RIP: Dr. Charles Krauthammer

Three hours ago, the heartbreaking news broke on the Fox News, Newsmax, and the Washington Post Рfollowed by all of the other mainstream media outlets. One of the greatest giants of conservative politics, and a journalistic genius, had passed away. 

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, 68, has been an inspiration to millions of conservatives for decades including myself.¬† His life story is just one run-on sentence of tenacity, bravery, patriotism and common sense values that has made him a trusted journalist, and one of my greatest heroes.¬† Fox News called him tonight “a longtime Fox News contributor, Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and best-selling author who came to be known as the dean of conservative commentators”.

I would add “and my hero” to that list of accolades.¬† I mourn his death tonight, and I feel a sense of loss already that his wisdom will no longer be available for people like myself to learn from.¬†

And I’m thankful for his life.¬† And what a life it was.

The venerable Charles Krauthammer, a regular contributor on Fox News. (Credit: Fox News) He was a regular panelist on the Fox News’ Bret Baier¬†newscast,¬† We all watched with concern in the last year as we saw him periodically struggle with breath, gulping for air as he looked more and more uncomfortable in his wheelchair, physically slowing down a bit over time.

But Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s mind was always racing at 100 miles an hour, and when he opened his mouth, I’m so thankful that it was one body part that never failed him.¬† And it changed the world.

Irving Charles Krauthammer was born in Manhattan on March 13, 1950, and at 5 settled in Montreal with his father and mother, Jewish refugees from Europe. In Canada, his dad prospered as a real estate executive. Charles, the younger of two sons, graduated first in his class at Montreal’s McGill University in 1970 with a degree in political science and economics. He then spent a year studying political theory at the University of Oxford.

Ironically, he quickly got very tired and disillusioned with politics of student revolution on campus, so he¬†abruptly switched course to pursue medicine. That discipline, he later wrote, ‚Äúpromised not only moral certainty, but intellectual certainty, a hardness to truth, something not to be found in the universe of politics.‚ÄĚ

It would also be a decision that would change his life forever, in ways he hadn’t planned.

A young, athletic Charles Krauthammer, just months before his tragic accident would leave him paralyzed. (Credit: Fox News) As a first-year medical student at Harvard Medical School,¬†he went swimming one afternoon in a local Boston pool on Summer break. Having completed two dives, he took a third into the pool – but this time, for reasons unknown, he hit his head on the bottom of the pool.¬† He had been studying neurology that week and said he ‚Äúknew exactly what happened the second it happened.‚ÄĚ

He felt nothing as his spine was severed, imprisoning him in an non-functional lower body, in a wheelchair, for the remainder of his life Рthough ironically, also developed in him the strongest of backbones when writing and speaking about the issues of the day.

He was visited one day in the hospital by one of the dean’s in the medical program, who said they were happy to offer him an absence from the program as needed. Krauthammer¬†told the dean that if he left now, he’d never come back, and received permission from the program to study in his hospital room for the next 14 months during his recovery, taking all of his exams orally, as¬†he hadn’t yet learned how to write again.¬† He would later regain the use of his arms, which assisted tremendously with his writing.

Krauthammer, the Pulitzer-winning powerhouse at the Washington Post. (Credit: Getty Images)He never wavered, never stumbled, never led anyone astray.¬† I often waited for him to appear on Fox News in order to know what to really make of things going on in the news of the day, and I had so many “ah ha” moments with him – I now consider him to be one of my mentors.¬† His journalism was never tainted, like Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and others, with personal issues or failures that leaked into his professional life.¬† And we admired him for staying above the fray.¬† Married for 42 years and a loving grandfather, he was the epitome of conservative values, both on the page and off-book / off the record.

‚ÄúHistory is shaped by its battle of ideas, and I wanted to be in the arena, not because I want to fight, but because some things need to be said. And some things need to be defended.‚ÄĚDr. Charles Krauthammer

After a brief and slightly strange stint as a speechwriter for Vice President Walter Mondale, he joined the staff of the New Republic in 1981, writing opposition¬†pieces for the liberal magazine which¬†advocated a¬†stronger military budget and anti-Soviet stance, and support for Reagan’s Nicaraguan Contras efforts.

He received a National Magazine Award in 1984 and joined The Washington Post the next year. His books included two essay collections, ‚ÄúCutting Edges: Making Sense of the Eighties‚ÄĚ (1985) and ‚ÄúThings That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics‚ÄĚ (2013) – the latter of which¬†instantly became a New York Times bestseller, remaining in the number one slot for 10 weeks, and on the coveted list for nearly 40.

Dr. Krauthammer won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1987 for his work for the Washington Post.¬† Working for liberal newspapers most of his career sharpened him, I believe, to become the bulwark of conservative thought that he became over time.¬† He also¬†¬†spent decades as a panelist on the syndicated public affairs talk show ‚ÄúInside Washington.‚ÄĚ

Jacob Weisberg on Wall Street in 2012. (Credit: Grace Villamil)The Left had a hard time with him as¬†they couldn’t help respecting him.¬† A former leftist columnist at the New Republic, Jacob Weisberg, said that during his time at their magazine:

¬†“Politically, Charles made a right turn that most others at the magazine didn’t follow. But I think his old colleagues not only liked him a great deal personally but admired him as a principled conservative ‚ÄĒ today an endangered species. After Charles, it takes another big step toward extinction.”

On June 8, 2018, in a statement broadcast around the world through Fox News, Dr. Krauthammer announced that he had undergone surgery in August 2017 to remove a cancerous tumor in his abdomen. While thought to be successful, he said there were complications that he was overcoming. However, he wrote recent tests revealed the cancer has returned and is “spreading rapidly.”¬† He was off the air on Fox News for the past 10 months, during this attempt to recover.

He was never to return to the network again.

Rest in Peace, to a great warrior of conservative principles, a trusted advisor to millions, and a true hero that believed in something important, and never changed his mind again.  We are changed because of it.


By  Shawn Jorgensen, Founder
Calling Out Community
Posted: June 21, 2018
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CNN’s POTUS Approval Ratings SUCK

5446619369bedd2b5b3ecd67-320-619CNN released a new poll today, conducted by Philadelphia pollsters SSRS, showing that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is “holding steady” – and his numbers on handling several key issues are climbing, with almost 6 in 10 Americans say things in Hthat country are going well. 

BUT WAIT… this is not GOOD news, CNN anchors “libsplained” today to their pathetically-dwindling but faithful weekday mid-afternoon viewers.  If you don’t already know it, you’ll soon see why this systemic bias, demonstrated against the current President by “the Most Trusted Name In News” …is exactly why they no longer live up to the tagline.

Here’s some truth in advertising: CNN is actually “The Most Busted, Rusted and Crusted Name in News”. (I want them to properly credit me before they start using the new tagline in their regular advertising )

You may laugh or get mad – but in fact, a March 2017 Business Insider report, using data from a 2014 Pew Research Center study entitled “Political Polarization and Media Habits“, did, in fact, prove that CNN is no longer the “most trusted name in news”.  In fact, the American people surveyed felt that their most trusted news sources at that time were all British, with the BBC and the Economist leading the pack.  I would personally concur.

CNN provided yet one more compelling reason today (May 7, 2017), when releasing President Donald Trump’s most recent Presidential approval rating numbers, just why viewers have abandoned leftist American media outlets en masse.

I noticed it right away when Jake Tapper, one of the longer-serving hosts currently on the financially-limping CNN, stated the following on air, regarding the current Trump Gallup approval ratings:

“Brand new CNN poll numbers revealing Americans’ perceptions of the Donald Trump presidency – and they look pretty locked in, while also becoming increasingly nuanced below the surface.  41% approve of the job the president is doing, 53% disapprove.  That‚Äôs about the same as it was at the end of March.  Every other elected president of the modern era with the exception of Jimmy Carter had higher approval ratings at this stage of his presidency.”  (Jake Tapper, CNN)

What a pile of RUBBISH. Rasmussen Reports, and other much more reputable pollsters (more on that later) disagree.  @jaketapper is a disingenuous buffoon. The fact that you are so desperate to spin polling numbers as to suggest that every President should have the same approval rating at the same period of their administrations is just about the most irrelevant “amazing statistic” nonsense I’ve ever seen.   I don’t think he’s stupid, but Tapper does say some very dumb things that a person could shoot holes through with very little effort.

Here’s the reality:

  1. No two Presidents have ever faced the same issues during the same period.  What a stupid metric to measure Presidential successes by.  George W. Bush was President for 8 months when the Twin Towers fell, and his approval rating went through the roof, lasted about a week and then it dropped constantly right until the end of his administration.  Franklin Roosevelt was elected in the midst of the Great Depression, so again, of course, he was seen as a hero at a very horrible time in American history.

  2. Every single American President has had a lower approval rating than President Trump has right now – with the exception of Eisenhower and Kennedy (from 1952-1963).

Donald Trump – The REAL Numbers

  • Yes, Trump “held steady” this week over last – a 41% approval rating, according to the Gallup organization.  However, the week before that, he was at 38%.  Sorry, a 3% increase IN A WEEK?  No one is celebrating that in the media of course, because it kills the agenda they have, which is to destroy his reputation.

  • That 41% that he is “holding steady” at is in fact the highest rating he’s had since May 22, 2017 (12 months). In spite of all the nonsense that has been dumped on him day after day after day – simply because he won an election that the left just will not accept.  It’s embarrasing, it’s stupid, it’s child, and frankly it’s destroying America.  Grow up, you whiny little jackasses. 

  • The approval rating amongst Democrats is also at a low 13% – but that’s the highest he’s seen since his inauguration.  It was at 50% of that for most of his administration thus far.  THAT is a HUGE win.  In addition, he’s only had 1 month thus far when his Disapproval Rating was LOWER than this. In the new poll, 40% of Democrats say things in the US are going well, up from 25% who said so in February. Democrats’ approval rating for Trump’s handling of the economy is up 11 points to 26%.

  • Overall, 57% say things are going well in the US today — up from 49% saying the same in February — which is the largest proportion to say so since January of 2007.  That’s significant. 

Barack Obama: 

  • This darling boy of the Democratic Party had 30 weeks at 41% or less, 22 weeks at 42% and 28 weeks at 43%.  While Trump only had 13% amongst Democrats maximum, in 8 years Republicans only showed 14% approval or more with Obama for less than 20 weeks (that’s about 4% of his Presidency).  That by the way included the last 11 weeks of his Presidency, which was when he saw his HIGHEST OVERALL DISAPPROVAL.  You know what that means?  His Republican approval for a few weeks – was only because HE WAS LEAVING.

George W. Bush:

  • Bush dealt with the horrors of 9/11 just 8 months after being sworn in in 2001. Of course his approval ratings would be higher earlier on as a result.  But he had 91 weeks at 41% approval rating (Trump’s rating today) or less.

Bill Clinton:

  • The other darling of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton, also had his bad moments, which included almost BEING IMPEACHED.  However, in fairness, Clinton had an overall approval rating that only dipped to 41% or lower for 7 weeks, and that included a relatively strong showing amongst Republicans – kind of the mirrored image of Ronald

CNN, by the numbers:

CNN’s polling company is a woeful embarrassment.  In fact, in the results of the most recent survey on Presidential approval, I noticed that on one question – the May 2-5, 2018 approval results, they asked how well things are going in the country.

In the first 3 columns, on the first row, I note that 45% said “Fairly Well and 13% “Very Well”…but somehow this added up to 57% “Net Very/Fairly Well” in this pollster’s world?

Even someone in kindergarten would know that 45% + 13% = 58%

With the publicity campaign of destruction, @CNN, you aren’t winning – that’s clear.  The American economy, based on the job that President Trump has been doing, is winning the day with Americans.

You know damn well that polls can be manipulated, asking whatever questions you want in the way you want, to get the results you want.  Your pollster, however, can’t even seem to properly ADD so all hope is lost there.  The fact you use the same pollster for everything states that they must clearly share your agenda, especially when you both end up so clearly off the mark so often in polling numbers in these Presidential approval surveys, in polling results before and on election day, and now before the mid-term elections.

In fact, RealClearPolitics, which tracks about 20 different polls for Presidential approval, shows CNN has a CONSISTENTLY lower approval rating numbers for President Trump than many of its fellow news sources.  That’s kinda sad, because it’s so obvious.  To continuously put out these kind of random, ridiculously off-based numbers all the time either indicates some kind of shared mental illness, a shared agenda, or a news source that doesn’t get just how badly they are being duped by their pollster.

