.  And if it was the Creeps, the police showing up at the building should unnerve them a bit – maybe teach them a lesson about doing this stupid stuff in the first place.

After about 1/2 hour of waiting, suddenly a buzz at the door – and with cell phone in hand, around 12:30 or so AM, I buzzed the person in after I had confirmed he definitely was not a teenager from the voice.  I couldn’t reach the landlord’s son, who was already downstairs visiting his parents, so I thought I’d just lock up and run down stairs to meet him in the lobby myself, and we could have the landlord’s son come out with one cell phone call to him.

Now, if I was expecting some kid that night, why would I lock my door and walk downstairs to meet him?  Doesn’t that seem like I was on to them from the very beginning?  Sigh.  Wouldn’t a person normally let them come up?

However, when I got there, he was gone.  I figured he must have gone up the back stairs, and when I went to the stairs, I noticed that the side door was wide open, and carpet was blocking it open.  At first it didn’t dawn on me that this Creep had come through the front door, and then let the others in the side – leaving the building wide open for anyone to walk in.  No concern at all about the safety of the several kids that live in this building already.

Going up the stairs, there is a window at mid flight that easily shows the reflection from the top of the stairs, and that’s when I saw there were three of them, and they had something in their hands…

Thinking back to my earlier thoughts when I saw them the first time, I wasn’t prepared for three of them, nor did I understand why they thought they needed to have that much man power to deal with little ol’ me.  But then with the side door open it dawned on me – this might actually be a home invasion robbery.  I still didn’t know enough about these people to understand who they were or where they were coming from.  The police had never come after the first incident, so I assumed that this was just BS to try to get me to stop – long enough for them to mug me.  And that’s why you see me on the video, yelling like a retard, trying to wake someone up.  My stupidity, I had let three thugs into my building without realizing it.

I banged on the landlord’s door and they were still awake just before 1:00 AM, and from the safety of their apartment I called the police to come.  They had nothing on me, and this ridiculous invasion in the middle of the night was just over the top, even for them.  If I was hiding something or felt guilty about something, WHY WAS I THE ONE THAT CALLED THE COPS THAT NIGHT?  None of the Creep Catchers called for police to come to the building, I was told.  They made some big talk about how I was “done” yet again, and then Ryan Laforge once again stated that I had run away before but they got me this time.

I was incredulous.  You got ME?  I INVITED YOU HERE.  LOL  And again, what had I done wrong?  Let on about 4 times that I knew they were Creep Catchers, and stated I was going to call the cops all along.  I noticed when chatting with this person that they stated they were at McDonald’s at 103 Avenue and King George, which frankly I thought sounded like a relatively safe place to me, and so I had no idea why this “person” of any age would walk 30 minutes to my place through the creepiest area of town.  That’s just plain stupid.  But my chat app said they were 3,500 feet away the whole time.  McDonald’s is 1.5 miles, so they were likely waiting close by my apartment right from the very beginning, in order to set me up.

The funny thing about that night – after telling all my neighbours they met, of course, that I was a “pedophile” (considering I never once even mentioned sex or anything remotely related to it with them online, this accusation had zero proof behind it.

But Ryan Laforge and the two goons with him told us that they weren’t going anywhere – they were waiting until the police arrived.  Suit yourself, I said – I wasn’t concerned about it either way, because I knew they had nothing on me.  If I did, why would I be the one calling the cops in the first place?

Even stranger – they didn’t wait until the police arrived.  And as it turned out, I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT CALLED THE POLICE that night.  If they had so much evidence, as they seem to say in this video (and yet never showed), they might need to explain to their loyal viewers why THEY didn’t call the police at all, and why they ran away before the police came?

