Gun Criminals Aren’t In The NRA…

After every mass shooting in the United States, there is a call from the looney Left for the National Rifle Association to be somehow punished or curtailed or stopped altogether from its activities, and it makes no sense.

I’m going to, I hope, slam-dunk this argument for good.¬† To a Libtard, it won’t make a difference.¬† But to those of you on the fence, who really just want the gun violence to cease, I hope it’ll make you think.

See this woman to the left of this text?¬† Her name is “Eye Empress Sekhmet”, and she is now being investigated by local police for declaring open season on killing whites while holding a gun.

Now quick, a show of hands Рhow many of you believe that she is a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association (hereafter known as the NRA)?  Anyone?  Anyone?

No one EVER would assume that.  Yet, the moment a violet mass-shooting takes place in the United States, who is vilified first in the media Рpeople like the NRA, who have their own views on the use and ownership of guns in the United States, or this racist cow packing heat?  And it may not even be HER heat Рat the risk of sounding racist, the guy she may have stolen it from might be really happy that she showed her face in public, so he knows where to get his stolen gun back from.  That member of the NRA that got his gun stolen, that is.

Oh, now some of you are triggered, and you’re going to go haywire in the comments.¬† Save your fingers for important pursuits like breaking and entering, or whatever you gun thugs do in your spare time.¬† I’ll just delete dumb comments before they are published anyway.¬† This isn’t a free speech zone – get your own blog if you want to rant about stupid crap with no thought process behind it.

So, if Miss Stable Mable here goes postal in a 7-11 and start blowing white people away with that gun that she legally purchased and registered with the proper local authorities (which she of course still has the receipt for), which she purchased from a legitimate source after obviously taking a psychological assessment first – which she also obviously passed with flying colors (dear God…) – how many of you would get on TV tonight and rant and rave about the NRA needing to take responsibility for gun crimes in America.

None of you?

Why’s that?

Because you’ll never even know it happened – because none of the news media will ever report it happened.

How do I know this, you ask?  That seems like a racist thing to say, you state?

Here are some facts to shut up the nonsense:

  • 13% of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the¬†US Census Bureau.
  • According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics:
    • Black offenders committed 52%¬†of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45%¬†of the offenders were white. Homicide is a broader category than ‚Äúmurder‚ÄĚ but let‚Äôs not split hairs.
    • 93%¬†of black victims were killed by blacks.
    • In 2013, the FBI pegged black criminals with 38% of murders, compared to¬†31.1%¬†for whites.
  • What about violent crime more generally? FBI arrest rates are one way into this. Over the last three years of data ‚Äď 2011 to 2013 ‚Äď 38.5%¬†of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black – the highest racial group.

Knowing all this, one question, and be honest with yourself:   How many of these were members of the NRA, in your opinion?  50%?  40%?  20%?  10%  5%?  Try closer to ZERO PERCENT.  The crimes were mostly committed by street thugs in gangs, who were either attacking rival gangs or robbing innocent people, etc.

So what is the NRA being blamed for all of America’s gun crimes for?¬†¬†Shouldn’t we be focusing on the black community and figure out what’s going on there?¬† Nah, that’s racist.¬† Let’s focus on the NRA, whose membership is mostly middle-aged white men…

…because… that’s… not… racist?

Recently, I was asked yet another of the “stupid questions” I often get on Quora:

And this was my answer:

That wouldn’t keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill Рif the NRA revoked the person’s membership, that wouldn’t stop them from getting a gun regardless. Not too many people that are mentally ill, and have a desire to become a mass murderer, are going to want to register their gun ownership with a public group like the NRA anyway. What possible benefit would that have in doing that?

The NRA doesn’t give gun permits, nor are they the national regulator of who gets to have a gun and who doesn’t. The NRA is there to teach safety and to ensure that the 2nd Amendment is protected against people who would very much love to remove guns from citizens Рnamely the government that the Second Amendment allowed citizens to arm themselves against in the first place.

Mass shooters are not generally NRA members. In fact, I have yet to hear of a single case where that was so. So why is the focus on the NRA in the first place? And why is there always this nonsensical push for gun control when such a situation arises? Criminals don‚Äôt give a damn about gun control – they won‚Äôt be registering their guns, and if they have connections, they won‚Äôt care whether they can buy an Uzzi at a gun show or not. The people that criminals buy guns from are OTHER CRIMINALS – who aren‚Äôt going to give a rip about psychological assessments and 14-day waiting periods either.¬† Criminals can likely buy a gun off the back of a truck whenever they want. It‚Äôs called the ‚Äúblack market‚ÄĚ for a reason – it‚Äôs not generally something that you‚Äôre going to see in the light of day.

NRA members are Americans that register their guns, know how to properly use them and store them, and will be the first people you would look to for ASSISTANCE if a nation like Russia ever attempted to invade the US through Canada, for example – which sounds far-fetched, but of course so was the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the Ukraine and host of other nations over the last 70 years. They would be the first person you would look to if your own government ever decided to become dictatorial. I’ve heard a significant number of misguided and neurotic people accusing Trump of being a fascist, after all.¬† NRA should be welcomed in the region, not attacked – they could be the only thing someday that saves your life.

I guarantee you, if the NRA were legally forced to shut down tomorrow across America, as some ill-founded plan to reduce gun crime Рyou would quickly find that you didn’t reduce gun crime one bit. Gun criminals aren’t in the NRA. Get your head out of your proverbial and realize that gun crime in America is caused by inner-city black, Latino and Asian thugs in gangs, for the most part, and by the mafia, Hells Angels, and other more organized crime groups.
The NRA is full of farmers and hunters and gun collectors, police officers, and veterans who keep their noses clean, pay their taxes and have the proper knowledge and respect for the power of firearms to keep them perfectly safe in their environ.
It’s time for America to find a legitimate bogeyman that‚Äôs¬†actually¬†the culprit, and stop blaming the NRA for gun crimes they didn‚Äôt commit.¬† The NRA has been actively been fighting against crime by demanding more police and/or armed guards in schools, for example, which the Left always mocks as well.¬†
NRA members do not blindly LOVE Guns and everything associated with them. They do not love war, violence, poaching of wildlife, or the idea of having to defend their life or the lives of loved ones with a firearm. What they love and fight to keep is freedom! The Second Amendment represents the right to be free to defend ourselves, our families, our property and our COUNTRY with the same tools that would threaten it. It also protects invaluable traditions like hunting and shooting sports that bond families, build character and cultivate our love of the outdoors. The right to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment for a reason, it is that important. It provides us the freedom to protect all threats to the Constitution and the natural rights it guarantees.
In conclusion, you want to fight gun violence?  Good, because Black Lives Matter. 
UPDAeTE:  February 24, 2018
Delta Airlines and United Airlines have both issued statements this morning that they no longer will provide NRA members with discounts on their travel to their annual convention.
Wow, you have really taken a bite out of gun crime now! Good on you two airlines for figuring out how to lose millions of good customers with one stupid message, when you could least of all afford it.
If only every company in America followed your example…. you‚Äôd all be bankrupt. ¬†Something that the socialist jackasses that you have been listening to, ¬†have been trying to propagate against you capitalist dumbasses for a long time now. ¬†Congratulations, you just played into their hands.
Oh and by the way, these left-wing whack jobs that you took your financial direction from this morning – they don‚Äôt fly. In fact, statistically, I bet they never leave the comfort of their grandma‚Äôs basements. ¬†And/or the celebrities who cry about the environmental impacts, and protest the NRA, ALWAYS fly private, NEVER fly commercial with your ‚Äúunwashed masses‚ÄĚ of passengers.
The NRA members, who are all for the most part upper-middle-class, middle-aged white man with a good income? You’ve just pissed off 5 million of them, and their millions of college-aged children and grandchildren.
And people like me who aren’t even American, but believe what the NRA stands for, thinks you are just playing the SJW card in the wrong poker game, and who has a big enough audience (23,000 followers today in 125 countries) to make some small impact.  In the cutthroat dollars and cents business of airline travel, that might be all that’s required.
AND NOW, I have a message to the cuckolding virtue signalling a-holes at #UnitedAirlines and #DeltaAirlines:
If you have booked a flight with either airline, cancel it today if you have insurance and get a flight on an airline with some common sense.  
If they’re too stupid to figure out financially what’s up and what’s down, it’s time they both went DOWN.  One less US airline with crappy service and insolence for their customers is no loss.  Maybe Americans will finally have more competitive fares when one or both are GONE.  
If they’re too stupid to even get out of bed in the morning, they certainly aren’t going to be trustworthy to get your plane up in the air.
#boycott #unitedairlines
#boycott #deltaairlines