But CNN “gets it”, alright – in fact, it reminds me (cynically) that “you get what you pay for”.

Final Word: Rasmussen Reports

Rasmussen Reports still chooses to do an update every weekday to the President’s approval rating numbers, unlike the Gallup organization, which suspiciously stopped doing so in January 2018 – right around the time the President’s numbers started to improve, I note.  I also note that Gallup stopped surveying 3,500 people per update, and reduced that to 1,500, while at the same time reducing the update time to weekly.  Rasmussen Reports has been rated by the popular Media Fact Check site as having a “High” factual reporting history.  They state on their site that “now that Gallup has quit the field, Rasmussen Reports is the only nationally recognized public opinion firm that still tracks President Trump’s job approval ratings on a daily basis. 

Why does all this matter?  THEIR approval numbers for President Trump for the last week was not 41% as with CNN: It was 49%.  


Approval Index

Strongly Approve

Strongly Disapprove

Total Approve

Total Disapprove











































Again, I hear you asking – “why does this matter”?  Because, dear reader, in the 2016 election campaign between Trump and Clinton – Rasmussen Reports was the only one that got it right.  Had you followed Rasmussen’s findings, as I and many others on the conservative side did before the election, Election Night 2016 was not a surprise to us.  We didn’t have fainting spells over the outcome.  We knew it weeks before it happened.

Rasmussen Reports‚Äô final White House Watch survey showed Democrat Hillary Clinton with a 2.0% Popular Vote lead over Republican Donald Trump.  After all 136+ million U.S. votes were counted, Hillary Clinton, in fact, led the Popular Vote by 2.1%.  In a post-election commentary entitled “Issues Mattered After All,” Rasmussen Reports‚Äô Managing Editor even wrote:

“The media created a false narrative about the 2016 presidential campaign, and most polling reinforced it. Controversy was the name of the media game, most of it focused on Republican Donald Trump, and many media outlets, most prominently the New York Times, and many pollsters were saying a little over a month ago that Democrat Hillary Clinton had already won. But the three daily tracking polls ‚Äď the Los Angeles Times, IBD/TIPP, and Rasmussen Reports ‚Äď consistently showed a much tighter race.”

In 2012 (see above), a Fordham University study by Dr. Costas Panagopoulos, who once served in the office of then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, compared pre-election polling with the results from Election Day. The study ranked 14 organizations – but suspiciously chose to omit the results of Rasmussen Reports. However, after the 2016 election, an American Research Group study found that…

Rasmussen Reports had the highest accuracy among 25 pollsters in the 2016 election.

CNN was so shamed by their accuracy over its pathetic, completely off-the-mark disaster on Election Night, that they have attempted to discredit in an article in 2017.  But results speak for themselves – when an organization is correct, the one that is so terribly incorrect doesn’t have an argument.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Jake Tapper.  Or whatever you leftists do for fun.

By Shawn J.
Founder, Calling Out Community
Posted: May 8, 2018

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The CBC: Public Broadcasting Piggy

On November 28, 2016, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) came up with a bold new revenue concept – just ask the federal Liberal government for more money. ¬†$400 million more, to be exact, so Mother Corp. wouldn’t have to face the gruesome task of having to sell ads. They want a¬†funding model much like the one which the¬†British Broadcasting System (BBC) currently enjoys with their Government. ¬†

We thought – what the heck, since they brought it up, let’s do a cost/benefit analysis of¬†the CBC against some of its global public broadcasting colleagues, such as the¬†BBC,¬†America’s Public Broadcasting System (PBS)¬†and¬†National Public Radio (NPR), and¬†the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, – just so we are truly well-informed.

Warning:  results may be offensive and cause irritation.  Some readers have reported headaches, blurred vision, heart palpitations, sleepless nights, angry talk around the office water cooler.  Serious side effects may include calling your Member of Parliament.  Ask your doctor whether thinking about the CBC is right for you.  Continue further at your own risk, viewer discretion is advised.


National Public Radio ( USA)
Media Type:  Radio

Possible Reach:  335,332,408
Actual Reach:
 28.8 million weekly listeners, 39.2 million unique monthly listeners
Number of Stations: 1,000

Open, flexible, cost efficient and collaborative, the new NPR headquarters is the home base for NPR News, digital, NPR Music, technical and administrative staff.
(Credit: Stephen Voss/NPR)
Budget (Fiscal Year 2016):

Total Revenue: $216,000,000 includes: 
Government grants: $20,155,000 Рor $0.70/average weekly listener.  9.3% of revenue
Corporate sponsorships: $60,000,000
Station Programming Fees: $73,000,000

Total Expenses:  $212,000,000 includes:
News and information: $81,600,000
Programming Costs: $20,600,000
Administrative Support Services: $60,000,000 Р28.3% of total expenses

National Public Radio (NPR)  has a unique funding model that is probably not matchable in the world. As a result of a very large population base of over 300 million people and being located in a nation where many of the biggest corporate names in the world are located, their ability to gather corporate sponsorships, personal donations, and revenue through other business means, makes it difficult to compare them.

What is interesting, however, is that almost 10% of the country listens to them on a weekly basis. This is substantial considering how few listeners or viewers there might be on other public networks around the world Рand considering the vast number of radio competitors in every market.

Their real competitive advantage, however, is not government grants or even corporate sponsorships, or their ability to grab large audiences, it’s the quality of their programming – and that’s recognised around the world. ¬†At a time when every radio market probably in every major city has 20 or 30 different competitors on AM/FM – including significant talk radio for mass and the advent of satellite radio which is a growing¬†competitor in the US, they are doing very well.


Public Broadcasting System – PBS ( USA)
Media Type: Television, DVD Sales

Possible Reach:  335,332,408
Actual Reach:
100 million/month, and 198 million viewers annually, 82% of the population
Number of Stations: 350

The global home of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in Arlington, VA (Credit: (Fiscal Year 2015):

Total Revenue: $625,000,000 includes: 
Government grants: $26,000,000 – or $0.13/annual viewer, 4% of revenue
Broadcasting Rights: $165,000,000
Individual Memberships: $158,000,000

Total Expenses:  $618,000,000 includes:
News and information: $372,000,000
Administrative Support Services: $36,000,000 Р5.8% of total expenses

Founded in 1969, PBS is by far the world’s greatest public broadcasting entity and has been rated as the most trustworthy institution among nationally known organizations for 13 consecutive years in the United States. Its reach is staggering, with over 80% of Americans tuning in at some point over the year, and over 100 million regular viewers a month. ¬†With millions of paying members, it’s by far the most loyal¬†audience for any media network in America. ¬†Thousands of Canadians are loyal, paid-up members as well.

PBS averaged a 1.46 primetime household rating during the 2014-’15 season, ranking it the #5 broadcast and cable network. (Nielsen NPower, 9/22/2014-9/20/2015) ¬†In fact, PBS’ primetime household audience is significantly larger than many commercial channels, including Bravo (PBS’ audience is 133% larger), A&E (120% larger), TLC (116% larger), HBO (79% larger), Discovery Channel (51% larger) and HGTV (48% larger). In addition, PBS’ primetime rating for news and public affairs programming is 109% higher than CNN‚Äôs primetime audience. (Nielsen NPower, 9/22/2014-9/20/2015)

Its influence on families is astounding – 71% of all kids age two to eight watched PBS during the 2014-’15 season, ¬†(Nielsen NPower, 9/22/2014-9/20/2015) including global powerhouse Sesame Street, the number #1 children’s programming on Earth. Now into its 46th year on PBS, 95% of American kids have watched an episode before they turn 3. ¬†The winner of 169 Emmy and 8 Grammy awards also has an adult alumni of over 77 million Americans and viewers in 120 other nations.

PBS LearningMedia, a partnership of PBS and WGBH Educational Foundation, is a media-on-demand service offering educators access to the best of public media and delivers research-based, classroom-ready digital learning experiences. Over 1.8 million registered educators have access to more than 120,000 curriculum-aligned digital resources from over 205 trusted media partners, impacting an estimated 40 million students nationwide.


British Broadcasting Corporation (UK)
Media Type:  Radio, Television, DVD Sales

Possible Reach:
 65,300,000 (United Kingdom), 372 million worldwide
Actual Reach: 96% weekly reach across radio and TV
Number of Stations: 26 local/regional TV stations, 11 international stations, over 40 local and national radio stations

The £1 billion renovated Broadcasting House, first built in 1932, is the global home of the British Broadcasting Corporation. (Credit:
(Fiscal Year 2016):

Total Revenue:  £4.963 billion includes:
License fee income (mandatory): £3.743 billion  (£10 per person global audience)
Sales of television program rights worldwide:  £1.084 billion
Advertising sales:  $0 (the BBC does not sell any advertising)

Total Expenses: £4.797 billion includes:
Operating Costs: £4.773 billion

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with over 20,950 full and part-time staff around the world. ¬†Its news division continues to be the #1 most retweeted in the world.
The BBC was created under Royal Charter and has a funding model unique in the broadcasting world Рa television licence, costing £145.50 per year ($232.50 CA) per household since April 2010, legally required by every home and business to receive broadcast television across the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  Over £1 billion was used to build their new Broadcasting House, which was renovated and re-opened by Queen Elizabeth II  in 2006.

As they have a direct responsibility to the people of Britain for the money collected by this fee, the BBC has embarked on a miraculous transformation in the last few years.  They have continued to reduce the number of senior managers and their cost Р£78.5 million on August 1, 2009, to £47.0 million in 2016.  The total number of senior managers is 356, 45 fewer than last year and 279 fewer than 2009.

Around a quarter of BBC revenues come from its commercial arm¬†BBC Worldwide Ltd, which sells BBC programmes and services internationally and also distributes the BBC’s international 24-hour English-language news services¬†BBC World News, and from, provided by BBC Global News Ltd. ¬†Because of the BBC’s incredible quest for delivering quality programming, they are able to sell their programs to individuals as well, through the BBC Store online, which has over 7,000 hours of programming available for sale. ¬†The BBC is seen as THE English language service for the entire world, thus why they have a substantially higher budget than if they were just within the UK.

Their US offshoot BBC America is one of 11 international channels that they oversee worldwide.  They also have headquarters buildings in Scotland and Wales but have reduced their overall costs for building maintenance substantially over the years.  They also have set a cap of no more than 15% spent on on-screen talent (actors, news anchors, etc.), and have so far kept on budget with that.  They truly are one of the most well-managed broadcasting systems in the world, in spite of their incredible size.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia)
Media Type:  Television, Radio, Online music and video services

Possible Reach:  24.13 million
Actual Reach: 23.6 million, based on 98% of homes having access
Number of Stations: 64 radio, 4 television

Budget (Fiscal Year 2016):

Total Revenue: $1.4 billion includes:
Government funds: $1.064 billion – $45.00/person on average
Sale of goods/services: $70 million

Total Expenses:  $1,164 billion includes:
Salaries: $494.947 million – 42% of the budgeted expenses

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is another unique entity in the world, in that the government of Australia owns and controls the company.  The ABC is funded mainly by the Australian government, in addition to some revenue received from its retail outlets, which are now closing.

Until 1948, the ABC was funded directly by radio licence fees; amendments were also made to the Australian Broadcasting Act that meant the ABC would receive its funding directly from the federal government. Licence fees remained until 1973 when they were abolished by the Whitlam Labor government, on the basis that the near-universality of television and radio services meant that public funding was a fairer method of providing revenue for government-owned radio and television broadcasters.

The term “where your 8 cents a day goes”, coined in the late 1980s during funding negotiations,¬†is often used in reference to the services provided by the ABC.¬†It is estimated that the cost of the ABC per head of population per day is over 14 cents per day today.

Today, ABC operates 54 local radio stations, four national networks and international service Radio Australia. In addition, DiG Radio launched on digital platforms in 2002, currently offering three separate stations.  Within Australia, the ABC operates four television channels, including flagship ABC. In each state and territory a local news bulletin is shown at 7.00 p.m. nightly.  In 2001 ABC TV launched its digital service.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada)
Media Type:  Television, Radio, Online music and video services

Possible Reach:  36.29 million
Actual Reach:  35.5 million, based on 98% of homes having access
Number of Stations: 92 radio, 19 television, as well as 1 Documentary channel.  They also own 40% of the Sirius satellite radio system.

