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YOU MUST READ the Most Dangerous Book In The World!

Milo Yannopoulos

The loony Left calls this conservative author "one of the most dangerous men in America" - and says that Milo Yannopoulos, the former senior editor of Breitbart, is racist, antisemitic and homophobic - ironic, considering he's also a British gay Jew. Social justice warriors have had him permanently banned from Twitter, censored on YouTube, caused $500,000 damage in a Berkeley riot to protest his speaking there, forced his firing from Breitbart and even had the original publisher of this book illegally stop the presses on it

Undeterred, Milo raised the funds to self-publish it, starting a new conservative publishing firm. And from pre-orders alone, the book has climbed to #1 on the New York Times non-fiction bestselling list.

Get the book, and see what all the fuss is about, in the country of your choice!

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