By  Shawn J., Founder,
Calling Out Community
Posted: February 23, 2018
[God’s Got A Plan For You!]

Michigan’s Welfare… Millionaires?

My blood boiled when I heard the story of a female welfare recipient in the state of Michigan who won $1 million in the local¬†lottery,¬†used some of the proceeds to buy a new house and car… yet¬†continued to use a¬†$200/month grocery card given to her previously by the state welfare office to buy food, because she thought she was still entitled – characterizing her new ownership of TWO homes as a “struggle”. ¬†

Even worse? She wasn’t the only¬†(nor the richest) lottery millionaire in Michigan to get all that ‘lettuce’ – and still feel the need to accept ‘government cheese’ at the same time. ¬†And believe it or not – it was all (for a time) perfectly legal

, even though citizens and government officials had a big ‘beef’ with¬†it.

Great, now I’m hungry.

The city of Detroit (Credit: Detroit Free Press)

The people and city of Detroit, and greater Michigan in general, have been struggling terribly.  In the May 20,

In the May 20, 2016 issue of the¬†Detroit Free Press, it was¬†reported that back in 1940, thanks to the booming auto industry…

“…the city of Detroit was the fourth largest city in America – behind New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. ¬†At the city‚Äôs peak of 1.8 million people in 1950, it held 29% of the state‚Äôs population.”

Today, the city of Detroit is a case study in¬†how quickly a city can self-destruct or implode. ¬†Though¬†nearly¬†4 million people still live in the metro area, the city of Detroit proper has shrunk dramatically, today holding only about 7% of the state’s population.

Jefferson Avenue, Detroit 1949 (Credit:
Jefferson Avenue, the same street as above, Detroit 2010 (Credit:

The majority of those 1.8 million city residents are gone Рin fact, a stunning 2/3 of them.  Detroit’s population was 677,116 as of Summer 2015, a loss of 3,107 residents from the previous year, according to estimates released in May 2016 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

This small decline was¬†enough to drop the city to 21st in the nation, now surpassed in size by Seattle, Denver and El Paso, Texas. The¬†last time Detroit had so few residents… was 1850.

That’s right, 1850. ¬†10 years before Abraham Lincoln became president, and 15 years before the end of the Civil War. ¬†53 years before Henry Ford sold the¬†first mass-produced car in the world, his Detroit-built Model A, to¬†Chicago dentist Ernest Pfennig on¬†July 23, 1903.

How the mighty have fallen. ¬†Since 1950, the height of Detroit’s population, states that it lost 63.3% of its residents. ¬†The near-death of the Detroit auto industry has meant the near-death of a once great city.

In 1950, thanks to the giant Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and other automobile factories in the area, Detroit was the fastest growing city in the world. In the past decade, thanks to the closing of nearly all of those plants (and the related jobs moving to China and Mexico, for example), it has been the fastest shrinking city in America.

Why do I bring it up? Because the dramatic shift in population means the State has lost a substantial number of union-paid, higher tax-paying citizens.  The State economy is clearly in trouble:

Detroit house for sale for $38,000. 100,000 homes in the city have been abandoned. (Credit: Realty)
  • Homes¬†in Detroit are selling as low as $38,000. ¬†In Ann Arbour (just 43 miles away)¬†they are listing for¬†8.5 times that much, or¬†$324,000.
  • The New York Times reported that a significant percentage of housing parcels in the city are vacant, with abandoned lots making up more than half of total residential lots in large portions of the city. With at least 70,000 abandoned buildings, 31,000 empty houses, and 90,000 vacant lots,¬†Detroit has become notorious for its urban blight.
  • As of July 18, 2013, the Motor City officially ran out of gas. Filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Detroit‚Äôs debts‚Äďa whopping $18 to $20 billion‚Äďrepresent the largest municipal filing for bankruptcy in United States history.
  • Detroit’s unemployment rate is currently 12.0% – one of the best months in the city since July¬†2009, when it peaked as high as 27.9%. The U.S. national rate is currently 4.5%
  • In April 2016, reported¬†the¬†Michigan welfare system had made some substantial changes to save money. ¬†At that time, 20% of the State was on welfare, or 2 million people
Michigan’s welfare food assistance Bridge card – ¬†the choice of Michigan lottery winners everywhere. ¬†What’s in your wallet

When people refer to the Michigan welfare system, they’re typically talking about two types of assistance: the Food Assistance Program and the Family Independence Program. About 132,000 people currently get food assistance with a “Bridge”¬†card, which is automatically reloaded with $200 per month to purchase food items.

Knowing what you now know of Michigan’s financial meltdown, would it infuriate you to learn that in the midst of this – one of those food assistance recipients, caught on video buying $200 in groceries with a Bridge card, was a young woman that locals recognized immediately…

As a new millionaire from the Michigan State lottery.

Amanda Clayton gets busted. (Credit: Fox 47 News)

24-year-old Amanda Clayton won the $1 million prize in the Michigan ‘Make Me Rich’ lottery game ‚Äď and after claiming the $700,000 lump sum amount, and paying the related taxes, she received $500,000. ¬†She bought a new house and a new car with her winnings.

A woman working at her local grocery store recognized her right away during a recent visit, and couldn’t believe it when she pulled out a Bridge card to pay for her groceries, immediately calling the local news to tip them off. ¬†When confronted later at her home by an anchor with Fox 47 news, Clayton was still unloading her $200 in welfare-purchased groceries, and had this to say:

“Well, I thought that they would cut me off ¬†but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was OK because I’m not working. “

When it was pointed out to her that she may not need¬†to work now that she was a lottery millionaire – and even after she was advised that¬†Fox 47 had learned she now owned¬†two homes, including one that she had purchased recently in cash, along with a new car – her justifications continued. ¬†Incredibly, she said that she was still “struggling” – she hadn’t taken the $1 million prize, having “only” received¬†about¬†$500,000 after tax. ¬†Considering how low house prices are in the region, she likely still had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank after the home and car were purchased.

She was justifiably charged by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette with felony welfare fraud and was sentenced to nine months of probation in late July.  USA Today reported that she was also ordered to repay the roughly $5,500 in food and medical assistance she received after winning the lottery.

