New York City Recognizes 31 Gender Distinctives

Every year, New York City hosts the largest Gay Pride event in the world, with their annual March today (Sunday, June 26) expected to attract 1.5 million people along it’s famed 5th Avenue route.  But not everyone’s in the mood to celebrate the gay community.

Hundreds of thousands participate in the NYC Pride March in 2014. (Credit: Occupy Wall Street)

Hundreds of thousands participate in the NYC Pride March in 2014. (Credit: Occupy Wall Street)

The sequins and feather boas are in every color.  The nuns with beards and the leather freaks and the lipstick lesbians and chubby chasers and half-naked twinks are all geared up to ride, walk, dance and march on or by one of 80 Gay Pride March floats set to weave their way down New York’s Fifth Avenue, to the apparent delight of the 1.5 million onlookers who started gathering early morning to get the best piece of sidewalk, rooftop or balcony today.

Today everyone will pay lip service to loving “the gays”, or so the non-gay community will tells the LGBTQ community (though 1/2 of them likely couldn’t tell you what groups those 5 initials  – Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender or Queer – even represent).  Corporations really love the gay community, especially after AdWeek “came out” in 2011 with an estimate that the gay market is worth about $743 billion.



Even Tony the Tiger is gay friendly today?  Nonsensical.,

The belief amongst the gay community that they are finally being accepted by the “straights”, that they have finally “arrived” is just as much a myth – it’s not true at all.  In fact, the Williams Institute at UCLA conducted a study entitled “NATIONAL TRENDS IN PUBLIC OPINION ON LGBT RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES“, updated to November 2014, and it was a bit of an eye-opener.

The opening question in the study was “how would you rate gay men and lesbians (that is, homosexuals)?”  The overall rating was just under 60%.  The study states:

“The average score was 29 in 1984, which indicated very cool feelings toward lesbians and gay men.  In the last three decades, the average thermometer score has almost doubled.  The public is now on average slightly more positive than neutral in their attitude toward lesbians and gay men.”

Ouch! Hardly the resounding love-fest they were expecting – and quite frankly the numbers may actually have dipped slightly in the last year or two, as a result of the heavy-handed push to accept transgender individuals in every aspect of society.

Is this REALLY the narrative the gay community wants us to be talking about?

Is this REALLY the narrative the gay community wants us to be talking about?

Gay community, listen up – the governments that are pushing for transgender rights didn’t ask you about it first, did they?  You haven’t been included or consulted in what the issues have been or are?  You haven’t had any chance to express your opinion, have you?

And if you were really honest, you’d have to admit that deep down, you’re a bit uncomfortable with the way this is being rammed down peoples’ throats.  If some of you were really honest, you’d even admit that you aren’t really happy with this push for over-the-top transgender rights.

crazylibAnd so you should be.  Your community has been hijacked by the radical left to start a culture war against the Church and conservative folks. They don’t actually care about transgender rights.  Frankly, some of the gays and lesbians would themselves say that these rights are being forced in a most uncomfortable way on society.  Some gays and lesbians might secretly admit they don’t even support full rights for some of the more fringe elements.

Haven’t you asked yourself why this was so easy for the government to do?  Why they are pushing this so hard for you, even to the point of running right past you to do so?  Why did you have to fight for 20 years for gay rights, and transgender people suddenly get everything handed to them, and they didn’t even ask?  Because it’s not about you or them.

imageCase in point – the City of New York’s Commission on Human Rights has published a brochure that talks about gender distinctions and the rules to curtail discrimination.  And it’s documents like this that will quickly cause more push-back against transgender rights – or gay rights in general – than anything else.

Why?  Because they officially recognize 31 gender distinctions across the city, and you’d better too if you own a business there, or you could face hefty fines.

That’s right friend – according to a May 18 Washington Post article:

Greeting customers as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” — or even not using the pronoun “ze” or “zir” — could prove costly for New York City businesses under rules drafted by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s bureaucrats.  The Gotham mayor’s Commission on Human Rights says entities that fail to address customers by their preferred gender pronouns and titles are in violation of the law and could be subject to penalties of up to $250,000.

7d0f9ad66d293fab12a9fc29b79b015fOUTRAGEOUS.  ZE AND ZIR?  Are you kidding me – never heard of that before in my entire life, and I bet 75% of the gay community has never heard of those idiotic pronouns before either.  In fact, reading this list of transgendered distinctions is like reading a textbook for the psychologically ill – it’s so inclusive of every strange half-breed sub-sub-section of the gay community that it’s a laughingstock on its own – and it’s done the gay community NO favors.


Screw it, just come and give me a fine – I refuse to learn all this crap.

In fact, I defy any gay man or lesbian to correctly define all 31 of these terms.  The City didn’t even bother to define them – probably because they have no idea what some of them mean.  This is the same gay community that still wears pink triangles as their symbol, even though Hitler used the symbol to differentiate gays in concentration camps.

Here, folks, is the list of all the things you can be in New York in addition to being Male or Female (we’ve defined a few just to show the nuttiness of it all):

ANDROGYNOUS – appearing and/or identifying as neither man nor woman, presenting a gender either mixed or neutral
GENDER BENDER – who bends, changes, mixes, or combines society’s gender conventions by expressing elements of masculinity and femininity together
GENDERQUEER – person whose gender identity is neither man nor woman, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders
GENDER FLUID – whose gender identification and presentation shifts, whether within or outside of societal, gender-based expectations
PANGENDER – gender identity is comprised of all or many gender expressions.
TWO-SPIRIT – Native Americans who have attributes of both men and women, have distinct gender and social roles in their tribes, and are often involved with mystical rituals (shamans).

transimageA city official speaking on background confirmed to The Daily Caller that all of the listed identities are protected by the city’s anti-discrimination laws, but said that the list was not exhaustive.  The city does not provide definitions of the various gender identities, but glossaries are online at several U.S. universities.

This nonsense has just begun, believe me.  It’s time to push back now before the world is just too nutty to live in.


By Shawn J., Founder,
Calling Out Community
Posted: July 1, 2016
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