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Gun Criminals Aren’t In The NRA…

After every mass shooting in the United States, there is a call from the looney Left for the National Rifle Association to be somehow punished or curtailed or stopped altogether from its activities, and it makes no sense. I’m going to, I hope, slam-dunk this argument for good.  To a Libtard, it won’t make a difference.  But to those of

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Dow’s Downfall – The Devil’s In The Details

In the past two consecutive trading days, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has suffered some of its most monumental losses ever. If you were like me, you likely had no idea anything was wrong – that is, until several “Breaking News” emails mentally “woke” me just after 4:30 PM yesterday (Monday, February 5), announcing that the New York Stock Exchange had

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Black Lives Matter Has A List of Demands…

Chanelle Helms, the “co-founder and co-organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville” posted a Facebook message in August 2017 that caused a firestorm of controversy, after it was subsequently reprinted in several publications across the U.S. In the posting, she mused about several things that needed to happen, in her opinion, in order for the black community in the United States

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Debunking Liberals That Have Lost Their Minds

There are simple, time-tested keys to victory in almost every debate against liberals.  Aren’t you tired of feeling like you cannot argue with these people?  Ever have a sense that the deck is stacked against you?  We often believe intentional misconceptions that are perpetuated by the Left.  However, shining a bit of the light of Truth can dispel them – for, to quote an old

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The Asteroid That (Almost) Came For Dinner

On Saturday, August 30, 2016, astronomers discovered a new asteroid near Earth, just a few hours… …before it almost hit us. Update: July 25, 2017 NASA announced June 22, 2017, that they were closing the Asteroid Redirect Program, less than a year after it was announced.  Now, this is truly bizarre.  From “After years of study, NASA announced recently that

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Yellowstone Update #2: Now 878 Earthquakes in 14 Days!

Because of the gravity of the situation, we are bringing an update to this story, first posted only 8 days ago (click the link to go to the story directly) Yellowstone: 464 Earthquakes in 10 Days! As reported on June 22, 2017, an ancient super-volcano, or caldera, lies beneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park.  About 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes

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