The landlord had asked them several times to leave and they were kicking up a fuss and yelling that I was a pedophile in the building.  He wasn’t having any of it – the couple knows me well and knows I am not the sort to be bringing little kids back to the building.  Something you learn after 6 years here, and my landlord’s son (whom they also met) lived across the hall from me.

untitledOn the video, you can hear my landlord state his concern that they may be the ones that had stolen his electric scooter that very week from our lobby, leaving him practically trapped in the building (he can’t walk well for health reason).  You’ll note from the above-stated clip from the Creep Catcher Facebook page, they never did deny that.  

As he was leaving, you will hear on video the totally classless Ryan Laforge then accusing MY LANDLORD of being a pedophile, because he was kicking these shouting thugs out of his building at 1:00 AM.  When you look at the guy, there’s just no way you’d take him at his word, and my landlord wasn’t stupid.  My landlord is also now passed away since then, which was very unfortunate – it would have been great to see him take Laforge to court for accusing him of being a pedophile as well.

Of course, the police took their time coming because of some other emergency, which kind of made me think that Creep Catchers business isn’t a high priority for them – they know full well what a bunch of rank amateurs these anarchist a-holes are.  Yet in the end, three policemen showed up in three separate cars, which I found intriguing.  Were they expecting some serious business with these Creep Catchers, as I thought it was a bit of overkill if they were just here to see ME.  LOL

I told them what happened that night, and of course, Laforge had every opportunity to tell his side of the story, but he had run for the hills before that.  I then let one of them read the entire chat log that you see linked above.  He even took my phone from my hand at one point to ensure he could read it without being interrupted, which I was actually pleased with.  He handed the phone back to me and said that I had to understand how bad this looked, and it was stupid to invite them here.

I had to agree with that in hindsight – clearly I wasn’t prepared nor did I understand how deranged these people were.  But I stated that even if it was a “kid” in the end for real, no adult in the province of BC, who knew a kid was potentially in danger on the street, could just ignore the situation.  The law states clearly that if you know something like that is happening, you need to get the police involved regardless of any protests.  If you don’t, and something bad should happen to the kid, YOU would be legally responsible for not saying anything.

And it wasn’t like I was cornering some kid in my apartment – I had locked my door and gone downstairs to meet whoever it was in our neutral lobby – along with my plan of at least  1 to 3 other adults, who were legally responsible for the maintenance of the building no less – who would be waiting there with me.

Creep Catchers, for all their bravado on video, were long gone by then.  They later told me it was because they had been asked to leave, so their “team stood down”.  What BS, they had hung around the building for nearly 1/2 hour after arriving, yelling obscenities and ridiculous accusations at even my landlord in the process.    They were scared of being caught there by the police, as the landlord wanted to press charges for breaking and entering.

But if these morons had known they law, they would have realized that he couldn’t press charges on them because I had , of course, let them into my building.  But they could have waited outside with their video cameras cued up and ready to show their evidence.  They could have shown their chat logs just as easily as I showed mine.  But they didn’t.  Because they had NOTHING and they knew it, other than an apparent axe to grind to this day.

At any rate, after the police left and said there was no crime here, which I knew all along, I was texting Ryan Laforge to taunt him a bit, and ask where the hell he ran off to, since he had such an open-and-shut case against me apparently.  He then mentioned a rather bizarre interpretation of what “luring” means in Canada – according to him, it just means inviting a kid over to your place.

Ummm, no.  Thank god that’s not true, or teachers, youth pastors, Big Brothers/Sisters, Boy Scout/Girl Guide leaders, etc. would never be able to reach out to kids, hold events at their homes, or other locations with them.  And again, if he’d been paying attention, he would have known that I was on to him all along, and he could never say to anyone that I thought some kid was coming over.  And again, if he had such an open and shut case, why did he run away?

I pointed out to Laforge that luring also had to include some secondary crime that was intended with the person – sex, drugs or rock n roll or something.  He had NOTHING on me, and he knows he made up BS.  He doesn’t care – the guy’s a hardened criminal that’s attacked several people during his “take downs”, and has been sued by three people now, as well as told by the Privacy Commissioner to take down yet two more videos.  His batting average is really starting to drop.