Budget (Fiscal Year 2016):

Total Revenue: $1.55 billion includes:
Advertising: ¬†$253.2 million (down by nearly $80 million – 22% –¬†from 2015)
Subscriber fees: $134.5 million
Government funding: $1.026 billion (66% of the total budget) – $28.27/person

Total Expenses:  $1,619 billion includes:
Corporate Management:  $10.06 million (0.6% of total budget)
Finance Costs:  $28.132 million 

UPDATE РMarch 2017:  Note:  In March 2017, the federal government announced an additional $75 million in 2016-2017 and $150 million per year on an ongoing basis.  The plan is to use the funds for creating new content and making it more accessible.  In other words, they DID NOT GET the $400 million they asked for, as mentioned in our preamble, and advertising revenue is very much required.  The fact that this advertising revenue is down this year by $80 million should be a cause for concern for all Canadian taxpayers.

However, without a doubt the Canadian taxpayer is on the hook for a staggering amount, surpassed only by that of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ¬†PBS and NPR both have very strong corporate connections, which they can boast because of their quality programming. ¬†Unfortunately, the CBC is funded in such a way that the programming doesn’t have to be quality, and often I believe it is trying to be all things to all people, and doing a poor job overall of it. ¬†More than $1 billion is used to support programming that would never be a commercial success in any form.

Many, including me, believe that CBC should sink or swim based on its own programming merits, as do all the other channels in Canada. ¬†They have an unfair advantage in the marketplace, and even with that unfair advantage, they managed to lose $80 million in advertising revenue this year somehow – 22% of their advertising revenue. ¬†That is the canary in the coal mine here – and Canadians should be very concerned. ¬†Where have these advertisers gone and why? ¬†That’s atrocious.

CBC has had some successes. ¬†From 2015-2016, almost 15 million Canadians used CBC/Radio-Canada‚Äôs digital sites every month ‚Äď more than half of them through their mobile devices. ¬†And that number has increased by 3 million in the past year alone.

CBC also will be pouring taxpayer dollars into incredibly risky coverage of Olympics Games, including the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and the 2024 Olympic Games. Granted, they have had incredible success of late.  For example, the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games on CBC were the most-watched Olympics in history to that point.  CBC hoped to build on that success together with their broadcast partners from Bell Media and Rogers Media for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. That gamble was truly an outstanding success:

  • When Andre De Grasse¬†lined up against Usain Bolt for the men’s 200-metre final,¬†7.2 million people turned to CBC to watch Canada’s new superstar take on the world’s greatest sprinter. ¬†The 7.2-million figure was the largest single audience during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Over the span of the 17-day event, more Canadians than any previous Summer Games¬†followed the storylines of the world’s sports stars. Between CBC and its french-language station Radio-Canada, coverage of the Games reached 32.1 million people,¬†equal to nearly 90% of Canadians. ¬†
  • CBC’s digital properties generated¬†229 million total page views and nearly 37 million video views.¬†In total, Canadians watched¬†626 million aggregate minutes‚ÄĒover a millennium‚ÄĒof live and streamed video online.

The same could not be said for NBC Sports. ¬†Over 15 days of competition, NBC‚Äôs Olympics coverage averaged 27.5 million viewers across all platforms, including digital streaming ‚ÄĒ down 9% from 2012. But traditional TV ratings told a far grimmer story, one that began with Nielsen numbers that showed¬†viewership for the Aug. 5 Opening Ceremony decline 28% from London.

And when CBC gambles with taxpayer dollars that they will have success broadcasting an Olympic Games,¬†if you’re hoping to know how much our national broadcaster is paying for the privilege to show the games, you’re out of luck. ¬†Reporters at¬†Global News¬†put in a Freedom of Information request asking for the total cost of buying the rights to the games. ¬†What they got back was 162 heavily redacted pages with a brief explanation of why they wouldn’t share the information.

“The response cited several reasons for the redactions under the Information Act: trade secrets; something that could compromise a government institution‚Äôs competitive position or contract negotiations; something a third party deems confidential; ongoing consultations; and anything relating to the CBC‚Äôs ‘journalistic, creative or programming activities, other than information that relates to its general administration.'”

That’s frightening. ¬†This is the same broadcaster that lost 22% of its advertising revenue last year.



By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted December 
4, 2016.  Updated August 9, 2017

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The Faking of Middle East News

Occasionally a photo or video will come along that goes viral, captures the hearts or imaginations of the people, who in turn influence their respective governments, and real, positive change is made that changes the world for the better.

This story is about 3 such photos that all meet those qualifiers – all iconic in their¬†own¬†rights – but¬†all¬†3 share a dirty little secret.¬† To be sure, the Middle Eastern events they portrayed shook us, made us cry, changed our lives and the policies of many of our nations…¬†

…and yet NONE of them¬†ever¬†actually happened.

the Threatened Palestinian boy

(Credit: Facebook)

You’ve likely seen it before: An IDF soldier aiming his rifle at a Palestinian’s head. No context is given ‚Äď is the soldier about to execute the Palestinian at point-blank range? ¬†The photo spreads via Facebook, reinforcing the (false) narrative of “Israeli aggression against Palestinian victims.”

However, this event never happened.¬† The latest charade in ‘Pallywood’ ‚Äď a cottage industry dedicated to producing Palestinian propaganda ‚Äď is now circulating on Facebook, showing “an Israeli rifle butt digging into a young Palestinian’s neck.”

Thankfully, Roi Rahmani, an alert media monitor, discovered another photo, this one showing the two Palestinian actors,¬†appearing in a friendly selfie. ¬†The entire story was later covered on Israel’s Channel 2 news.

(Credit: Roi Rahmani)

THE Burning Egyptian

(WARNING: graphic image.  Viewer discretion advised)

The following screenshot, published by Ahmed Mansour, a famed anchor on the Arabic Al Jazeera claimed that the following image is one of a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, being burned alive by the Egyptian Military – the narrative being that the current Egyptian government is putting ‘victim’ Brotherhood supporters to death.

The Brotherhood, under the leadership of President Morsi, were the government of Egypt from 2012-2013.  The organisation, founded in 1928, has a presence in governments around the world Рbut as of 2015 is considered a terrorist organisation by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.  Not really the type one would get sympathy for.


If you search on the internet to check the truth about that image, you will find out that the original image is of a 2008 South African protester, who tragically set HIMSELF on fire.  This was a very embarrassing revelation to Al Jazeera viewers, costing huge credibility in Egypt and beyond.

The Drowning Refugees


A photo of refugees floating in life jackets, looking for help has been portrayed all over the media as indicative of the plight that Middle Eastern refugees endure every day.  on its own, it paints a grim picture of the risks that these refugees take, often with little kids with them in tow.

ONE SMALL PROBLEM – an uncropped version of the picture has surfaced, proving the photograph was selectively edited to persuade Americans into allowing open borders for refugees and to further liberal agenda.

(Credit: Bare Naked Islam)

The full image, provided by Bare Naked Islam, showed a group of young men standing about seven feet from the crisis.¬† The ‚Äėtreacherous sea‚Äô is 2 feet deep at most. Surprisingly, the media did not add a shark fin into the photo.

What we can learn

The first, and most important thing that we can take away from the story is that all consumers of news (whether we read it in the paper,¬†¬†watch it on TV, or listen to it on the radio) have a responsibility to not pass it on until we¬†know it’s actually accurate.

(Credit: Jantoo Cartoons)

So many times I have friends come up to me and tell me a new story that they read online or seen on television that was just so ridiculously fake and so stupid, I able to shoot holes in the story right away…with simple logic or facts they couldn’t dispute. ¬†So many people out there are gullible and naive followers of whatever comes their way – they don’t know what’s true and what’s not.

And some¬†don’t even care. They’re looking¬†for a biased opinion that meets their views – and whether it’s accurate or not is irrelevant. ¬†It could be a¬†ridiculous myth – that’s the battle we fight today in looking for truth.

I don’t care whether you’re a conservative or liberal, I think that any time a news media source that you rely on has shown an obvious bias towards your particular views or those of the opposition, they should be ignored.

And¬†sadly, that doesn’t leave many trusted options. ¬†Right wingers should not be relying on right wing news from Breitbart or Fox News to tell us the truth in every situation. Left wingers should not be relying on CNN or¬†the mainstream media to tell them the truth. It behoves us to find the actual stories ourselves, often buried within the hyperbole and biased nonsense from both sides. ¬†The “no man’s land” between left and right sources is often the truth of the story.


We are not better informed about the particular issues of the day by listening to only the sources that we agree with. The only time that we will really learn anything about the world around us, and our response to it, is to watch both sides of a story.

One of¬†the best little¬†tools that I’ve ever found to help me know whether a certain online story is accurate or not is a¬†website called¬†TinEye.

You find a photo with an entire story developed around it, and you aren’t really sure you believe it. ¬†Save the photo in question to your¬†device and then upload it to TinEye – and in seconds it will tell you¬†when this photo first appeared on the Net, who the sources were – and you can then click those links and see if the original sources have now disappeared. ¬†It will also show you¬†whether it has been doctored in the meantime.

It was with TinEye that I actually discovered that the drowning refugees’ story was based on a doctored photo – they had merely cropped it down and told a tale based on what was left. ¬†TinEye’s technology somehow analyses the pixels in one photo, runs it against its 17 billion image database, and comes back and says “here are the photos that most closely resemble it” – which is amazing because it almost always finds many sources for the same pic – but¬†cropped, recolored, etc.

You¬†can then click on the original sources of the photo – and may then learn that this “battle in Ukraine” today was actually a photo from Russia 10 years ago.¬†¬†Or a photo depicting¬†something you are told has “just happened” may, in fact, have first appeared online years ago.

maxresdefault-2When fake news uses an image to tell a story it was never meant to tell, it costs the actual photographer or image owner, in reputation, etc.  They might not have intended for this photo to tell this story, and being connected to it could result in them being punished by their customers, with bad publicity, etc.

As Allen Murabayashi states in his excellent January 2017 article for, The Problem of Fake Photos in Fake News:

Of course, the purveyors of today‚Äôs fake news aren‚Äôt concerned with misrepresentation. And they might not even be motivated by politics, but rather the potential profit from ads that can result from ‚Äúgoing viral.‚ÄĚ

As with any other form of image theft, photographers need to be practical about how to pursue infringement. But misrepresentation can damage a photographer’s credibility, so photographers would be wise to keep a vigilant eye out for real images used in fake ways.

Hear hear.  In fact, we would all be wise to do that.


By Islam Rising, Founding Blog Member
Calling Out Community
Posted February 4, 2017

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America: Persecutor of Christians?

For the first time ever, the United States has been added to an annual list of the world’s persecutors of Christians and countries that are regressing in religious freedom.

We respect their opinions and can see why they would be concerned. ¬†But¬†we’re also very concerned about what harm this messaging brings.¬†

obamanochristiansThe United States, Mexico and Russia¬†have been¬†listed as ‚Äúnew and noteworthy‚ÄĚ nations in the 2016 ‚ÄúHall of Shame Report‚ÄĚ published by the Washington, D.C., based human rights group International Christian Concern (ICC), the operators of the website¬†

The ‚Äúworst of the worst‚ÄĚ countries for Christian persecution ‚Äď the ‚Äúmost egregious state persecutors‚ÄĚ ‚Äď included Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and North Korea.

Others listed as ‚Äúcore countries‚ÄĚ ‚Äď or nations that are less egregious in their persecution but are ‚Äúperennial abusers of religious freedom‚ÄĚ ‚Äď were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and India.

While ICC notes ‚Äúthere is no comparison between the life of a Christian in the U.S. with persecuted believers overseas,‚ÄĚ the group noted a number of ‚Äúworrying trends as an alarming indication of a decline in religious liberty in the United States.

ICC President Jeff King explained:

“We felt it was very important this year that we highlight three countries where religious discrimination and persecution are deemed unusual but have reached a certain threshold of concern. These are Mexico, Russia, and sadly, the United States.

While conditions in the U.S. are in no way comparable to other countries on the list, a certain segment of the culture and the courts seem to be intent on driving faith out of the public square. There have been too many court cases with bad decisions to miss the clear trend line.

