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Ready & Steady…’Til He Comes!™

The Official Voice of the Calling Out Community – an international collective of conservative communicators, dedicated in these Last Days to “call out” and expose the destructive plans of liberalism and globalism, with one endgame – their absolute defeat around the world. We will not bow or bend. We will never surrender.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in July 2014, our growth has been truly meteoric:


From humble beginnings with:

50 followers in 2014
1,800 joined in 2015.  
9,161 joined in 2016.

In the first 6 months of 2017, a further 2,000 were added – more than all of 2015!  This is at a time when we focused heavily on starting our new YouTube channel, completely redesigning our blog and adding 3 stores through Amazon!

That’s a total of over 13,069 followers, and including our Twitter friends (see below) numbering about 5,400, we have nearly 18,500 followers in 120 countries on every continent around the world.  For a time, that even included Antarctica! 🙂


Click me for our Calling Out Community Twitter feed!

The Calling Out Community has a flagship presence on Twitter, with nearly 5,400 followers from over 80 countries, recording more than 7 MILLION unique Twitter impressions in the last 3 years.

We can also be found on nearly a dozen other social media platforms, including Facebook Pages, Google+, Blogger, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, PathTumblr and several others including Reddit and Stumbleupon.YouTube

A YouTube Channel has also been launched on June 1, 2017!  See our separate blog page for that exciting news!

We also have three stores now, powered by Amazon, and are very excited about their prospect.  Check the descriptions out here!

Our Logo

The new Calling Out Communitylogo depicts a person who is “calling out” to the person on the other side of the bridge.  The person forming part of the logo is stronger and brighter, one who has something that the other, who is fading away, desperately needs.

Notice that the bridge is only crossable one way – toward the person of wisdom.  Though they reach out to each other, they are not able to touch in their current positions – one must move toward the other.

This is the vision of Calling Out– to point people to the true wisdom that only God can provide, found in the person and the work of Jesus Christ.  The phrase “calling out” is from 2 verses in Proverbs:


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