I guess that’s why they invented this sex story after the fact.  Again, they waited DAYS after that incident before posting this video for the first time.  Why so long?  After all, they didn’t bother to actually have any EVIDENCE in the video – just a bunch of stories that you are expected to take at face value, though the reality is impossible to prove.  And by the way, I’m not guilty until proven innocent, I’m innocent until proven guilty – HE KNOWS IT, and he knows he would NEVER be able to do that.  So instead, he plays up this video for his kangaroo court of public opinion.

Let me be blunt – I don’t give a damn what you think of me or this situation. And that includes some useless members of my “birth family” who, after 13 years of getting to know me, chose to side with a 5-time convicted drug dealer’s word (with no evidence) over mine.  You can all go to Hell – I will never have anything to do with any of you morons again.

And don’t bother with your comments about how “Christians shouldn’t act like this or talk like this”, or whatever.  I don’t have to justify myself or my actions to you, nor do I need to keep my anger in check against this raging fat retard that is terrorizing our streets.  Someday he’s going to tick off someone who is much more powerful and much more equipped to deal with him than I want to be.  I am happy to let the viewers just keep coming to my site, giving me advertising dollars as you do.

Why do you think I had the video taken down so many times from YouTube?  Because when he re-posts it, a whole new group of people see it, and come to my site after – and a whole new group of people are exposed to just what a shmuck and a liar he is.

If after reading this video, you are still stupid enough to buy into his story with no actual evidence to back it up, then I’ve said my peace, and you are too stupid for me to waste any breath over.  It’s been over 500 days since they were in the building, and this video of theirs has been re-released a dozen times – because I’ve had YouTube remove it so many times, they also decided to remove Laforge from YouTube altogether.   Now he has his own website where he can do what he wants (he thinks).  I’ve not fought it any further, because it has generated a heck of a lot of visitors to my site after – about 5,300 and counting.  THANKS LAFORGE!

All this time, yet the police still have not come to my door, still have not issued a warrant for my arrest, and they never will.


Folks you can decide to take Ryan Laforge’s word over mine, though the reactions to the story have been downright retarded.  Yes, I am skinny and yes I have a “face for radio” as they say, but they have all made some comments about LOOKS, which has nothing to do with any crime that they were trying to prove I did.  Whether a person is a male model or not has nothing to do with their guilt.  What stupid morons.

You will see me on video clearly defiant when they attempted to accuse me of being a pedophile, or offering drugs to a minor.  I said it was bullshit there, and I say it is bullshit now.  It was just nonsensical.  In fact, if their story were true, then tell me:

laforge9Where’s the rest of the video?  Where’s their video evidence that I showed up on the first attempt to meet a 12 year old, as they state?  Other than their word over mine, they have shown no evidence.  I have shown that I was on to them from the beginning, not hiding my phone number from them, but changed my clothes and my name in order to throw them off a bit.  I admitted I went there to see what they looked like and how they did things, but I wasn’t letting them near me for good reason.  They looked cranked.  Above is a photo of this motley crew from a recent media story.  Do you still blame me?

untitledDo they really think that someone with two university degrees actually fell for their little shtick that they played on me at least 7 or 8 times in 6 weeks?  And all this, just weeks after I wrote a nasty message to them on September 4 about their conduct then?  Yeah right.

Why is this video all text and little video proof?  They are expecting you to just believe the story as written, and most of you have by your comments, even though they are full of shit.  Their main site also said that all accused are “innocent until proven guilty”.  Yah right.

Where is the complete chat log that shows their bizarre page pulled out, which was NOT from our chat, showing “me” apparently talking about drugs and sex with this first kid?

Where is ANY evidence of this supposed second attempt at all?

Why didn’t they stay around for the police to arrive the “third time”?

Why haven’t the police been here to see me ANY of these times?  Didn’t they have a chat log page that I was offering sex and drugs to a 12 year old?  What a bunch of B.S.  The police haven’t come because they knew that chat log page wasn’t mine, and they had NOTHING.