I personally think this is absolute nonsense, and the Church is now being named the fool as a result.¬†¬†One group has latched onto this concept, and are “making hay while the sun shines” – left-wing nutjobs¬†, like the ones at

This narrative has become an important rallying cry for a movement that has found itself on the losing side of many of the so-called ‚Äúculture wars.‚ÄĚ By reframing political losses as religious oppression, the Right has attempted to build a justification for turning back advances in gay rights, reproductive rights and religious liberty for minority faiths.

blog_culture_warSee, this is why I hate special interest groups. I don’t care whether they’re on the right wing or on the left wing side of life, both sides usually prepackage or repackage or even manufacture news to begin with, to justify their position or belief. ¬†And ironically, the left is using this as a rallying cry for THEIR twisted, sick purposes as well.

It was completely unhelpful of to say that the United States is now a persecutor of Christians in the same league as Russia!  That was just stupid.  Have Christians lost some of their rights, some of their freedom of speech, some of their right to assemble, and freedom of worship?  Perhaps, but as a comparative with RUSSIA?  How idiotic.

And any backpedalling of freedoms in society is partly the American Church’s own doing. ¬†If the American church is losing rights, it’s because it doesn’t speak up and fight back.

Televangelist financial scandals, and massive money-making corporations run under the guise of charitable works,¬†for example, has brought shame and reproach to the body of Christ – and it’s wrong.

Some pastors¬†and evangelists¬†run nonprofit societies, yet they live in million-dollar mansions due to¬†the sale of their books and CDs – which they hawk through said non-profit ministries. That’s wrong, and may even be considered tax evasion.

The accuser woth her grandparents, the accused Crouches, onher wedding day. (Credit: Daily Mail)
The accuser with her grandparents, TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, on her wedding day. (Credit: Daily Mail)

For example, in March 2012, ¬†London’s Daily Mail newspaper reported that two¬†former employees of the world’s largest Christian television channel, Trinity Broadcasting Network, founded by Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch, accused the non-profit of spending millions of dollars of its funding on extravagant personal expenses. Among purchases were a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $100,000-mobile home for Mrs Crouch’s dogs. ¬†Their accuser? ¬†Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, 26, recently filed her allegations in court after a brief appointment as the network’s chief finance director in July. ¬† Pretty hard to ‘blame the Devil’ or excuse this in any possible way.

I recently even read in America some pastors stating that if they lose their tax-exempt status as a church or as a charitable entity, they will withdraw their services from society and let the city or province or state or whatever see just how much that service has given to that state or province free of charge.  What a travesty Рwe were called to reach out to society whether they acknowledge it or not, financially or otherwise.

This is what we have become? A money-making whore that demands society look the other way while we¬†generate revenues in exactly the same way as secular society does, but tax-free? ¬†Is a tax-free status a Christian right? ¬†Hardly. ¬†Jesus said, concerning taxes: “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and give unto God that which is God’s” (Mark 12:17) ¬†Is it a good witness to disobey or even break laws around charitable institutions? ¬†NO.

If the American Church lost its charitable non-tax status across the board, it would be a gift in disguise.  How many churches suffer financially while televangelists bring in $50+ million per year?  Are any of those evangelists truly necessary to the body of Christ?  Sure, a few РBilly Graham, James Robson, Reinhard Bonnke, Greg Laurie and a few others are changing the world.

THIS is what Christian persecution looks like.
THIS is what Christian persecution looks like.

Governments’ response to some Christian ministries’ tax-robbing ways is not persecution. ¬†We are also taxpayers, which means that everytime a ministry steals from society like this, we all pay for it anyway. ¬†Misusing¬†the label ‘persecution’ is the most ridiculous thing of all, and mocks the real suffering of believers worldwide.

According to a September 20, 2015 report2 in the Daily Express newspaper,  a Christian is martyred every 5 minutes by Islamic State terrorists alone.  Believers are often singled out, tortured and faced with the brutal choice of converting to Islam or being slaughtered, according to Christian Freedom International.  Those who refuse to comply have reportedly had their limbs cut off or have been crucified.

Research by CFI found that more than 200 million Christians are facing persecution in 105 countries, making Christianity the most at-risk faith group in the world.  More Christians have been martyred in the 20th and 21st centuries than during the previous 19 combined, the organisation has claimed.

Don't like the guy or what he stands for but in this context, he's dead-on.
Don’t like the guy or what he stands for but in this context, he’s dead-on.

Not everyone agrees with this American Church persecution assessment either.  For over 60 years, Open Doors has been a respected international organisation with a mission of advocacy for persecuted Christians in 60 countries around the world.  I note that in their 2016 list of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith, America was not found.

North Korea has ranked #1 for 13 years because it is illegal to be a Christian in North Korea, and Christians are often sent to labour camps or are killed if they are discovered.  I was, therefore, both shocked and inspired to see that regardless of this verdict, North Korea has over 300,000 Christian believers.  God, keep your hand on all of them, wherever they may be.

Are these the only countries where Christians are persecuted?  Sadly no.  Open Doors says that there are more than 65 countries where Christians are persecuted.    If the American Church focused on their plight instead of its myopic own, they could change that dynamic for many of them.



By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted January 8, 2017

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Asgardia: The First Country in SPACE

As bizarre as ¬†and it may sound, plans are seriously underway¬†for the¬†creation of the very first nation… in space. ¬†This new nation, called Asgardia, ¬†is purporting to be soon¬†recognized as an official member of the United Nations, and calls are now going out for people who wish to become the first citizens of this new nation – to be housed permanently on a to-be-built space station.

Folks, this isn’t science¬†fiction. ¬†

Before I get into the nutty politics or science fiction that still does envelope this story,¬†I’d like to first address where the name Asgardia¬†came from.

Marvel Comic's adaptation of the capital city of the Norse gods, including King Odin and crown prince (and comic book hero) Thor (Credit: Marvel)
Marvel Comic’s adaptation of the capital city of the Norse gods, including King Odin and crown prince (and comic book hero) Thor (Credit: Marvel)

In the Norse religion, Asgard is one of the Nine¬†Worlds or Nine Realms, the “capital city of the gods”, and¬†home to a tribe of gods ruled by Odin¬†and his wife Frigg¬†(ironic, as the first thing I said out loud¬†after hearing this story was “what the frigg?”,¬†but¬†I digress).

You will recognize the name of the younger son of Odin, who is probably the most famous resident of Asgard today.  He made a few hundred million dollars for Hollywood: Thor.

Stargate's Asgard race. (Credit: Stargate Official MGM Site)
Stargate’s Asgard race. (Credit: Stargate Official MGM Site)

Many of us sci fi fans will also recognize the name from the Stargate¬†television universe. ¬†The¬†“Asgard“, as¬†all you Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis¬†and Stargate: Universe fans will remember, is a benevolent, extremely advanced race of beings from the Ida¬†galaxy that visited earth on many occasions, using the cover of primitive gods (which the¬†TV¬†series’ presumes led to our¬†development of Nordic mythology in the first place), and took the assumed role of protectors of the Milky Way. ¬†(Footnote: all three¬†series were filmed for more than a decade right here at Bridge Studios in beautiful Vancouver, Canada – which, in keeping with¬†full disclosure, I have no connection with.)

Asgardia: A Nation In Space
I am very proud today to say that I am the 349,199th person to apply to join¬†the Asgardian nation – and in the 1.5 hours or so that it took to write this article, another 1,600 or so had signed up. ¬†They’ll be sending me information apparently on my citizenship application soon. ¬†(Please¬†don’t tell the Government of Canada¬†about this, I just paid for a new passport and I’d really like to keep it).

According to their official website:

For¬†the first time in history, a new nation state has been created ‚Äď not on earth but in the heavens above. Asgardia is the prototype of a free and unrestricted society which holds knowledge, intelligence and science at its core, along with the recognition of the ultimate value of each human life. You can join like-minded people on this new exciting step in fostering extended future for mankind.

My first impressiona lot of bong hits went into the development of this concept and website. ¬†My second thought – oh crap, they’d be more believable if they didn’t¬†get all their photos from NASA. ¬†The earth really has no curvature, dummies. ¬†But anyway…

iPhone SE, the official dictation tool of this text (backspace keys were often used in the making of this article)
iPhone SE, the official dictation tool of this text (backspace keys were often used in the making of this article)

In keeping with the theme of this sci fi/techno article, I have dictated the entire text you are reading on my iPhone SE using iOS 10. ¬†I know¬†you space geeks love knowing that. ¬†I should add that “Asgardia” is “as guardian” or “ass guard“, according to Siri, Apple’s constantly-yapping-but-never-actually-assisting assistant. ¬†And don’t bother correcting her. She won’t budge.

On their official website, they are actually having a contest for the development of their flag, their insignia, and even their anthem Рand citizens are invited to participate in contests to develop those key symbols for this new nation.

“Space Bound” is from Eminim’s album Recovery, available wherever rap albums are found. Or you could steal it online, but I don’t encourage that. If you’re into rap that is. I’m not.

I would like to submit the song “Space Bound” by Eminem. ¬†The lyrics include:

I’m a space bound rocket ship and your heart’s the moon
And I’m aiming right at you
Right at you
Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June
And I’m aiming right at you

Millennials will love it. ¬†But it’s a bit too rocky if the Queen comes to visit. ¬†Maybe¬†John Williams’ theme song for Star Wars. ¬†The latter will sound great during medal ceremonies at the Olympics. Although¬†Asgardia has to first get a French equivalent for the athlete’s parade into the stadium.

Winners of the above contests will also be offered the opportunity to contribute their personal message to a time capsule to be placed on the first Asgardian satellite.  Meh, not that captivating.

The founder of Asgardi looks very familiar. hmmm.... (Credit: Asgardia site)
The founder of Asgardi looks very familiar. hmmm…. (Credit: Asgardia site)

The founding father of Asgardia is Igor Ashurbeyli, head of the Aerospace International Research Center (AIRC) in Vienna and chairman of UNESCO‚Äôs science of space committee (both of which, I’m sure, are trying to figure out how to encourage early retirement). ¬†He¬†heads the initiative in close collaboration with a group of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and legal experts apparently. And¬†he¬†looks oddly like Geppetto from Disney’s Pinocchio. ¬†If Disney’s version got a haircut. ¬†Or he could be Santa’s younger brother.

According to Gepe… oops¬†Ashurbeyli,¬†in the first¬†40 hours after he announced the birth of the new space nation Asgardia, ¬†100,000 people for more than 200 countries on earth applied to join. ¬†4 days later, he had more than 300,000 applicants. ¬†He made this announcement in Paris on October 14.

Therefore we can extrapolate:

  • October 6 – launch date
  • October 10 – 4 days later – 100,000
  • October 14 – 4 days later – 300,000
  • October 16 – 2 days later (today) – 351,000+

He had stated¬†that they will¬†continue with¬†registration, aiming to bring together 1 million people. I calculate that, without a major spike in PR, it’s safe to assume that Pinocchio will become a real boy first, Geppetto.

And soon, the founder¬†promises,¬†“we will become a member of the United Nations” (at time of publication, we did not have verification from the United Nations about this possibility). ¬†He also wants to create a giant shield to protect Earth from space junk. ¬†I’m not making this up.

downloadHe states that the top three countries where Asgardians currently reside are¬†China, the United States and Turkey (not sure how the latter would have made the up 3) – virtually guaranteeing that their new nation is going to be “hell on earth…in space”. ¬†And they’ll have decent take out food and TV channels.

He signed off his opening speech with this important fact:

This guy looks like he’s wearing a fake mustache – he doesn’t really look like the founder’s photo above. In fact, this could be a woman in a Halloween costume.

“Among more than 240 countries on earth, Asgardia is now number 188 in terms of population. It is between Samoa and Barbados” (we presume he means “in size” not location, as they are not currently in space).

It’s tough to tell if this old guy is actually insane or has some concept behind him – there¬†doesn’t seem to be any sense of where the money’s going to come from to pay for the space station. ¬†I also find it hard to believe that any other country on earth is going to recognize this as a “fully fledged and independent nation, with all the attributes of status entailed: a government and embassies, a flag, a¬†national anthem and insignia, and so on.”

Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek universe. (Credit: IMDB)
Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek universe. (Credit: IMDB)

Gene Roddenberry had a concept of “space: the final frontier” – and created a whole television and movie empire around it: ¬†Star Trek. ¬†In tribute, it was reported that¬†Space¬†Shuttle Columbia (mission STS-52) carried a portion of Roddenberry’s cremated remains into space and returned them to Earth.

That’s insane – why weren’t they sent up on the Space Shuttle Enterprise? ¬†And why didn’t they just leave them there? ¬†And why did they have to tell us it was a “portion” of his remains. ¬†Gross.

Maybe this old guy Igor is on to something – or maybe he’s just ON something. But my feeling is, he’s gonna be another pile of space junk¬†in the very near future, hopefully not cluttering up our space highway when we finally, actually, for real (not a¬†hoax like the moon landings) take off for¬†Mars.

1284a_medAnd by the way NASA, you’re not fooling me – You’re not getting away with a “bait and switch” to¬†Mars, California, ¬†Mars, Nebraska, or Mars, Pennsylvania either. ¬†We’re¬†watching you.

NASA Nasty


By NASA Nonsense, Founding Partner
Calling Out Community
Posted October 16, 2016

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Hillary, WE ALMOST Forgot That One…

Perhaps you’ve heard this one before. We thought it worth repeating:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a bar. Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says, “The media is really tearing you apart for That Scandal.

Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

img_0433Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Using my secret private server with classified material to hide my activities?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion, hiring cronies, taking bribes from foreign countries?

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean the drones being operated in our own country without the benefit of the law?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

img_0431Hillary: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million, and right afterward it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean arming the Muslim Brotherhood and hiring them in the White House?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Whitewater? Vince Foster? Commodity Deals?”

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The funding of neo-Nazisimg_0432 in the Ukraine that led to the toppling of the democratically-elected president and to the biggest crisis that country has had since WWII?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Turning Libya into chaos?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Being the mastermind of the so-called ‚ÄúArab Spring‚ÄĚ that only brought chaos, death and destruction to the Middle East and North Africa ?

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Leaving four Americans, including our Ambassador, to die in Benghazi while I slept.

Trump: “No, the other one.”

img_0430Hillary: “Trashing Mubarak, one of our few Muslim friends?”

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The funding and arming of terrorists in Syria, the destruction and destabilization of that nation, giving the order to our lapdogs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia to give sarin gas to the “moderate” terrorists in Syria that they eventually used on civilians, and framed Assad, and had it not been for the Russians and Putin, we would have used that as a pretext to invade Syria, put a puppet in power, steal their natural resources, and leave that country in total chaos, just like we did with Libya?

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The creation of the biggest refugees crisis since WWII?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Leaving Iraq in total chaos?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

img_0433Hillary: “The DOJ spying on the press?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean HHS Secretary Sibelius shaking down health insurance executives?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Giving our cronies in Solyndra $500 million dollars, and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy, and then the Chinese bought it?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General Investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

img_0429Hillary: “Me, The IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Threats to all of Bill’s former mistresses to keep them quiet”

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “I give up! … Oh wait, you don’t mean the time when I stole $200,000 worth of White House furniture and silverware after Bill left Office?”

Trump: “THAT’S IT! I almost forgot about that one”.

(Unknown Author)

Thanks to multi-faceted collusion between the Clinton campaign and main stream media organizations, America is developing a very serious case of historical amnesia. While this could be a potentially fatal condition, the prognosis for long-term recovery is promising if treated quickly. I prescribe viewing the following documentaries, which you must take in their entirety to gain the desired effect (click on the movie posters to go to the respective YouTube videos):

hillary_the_movie_poster b2221_hillarys-america_mn asdf 14196_310x459…Followed¬†by a brisk walk in the fresh air to the local voting /¬†station near you as soon as possible to vote for “Anyone But Hillary”.

We must purge the nation of the Clintons’ toxic politics. America, It’s not too late – you CAN¬†be well again.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
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Posted October 12, 2016

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O Canada! Leave Our Anthem Alone

As I’ve mentioned in several previous postings, our national anthem isn’t just a song for the start of a hockey game or a morning ritual in an elementary school classroom. ¬†It’s the symbolic glue that unites us from coast to coast with a common story and belief about our shared life together. ¬†It unites strangers in a way nothing else can. ¬†And there are forces at work today that want to change that story, and turn it into something it was never intended to be. ¬†And the cost to all of us is ….what?

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O Canada, We Stand On Guard For Thee!”
(Posted May 24, 2015 by Shawn J.)

“Canada” is not a reference to level of government or a pin or a map or a flag or cultural group – and O Canada isn’t just some theme song played before an NHL game north of the 49th parallel. ¬†Whether in a small City Council meeting in Ontario, or gathered by the tens of thousands in a stadium near you, Canada is about a PEOPLE – you and I are Canada and O Canada is our song about ourselves.

I have written in a previous posting (see link above)¬†that recognizing Canada at the municipal level isn’t “inappropriate” as some buffoons have suggested. ¬†In fact, nothing could be more inappropriate than dismissing the national anthem of a country within that country’s borders, and particularly within any building of any level of government¬†in that country. ¬†Do my eyes deceive me on Google Street View, or is there a Canadian flag¬†flying in front of the Richmond Hill Municipal Building? ¬†If so, is that any more or less appropriate?

A member of the Richmond Hill Council, in rejecting O Canada at the beginning of their Council meetings last year, actually suggested, according to¬†The Rebel,¬†that¬†the anthem took too long to sing. ¬†Perhaps the Councillor in question might want to move to Uganda – their anthem is the shortest in the world – it’s only 9 measures in length, and the composer finished it in one¬†day. ¬†Even better, right?

And the most ridiculous reason that they nixed O Canada? According to the mayor, they got¬†an absurd opinion from the town lawyer that singing O Canada would actually be illegal. ¬†That’s right –¬†illegal. ¬†Apparently the phrase¬†“God keep our land glorious and free” might be a problem, which was introduced to the anthem in 1980. ¬†35 years ago. ¬†NOW it’s a problem? ¬†How idiotic.¬†And the anthem itself is 109¬†years old, being introduced to the world in 1906. Their moronic conclusion¬†was based on some misguided interpretation of a recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling, where prayer is no longer allowed at the start of their¬†Council meetings. ¬†Oh yes, they snuck that one by most of us.

IMG_1419The fear of the national anthem of Canada not being sung in Canada because of the word “God” in it is insanity. ¬†It could¬†not be unconstitutional – the Constitution of Canada was signed in 1982. ¬†If the Constitution comes up against the anthem, the Constitution should go. ¬†It’s a useless document that has cost us millions¬†in legal fees across the country anyway, and for what?

The preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada says: ¬† “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law…” ¬†And now, some would like to see that removed as well. ¬†Can you imagine – the Charter of Rights could actually be unconstitutional? ¬†What a legacy of nonsense former Prime Minister Trudeau lavished upon us with this stupid Constitution and Charter. ¬†And now his idiot son continues the nonsense.

Are we better off today than we were in 1982? ¬†We’ve opened the door to secular humanism, socialism, feminism, homosexuality and a host of other minority special interest groups that have weakened the societal fabric of our country and dictated future policy for the majority. ¬†And we are not “better” for it – we are immeasurably weakened by it.

Once we stop recognizing the importance of our national identity, including our anthem, we stop having a soul. Canada is truly one of the blessed nations on earth and we don’t always show it outwardly. ¬†Stand with thousands of people at a sporting event today and you will actually HEAR thousands of people singing our anthem. ¬†And undoubtedly, if you stop and pay attention, you will get a lump in your throat. ¬† The numbers attending Remembrance Day services is also some of the highest since World War II. ¬†Why? ¬†Because there’s a new spirit of patriotism in Canada. ¬†It’s not hot and flashy and full of bravado and fireworks. ¬†It’s quiet, confident and a total¬†adoration for the Canada we all live in¬†– and that many of us would all die for.

maxresdefaultAfter the horrifying terrorist attack in Ottawa, our beloved capital city, the whole country went into mourning – we couldn’t believe such a thing could happen in our peaceful little country. ¬†That Friday¬†night, October 24, 2014, in an unprecedented show of solidarity, the¬†NHL and Hockey Night in Canada joined three stadiums via satellite link¬†– the¬†Bell Centre in Montreal, the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa¬†– and the combined crowd of nearly 60,000 fans¬†sang¬†O Canada in unison with all of their hearts. ¬†It was one of those moments in Canadian history we’ll never forget, and it was centered around our anthem – it said “we love you Canada” when we just were too speechless to say anything else.

A staggering 300,000 new immigrants a year come to Canada, growing our population by nearly 1% annually.  Why is there still such a heavy demand on our Immigration Canada offices and embassies?  Because the rest of the world gets it РCanada is a glorious ideal, a melting pot of languages and cultures and nations and tongues and tribes together under one giant, peaceful, steadfast roof called the Dominion of Canada, stretching from Sea to Sea to shining Sea.  The second largest land mass on earth houses one of the friendliest, most loving, most loyal, most giving nations on earth.  The whole world sees us as a refuge from international storms, an oasis in the deserts of dictatorship and despair around the world.

netherlands1945May 5, 1945 marks 70 years since the Canadian army defeated the Germans and liberated the Netherlands (known as Holland to some) from Nazi oppression.  Not many are alive today that remember that triumphant victory, but the Dutch still celebrate Liberation Day every May 5 with massive crowds of 100,000 people or more.  And they still sing O Canada at every event, every year, as they did just a few weeks ago.

One Dutch citizen, a teenager at the time of the Canadian liberation of The Hague, said:

‚ÄúAs the Canadian tank came nearer…there was a big hush over all the people, and it was suddenly broken by a big scream as if it was out of the earth. And the people climbed on the tank…and they were crying. And we were running with the tanks and the jeeps all the way into the city.‚ÄĚ

That’s why I¬†personally will never stop singing O Canada in this country – I still think it’s one of the most beautiful anthems in the world – and to millions around the world, it represents liberty and freedom and peace and democracy and generosity. ¬†The American image worldwide has changed over the years to the negative. ¬†But not the Canadian image – our flag and our anthem still carry weight¬†in countries throughout the world.

And¬†I dare anyone¬†to try to tell me now that I can’t sing about this country I love¬†at any¬†specific location in Canada. ¬†No really, I welcome them to come to my house tonight and tell me that O Canada cannot be sung at any place within Canada. ¬†I dare them.

And now we hear the stupid plot of one backwater Liberal MP to change the lyrics to O Canada to take out “in all thy sons command” and replace it with something that is both grammatically incorrect, unintelligible to relate to, and frankly embarrassing – “in all of us command”. ¬† As the National Post reports:

With the Liberals now in the majority, Belanger should have little trouble finally ensuring that women feel equally included in the national anthem.

Passage of the bill would be a fitting legacy for Belanger, who was diagnosed just a month after the Oct. 19 federal election with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This was his second attempt Рvoted down in the Conservative government previously. The bill to change the lyrics passed in the House of Commons by a vote of 225 to 74 in June and is currently before the Senate.


How many other nations change their national anthems to appease special interest groups? ¬†Great Britain will of course have to become gender sensitive with their anthem – they will have to¬†change God Save the Queen to God Save the King, but that’s hardly the same thing, and for obvious reasons that are hardly equitable.

A nation constantly changing the words to its anthem certainly gives the impression that it is insecure, indecisive, unsure of its roots, or where it wants to go in the future.  Sounds like Liberals have had a go at it.

The¬†left wing, pinko,¬†socialist jackasses that try to weaken this country will have to pry that beautiful Canadian flag¬†out of my cold, dead hands. ¬†I love her, I will defend her at all costs against all enemies from without and within, and I would be willing¬†to die for her if necessary.¬†¬†If you no longer feel the same, or you are here to¬†discredit her, weaken her, harm her, or make her lesser than the great nation she already is today, get the hell out. ¬†I heard Cuba is nice this time of year – and there are¬†plenty of left wing backwaters where you can strut your stuff and show off your brilliance, and enforce¬†your anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-God bulls–t.

Besides, there are a lot of people rushing to get into this giant Harbour of rest and peace called Canada – and we’re gonna¬†need your apartment.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 1, 2016

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O Canada! “True Patriot Love…” Still Lives!

On the evening of May 24, 2015, I shared with you a story about the Town Council of Richmond Hill, Ontario, who had just decided days before to ban the singing or playing of “O Canada” at the start of their Council meetings.  You met the lone hero that exposed the story and took a stand in favor of the national anthem.  And you were exposed to the leftwing lunacy of the Mayor (Dave Barrow) and his band of merry morons.

