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Surrey Creep Catchers: Home Invasion

October 19, 2016

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2 Comments on Surrey Creep Catchers: Home Invasion

  1. I’m part of this group on facebook.

    I’m trying to understand your experience of creep catchers but I’m having a bit of trouble following your chat logs.

    If I understand the basic gist: You spoke with one of their decoys, you suspected you were chatting with one of their decoys, you offered the decoy a place to stay, there was no sexual content to your conversation. Yes?

    Can you contact me via fb?


    • Hello and thank you for your interest.

      On October 19 – Yes I believed they were likely CC decoys, and I believe I dropped several hints about entrapment and CC in the chat. However it was my concern about this being an ACTUAL kid in crisis, on the street at 1:00 AM that made me keep going to help him.

      NO I didn’t offer a “place to stay” – I only wanted to get the individual off the street at 1:00 AM into a safe place where he could play PS3 or watch a movie or something while I contacted the authorities or whoever was suggested to deal with him being kicked out of his home.

      You may be aware that knowing of a child in danger and not acting on it by contacting authorities is against the law in BC – we couldn’t just call the police and tell them he was on the loose either, as he indicated he was not at a fixed address and did not tell me where exactly he was after he left the McDonald’s on 103 Avenue and King George in Surrey at the beginning of our chat. I also had 1 photo of a young man in his profile that clearly did not look like a 14 year old, so I assumed again that it was either CC itself or we didn’t know what the kid looked like.

      Note that his profile said he was 18 at the initiation of the chat but yes, at NO TIME WAS SEX, DRUGS or any other negative or illegal influence on him ever discussed. His very first sentence to me was about being kicked out of his family home for admitting to being gay.

      Regardless of any personal thoughts on that situation or his family, I believe I acted in a way that kept him focused and. Not just wander away and face who knows what else out there.

      When the person buzzed, I grabbed my phone and keys and locked my suite and CAME DOWNSTAIRS TO MEET THE KID. I had decided that my place was not best for this. Arriving at the main lobby I found him not there. I assumed he therefore went up the backstairs to my floor, so I doubled back and then saw the three CC decoys at the top of my stairs sneaking around – and leaving our backdoor wide open to sneak in his home invasion posse.

      His team came running through the building after me and I had no idea who they were for sure -didn’t recognize any of them. They confronted me at my landlord’s door on the main floor when they start showing the video of this case. I called the police to come as they wouldn’t leave the building and wait outside per the landlord – SEVERAL TIMES. He advised if they did put up the video and used his image illegally, he would have them charged with either breaking and entering or trespassing. they left well before the police finally arrived, so clearly demonstrated their lack of confidence either in the story as they then later portrayed it in the video, or their lack of confidence in the possible charge of breaking/entering. Yes, I buzzed in one person but it wasn’t for that purpose nor was it acceptable to sneak others in a side door and attempt to invade my home illegally. Creep Catchers also has been given no legal authority whatsoever to just burst into my building and slander me to everyone they could find. Neither their chat logs or video taken in any way would showcase sometime done wrong either, but that didn’t stop them from making up a story anyway.


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