Why was Ryan Laforge kicked out of Central City Mall in early September?  If he’s so legit, why ban him from the mall?  if you really believe a shopping mall is going to publicly be pro-pedophile, you’re a raging idiot.

How come he constantly gets away with naming people who didn’t do the crime?  Why don’t his followers get the fact that he’s been sued 3 times already, as well as been charged twice with assault, and had the Privacy Commissioner come after him?  On one video, he and a feel accomplice are seen offering up a 6 year old girl for sex to a man, and he bought it.  Terrible for sure, but why isn’t LAFORGE and this woman BEING CHARGED WITH COMMUNICATION FOR THE PURPOSES OF CHILD PROSTITUTION, etc.?  Why hasn’t he been arrested for naming wrong parties in something so important as this, including a POLICE OFFICER?

But wait, RYAN LAFORGE HAS BEEN ARRESTED BEFORE.  Long before he started with Creep Catchers.  5 times before, in fact.

Don’t take my word for it.  Go to Court Services Online ( and search his name for yourself.  Unlike Laforge, I don’t expect you to believe me if I don’t have the proof laid out.  Read what he was charged with before, and the dozens of times he’s appeared in court (or a lawyer on his behalf) in the past AND PRESENT.  Can his word always to be trusted?

When he did become the voice of moral authority?  He’s just the same assaulting, lying, conniving person he was then – only now, he’s pissing off POLICEMEN, getting the PRIVACY COMMISSIONER on his back, and at least 3 people have sued him in court.  No, they may not all win their cases, but so what – the point is, if he was actually doing his job right, none of this would be reflected negatively on him.

When he says he did something, or someone else did something, can we always trust that?  Or maybe, just maybe, is there a bit more of a sinister motivation here?  Is he attempting to make the police look bad, to make up for the 5 times he was arrested and convicted of various crimes, including drug possession for the purpose of trafficking?  Is he willing to make up stories in order to get more YouTube viewers, which undoubtedly is making him money?

Do you REALLY believe that he is catching REAL pedophiles up to 3 times a day on average?  Are you really that naive?  This guy doesn’t care if people sue him in the end, and he’s not afraid of any retribution.  He thinks he’s untouchable, and he can just make up any BS he wants, and some of you will be believe it all anyway.  He has you DUPED in order to make MONEY OFF OF YOU.  He wants you to ‘SHARE SHARE SHARE” those videos folks – and he sometimes waits during a live streaming event before he takes the guy down – just until he gets enough viewers in his mind to make it worthwhile financially.

YAH HE REALLY CARES ABOUT THE KIDS, DOESN’T HE?  Nah, this crap just got him more YouTube viewers in the past.  He doesn’t care if he makes up the story, as we have seen several times already.  He doesn’t care if the innocent are fingered with the guilty.  He doesn’t even care that 90% of the people in his videos never get arrested for anything.  These people never end up getting off the street – and meanwhile, his list of enemies grows, and he’s too arrogant to see it.

He has no job – so is he so desperate for viewers and dollars that he will go to any lengths to make up stories to get people watching?  He certainly did with my story and his attempts to re-post it 12 times prove that, as he was, thinking it would be a windfall for him.  He cares so much about the kids, that he botches the vast majority of these take downs and the cops can’t even do anything with them, and he sometimes even gets in the way of actual investigations previously underway.  Yah, but it’s all about the KIDS.  Really, with a 5-10% arrest record?  Being kicked out of Surrey Central Mall because of his antics?  Is it REALLY about the kids?

Is he so desperate to make amends for his past, that the pendulum has swung too far the other way?  He doesn’t really think he can call ME a pedophile in public, and I would just sit on my hands and not say anything in my own defense?  You don’t really think I’ll let him get away with calling me a druggie when HE WAS A FORMER DRUG DEALER IN THIS VERY CITY?