2 months later,¬†in¬†September, she was found dead of an apparent drug overdose. ¬†This may sound harsh, but I’ll bet you her new house and car that the amount she owed Michigan state taxpayers went up her nose or in her arm instead.

Want to know another shocker? ¬† She was actually the second millionaire lottery winner who had been caught on welfare in Michigan. ¬†And she wasn’t even close to being the richest.

Leroy Flick in a 2012 court appearance, for reasons that may (not) be a surprise. (Credit:

In 2011, Leroy Fick won it pretty big, claiming $2 million in Michigan’s “Make Me Rich” game – the same one that Clayton above had won more recently.

His story is even more bizarre.  With the $850,000 he took home after taxes, the 59-year-old used his winnings to buy a new home and a used Audi convertible.

But to buy groceries, the¬†lottery winner was¬†still using¬†his Bridge card. ¬†Remember, this is¬†Michigan’s version of the food¬†stamp program, which currently has over 47 million Americans enrolled across the nation.

Even worse? It was perfectly legal for the on-paper millionaire to ask taxpayers to buy his Kraft Dinner. “He’s not trying to cheat the state,” said Fick’s attorney, John Wilson. “Based on his income, he’s eligible.”

(Did I mention lately how much I hate lawyers.  Yah, I hate lawyers.)

In fact, Fick contacted Michigan’s Department of Human Services after his lottery win to ask if he could still use his Bridge Card. ¬†“They said I could go ahead and keep the Bridge Card if I wanted to,” said Fick.

So, he did.

“He specifically called the Department of Human Services and said, ‘Can I still use the Bridge Card?’ and they said, ‘Yes,’ because he is eligible,” said attorney Wilson. “He’s done everything right in the eyes of the law.”

Not in the eyes of the public, however, nor of the state Attorney General, who fought for 11 months to change various federal and state laws to shut down his welfare loophole.  All the while, he continued on social assistance Рwhile living in his new home and driving his Audi convertible around the area.

What was the loophole? ¬†Well, thanks to Obama in 2011, and his changes to federal guidelines that base eligibility for food stamps solely on income, Michigan followed suit. Fick’s attorney said his client is unemployed and lives on Social Security disability benefits, so his income qualifies him for the Bridge Card.

The $850,000 lump sum lottery payment is considered an asset, not income. So, under state policy, Fick could legally get food stamps Рeven if he has hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank.

Thank you, President Obama, and thank you Michigan, for yet again highlighting that Libtards¬†and¬†those who support them must be morally, ethically and sometimes even mentally challenged. ¬†Also, a great reminder that the welfare system in America has a lot of dead weight in it, as well as (to coin a Cher song), still far too many ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves’.

(P.S. Calm down¬†Cher, you and your celebrity wingnut friends voted for these idiots in the first place. ¬†It’ll take President Trump 8 years to clean up this mess.)



By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted May 1, 2017

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Surrey Shootings MUST BE STOPPED NOW

On August 1st, the 516,000+ residents of the City of Surrey, BC were once again dsheartenrd by news of our 51st shooting being recorded since January 1.

The number of personnel and budget for the Surrey RCMP continues to climb – yet so does the crime rate. ¬†Perhaps it’s time to seriously consider a municipal police force, if the RCMP cannot bring their bumper sticker nonsense about “Safe Homes and Safe Communities” to reality.¬†

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner and RCMP assistant commissioner Bill Fordy. (Credit: Jason Payne / PNG)
Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner and RCMP assistant commissioner Bill Fordy. (Credit: Jason Payne / PNG)

On the evening of July 31, my city of Surrey recorded its 51st SHOOTING, a homicide.

Our Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) is now¬†investigating after a man was shot to death on the 13900-block of Antrim Road in Surrey Sunday night. Neighbours¬†say after the shots rang out they heard a car drive away ‚Äď then police flooded yards in the area looking for a suspect.

@SurreyMayor Hepne and Surrey RCMP¬†Assistant Commissioner Bill Fordy –¬†I trust you¬†actually understand ¬†how asinine this number is, when we’re¬†not even 3/4 of the way through the year yet?¬† That’s more than 3 Surrey shootings every 2 weeks since January 1st! ¬†

On July 12, a man was shot by TWO MEN ON BICYCLES at 108 Avenue and King George.¬† For those of us who are residents,¬†¬†that’s ONE BLOCK from the Whalley RCMP station – and it was only¬†2 blocks from MY HOME.

Ms. Mayor, these crooks have no problem shooting each other a BLOCK from a police station. What does that tell you about the effectiveness of the RCMP here?

bettersafethansurrey in the first 90 days of the year, had over 7,500 property crimes. Over 12,000 crimes total in just the first 3 months of the year.¬† It seems almost laughable now that “Safe Homes and Safe Communities is one of the bumper-sticker¬†platitudes adopted by the City and Surrey RCMP as a long-term goal.

Short term,¬†the catchphrase is¬†about as appropriate for Surrey as¬†calling a 300-lb man “Tiny”.¬†¬† Sadly, the message¬†has instead¬†been¬†controlled by folks who even sold T-shirts with slogans like “Better Safe Than Surrey“, which again enjoys a sales boom today¬†thanks to¬†this latest gunfight.

Surrey has the largest RCMP detachment in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. In fact¬†we just hired 100 MORE¬†police officers¬†this year alone. The cost to police this city¬†is becoming bloody OUTRAGEOUS – the police budget for our city of 468,000 is $146 MILLION a year – that’s $311 charged to each and every one of our residents –¬†including the kids.

According to a 2015 Vancouver Sun, the nee additions brings the number of RCMP officers in Surrey to about 800, or an officer for every 500 residents.

Surrey RCMP, Remembrance Day 2013 (Credit: flickRiver, CanadaGood)

We are NOT getting the results we should be.

Mayor Hepner and Superintendent Fordy, perhaps you could pull yourselves away from the¬† Festivals and long weekend parties and dog days of Summer…. and bloody well GET TO WORK.

We either need to see results, or we need to push for a referendum on cancelling this RCMP contract for services and bring in the damn ARMY if necessary.

Mayor Hepner, I voted for you.¬† I believe in you to fight for us and do the right thing for our city.¬† I know¬†you have publicly spoken of your horror and frustration as the next shooting, and then the next, and the next… have been playing out in 2016.

However, one of the biggest issues is the fact that this largest RCMP detachment in the country – has no police chief. ¬†Bill Fordy, mentioned above, is assuming that role, but he is also the Assistant Commissioner for the entire province of BC and the 8,000 officers of it. ¬†In fact, the distinction of levels between Surrey RCMP and provincial RCMP was made less clear when the “E” Detachment headquarters was moved from Vancouver to Surrey a few years ago.

The new RCMP Division E Headquarters in Surrey (Credit: RCMP)

Today, the 804 officers and 300 administrative staff of the Surrey RCMP are just one agenda item of many.  That needs to change.  Strong leadership is needed. Even after hiring a new person, that will take a while to manifest.

The Vancouver Sun reported today (August 4) that Mayor Hepner is expected to announce a¬†new chief by September 15 – down to 3 possible candidates. ¬†In the context of this situation, that’s about 4¬†shootings away from now.

There are accountability measures that the City must start to insist on NOW. ¬†The RCMP’S feet must be put to the fire. ¬†There is an unspoken belief – though I have had one friend express it to me this week – that the RCMP in BC are outsiders. ¬†These individuals believe that the officers¬†don’t actually consider this home, and are parachuted in to police us. ¬†The Vancouver Police Department, in contrast, sees its officers live and raise their families within the city.