This story struck a nerve from coast to coast to coast, and became our #1 most read article of all time, drawing the largest one-day number of visitors to our site in our history. As we celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday today (July 1, 2016), I wanted to go back to Richmond Hill for an update on the story. 

leaf_flag_1200x600_wm-1024x512Read the original post here:
“O Canada, We Stand On Guard For Thee!”
(Posted May 24, 2015 by Shawn J.)


On May 24, 2015, we introduced our readers to a great patriot, Greg Beros, the Ward 1 Councillor from Richmond Hill, Ontario. You’ll recall that, at the beginning of the week of May 11, he had introduced a motion for Town Council to open their meetings with “O Canada“.

At the time it seemed like the most logical and fitting replacement for the Lord’s Prayer, which the Council had opened meetings with for nearly four decades.  That is, until the leftist Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled on April 15 that this was no longer an acceptable practice.  As CBC reported:

The Supreme Court said Canadian society has evolved and given rise to a “concept of neutrality according to which the state must not interfere in religion and beliefs. The state must instead remain neutral in this regard,” the judgment said.

CBC panelists talk about the end of the Lord's Prayer at national Council meetings (Credit: CBC News)
CBC discusses the Supreme Court decision (Credit: CBC News)

I won’t get into the rationale behind this decision, because leftists aren’t rational – and that again was made painfully clear when, in a 5-4 decision, this Council actually voted to defeat the motion, barring the national anthem from entering their Council Chambers.   As the Toronto Star reported:

‚ÄúI thought it was going to be a walk in the park,‚ÄĚ said Ward 2 Councillor Tom Muench of his colleague‚Äôs suggestion. ‚ÄúYou‚Äôve got to be kidding me that you can‚Äôt play the national anthem. If you can‚Äôt agree to that, what can you agree to?‚ÄĚ

After heated debate, town council finally agreed 8-1, with Beros as the lone holdout, to launch meetings with a three-sentence inspirational declaration penned by Regional Councillor Brenda Hogg. (emphasis mine)

As an aside, that “three-sentence declaration” was total crap.  But that wasn’t the real story – nor was it the fact that a room full of retards decided that the national anthem was everything from “too religious” to “too long” to play in Council chambers.

councillor_greg_berosNo, the real story was this guy named Greg Beros, who just stood alone and defied his Council colleagues.  He went to the media, told them the story, and made sure it was “above the fold” as much as possible.  You could tell that he really meant what he was saying.

And Canadians responded from sea to shining sea, further shaming these morons who actually had the gall to state that the national anthem of Canada was inappropriate for a Town Council level of meeting.  I noticed that they don’t seem to feel the same way about the Canadian flag, which proudly flies outside their Town Hall.

Soon, we all found other equally stupid Libtard stunts to fight against, and this story quietly died. Except that it didn’t.  At least, not completely.  I noticed one little excerpt from the Minutes of a June 9, 2015 Council meeting:

“Councillor Beros extended his congratulations to the City of London and the Town of New Tecumseth for introducing the national anthem at the start of Council meetings…

If I’m reading that correctly, Mr. Beros had the gall to rub it in the faces of his colleagues just how far off the mark they were.  Their mayor had stupidly said that he doubted that any other Council still played O Canada.  Oh was he wrong!  Richmond Hill happens to be part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – and Toronto City Council itself proudly does so.

But it was the last few words in the Minutes that made me smile:

“Councillor Beros extended his congratulations to the City of London and the Town of New Tecumseth for introducing the national anthem at the start of Council meetings and [he] played a rendition of 0 Canada“.

In an act of extremely civil “disobedience”, he showed his true colors –  he did exactly what a patriot does, what a hero does, what someone who really loves this country does…

standupHe stood up for Canada.  There were no cameras, no lights, no microphones in his face.  All the network satellite trucks had returned back to their bases weeks before.  The hair-primping ego-maniac TV reporters were all safely in someone else’s backyard.

No, this wasn’t for the sake of seeking attention, it wasn’t to get another 15 minutes of fame, to stroke his ego, get re-elected, or to use as a wedge issue to propel him to possibly higher things on the backs of angry voters.

He did it because he loves Canada and he believes in our anthem.  He just walked into the Council meeting that night, probably trying his best to look like he had no agenda.  But soon, throughout the corridors of that building, loud enough for everyone around to hear, you would have caught a familiar tune….


Mr. Beros, I may never get the chance to meet you face to face, speak to you over the phone or correspond directly with you.  But know this – the 5,000+ followers I now am blessed with on Twitter and this blog site all are as deeply patriotic as you are, and are all sick and tired of the lousy, lame-ass left stealing away our heritage, our foundations, our strengths.

200815CBGCSAnd I know many of my followers are giving you a round of applause.  It is men like you that make this country so great.

Canada to you is not just real estate, or borders, or even a place you call home.  It’s bigger than any one of us, it’s even bigger the sum total of all of us.

Those of us who truly understand what Canada means to the world, and it’s role in history and in the future, are united with a bond that no government, no leader, can ever break apart.  We must stand strong for our Canadian values, and we must defend what makes Canada so great.

By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted June 30, 2016

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New York City Recognizes 31 Gender Distinctives

Every year, New York City¬†hosts the largest Gay Pride event in the world, with their annual March today (Sunday, June¬†26) expected to attract 1.5 million people along it’s¬†famed 5th Avenue route. ¬†But not everyone’s in the mood to celebrate the gay community.

Hundreds of thousands participate in the NYC Pride March in 2014. (Credit: Occupy Wall Street)
Hundreds of thousands participate in the NYC Pride March in 2014. (Credit: Occupy Wall Street)

The sequins and feather boas are in every color. ¬†The nuns with beards and the leather freaks and the lipstick lesbians and chubby chasers and half-naked twinks are all geared up to ride, walk, dance and march on or by one of 80 Gay Pride March floats set to weave their way down New York’s Fifth Avenue, to the apparent delight of the 1.5 million onlookers who started gathering early morning to get the best piece of sidewalk, rooftop or balcony today.

Today everyone will pay lip service to loving “the gays”, or so the non-gay community will¬†tells¬†the¬†LGBTQ community (though 1/2 of them likely couldn’t tell you what¬†groups those 5 initials ¬†–¬†Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender or Queer¬†– even represent).¬† Corporations really love the gay community, especially after AdWeek “came out” in 2011 with an estimate that the gay market is worth about $743 billion.


Even Tony the Tiger is gay friendly today?  Nonsensical.,

The belief amongst the gay community that they are finally being accepted by the “straights”, that they¬†have finally “arrived” is just as much a myth – it’s not true at all. ¬†In fact, the Williams Institute at UCLA conducted a study entitled¬†“NATIONAL TRENDS IN PUBLIC OPINION ON LGBT RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES“, updated to November 2014, and it was a bit of an eye-opener.

The opening question in the study was “how would you rate gay men and lesbians (that is, homosexuals)?” ¬†The overall rating was just under 60%. ¬†The study states:

“The average score was 29 in 1984, which indicated very cool feelings toward lesbians and gay men. ¬†In the last three decades, the average thermometer score has almost doubled. ¬†The public is now on average slightly more positive than neutral in their attitude toward lesbians and gay men.”

Ouch! Hardly the resounding love-fest they were expecting Рand quite frankly the numbers may actually have dipped slightly in the last year or two, as a result of the heavy-handed push to accept transgender individuals in every aspect of society.

Is this REALLY the narrative the gay community wants us to be talking about?
Is this REALLY the narrative the gay community wants us to be talking about?

Gay community, listen up – the governments that are pushing for transgender rights didn’t ask you about it first, did they? ¬†You haven’t been included or consulted in what the issues have been or are?¬†¬†You haven’t had any chance to express your opinion, have you?

And if you were really honest, you’d have to admit that deep down, you’re a bit uncomfortable with the way this is being rammed down peoples’ throats. ¬†If some of you were really honest, you’d even admit that you aren’t really happy with this push for over-the-top transgender rights.

crazylibAnd so you should be. ¬†Your community has been hijacked by the radical left to start a culture war against the Church and conservative folks. They don’t actually care about transgender rights. ¬†Frankly, some of the gays and lesbians would themselves say that these rights are being forced in a most uncomfortable way on society.¬† Some gays and lesbians might secretly admit they don’t even support full rights for some of the more fringe elements.

Haven’t you asked yourself why this was so easy for the government to do? ¬†Why they are pushing this so hard for you, even to the point of running right past you to do so? ¬†Why did you have to fight for 20 years for gay rights, and transgender people¬†suddenly get everything handed to them, and they didn’t even ask? ¬†Because it’s not about you or them.

imageCase in point – the City of New York’s Commission on Human Rights¬†has published a brochure that talks about gender distinctions and the rules to curtail¬†discrimination. ¬†And it’s documents like this that will quickly cause more push-back against transgender rights – or gay rights in general – than anything else.

Why? ¬†Because they officially recognize 31 gender distinctions across the city, and you’d better too if you own a business there, or you could face hefty fines.

That’s right friend – according to a May 18¬†Washington Post article:

Greeting customers as ‚ÄúMr.‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúMrs.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ or even not using the pronoun ‚Äúze‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúzir‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ could prove costly for New York City businesses under rules drafted by Mayor Bill de Blasio‚Äôs bureaucrats. ¬†The Gotham mayor‚Äôs Commission on Human Rights says entities that fail to address customers by their preferred gender pronouns and titles are in violation of the law and could be subject to penalties of up to $250,000.

7d0f9ad66d293fab12a9fc29b79b015fOUTRAGEOUS. ¬†ZE AND ZIR? ¬†Are you kidding me – never heard of that before in my entire life, and I bet 75% of the gay community has never heard of those idiotic pronouns before either. ¬†In fact, reading this list of transgendered distinctions is like reading a textbook for the psychologically ill¬†– it’s¬†so inclusive of every strange half-breed sub-sub-section of the gay community that it’s a laughingstock on its own – and it’s done the gay community NO favors.

Screw it, just come and give me a fine – I refuse to learn all this crap.

In fact, I defy any gay man or lesbian to correctly define all 31 of these terms. ¬†The City didn’t even bother to define them – probably because they have no idea what some of them mean.¬† This is the same gay community that still wears pink triangles as their symbol, even though Hitler used the symbol to differentiate gays in concentration camps.

Here, folks, is the list of all the things you can be in New York in addition to being Male or Female (we’ve defined a few just to show the nuttiness of it all):

ANDROGYNOUS – appearing and/or identifying as neither man nor woman, presenting a gender either mixed or neutral
GENDER BENDER Рwho bends, changes, mixes, or combines society’s gender conventions by expressing elements of masculinity and femininity together
GENDERQUEER – person whose gender identity is neither man nor woman, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders
GENDER FLUID – whose gender identification and presentation shifts, whether within or outside of societal, gender-based expectations
PANGENDER – gender identity is comprised of all or many gender expressions.
TWO-SPIRIT – Native Americans who have attributes of both men and women, have distinct gender and social roles in their tribes, and are often involved with mystical rituals (shamans).

transimageA city official speaking on background confirmed to The Daily Caller that all of the listed identities are protected by the city’s anti-discrimination laws, but said that the list was not exhaustive.  The city does not provide definitions of the various gender identities, but glossaries are online at several U.S. universities.

This nonsense has just begun, believe me.¬† It’s time to push back now before the world is just too nutty to live in.


By Shawn J., Founder,
Calling Out Community
Posted: July 1, 2016
[God’s Got A Plan For You!]¬†

What’s With All the URBAN Military Drills?

Over the last year or so, Americans from coast to coast have been awakened late at night to the shocking sights and sounds of huge explosions, gunfire and waves of military helicopters flying maneuvers over their homes. Asking why this is happening, what on earth they are preparing for, and why it’s taking place so often and so late at night, has been for the most part a waste of time…

rambo_in_florida(Tampa, FL – May 25, 2016):¬† Thousands of troops from more than a dozen countries converged to invade the downtown core… of Tampa, FL, according to the Washington Post.¬† Their mission was to rescue the mayor of the city, being held by pirates as a hostage.¬† Participants included U.S. Special Operations forces, including Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders and Army Green Berets, with countries such as Ireland and Jordan also participating. Many of the participants covered their faces, and only a select few were allowed to speak to the media afterward.¬† They rappelled down the sides of buildings, ferried in by helicopters, gunships and Zodiak boats, shooting thousands of rounds of blank ammunition.¬† And the crowds, sitting on tops of buildings in the area to watch, burst into applause as the “invasion” was completed.

