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We at the Calling Out Community believe that God has given us a two-fold mission that shapes everything that we do:  

  • FIRST, to share the uncompromising truth of God’s Word.  Namely, that:
    • Jesus Christ came to this Earth, as a human baby born of a Virgin in a stable in Bethlehem;
    • He grew up and became a great prophet, teacher and leader whose teachings shook the world;
    • He suffered, bled and died on an old, rugged Cross to save man from their sins;
    • He triumphantly rose from the dead after 3 days;
    • He ascended back to Heaven to be with Hiss Father and to prepare a permanent Home for His Church; and
    • He has promised to come again to this planet VERY SOON.  In fact, friend, you may not even finish reading this article before the “trump of God” sounds, and we are caught up to be with the Lord forever (2 Thessalonians 4:16-17).  In fact, THIS could be that very day.
  • SECOND, to be a counter-culture collective of conservative voices around the world that stands up to the destructive philosophies of atheism, socialism, communism, radical feminism, liberalism and others, propogated by liberal Left individuals, corporations, governments and mainstream media outlets.

Christians around the world today feel a growing sense of urgency to fulfill the Great Commission, given to us by Christ (Mark 16:15-16):

15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

COF TransparentWe believe we have been “called out” by God to take advantage of every cutting-edge communication tool available to share the Gospel of Christ around the world,  Therefore, in addition to our flagship website (which you are visiting right now), the Calling Out Community launched a visual media division, CallOut Films, and a related YouTube Channel on June 1, 2017 – which produces short (usually 15 minutes or less) videos that are both complementary and unique to the materials on this blog site on various topics.  

As of February 16, 2019, we have written, narrated, designed, edited, produced and released 38 videos on many topics of importance to the conservative Christian believer, which include but are not limited to:

  • Provincial/state, national and international politics in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and the United States
  • Global technological advancements;
  • The international Christian church and related ministries
  • Commentaries on popular culture


We are very proud to introduce our first video series, entitled Last Days’ Dawning (click the link to learn more) which holds up the Biblical “signs of the times” (concerning the Last Days of mankind) against today’s newspaper headlines – proving (rather conclusively, we believe) that we are truly living in the beginning of those Last Days.  Right now.  Today.

Check out some of our most recent YouTube videos here.  Your comments are very much welcome!

And finally, we wanted to highlight the most important video we have ever produced – which gives a complete overview of the Biblical plan of salvation.  Accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, who paid for your freedom from sin and bondage, TODAY!

(Click the image below to be taken directly to the YouTube video)
C001 The Cross - God's Plan To Save Us

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By Shawn Jorgensen, Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted: February 21, 2018.  Updated: February 18, 2019
[God’s Got A Plan For You!