In actuality, that’s nonsense. ¬†Yes, there are people that move here from other provinces to work for the RCMP, but the same certainly can be said of Vancouver Police and every other police departments across Canada. ¬†And Surrey RCMP just as certainly has a large group of officers that were born and raised here, and consider this home all their lives. ¬†Bottom line: ¬†officers are not the problem.

Surrey Crime Statistics, 1st Quarter 2016(Credit: RCMP)

Here’s where we are weak ¬†– the leadership of the RCMP is in Ottawa, and they don’t necessarily give a rip about Surrey. ¬†They are also not here to stand accountable for decisions made here, budgetary, training, etc. ¬†The City’s crime rate is in fact one of the best means possible to visually see and quantify what their effectiveness is in the City. ¬†There should be ramifications for not seeing that rate lowered, especially violent crimes like this. ¬†It’s time the folks at the Green Timbers HQ building get the message – residents have had enough.¬† I’m almost willing to see a temporary police state or even martial law.

Do¬†what’s best for our families. ¬†The rest be damned.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted August 4, 2016

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Surrey Shooting Victims – Their Stories

51 shootings in Surrey, Canada in 2016.  51 stories – some crooks or wannabes, some innocents in the wrong place – but all with families that either grieve or continue to worry about them.  

The RCMP needs to stop this nonsense, no matter how forcefully they must do so. Every resident has become a victim – some afraid to go outside at certain times, and others unwilling to go to certain parks, restaurants, gas stations or banks, target locations in the past.

Overall, there is confusion and fear of the unknown – though we know that a drug war has been declared between two opposing sides, just who is fighting who is hard for the average layman to determine without uniforms and flags present, though they are usually “known to police”. And where these shootings will strike next, and the possible targets, are anyone’s guess.

Residents are angry and want accountability.  We have 100 more police officers than last year – 804 total – and yet we have seen crime rates in this city either flatline at the current levels…or rise dramatically. 


Read the original post here:
“Surrey Shootings MUST BE STOPPED NOW”
(Posted August 4, 2015 by Shawn J.)

It seems that another Drug War has been unofficially declared in the city of Surrey, BC – a suburb of Greater Vancouver in Canada.

surreyshootingThe battleground is all around us, the troops mostly 20-something punks and halfwits that don’t care who they start shooting at or where – with innocent civilians being hit, some even killed, as a result.

As you can see from this map (above left), no neighbourhood is safe, dealers and distributors fight it out for territory.  Police are even investigating a bullet hole found in a window of the Surrey RCMP detachment, though officers have not yet determined when that shooting occurred.

Doesn’t exactly breed confidence in our local police.  And though the RCMP has confirmed that they’ve investigated 51 incidents, they’ve only provided information on about 35 of them.  Surrey RCMP told CTV News they would not provide details on at least 15 others because there was “no need for public assistance”. 


bettersafethansurreyWhat?  Nearly a shooting every 2 weeks that we’re told that 1) we don’t need to know about because 2) they don’t (cough) need our help solving the crimes? I beg to differ on both counts.  First of all,  your role is to protect and serve us, @SurreyRCMP, not the other way around.  Secondly, the optics are that you are protecting someone or a group of people that the general public wouldn’t likely be happy about.

The Surrey area was chosen as the #1 resettlement district in BC for “Syrian refugees” – and it would be extremely serious mistake for these people to make, after we have opened our door wide to them.

The majority of the shootings have been in the Newton area, where most of the current drug users live as well, followed by City Centre and Guildford.  Ironically, the notorious Whalley district (where I live) –  which used to be the hotbed of drugs and other street crime for Surrey, is now overrun with a different kind of headache – yuppies and their puppies.  Thanks to the beauty of “gentrification” (a word so despised by Libtards but embraced by the rest of us) a miraculous transformation has come to this area.

The following is a timeline of the reported 2016 shootings in Surrey (information gathered from sources including CTV BC’s news team):

 Jan. 4:A drive-by shooting in the area of 152 Street and 48 Avenue turned into a high-speed car chase after a victim of the shooting chased down his alleged assailants.

Jan. 11: Investigators were called to the area of 123A Street and 90 Avenue shortly after midnight for reports of a possible shooting.

Jan. 22: Three people were arrested after a house was shot at in the area of 153a Street and 111 Avenue shortly after 3 a.m

Jan. 26: Mounties arrested two people following an early-morning shooting near 136 Street and 111 Avenue, but did not provide further information.

Feb. 8: Police provided few details, but there were reports of a shooting in the area of 84 Avenue and 133A Street early Feb. 8 or late Feb. 7.

Feb. 9: Shots were fired in the area of 141A Street and 84B Avenue shortly before 10 p.m., but no one was injured.

imageFeb. 10: RCMP were called to the area of 144 Street and 84 Avenue for reports of shots fired between two vehicles, and found casings on the road.

Feb. 13: Two men appeared at a Surrey hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. Police are not releasing the location of the shooting at this time.

Feb. 18: A male received a leg injury after being shot while riding in a taxi at 5 a.m. shooting near 143 Street and 109 Avenue.

March 5: Police were called to the scene of a shooting in the area of 62 Avenue and 142 Street, where witnesses reported occupants of one vehicle were shooting at another vehicle. No injuries were reported.

March 6: Police were called to the area of 136B Street and 59 Avenue for reports of shots fired.

untitledMarch 11: A driver crashed into a tree near 79 Avenue and 123 Street and died of serious injuries, which were later determined to have been caused by a shooting.

March 13: A male victim was treated in hospital for serious injuries following a nighttime shooting in the 14200 block of 64 Avenue.

March 14: Shots were fired into the front window of a home in the 15800 block of 98 Avenue following an argument, but no one was injured.

March 18: A victim of a drive-by made his own way to hospital after being injured in a 2 a.m. shooting in the area of 144 Street and 92 Avenue.

March 20: Police found shell casings after being called to the 11000 block of 132 Street shortly before 7 a.m. No injuries were reported.

March 22: A male victim was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after what police called a targeted shooting in the 10800 block of 143 Street after 7 p.m.

March 25: No victims were located after several shots were fired in the area of 128 Street and 56 Avenue, shortly before 1 a.m.

March 29: Police were called to the scene of a possible shooting at approximately 2:30 a.m., in the area of 91A Avenue and 124 Street, but officers would not provide details on their investigation.

April 2: A male was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after shots were fired in the evening in the 12200 block of 92 Avenue.

April 3: No injuries were reported when shots were fired between two vehicles in the area of 88 Avenue and 132 Street on Sunday evening.

April 4: A victim received non-life-threatening injuries in a brazen daylight shooting in the area of 86A Avenue and 140 Street in the early afternoon.


April 5: RCMP discovered a hole in a window at the Surrey detachment. It is not known when the building was shot at.

April 5: A teenager and another person were injured in what police say was a targeted shooting in the 7700 block of 155 Street, at about 11 p.m.

April 15: The provincial government announced a $23M gang and gun strategy to curb Surrey crime.

April 16: No one was injured when shots were fired in the 16000 block of 93 Avenue shortly before 10:30 p.m.

April 24: RCMP received a call at 6 a.m. reporting that a female had fired a gun in the area of 94a Avenue and 168 Street, but police did not find a gun or any evidence that shots were fired.