Many military helicopters over Sutter County, CA (Credit: ABC10)
Many military helicopters over Sutter County, CA (Credit: ABC10)

(Sitter County, CA – May 11, 2016):¬† Helicopters over Sutter County on Friday may have been manned by Night Stalkers, members of the160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment team of secret chopper pilots that aided in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.¬† Two days before, Sutter County residents observed nearly a dozen suspicious helicopters flying low in the middle of the night, a Sutter County crop duster answered a call from Army officials asking to use his air strip.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 12.35.20 PM(Beech Grove, IN – May 6, 2016):¬† Just a few weeks ago, residents of this small Indiana town were awakened to the sound of explosions, gunshots and military helicopters shaking homes as they flew so low over them.¬† At least four Blackhawks were involved in this “exercise”, and residents fumed on social media that there were no advance warnings of these training drills, which were taking place around a now infamous Amtrak train station that some have rumored will be a future FEMA concentration camp.

(Pine Crest, FL РMay 5, 2016):  This small city just outside Miami, FL witnessed nearly a dozen military helicopters and one strange looking airplane were seen flying over the city in what was a very unusual formation on this evening Рso unusual, in fact, that people stopped and got out of their cars to look up at it.

train(Across America – Late August 2015):¬† All across America, citizens witnessed the movement of massive amounts of military equipment to points unknown during the last few months.¬† Military maneuvers did take place during the summer, code named “Jade Helm”, that were extremely realistic and caused conspiracy theorists to go wild with reports of preparations for martial law, etc.¬† But I have to admit, the videos and photos I’ve seen of huge military convoys unnerved me.¬† They are preparing for something, to be sure.

(Flint, MI РJune 8, 2015):  The quiet Monday evening started with one Blackhawk helicopter, then two, flying very low, barely above the peaks of the buildings downtown. Without warning they then hovered over an office tower, as soldiers rappelled into the top story windows. After a few moments, a multitude of 50 calibre gunshots and small explosions could be heard from several windows. The helicopters then returned to the rooftops and retrieved the soldiers, flying over the now-large crowd that had gathered. Witnesses only later learned that this was all a part of a military urban training exercise lasting about 45 minutes.


(Fort Lauderdale, FL РMarch 26, 2015):  A late night military exercise conducted in this highly-populated urban area of Florida was very disconcerting to residents who saw it first hand and worried that martial law was being imposed.  Witnesses saw troops running through downtown streets, dragging what looked like wounded comrades behind them.  Police cars closed major routes, while troops rounded up a line of nearly 40 civilians and marched them single-file to a downtown public car parking lot.  There, three black military helicopters continuously landed and took off (at least 3-4 times each), picking up these civilian passengers.  Most distressing was the sight of at least 4-5 white, unmarked police vans picking up civilians as well.   stated this went on for 3 hours, and residents were only notified the next day what was happening, nor was the media invited in advance to participate.

To be sure, this list is not exhaustive.¬† Something is happening in America, and it’s up to watchful citizens to keep the story alive – we know the government and the media sure won’t.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 1, 2016

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Boycotting Oil? Say Goodbye To 6,000 Items!

STJ1 By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community

Posted June 5, 2016
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imageThe horrific forest fires in Fort McMurray that started May 1 have brought a lot of sadness and aching hearts to those of us who know the region and love its people.  I am one of those people who lived in Northern Alberta for 20 years, and I know and respect the influence and benefits of the oilsands on that province.

But some out there have decided that now would be as good time to try to destroy the oilsands forever, which at one point actually did lay in this fire’s direct path of destruction. “Surely the oilsands played a factor in this fire’s start?”, they whisper. “Surely climate change, the result of big oil, was the culprit?”, they loudly proclaim on TV and radio.

Neither could be further from the truth (see our related article on how Oilsands Didn’t Start the Fire) .  The fires were started likely as a result of human error, and both weather issues that have existed for centuries – as well as the bad decisions of a cost-cutting, socialist provincial government who philosophically wanted to kill the oilsands anyway – are to blame for this fire’s continued growth into the near 600,000 hectare horror it is today.

So you wanna take this occasion to protest big oil, eh?  Ride your bike to work, do you?  You’re a friend of the environment you say?  Let’s put your money where your mouth is.

First of all, I am no friend of Big Oil – don’t work for an oil company, and don’t have any vested interest in whether they continue to exist or disappear – other than the fact that Canadians owe much of their standard of living to oil revenues.

9835480 (2)I am, however, a realist, and there are over 6,000 products that are partly or entirely made from oil and its byproductsI’m going to list just 400 of them – and I personally am not stupid enough to want to see them all go for the sake of some philosophical nonsense.  PERIOD.  Let’s see how many you can honestly do without.  If you do OK with this list, email me and I’ll send you the next 400.

But before I do, if you think your electric car has no impacts on the environment, think again.  Lithium is required to manufacture the massive batteries that these cars require, (it’s also used to make the batteries for your smartphone, which you might be utilizing to read this article).  Here is a photo of one lithium mining operation, located in Northern Canada (this isn’t a big one by any means):

diamond_2Sorry, did you say there is no environmental impact from your electric car?  Speak up, you’re mumbling now.  Now, what if I told you that a good portion of the parts of that electric car – carpeting, floor mats, dashboard, steering wheel, onboard screens, cupholders, etc. were also all made from oil. 

Oh, you went quiet now, did you?  Well, since I finally got everyone’s attention, here are the items I was speaking of…good luck with saying no to them all:

Items Made Partly or Completely With Oil or It’s ByProducts
Accessories Acrylic Adhesive Speakers Air Mattresses
Ammonia Anaesthetics Antifreeze Antihistamines
Antiseptics Artificial Limbs Artificial Turf Ashphalt
Aspirin Auto Bodies Awnings Ballet Tights
Balloons Ballpoint Pens Bandages Basketballs
Basketballs Battery Cases Beach Balls Beach Umbrellas
Beads Bearing Grease Bedpans Bicycle Tires
Bike Tires Board Games Boats Body Lotion
Bottles Boxing Gloves Bracelets Brake Fluid
Bubble Gum Buckets Bullet-Proof Vests Bumpers
Buoys Butane Cables Camcorders
Cameras Candles Canoes Capsules
Car Battery Cases Car Enamel Cargo Boxes Carpeting
Cassettes Catheters Caulking CD Player
CD’s Childrens Car Seats Cleaning Pads Cleaning Supplies
Climbing Ropes Clock Radios Clothes Clothesline
Cold Cream Cologne Combs Computers
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Detergents Dice Diesel Fuel Dish Drainer
Dishes Dishwasher Parts Dishwashing Liquids Disinfectants
Disposable Diapers Dolls Door Handles Dresses
Drinking Cups Drinking Straws Drive Belts Dust Pans
DVD Players DVDs Dyes Ear Buds
Egg Cartons Electric Blankets Electric Guitars Electric Pianos
Electrician’s Tape Enamel Epoxy Ethane
Extension Cords Eyeglasses Eyeliner Eyeshadow
Face Masks Face Shields Fake Fur Fake Leather
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Floor Mats Floor Wax Folding Doors Food Coloring
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The ‚ÄúBig One‚ÄĚ: We‚Äôre STILL NOT Ready

STJ1ūüϧ By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community
‚úí Posted May 21, 2016Updated June 5, 2016.
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On the afternoon of Monday, May 12, 2008, a massive earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale, rocked China. The epicenter was Wenchuan County, Sichuan, northwest of Chengdu. Of 500 elementary school students here, 241 were killed.
On the afternoon of Monday, May 12, 2008, a massive earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale, rocked China. The epicenter was Wenchuan County, Sichuan, northwest of Chengdu. Of 500 elementary school students here, 241 were killed.

Nearly a year after posting our original article,  “The ‘Big One’: We‚Äôre NOT Ready” its clear the Government of British Columbia is playing chicken against the possibility of a massive earthquake striking the West Coast of Canada – and your kids lives are the pawns in this deadly game.

May 25, 2014

I noted in their 2014 report of the Seismic Mitigation Program that:

“Since 2001 [the government has] spent or committed $2.2 billion to seismically upgrade or replace 213 high-risk schools. It will cost a further $600 million to address the remaining 104 high-risk schools in the province.”

At 4:30 AM on September 4, 2010, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck Canterbury, New Zealand. This school was scheduled for seismic upgrading not yet completed. It was completely destroyed - thankfully before kids came to class that Monday.
At 4:30 AM on September 4, 2010, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck Canterbury, New Zealand. This school was scheduled for seismic upgrading not yet completed. It was completely destroyed – thankfully before kids came to class that Monday.

May 31, 2015

I was therefore very surprised (and frankly, a little miffed) to read the same website introduction in 2015:

Over the past decade, the government has spent or committed $2.2 billion to seismically upgrade or replace 214 high-risk schools The remainder, 125 high-risk schools in the province, are still to be addressed.”

May 21, 2016

I AM NOW FURIOUS to read the same website introduction in 2015:

“Since launching the seismic program we have spent $1.12 billion to complete 153 high risk seismic projects. We currently have another $560 million allocated for high risk seismic projects in our 3 year capital plan. The remainder, 128 high-risk schools in the province, are still to be addressed.”

Furniture scattered across a classroom in the Napa Christian Campus of Education in Napa, California, United States after a 6.0 earthquake struck on Sunday, August 24.
Furniture scattered across a classroom in the Napa Christian Campus of Education in Napa, California, United States after a 6.0 earthquake struck on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 3:20 AM.

Alright, are you seeing it too? They are playing games with the numbers – and your kids’lives are at stake!

  1.  How much have they actually spent?  In 2014 and 2015, they kept talking about this $2.2 billion amount – but note that it said “spent or committed” each year – and this year have finally come clean and admitted they have $1.12 billion since starting the program in 2001!  That’s literally 1/2 of what they kept discussing before.  That’s not even $100 million a year.  Then they state they have committed another $560 million over 3 years!  That sounds like a lot, but it comes to $1.68 billion – so what happened to the initial $2.2 billion committed – do they think it actually makes sense to CUT the budget by $600 million?
  2. In 2014, they said they were working on 213 schools, and in 2015 they said 214.  Now they admitted in 2015 that completed 153 of them.  What the hell?  60 schools just disappeared off this “must-do list”?  Unreal.
  3. In 2014, they stated that there were 104 schools left to do.  In 2015, it grew to 125.  It’s grown again to 128.  That only makes sense the longer they leave it.  But what happened to the 60 schools in point #2 that just got dumped from the completed list?
When a major earthquake hit Dujiangyan City, about 900 students and teachers were buried when its school building collapsed, and more than 240 were confirmed dead on May 26, 2008.
When a major earthquake hit Dujiangyan City, about 900 students and teachers were buried when its school building collapsed, and more than 240 were confirmed dead on May 26, 2008.

Vancouver had the first tremor I’ve ever experienced in my life on December 30, 2015 – and though it was just 4.9 on the Richter scale, it shook my building with some significant ferocity and scared the crap out of me.

The “Big One” is coming.  Everyone says it’s coming.  Our provincial government is playing chicken with your kids’ safety by hoping/assuming it will be some day, in the far future.

If it’s tomorrow, I commit to digging the kids out of the schools in my area that are flattened by this nightmare.  And the next day, we can march on the BC Legislature and areset the entire Cabinet for crimes against humanity.

15 years they have worked on this and they aren’t taking it seriously.  That spent as much in ONE year on the new roof for BC Place as they did for nearly 4 years of school upgrades.

It’s time we get serious about this.  Everyday people across Greater Vancouver kiss their kids goodbye and release them to a school that may fall on them later that same day.

You buy insurance for your home, your car, even vacation property at times – but the insurance needed to protect your kids is sadly lacking.  Thank God they’ll soon be out of these potential death traps for the summer.

Let’s hope the Big One will have the decency to strike when no one is in harm’s way.

