What’s With All the URBAN Military Drills?

Over the last year or so, Americans from coast to coast have been awakened late at night to the shocking sights and sounds of huge explosions, gunfire and waves of military helicopters flying maneuvers over their homes. Asking why this is happening, what on earth they are preparing for, and why it’s taking place so often and so late at night, has been for the most part a waste of time…

rambo_in_florida(Tampa, FL – May 25, 2016):  Thousands of troops from more than a dozen countries converged to invade the downtown core… of Tampa, FL, according to the Washington Post.  Their mission was to rescue the mayor of the city, being held by pirates as a hostage.  Participants included U.S. Special Operations forces, including Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders and Army Green Berets, with countries such as Ireland and Jordan also participating. Many of the participants covered their faces, and only a select few were allowed to speak to the media afterward.  They rappelled down the sides of buildings, ferried in by helicopters, gunships and Zodiak boats, shooting thousands of rounds of blank ammunition.  And the crowds, sitting on tops of buildings in the area to watch, burst into applause as the “invasion” was completed.

Many military helicopters over Sutter County, CA (Credit: ABC10)

Many military helicopters over Sutter County, CA (Credit: ABC10)

(Sitter County, CA – May 11, 2016):  Helicopters over Sutter County on Friday may have been manned by Night Stalkers, members of the160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment team of secret chopper pilots that aided in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.  Two days before, Sutter County residents observed nearly a dozen suspicious helicopters flying low in the middle of the night, a Sutter County crop duster answered a call from Army officials asking to use his air strip.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 12.35.20 PM(Beech Grove, IN – May 6, 2016):  Just a few weeks ago, residents of this small Indiana town were awakened to the sound of explosions, gunshots and military helicopters shaking homes as they flew so low over them.  At least four Blackhawks were involved in this “exercise”, and residents fumed on social media that there were no advance warnings of these training drills, which were taking place around a now infamous Amtrak train station that some have rumored will be a future FEMA concentration camp.

(Pine Crest, FL – May 5, 2016):  This small city just outside Miami, FL witnessed nearly a dozen military helicopters and one strange looking airplane were seen flying over the city in what was a very unusual formation on this evening – so unusual, in fact, that people stopped and got out of their cars to look up at it.

train(Across America – Late August 2015):  All across America, citizens witnessed the movement of massive amounts of military equipment to points unknown during the last few months.  Military maneuvers did take place during the summer, code named “Jade Helm”, that were extremely realistic and caused conspiracy theorists to go wild with reports of preparations for martial law, etc.  But I have to admit, the videos and photos I’ve seen of huge military convoys unnerved me.  They are preparing for something, to be sure.

(Flint, MI – June 8, 2015):  The quiet Monday evening started with one Blackhawk helicopter, then two, flying very low, barely above the peaks of the buildings downtown. Without warning they then hovered over an office tower, as soldiers rappelled into the top story windows. After a few moments, a multitude of 50 calibre gunshots and small explosions could be heard from several windows. The helicopters then returned to the rooftops and retrieved the soldiers, flying over the now-large crowd that had gathered. Witnesses only later learned that this was all a part of a military urban training exercise lasting about 45 minutes.


(Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 26, 2015):  A late night military exercise conducted in this highly-populated urban area of Florida was very disconcerting to residents who saw it first hand and worried that martial law was being imposed.  Witnesses saw troops running through downtown streets, dragging what looked like wounded comrades behind them.  Police cars closed major routes, while troops rounded up a line of nearly 40 civilians and marched them single-file to a downtown public car parking lot.  There, three black military helicopters continuously landed and took off (at least 3-4 times each), picking up these civilian passengers.  Most distressing was the sight of at least 4-5 white, unmarked police vans picking up civilians as well.   stated this went on for 3 hours, and residents were only notified the next day what was happening, nor was the media invited in advance to participate.

To be sure, this list is not exhaustive.  Something is happening in America, and it’s up to watchful citizens to keep the story alive – we know the government and the media sure won’t.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 1, 2016

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