May 9: A man appeared at an Abbotsford hospital suffering from non-life-threatening gunshot wounds in the early morning hours, and police believe the incident may have happened in the 7500 block of 135 Street.

May 9: Shots were fired from one vehicle to another in the 7200 block of 152 Street. No one was shot but a victim sustained minor injuries from glass fragments, and police believe it may be connected to the earlier shooting on the same day.

May 14: Several people were inside a home in the 1700 block of King George Boulevard when someone opened fire at the building around 3:30 a.m., but no one was injured.

May 14: An injured man was found inside a bullet-ridden SUV in the area of 75A Avenue and Scott Road in what police believe was a targeted attack.  Even more concerning, the incident happened in broad daylight on a busy Surrey street.

May 18: Shots were fired in the 8300 block of 135A Street during the evening, but no injuries were reported. A black pickup truck was seen fleeing the scene, and a possible male suspect left on foot.

May 19: Police announced results of a gun amnesty program, which saw 500 firearms and 3,000 rounds of ammunition turned over to RCMP. Officers also revealed that 18 people were arrested in the last three weeks, all of whom are allegedly involved in drug trafficking and other related crimes.

June 27: A 21-year-old man showed up in hospital suffering from a gunshot wound, which police believe may be related to shots fired at the intersection of 128 Street and 60 Avenue at approximately 8 p.m.

June 28: A family dog was found dead, possibly of gunshot wounds, after a shooter opened fire on a home near 127 Street and 100 Avenue shortly after midnight.

July 3: A body was found in Bog Park, apparently suffering from gunshot wounds. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots the night before.

July 10: Shots were fired near 92nd Avenue early Sunday morning, but few details have been provided.

July 12: A man was rushed to hospital with serious injuries after being shot at by two males on bicycles in what police believe was a targeted incident at King George Boulevard and 108th Avenue.  (1 block from my home!)

downloadJuly 23:  Mayor Linda Hepner called it her “worst nightmare” – a shooting fatality that had no recognized drug/gang connection.  Jatinder ‚ÄúMichael‚ÄĚ Sandhu was sitting in a car with a friend on Saturday (July 23) at about 10:20 p.m. in the 14300-block of 90A Avenue when another car pulled up and opened fire.  Sandhu was fatally struck by a bullet and his friend was injured. He’s in hospital and will survive.

July 28: Police are investigating a shooting in the area of 135A Street and 108 Avenue around 3:10 a.m. that left two people in hospital(Again, 1 block from my home!)

surrey-shooting-july-31July 31: A 27-year-old died of gunshot wounds following an incident in the area of Antrim Road and 140 Street shortly after 8 p.m.

Sadly, to be continued….


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted August 4, 2016

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Portland Police Ignore Assaulted Pro-Life Christians

by Calling Out Community, Posted August 13, 2015

Beaverton Grace Bible Church. Beaverton, Oregon
Beaverton Grace Bible Church.

What do police in the city of Portland, Oregon do when Christians, who believe in the rights of the unborn and the freedom to protest peacefully, are assaulted on its streets?

Absolutely nothing. 

That’s what Christians learned in that city last Wednesday, August 12 when a small group of them, all strongly against the murderous practice of abortion, were assaulted while they held a peaceful and perfectly legal protest (all protected by the First Amendment) outside a Planned Parenthood facility Wednesday.

Planned Parenthood staff member caught on video discussing selling
Planned Parenthood staff member caught on video discussing selling “dissected” aborted fetuses. Prolifers ought to be furious

Yes, Planned Parenthood – that notorious taxpayer-funded organization which found itself in the news August 4¬†after a video surfaced showing¬†staff members¬†discussing the costs of purchasing aborted fetus tissue.¬† From 1973 through 2011, nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred in the U.S., according to the Guttmacher Institute (AGI) – just over 1 million babies last year alone.¬† Now, someone actually has the idea, and is implementing¬†it, to sell aborted babies’ body parts on the black market, right out of taxpayer-funded offices.

A small group of 20 from Biblical Church Evangelism Conference hosted by Beaverton Grace Bible Church and organized by its pastor, Chuck O’Neal, decided that enough was enough.  Fed up with their tax dollars going toward this unbelievable modern Holocaust, and now infuriated that such horrific and barbaric discussions were taking place at Planned Parenthood offices, they assembled to protest abortion and to plead for the lives of the unborn.

In this photo, you can see the assailant on the left, with the can of Comet still in his hand, as he approached the protestors
In this photo, you can see the assailant on the left, with the can of Comet still in his hand, as he approached the protestors

When they did, a man who reportedly brought a woman to the clinic walked up to them and began shaking a “very large can” of¬†Comet cleanser at 6 of them, yelling and calling them “scum” as he did so.¬† The pastor of the church had several others got it in their eyes, which could have caused serious or even permanent damage.

When Portland Police Officer Gene Gillock arrived on the scene, he swung into action … or make that inaction. He pulled his police cruiser up alongside the assailant and ordered him to leave the area. Protesters demanded that the man be arrested for assault, but the demand fell on deaf ears.  He never once came back to find out how the assaulted group were doing physically.

One of the assaulted members was later quoted:

‚ÄúCan you imagine if we had thrown something on someone at Planned Parenthood?‚ÄĚ he asked, noting that none in the group would ever do so. ‚ÄúWe would be called American Jihadists; it would have been all over the news, ‚Ķ they would accuse us of wanting to kill abortionists [and] hating women. And Officer Gillock would have had us all on the ground in handcuffs, and we would have all gone to jail.¬†

It just goes to show how upside down the world is,‚ÄĚ Miano stated. ‚ÄúThey call evil good, and good evil.‚ÄĚ

The can of Comet sits inside a police cruiser in Beaverton - evidence of an assault that was never prosecuted
The can of Comet sits inside a police cruiser in Beaverton – evidence of an assault that was never prosecuted

The police did return to question those who had been assaulted, but they did not speak to the witnesses and they never arrested the attacker. When members of the group tried to question the officers, they simply ignored them and left.Pastor O‚ÄôNeal said that he believes Gillock already had a dislike for the outreach even before the incident occurred as the officer contended¬†prior to the attack that ‚ÄúYou‚Äôre just here to annoy these people,‚ÄĚ referring to Planned Parenthood and its clients.

Christian News Network later spoke with the Portland Police Department, and was informed that the man will not be prosecuted as the situation is being considered a “private criminal complaint”.¬† What on earth does that mean – aren’t most complaints to police considered “private”?

Planned Parenthood has seen many such protests in recent days, and other recorded incidences of assault against peaceful protestors.  Here are just two:

  • A woman storms out of a Planned Parenthood office in Delaware, just before attacking a 63 year old grandmother of 12.
    A woman storms out of a Planned Parenthood office in Delaware, just before attacking a 63 year old grandmother of 12.

    March 18, 2013 (Wilmington, DE):  A 63-year-old grandmother of 12 claims she was attacked while recording a video outside the Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware.  Rae Stabosz is part of a regular group that prays outside the clinic. On Wednesday afternoon, when she and another woman were getting ready to leave for the day, an ambulance pulled up to the front of the building Рthe 4th such incident in recent weeks. Stabosz took out her iPhone and began to film, at which point she said a woman came out of the Planned Parenthood and demanded she stop taping. She was assaulted and the woman then took her phone, placed it inside the building and then drove off. Stabosz, who was not seriously hurt, claims she was eventually able to get her phone back from Planned Parenthood employees. Wilmington Police are currently investigating the incident. Stabosz is unsure whether or not she will press charges.  She does, however, have the entire assault on video.