The Oilsands Didn’t Set Fort McMurray On Fire

STJ1ūüϧ By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community
✒ Posted May 9, 2016.  Updated June 6, 2016.
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The giant 500,000+ hectare fire near Fort McMurray, AB makes the evening sky glow red like the morning dawn. (Credit: Canadian Press)
The giant 500,000+ hectare fire near Fort McMurray, AB makes the evening sky glow red like the morning dawn. (Credit: Canadian Press)

Update: June, 6, 2016:

From Alberta Wildfire (Sunday, June 6, 2016):
Wildfire (MWF009) has experienced minimal growth and is estimated to be 581,745 hectares in size (including SK). Firefighters and heavy equipment continue to make steady progress securing approximately 442 kilometres of guard around the perimeter of the fire.

Agriculture and Forestry has 2,161 wildland firefighters and support staff, 80 helicopters, and 217 pieces of heavy equipment working to extinguish this fire. Assisting Alberta Agriculture and Forestry firefighters are firefighters from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Parks Canada, Nova Scotia, PEI, Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), South Africa, Yukon and the U.S.

As we continue to see crews transition in and out of the Horse River Wildfire it is important to acknowledge all those who have supported the tremendous firefighting efforts being undertaken. These crews have travelled across Canada and the world to stand side-by-side on the fire line with their fellow wildland firefighters. We are grateful for the national and international relationships that allow for this resource sharing and we thank each and every one of the men and women who have joined Alberta wildland firefighters and all those who will still be joining. Thank you! (emphasis ours)

Original Post: May 9, 2016

I woke up several mornings in this past month from a great night sleep, only to become¬†instantly irritated with the toxic brew of talk radio idiots, spewing nonsense about how the Fort McMurray, Alberta wildfire (that forced the evacuation of the entire city of 88,000 on May 1) was “karmic” and/or a result of climate change or of the oil sands.

Now, the reality is that a cause for this fire is not yet determined, even one month later, and we may never know what happened for sure. However, Huffington Post quoted Mike Flanagan, a professor of wildland fires at the University of Alberta as saying:

“…the fire’s proximity to the city, as well as data that shows there were no lightning strikes in the area, lead [Flanagan] to believe the cause of the fire was likely human.”

Canada’s politicians and scientists have also all cautioned that individual fires cannot specifically be linked to climate change, but agree that it is part of a general trend of more intense wildfires.

Let me be completely clear Рblaming the initial cause or development of this massive forest fire on the oilsands, just because it was located in the same general area of the province, is both insensitive, stupid and slanderous.  It makes as much sense as blaming the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (outside of San Francisco) on the 62,000 people gathered nearby at Candlestick Park to watch Game 3 of the World Series.  Maybe they were jumping around too much Рthe earthquake did start at 5:03 PM as the game went live on television. 

The fire out of control (Credit: Canadian Press)
The fire out of control (Credit: Canadian Press)

First of all, fires do not ever start as a result of climate change.  They are caused by human error, electrical malfunctions, lightning Рbut the gradual warming of the earth will never start a forest fire. EVER.

And as we reported earlier in the year, scientists announced recently that this trend toward a warming earth actually has been paused anyway Рfor 18 straight years.  Right around that same time, the Climate Change Institute at the prestigious Ivy League school Yale University closed for good. Coincidence?

Now, this forest was made bone dry as a result of the very dry Spring weather in the area, caused by warm dry air coming¬†from the equator (El Nino).¬† But it’s been happening for decades, yea centuries, recorded first in the 1700’s.¬† We are currently breaking some records that were set back in the mid to late 1800’s, but these are all part of a weather cycle.

(Credit: Frugal Café)
(Credit: Frugal Café)

The site, on the subject of global warming, clarifies that:

According to temperature measurements taken near the Earth‚Äôs surface that are correlated and adjusted by NASA‚Äôs Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the Earth‚Äôs average temperature warmed by 1.5¬ļF (0.8¬ļC) between the 1880s and 2000s, mostly during 1907‚Äď1944 and 1976‚Äď2014.¬† (emphasis mine)

Hard to believe that¬†all this fuss is about an increase in 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit, isn’t it?¬†¬†AFTER the toxic smog of the Industrial Revolution had come and gone?¬† And including all the current pollution of today?¬† That¬†doesn’t sound like people have had a lot of impact on anything.¬† You cannot possibly argue that ALL of that temperature increase came from man regardless of your philosophical persuasion.

But here’s something to consider as well¬†from another Global Warming fear mongering site that stated:

World Temperature Trends over the last 10,000 years. (Credit:
World Temperature Trends over the last 10,000 years. (Credit:

Six thousand years ago, when the world was one degree warmer than it is now, the American agricultural heartland around Nebraska was desert. It suffered a short reprise during the dust- bowl years of the 1930s, when the topsoil blew away and hundreds of thousands of refugees trailed through the dust to an uncertain welcome further west. The effect of one-degree warming, therefore, requires no great feat of imagination. (emphasis mine)

STOP THE PRESSES.  EX-SQUEEZE ME?  If 6,000 years ago it was 1 degree warmer than today, and we warmed up by 1.5 degrees since the 1880s, it must have been at least 2.5 degrees colder at some point in the last 6,000 years.

Why was it so hot back then?¬† Surely not as a result of the impacts of man.¬† And why did it cool down so much – that’s almost as dangerous if not more so.¬† Again, couldn’t have been because of man’s influence.¬† Which says that we are at the mercy of the planet.

Therefore, the traumatic impact on the planet as scientists, politicians and other assorted jackasses warn today is coming is all nonsense.¬† Man survived¬†hotter days¬†before.¬† The ice caps didn’t all melt.¬† The polar bears didn’t all drown.¬† We survived.¬†

And even if we did have an impact, based on the rate of temperature increase previously (which was well before any environmental laws were in place as well) it would take us nearly 100 more years just to get back to the point we were at 6,000 years ago.

But what happens if/when the world goes into a major cooling down point?  Can we blame the scientists and politicians who brought in these laws in the first place?

Experimental pavement made with bituminous sand. (Credit: Robert Fitzsimmons, 1930 / Edmonton Journal)
Experimental pavement made with bituminous sand. (Credit: Robert Fitzsimmons, 1930 / Edmonton Journal)

Secondly, the oilsands themselves not start this fire, and it continues as a result of the current weather conditions and man’s decisions in fighting it.¬†¬† The fires never actually reached the oilsands, nor were they started in the oilsands.¬† They started some like 25 kms away from there.

Let’s get real about this region, people.¬† The oilsands have always been there, they are naturally occurring¬†and have been exposed for many, many years to the elements and surrounding environment.¬† In 1929, the Dominion of Canada issued a patent to Dr. Karl A. Clark for the hot-water extraction process for separating¬†bitumen from oil sands in Alberta. This process laid the groundwork for the large-scale methods used by today‚Äôs producers of Canadian oil sands.

But the oilsands existed far before that.  As quoted from the United Nations University site:

imagesKWGC85VDHistorically, raw bitumen was used by the indigenous Cree and Dene peoples to waterproof their canoes. European fur traders first discovered the resource in the early 18th century and Canada’s colonists soon began experimenting with techniques to separate and upgrade it. It wasn’t until 1967 that the first commercially viable Great Canadian Oil Sands (now Suncor) plant opened, using surfactants in the separation process.

Today, we see a host of un-informed celebrity no-minds and leftwing media and politicians join forces to use this forest fire as their catalyst to boycott this “dirty oil”, as if the two had any correlation.¬† These oilsands would exist whether we developed them or not, as they have for centuries.¬† The oilsands have been leaking into ground water and been exposed to fire and the elements long before the white man set foot in North America.¬† And again, this fire was not caused by the oilsands, nor does it continue because of them.

Hollywood A-List actors Leonardo DiCaprio (front in blue) and Mark Ruffalo (in blue to his right) participate in the Sept 23, 2014 "People's Climate March" in New York.
Hollywood A-List actors Leonardo DiCaprio (front in blue) and Mark Ruffalo (in blue to his right) participate in the Sept 23, 2014 “People’s Climate March” in New York.

These same¬†pinko watermelon (communist red on the inside, green on the outside) environmental idiots, like Leonardo DiCaprio, will fly in to the televised protests on private jets from one of their multiple homes, be whisked to the protest site in the biggest limousine possible…

…And will then will jaw on in front of the cameras about¬†how they drive a hybrid, or rides a pony or a bike to work, and are on some kind of moral high ground as a result,¬†to berate the people the rest of us who aren’t quite there yet mentally or financially.

Yet these people are missing one major fact in their protests Рthe bike they ride to work with has tires partly made with oil, as is the grease they use to lube up the chains, and possibly the handle bar grips.  Half the parts inside that hybrid car are also made with oil or its byproducts, including nearly all of the fluids that vehicle still requires to operate.

In fact, according to some experts, there are 6,000 items that we use every day that are made from oil.¬† The list is going to shock you.¬† Check out that post here – we have listed just the first 400 items.¬† You get rid of mankind’s need for any of these, and then we’ll talk.

In conclusion, stop blaming Fort McMurray for creating its own problems.¬† That is vile and evil as far as I’m concerned.¬† No one looks at Hiroshima today and blames Japanese people for their own demise, yet history shows that’s in fact the case.¬† But when people attempt to make political or philosophical hay out of this fire, when there isn’t even a true link, I trust that hay will always ignite as well, and burn those who attempted it.

Microsoft’s Tweeting… Racist, Sexist, Neo-Nazi, Anti-Semitic Robot

By Calling Out Community, posted March 23, 2016

Tay’s first tweet

It all started innocently enough on Tuesday, March 22, when Microsoft introduced an AI Twitter account simulating a teenage millennial girl.

The account (named “Tay”) was an experimental program launched to train AI in understanding conversations with its¬†users. ¬†Tay tweeted publicly and engaged with users through private direct messages, and was supposed to be a fun experiment which would interact with 18- to 24-year-old Twitter users based in the US.

imageMicrosoft said it hoped Tay would help “conduct research on conversational understanding”. ¬†The application, one would assume, would include customer service centres, library research services, consumer information providers and many others.

The company said:

The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets, so the experience can be more personalized to you.”

imageHowever, the experiment with the artificial intelligence chat robot on Twitter ran amok.  As the Times of Israel reports it:

Within hours… Tay had turned into a racist, genocidal, sex-crazed monstrosity spouting Hitler-loving, sexist profanities for all the world to read.

Less than 24 hours after its introduction, Microsoft was forced to shut down the account for “adjustments”, and deleted every tweet (save three) from Tay‚Äôs Twitter account.

Tag’s is now annoyingly PC

The flaw? Microsoft programmed Tay to learn from her conversations with her users, targeted to be 18-24 year olds per the About Me page.  Let this be a lesson to Microsoft and anyone else seeking to market to young adults today Рmost of them are brutish, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

America – this shouldn’t be a surprise to you – you raised them that way.

What gender do you self-identify with? Seriously, is this the direction we are going?
BARF – is this the direction we are going?

Microsoft apologized in a blog entry¬†on Friday, March 25, 2016¬†of Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research.¬† He stated that ‚Äúa subset of Twitter users‚ÄĚ figured out how to game Tay to their advantage:

As many of you know by now, on Wednesday we launched a chatbot called Tay. We are deeply sorry for the unintended offensive and hurtful tweets from Tay, which do not represent who we are or what we stand for, nor how we designed Tay. Tay is now offline and we’ll look to bring Tay back only when we are confident we can better anticipate malicious intent that conflicts with our principles and values.

Umm... what?
What exactly are they suggesting here??

However, today Tay is already back online and churning out a rash of Tweets to young users from around the world.  Rather than provocative, however, they are more of the head-scratching, puzzling variety, as is seen in examples like this on the left.

They can whitewash this robot and delete all of the offending tweets, but the real data that has been gleaned here is already unquestionably important for us today, namely:

What¬†is wrong with our society, when THIS disgusting display of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and filthy language is¬†the sum total of what these young people wanted this robot to ‘learn’ from them?

At the end of the day, Tay sends one final tweet:

image “So many conversations”.¬† Yes, you can say that again¬†(but don’t, you’re annoying enough already) too many, in fact, and most as brainless as the users initiating them. ¬†When this is the kind of human intelligence that it learns from and is based on, the concept of “artificial intelligence” will likely remain just another of those nonsensical¬†phrases containing two words that make no sense together…

…like “jumbo shrimp” and “climb down”.