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A founding member of the Calling Out Community, RETRO RUSSIA, will show you the real heart of a nation so large, it spans 11 time zones and has 35 official regional languages. As the Iron Curtain is once again pulled across the face of Eastern Europe, they go "behind the veil" to share the real stories underlying Russia's extreme makeover - in hopes of finding out what Her real end game is.

40 Million Russians Conduct Emergency Drills – WHY?

Britain’s  The Independent newspaper reported Wednesday, October 5 that 40 million Russian civilians, 200,000 trained personnel and 50,000 vehicles have begun a 4-day “emergency evacuation” drill, ordered by Russian President Putin.  The drill was conducted between October 4-7, supposedly mocking chemical, biological and nuclear attacks on the Russian homeland. Did they know something we don’t […]