  • Melanie Toney
    Melanie Toney

    March 24, 2015 (Austin, TX):  Police arrested a woman after witnesses say she threw a Molotov cocktail-type device at people holding a prayer vigil at a South Austin Planned Parenthood.  Police said 52-year-old Melanie Maria Toney threw the object out the passenger side window of her car where two anti-abortion protesters standing outside of the clinic at 201 East Ben White Boulevard around 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Protesters gather outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Vista, California August 3, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Blake
Protesters gather outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Vista, California August 3, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Blake

It would be remiss to judge the entire Portland Police Department on the conduct of one officer. But this is not the first time Officer Gillock has been in the news. A story ran in the October 8, 2014 Portland Tribune about an 11-year-old who was out of control at a local elementary school, lashing out at teachers with a metal compass. Ultimately, the child was Tasered by Officer John Hunt, which generated a firestorm of controversy. But according to Portland Cop Watch, ‚Äúthe first officer on the scene ‚Ķ backed away when the boy threatened to stab him.‚Ä̬†¬†That officer‚Äôs name? Gene Gillock.

Christians everywhere should take note that persecution in North America is not only something to expect in coming days, it is already upon us.  We must not bow to the pressure to fight back, but we must not be silent either Рmillions of unborn children depend on it.


One Officer Down Is Too Many

On Tuesday, June 17, 2015, thousands of police officers, including members of the Edmonton Police Service and fellow officers from other parts of Canada, the U.S. and even Great Britain, marched through the streets of Downtown Edmonton in a dramatic funeral procession from the Alberta Legislature to the Edmonton Convention Centre, where they said goodbye to one of their own, Constable Daniel Woodall.

Constable Daniel Woodall, killed June 8 in the line of duty.

Constable Woodall, 35, was shot during a standoff in Callingwood (a west Edmonton neighbourhood near the famed West Edmonton Mall) on June 8, one of several officers attempting to arrest Norman Raddatz, 42, for criminal harassment.

As the officers attempted to enter the home near the intersection of 182nd Street and 62A Avenue, Raddatz opened fire from inside. Constable Woodall was struck several times and fatally wounded. A second constable was shot in the back but the round was stopped by his vest.

Black smoke billows from a house in Callingwood as officers block off the scene following a police shooting on Monday, June 8, 2015. (Credit: Paige Parsons/Edmonton Journal)/caption]

The home became engulfed in flames following the shooting and it is believed the subject died of a self-inflicted gunshot. ¬†It’s since been reported that officers were pinned down by gun fire for over 10 minutes, after over 50 rounds had been fired.

The Constable is survived by his wife and two children, having relocated only 8 years before with his young family from Manchester, England for the express purpose of joining the Edmonton Police Service – thus why so many officers from Great Britain were in attendance at the funeral.

The Constable was the first officer with the Edmonton Police Service to die while on duty in 25 years. It brought back a flood of memories for me of the terrible day, June 25, 1990, when Constable Ezio Faraone, only 33, was killed.

Constable Ezio Faraone, who was killed June 25, 1990 in the line of duty in Edmonton.
Constable Ezio Faraone, who was killed June 25, 1990 in the line of duty in Edmonton.

That day seems so surreal now. I had been asked mid morning by the Administrator of the Bible College where I worked to take a bank deposit to the Royal Bank on 124 Street and 107 Avenue. As I walked into the first of two doors to enter the bank, I noticed a man standing just inside the second door with his back turned to me.

He was holding a rifle.

By some miracle I was able to tiptoe back out unnoticed. and ran next door to a little grocery store operated by a Mandarin-speaking couple. I was eventually able to convince them to let me borrow their phone to call the police (this was before cell phones!) and was advised that officers were already on their way Рbank staff had tripped an alarm.

After they arrived, I spent the next 30-45 minutes giving statements to the police.  The suspects escaped while I was on the phone Рthe robbery had been botched. While I was safely in the bank talking to officers about what little I had seen, Constable Faraone was blocks away, discovering the getaway car of the fugitives in an alleyway around 124 Street and 118 Avenue. He saw only one suspect with the vehicle, however, and with his attention focused towards this suspect, a second man hidden from view in the backseat exited the vehicle and shot the 10-year veteran police officer in the chest, and he died almost instantly.

I know now that the man with the rifle had the ability to kill, but by divine providence and timing, I wasn’t noticed – but Officer Faraone¬†gave his life for us that day, a real honest-to-goodness hero. ¬†I often wonder, If the timing had changed by just minutes, would he still be alive today? ¬†What if the robber had turned around as I was entering or exiting the bank?

We are very fortunate that our police officer deaths are so rare in Canada, and hit us so hard, that CBC National News covered the funeral procession and service live on its main network across Canada. In fact, the only other policeman violently killed in the line of duty this year in Canada was another Albertan, Constable David Wynn, 42, after responding to a report of a stolen car on January 16, 2015.

RCMP Constable David Wynn, St. Albert

The RCMP officer and an unarmed auxiliary constable had responded to the Apex Casino in St. Albert (a suburb of Edmonton) at approximately 3:00 am. The two officers had just reviewed video of the car theft and were leaving the casino when they encountered the suspect Рwho drew a concealed handgun and shot Constable Wynn in the head and the auxiliary constable in the torso (the latter survived). He then fled the scene and committed suicide in a nearby vacant house. Constable Wynn was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to the wound five days later. He is survived by his wife and three children.

In the United States, the statistics are extremely grim – there have already been 59 officers killed on duty so far in 2015 (to¬†June 21) – and of those, 16 were killed by guns. ¬†There have even been 10 police dogs killed in the line of duty¬†already so far in 2015. ¬†In fact,¬†3 U.S. police offers were killed this past week alone¬†–¬†as many as Canada has seen so far all year¬†– and that¬†remarkably represents a 27% reduction from the year before!¬†

That’s insanity. ¬†And sorry, gun control freaks- tougher gun laws and/or expanded registries wouldn’t have saved most of these guys, because criminals DON’T BOTHER to register weapons, obtain¬†them on the black market, and/or steal them from law abiding citizens who do register them.

Thousands of police officers jam the main hall of the Edmonton Convention Centre for the Regimental Funeral for Constable Woodall in Edmonton – June 17, 2015

I thank God we live in such a land of freedom, free of such violence as our sister to the¬†South suffers. ¬†U.S. 24-hour news channels must share at least some of the blame for the instances of crimes against officers – they love to highlight every case of real or imagined¬†police brutality, officer shootings of citizens, etc.,¬†making it¬†open season for police in the United States. ¬†I can’t count the number of times of late that an officer has had to shoot a citizen, and that particular racial community is up in arms over it – until you hear more about the person shot, and what a creep he was. ¬†They bury that part of the story.

The tide is turning every day closer to anarchy in the United States, while the White House and Congress seem to be ignoring the problem, and/or using gun crimes as an excuse to illegal disarm Americans citizens who have a constititutional right to “bear arms”. ¬†And American television’s portrayal of police officers are thugs, “pigs”, crooks and perverts disgusts me. ¬†I personally believe the U.S. media is at least an accessory to most of these crimes, and that the vast majority of our of North American police officers live exemplary lives, and serve us with honor and distinction everyday.