And Laforge has some explaining to do.  One of his own generals was later determined to be a pedophile himself when it was revealed last year that he was dating an underage girl.  Did Laforge move to have him arrested, in some big takedown live stream video?  Of course not – the guy just silently disappeared.  FOR THE KIDS, of course.  Where’s your outrage NOW, sycophants?


To all those who threatened to have me beheaded, castrated and a host of other nonsensical things, thinking you can cat-call me as a pedophile on the train, etc.   To those of you who live in my own apartment building, thinking you can just talk smack whenever you want –  you might think that I’m just mild-mannered and easy to roll over because I don’t say anything or fight back.  But I don’t need to reply – I’m too busy documenting everything you say or do online and in person, and I will act accordingly on that information when it is the best timing for me, if at all.  Should anything happen to me down the road, others have already been given this information to immediately act.  You can laugh now, but really, some of you are the biggest fools of all.  You don’t even realize that I am actually on the same side as you – maybe even more conservative on this issue than you are, but you have bought into the whole cult of celebrity in this case.  And you don’t even realize that any of you could be just as much in danger as I was of being accused falsely of such a thing.  Just get on his bad side, and you’ll find out that Laforge has a video lined up for YOU soon after.

i an not some loser loner living in the woods somewhere.  LOL.  I also have many friends too – TENS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM through social media around the world.  Don’t assume for a minute that because 500 days has gone by, that it means I will never act.  Lawsuits are expensive, especially when one is accusing multiple people of slander or assault on my character.  But know that this money isn’t impossible to raise, and know that I have spoken to several individuals who would love to see Laforge taken down.  They hate him with a passion and want him to be shut down for good.  Some are furious at what has happened to me in this story, and they want revenge.

I’m ACTUALLY NOT ONE OF THEM.   You read that right.  I may be angry with him for the stupid lies he’s told about me, but I have no interest in seeing him destroyed or ganged up by some who really want blood over these videos.  That’s not my style.  I am happy to just walk away and say nothing, when some of you have been total jackasses back to me.  You don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me, though you would if you actually had taken the time to read BOTH SIDES of this situation.  But many of you drink this Creep Catcher Kool-aid and it makes YOU look dumb, not me.  I know that in the end, the LAW WILL PREVAIL

PEDOPHILIA is DISGUSTING, AND PEDOPHILES ARE EQUALLY DISGUSTING, and the ONES WHO PLOT AND PLAN TO STEAL INNOCENCE FROM LITTLE KIDS DESERVE THE WORST KIND OF HELL.   But you should know who the real enemies here are and who the people are that actually AGREE WITH YOU.  I’m a CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER, for God’s sake – my stand on moral issues is well documented in 29,000 tweets on Twitter and over 200 blog posts here. 

Of course I hate this evil filth as much as you do.  Some of you clearly know NOTHING ABOUT ME.  And you have put all your eggs in Laforge’s basket – the guy that cares so much about kids, he sold drugs to many of them for yearsHe’s NOT a superhero, he’s NOT the good guy.  He COULD BE, and I really wish he was, because it would be good to have a good person to believe in again in this country.  However,  his sickening disrespect for the police and those in authority, his thuggish assaults on pedophiles (which just gets these freaks off on technicalities), and his cult-like antics with some of you gullible followers just are cringe-worthy.  He’s desperate to be liked or worshipped – and is very dangerous to society, and should not be allowed to wander the streets freely.  

He’s found a way to make money and will get YOU to defend all his very dirty work.  He doesn’t lose, he never says sorry – even when he also admits that he was at times VERY WRONG and caused some innocent people A LOT OF HARM.  That’s a sociopath.  That’s scary.  We call that despotism where I was raised.  An anarchist.  A CULT LEADER.

