Last Days’ Dawning 🆕

The Calling Out Community and CallOut Films are delighted to introduce our very first video series on YouTube, Last Days’ Dawning – a journey of discovery,  with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other, of the Biblical “Signs of the Times”, which are being fulfilled before our very eyes – RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

These Biblical “signs” warn of a great worldwide time of chaos and suffering  in the world to come (called the “Tribulation”).  To ignore these signs could be as serious as ignoring an important road sign, that results in someone driving off the road.  It could even be the most serious mistake one could ever make.  Ignoring the Biblical signs of the Last Days could even lead to one losing their eternal life.

If these events are nothing but science fiction, as atheists and other assorted skeptics will claim they are, they are the most startling examples of life imitating art in world history.  Dozens of Biblical writers in both the Old and New Testaments were each given a small piece of a jigsaw puzzle – a snapshot of a future event that they may not even understand themselves, and wouldn’t have a clue in most cases where and when it was to happen.  But when put together over hundreds of years, these “puzzle pieces” create the overall Christian “eschatology” – the “theology of death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind” (Google Dictionary)

The task would not be easy, however, as the Bible was written by 40 men, all with very different perspectives and world views, living in many different countries, and written in 3 languages over 1,500 years.  And there was no central coordination for the writing of the Bible – except that of a Divine nature.

Making predictions about what the world would look like at the end of time isn’t an extraordinary miracle regardless.  These dozens of individual acts of future predictions by many of the Biblical writers mean absolutely nothing on their own.  Anyone can make a guess, educated or not, about what society would look like, etc. at a point in the future.

Anthropologists often predict where the world will be in 100, 500 or 1,000 years or more, based on both scientific principles and educated guesses.  While it is certainly very convenient that they will not be around to answer for the errors of their hypotheses, it wouldn’t matter if somehow they did live for hundreds of years until the event was to take place.  Predictions of that nature have no significant implications – they are just academic.  No one truly believes any event will happen that is predicted more than a few years in advance.  Likely few if any would be spending money, risking lives, etc. on what was foretold.  So no harm, no foul.

Astrologers tell us what 1/12 of the world population will be thinking, doing or experiencing around the world on a certain day – simply based on when they were born during a calendar year.  Factors like age, sex, race, religion, education, socio-economic status, the influence of relationships, personal health, genetics, disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and all levels of government are never considered as the influencing factors  are never even brought up on a horoscope page.  And even though the vast majority of these predictions are as useless as lottery numbers in a fortune cookie – for some bizarre reason, those who follow astrology almost never go back to the astrologer and chew them out for being so far off-base.  In fact, those who read horoscopes do so faithfully almost every day.

No, the writing of all of the Biblical signs of the times foretelling of the Last Days is an astonishing miracle for one reason only…

…Because all of these prophetic events are starting to come true, and all at once.  At least 2,000 years after the last one was written. In one generation (roughly a 40 year time span). 


The Japanese have the ability to write a 50-year business plan for their companies.  That’s a long time to predict the future impacts on a company.  Now imagine 2,000-3,500 years between when something was predicted and when it would come true.  It would be impossible for any archaelogist, anthropologist or any other scholar to make a bold prediction of where the world would be after such a length of timeOne writer may have been able to “take an educated guess” of where society was going to be headed at the end of time.  But DOZENS of writers, over HUNDREDS of years?  Nonsense.

If you think those kind of odds are at play here, I would suggest that you should make a career out of playing the lottery then as well.

The video series is ongoing, and as new titles are released, we will update this page accordingly.  You may click on the thumbnails below each title to be taken directly to the video described.  Enjoy!

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By Shawn Jorgensen, Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted: October 16, 2018.
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