Constable Daniel Woodall carried into Edmonton Convention Centre for his Regimental Funeral, June 17, 2015. (Credit: Edmonton Journal)

No matter the¬†criminally¬†high number of American police officers that are dying in the line of duty, and no matter whether or¬†not we have relatively low statistics in comparison, let’s be reminded that¬†the death of EACH and every officer in Canada and the United States is…

…one death too many.




By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted June 21, 2015
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It’s ‘High’ Time To ‘Get Off the Pot’!

imageūüϧ By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community
✒ Originally Posted April 21, 2015.  Updated April 20, 2016
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marijuana-justin-trudeau“4/20” has become synonymous with a¬†large, festival-like event in a city near you,¬†held on April 20 annually, culminating with a massive¬†public rally¬†at 4:20 PM that day.

Live bands will¬†play, there will be¬†friends and food aplenty, everyone’s gonna be smiling, will be conducting themselves peacefully and having a good time. ¬†Maybe there will be some lameass politicians (like Justin Trudeau) trying to get in on the love and capitalize on the crowds. ¬†For the most part though, it’s relatively lowkey.

And the focus¬†for this non-stop love fest? ¬†Simply put, this event¬†is hosted for the unfettered adoration,¬†glorification, education and¬†legalization of…

Grass, 420, Ganga, Dope, Herb, Joint, Blunt, Cannabis, Reefer, Mary Jane, Bud, Stinkweed, Nuggets, Tobacco, Hay, Rope, Gangster, Skunk, Boom, Blaze, Ashes, Block, Boo, Broccoli, Burrito, Burnie, Charge.

Yep, you guessed it.  Marijuana.  Pot.  Weed.


Now, no one is entirely certain why or how April 20 first related to the smoking of pot, but the Huffington Post has proposed some theories. Regardless of its roots, attendees of this¬†nonsensical “non-event”¬†singularly worship at the altar of an¬†illegal drug, at an event that has morphed from humble beginnings into a slick media-friendly production with equal hints of¬†Woodstock, an evangelistic church service,¬†Canada Day BBQ, New Year’s Eve party, political rally, and trade expo, with the script from a bad Cheech and Chong flick interwoven throughout.

But don’t kid yourself – this massive international¬†one-day “peaceful protest” is merely an anarchist “smoke screen” (pardon the pun) for the real agenda: ¬†an increasingly blatant violation of the Criminal Code of Canada; ¬†an open forum for the mockery of family values, social decency, the Law, police, the Church and government officials, all foundational elements of Canadian society but considered¬†a¬†threat to the¬†“progressive” pot agenda; and most important of all, a voice¬†for the¬†legalization¬†of the drug trade¬†in Canada and around the world. ¬†And a voice that has been bolstered by our idiot Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot, doing what he does best. Credit: Marc Emery
Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot, doing what he does best. Credit: Marc Emery

And it all started in my city of Vancouver, Canada which probably doesn’t surprise you. ¬†After all, a half-baked¬†element of this city has been on the proponent frontline of the so-called War on Drugs for decades (check out our companion article on why we believe that¬†War is already over). ¬†And no one is more half-baked than Marc Emery,¬†the founder of the illegal¬†headshop HEMP BC, which opened on July 7, 1994. ¬†This¬†media-dubbed “Prince of Pot” recalls the first organization of the event in our city (emphasis mine thoughout):

I remember my store manager Danna Rozek and an employee named Cindy Lassu came up to me in early April 1995, and said, ‚ÄúMarc, can we have a 4/20 celebration on April 20th next door in Victory Park?‚ÄĚ I responded, ‚Äúlike, on 4:20 in the afternoon on April 20?‚ÄĚ and they said, ‚ÄúNo, like all day on April 20.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúWhat will we do all day?‚ÄĚ I asked, and they said ‚ÄúSmoke pot all day and play music.‚ÄĚ I replied, ‚Äúwe can‚Äôt just smoke pot all day. That‚Äôs decadent. [emphasis mine]¬†No, you can‚Äôt do it.‚ÄĚ

Rebuffed, Ms. Rozek then asked, ‚ÄúCan we just go ahead and do it anyway even if you don‚Äôt approve?‚ÄĚ So I said yes and the staff organized the first April 20 celebration I ever heard of, at Victory Square/Park next door.

200 people came that April 20, 1995 and it was a lovely time, with music starting at 2pm and going till 7pm. 

IMG_0688In 1996, over 500 people came to Victory Park and smoked pot all day with the event starting at noon. 

It was decided that Victory Square was too small for the 1997 April 20 smoke-fest, so the traditional political rally location of the Vancouver Art Gallery, in downtown Vancouver’s financial district, was the site of the 1997 4/20 celebration. Over 1,000 people attended the 1997 Vancouver 4/20 and was widely covered in media and the phenomenon began to spread to other locations across North America

Like a bad virus, this event has indeed now “spread” far and wide –¬†in 2015 alone, rallies were reported in Canadian cities including Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Ottawa and more. ¬†US cities know to have rallies included Denver, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Oakland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami and many others. ¬†And even Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe were toking /¬†smoking up in support.

At this year’s Vancouver event, people were already beginning to assemble at 9:00 AM. ¬†The event has in fact become so¬†large, it even has its own website and organizing committee. ¬†The festivities continued throughout the day, and the crowds continued to grow, as live bands played, and tons of food trucks served up their best. ¬†(As an aside, holy cow¬†can stoned people ever EAT¬†– all the¬†local 7-11 stores were¬†almost completely emptied of …. well everything¬†during the day).

At 4:20, a hush fell over the crowd – as did a massive cloud of pot smoke – as the 20,000 Vancouver 4/20 attendees all lit up at once.

Later in the afternoon, the crowds grea, on this 20th Anniversary event, to an estimated (and slightly suspicious) stoned-out throng of over 20,000 people.

Then came the speeches and the rally posters and the typical, “Harper-is-the-Antichrist-and-Trudeau-is-cool-cause-he’s-a-pothead-though-none-of-us-actually-plan-to-vote” kind of rhetoric. ¬†The “highlight” ¬†was the Crown Prince of Illegal Drug Trafficking, Marc Emergy himself (who had been recently sprung from an¬†American jail cell after serving time for drug trafficking charges). ¬†His momma must be very proud.

Right at 4:19:50, the massive crowd of 20,000 began to countdown from 10 Рand you could hear them for blocks doing so.  I know, because my legal services firm office is literally 1/2 block away from the centre of the action.

Then, right at 4:20, silence fell over the downtown core, as thousands of stoners all lit up their joints and pipes at once.  I think you could see the cloud of pot smoke from the International Space Station.  It was literally like a massive fog had descended without warning on the downtown core.  You could likely smell it from there too.

Now, I leave my office in Downtown Vancouver at 5:00 PM daily, and I have in the past felt stoned against my will, just by walking to the Skytrain station from my office – only 3 blocks away.

IMG_0695-0This year, I decided to quickly walk around the grounds of the Gallery though first and get some photos, and see if there was anything interesting to report for this blog.  What I witnessed was so surprising, I am still trying to process what it is I was seeing.

Beside the Art Gallery there was a bit of a trade expo going on, with perhaps 20-30 booths – business people selling food (food trucks were making an absolute fortune with 20,000 people getting the munchies at once), bongs; pot cookies, brownies and other “baked” goods…

And what’s THIS? ¬†At least 10 booths openly, aggressively, unashamedly selling DRUGS in front of the police. ¬†This wasn’t behind closed doors at a medical marijuana dispensary. ¬†This wasn’t some greasy sketch nervously eyeing the crowd around him as he slipped you a baggie in a back alley.