And you should care a bit more about that than you clearly do – because you have been led by the nose down the street with this guy, buying up everything he’s selling, and you don’t even realize just how flawed this is.  And he’d leave you holding the bag in defending him when he’s not to be defended.  Every time you catcall a “pedophile” online, before there is any proof of same in a court of law – in the rare cases when Laforge has clearly just been caught making up shit – you just look and sound like the morons. 

Or worse, you sound like Hitler’s SS, smashing up windows of the people you don’t like.  Yah you are righteous in your might.  Yah, you believe in the cause.  We get it.  But you are on the wrong side of history.

Some of the people I have seen on some of these videos deserved to be taken down in flames.  Some of these cases sounded very open and shut to me, and fortunately the cops saw it that way as well.  But it’s very UNFORTUNATE that Laforge has himself SCREWED UP so many of these takedowns with his temper and stupid antics, that some of this demons actually GET AWAY WITH IT.  So he runs this tainted Kangaroo Court – a pedophile victim allowed loose on the streets at night to terrorize possible pedophiles, filming his path of destruction everywhere he goes.  Take no prisoners, don’t bother to stop for directions, nor have enough common sense to see who is right or wrong here.  And with a criminal past bad enough that everything he says should be suspect too.  YAH, THAT DOESN’T HAVE ANY POSSIBLE ISSUES WITH IT. 

But it is how HITLER started.

In case you think I don’t have the ability or the will to take major opposition, you obviously misinterpreted who i am based on the lies in this video, nor have you stopped to think of what I would have seen and heard in the last 500 days, and I’m still standing.  I’ve withstood the taunts and nonsense from some of you in my own apartment building, not to mention other parts of Canada.  I didn’t get 23,000 followers on all social media platforms without some serious opposition.

JUST KNOW THAT you aren’t getting away with anything, when you commit this idiotic, slanderous BS in public. I am documenting every encounter I have with some of you – every word you state on every single site that this video has appeared, recorded for my future usage.  Every time you catcall me in my apartment building – yah, you know who you are – just know that there is legal remedy at my disposal to deal with all of it.  I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  I haven’t done anything wrong to be threatened in the way I have.  If you want to have a future free and clear of legal headaches yourself, learn who the real bad guys are here.

But I will not defend myself in public against your taunts.  I’ve said my peace in over 8,400 words. If you still can’t believe it, then there’s truly no cure for stupid.  But sorry, you’re out of luck – you will never see me being ashamed for anything that I haven’t done.

AND FINALLY, TO THE THOUSANDS OF MY SUPPORTERS IN CANADA, UNITED STATES and 125 countries around the world I truly do love you all, and thank you so much for all your encouragement in the last 1.5 years.  I consider this to be a true spiritual attack by a very evil presence in this city that disguises itself as good – and I say “LET GOD ARISE, AND LET HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED”.  The truth will in the end set us all free.  God will fight my battles, I’m done.  He will reveal all and show who is on the right side and who is not.  I pray we all take heed, as the Last Days are quickly winding down.



Written by Shawn Jorgensen

©2014-2018 Calling Out Community / CallOut Films. Ready and Steady... ‘Til He Comes™ Shawn Jorgensen is Founding Editor and Senior Producer of the Calling Out Community and CallOut Films - a counter-culture collective of Christian conservatives utilizing every social media tool possible to communicate the truths about God, His created universe and mankind that the Devil and liberal Left individuals, corporations, governments and mainstream media outlets don’t want you to hear.


  1. I’m sorry you had to go through that Shawn. These guys are idiots , and I knew that just from listening to the way they talk. Completely unprofessional and uneducated people . Their “if you’re not with us , you’re against us ” attitude only makes them look more like an idiot . Just bc someone doesn’t agree with them , doesn’t mean they support pedophiles lol and that mall incident exposes them as idiots. I’m glad someone like you is standing up to these idiots. Best of luck and god bless

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    1. Thank you so much for the gracious message – it really means a lot to me! I stuck a nerve apparently – I’ve had nearly 1,300 visitors and 1,900 views today alone – my biggest day in history


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