The Fleecing of Alberta

The NDP government in Alberta released its budget yesterday and tried, with “fingers crossed”, to push a $10.3 billion deficit down your throats – this after having a $10.8 billion deficit last year.

Enough is enough.  This government is destroying Alberta, killing your futures – and all because they believe philosophically that they are better at running your life than you are.

It’s time to kick them to the curb.

To my dear Alberta friends, your government has once again lied to you today, and as far as I’m concerned, have sold the province out and may even have technically committed treason.

Yesterday, the NDP government released its 2017-18 budget, and projected a deficit of $10.3 BILLION.

Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci: “We are laying the foundation for a return to economic growth.”
CBC News: “The $45 billion debt amounts to a nominal GDP ratio of 13.8 per cent with debt servicing costs of $1.4 billion.”

Economic GROWTH?  NOMINAL GDP ratio of 13.8%?  Let me give you a healthy dose of REALITY:

  1. A “nominal” GDP/Debt ratio is 5-10% of revenues. And no government actually pays that much back in a year, except perhaps Premier Ralph Klein, as he was finalising Alberta’s DEBT-FREE status. Ouch – too soon?  The Calgary Herald reported on January 5, 2016 that:

(Credit: Parkland Institute)

Alberta is the only province in Canada with financial assets greater than government liabilities but its debt-to-GDP ratio is set to skyrocket, says a new report from the Fraser Institute. Every Canadian government, except Saskatchewan, was expected to see an increase in its debt-to-GDP ratio from 2007-08 to 2015-16, but Alberta was expected to have the largest percentage increase, climbing 92.6 per cent, says the study released by the conservative think-tank.”

2.  Alberta has 100,000 FEWER high tax paying citizens in the last year, thanks to the slump in the oil industry.

3.  Albertans have already started paying the hated NDP carbon tax, which is an increase on your pocketbook in a time of economic uncertainty. That is money that will NOT go into the general economy, it will NOT create jobs, and it will NOT sustain growth. It will, however, help pay the $1.4 BILLION in debt costs this government racked up this year alone.

This deficit of $10.3 billion, called “nominal” by the CBC, is:

$28,219,178.08 ($28.2 MILLION) per day

$1,175,799.09 ($1.175 MILLION) per hour

$19,596.65 ($19 THOUSAND) per minute

$326.61 per second

On October 1, 2016, Alberta’s population reached 4.269 million, up 67,471 or 1.6% from October 1, 2015. When you get a moment, hug someone new to Alberta this year, because it reduced your personal amount owing on this deficit to $2,412.74 per person.

For a family of four, your share of this year’s deficit is $9,650.97.  May wanna hold off on that trip to Vegas for a bit?

And that’s on top of the $35 billion already amassed, or $10,541.11 per person. Oops, that included babies, small children, seniors and the sick and disabled as well – who of course can’t pay.

Better keep your cheque book close by.  Rachel Notley is gonna need it.



By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted March 16, 2017

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