No Рone booth actually had a 5-GALLON PAIL full of pot baggies Рestimated at tens of thousands of dollars Рall completely out and open, weighing out pot strains with crazy names like Cotton Candy, Purple Kush and Sour Diesel.

Yes, I may have been the only one in the city unaware that¬†there are drug dealers everywhere at a 4/20 Event. ¬†And these dealers don’t need to whisper you into a back alley to complete transactions. ¬†No no –¬†they can reserve a free¬†trade show booth¬†at this event – selling¬†the stinky, sticky buds as if they were¬†selling¬†bulk peanuts at Superstore. They GET A BUSINESS LICENSE From the city of Vancouver¬†to hawk their illegal wares.

Underage? Not a problem – the industry is obviously¬†not regulated since it’s usually ILLEGAL. ¬†I saw many young people who were clearly not yet 18 buying and toking up, under the full view of Vancouver Police officers. Clearly, no photo ID must be¬†required. ¬†In fact, a good percentage of the crowd at the 420 event in Downtown Vancouver were underage high school students.

This fact alone enrages me. ¬†In fact, Vancouver Coastal Health has called¬†for a ban of “edibles” (pot brownies, etc) to minors. ¬†Why? ¬†Because in 2015 alone, more than 100 kids under the age of 15 were hospitalized for overdosing.

If this Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patricia Daly, actually gave a damn about the situation, she wouldn’t be releasing a statement 2 days before the event when it was bound to be completely useless.

In fact, I think people ought to be writing or calling her today and thanking her for her useless leadership in this issue:

Dr. Patricia Daly, Chief Medical Health Officer & Vice-President, Public Health
800 ‚Äď 601 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2
Tel: 604.675.3900
Fax: 604.731.2756

My tongue was firmly planted in my cheek as I started to write this posting – as¬†unlike 20,000 of my¬†fellow¬†citizens in Vancouver on 4/20,¬†I could still actually feel my tongue and my cheek.¬† But when I saw how blatantly the drug trade was allowed to operate in Vancouver on 4/20, I got angry. ¬†Not Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” kind of angry. ¬†No, this was more like Jesus-kicking-the-moneychangers-out-of-the-temple angry. ¬†I wanted to seriously kick some ass.

I wanted to light it all on fire.

Previously, if you wanted to buy pot in Greater Vancouver, I understand you had to catch some sketchy looking guy on a street corner, or call one of these dial-a-dope operations. ¬†(I’m curious – does the¬†“dope” refer to what you are¬†buying or who you were buying it from?¬†¬†Things that make you go hmmmm….)

What a difference a day makes!

IMG_0689-0On April 19, according to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Section 4(1), trafficking in marijuana or hashish or possession for the purpose of trafficking (over 3 kgs.) could land a dealer a life sentence in prison, with a minimum of 2 years if he/she committed the offence (a) in or near a school or any other public place usually frequented by minors (b) at a prison, or (c) with the assistance or involvement of a minor.

But on April 20, these same¬†dealers have been elevated to legitimate business owners¬†with websites, business cards, brochures, letterhead. ¬†And at 4/20, with 20,000 customers ready and willing, one¬†could sell an entire year’s supply of pot in one afternoon- at a place clearly frequented by a LOT of minors. ¬†It’s like Boxing Day for the Blasted. ¬†Black Friday for the Fried. ¬†A giant one day Sale for the Smashed.

And Vancouver Police just stand around and watch. ¬†Well done. ¬†Like the Stanley Cup riots a few years ago, I feel so much better knowing you are on duty, protecting our city’s vital interests and….

Oh great. ¬†You’re high too, aren’t you. ¬†Ugh, never mind.


Vancouver’s “War On Drugs”… Is Over


Legalization of Pot? You MUST Be High

As Canada is just a few months away from legalizing pot, a first in North America, we are heading toward a collision course with a destiny that we aren’t even fully cognizant of at the moment, which will change us possibly forever.¬† That’s exactly what the Liberals wanted – but it’s sure not what you’re going to appreciate in the end…

In August 2014,¬†then-Crown Prince (Now King) Justin Trudeau of the Land of Deep Thoughts, came up with yet another page-turner for the salivating press. ¬†He wanted to keep marijuana¬†out of the hands of kids. ¬†He said that¬†young people are finding it…

IMG_4104“…easier to buy a joint than it is to buy a bottle of beer. And that‚Äôs wrong. ¬†Our current approach is not working. We are failing to protect our kids from the effects of marijuana. And you can say all you like about how it might not be as bad as alcohol or nicotine. But the fact is we want to keep marijuana out of the hands of the developing brains of our teenagers.‚ÄĚ

In the United States, marijuana for recreational use went on sale in Colorado on January 1, 2014 and Washington state followed suit that summer.

Trudeau says a Canadian system of controlling and regulating pot would make it harder for young people to buy and would keep profits from going to organized crime and street gangs.

Seriously, what has he been smoking?

Regulate and Tax It To Death

“Its just POT”, we’re told. “It’s harmless, non-addictive and all natural”. Braver voices will even say it’s GOOD for you – touting examples of those suffering from the effects of cancer, HIV, chronic pain, and the benefits afforded by medical marijuana. And logically, if we regulated it and taxed it to death, it would protect kids from getting into it, and unsavory characters from profiting from an illegal trade. Right?


Nothing could be a bigger lie from the pit of Hell itself. Tobacco, for example, is already regulated to death. So how is it then¬†that 14% of teens 14-19 smoke tobacco regularly in Canada, and 90% of those will struggle for life with it. And not one of them is supposed to have any legal access to cigarettes in Canada. It’s not even considered cool to smoke anymore amongst teens. What hope do we have to regulate something sexy like POT under the same conditions?

Teens are also banned from buying alcohol in Canada. It’s also taxed and regulated to death. Yet the stats related to teen drinking are staggering:

IMG_410079% of people in Alberta over the age of 15 drink to some extent.
–¬†83% of grade 12 Ontario students admit to using alcohol
–¬†49% of Ontario grade 12 students admit to binge drinking
–¬†Among Ontario grade 11 drinkers, 13 years was the average age of first exposure, and 14 years was the average age for first intoxication experience.

We shouldn’t worry though, we wouldn’t¬†possibly see kids abuse pot like they do alcohol, right? ¬†If you actually believe that,¬†put the bong down now.

Then there are Mary Jane mindless wonders ¬†who try to pass on the myth that gangs wouldn’t profit from a legal pot¬†trade, especially if it was taxed and regulated to death.

Perhaps some insight into this can be found in a November 14, 2009, Toronto Star article, concerning the little city of Cornwall, Ontario, where…

IMG_4106Cigarette smuggling may seem a harmless bit of the underground economy, but [RCMP Sgt. Michael] Harvey says it is anything but a victimless crime. Some 25 of 105 known criminal organizations operating in Canada are at work in Cornwall, Harvey told the Star. ¬†These gangs are not only involved in smuggling tobacco, but in taking drugs back into the U.S. on the return trips. They also engage in firearms and people smuggling,” he said.

Taxing and regulating cigarettes to death is exactly why cigarette smuggling has become such a big business in some parts of Canada – they are becoming prohibitively expensive to buy (especially for young people) due to the government tax add-ons.

Making pot¬†a legal venture wouldn’t kill illegal trade – but it will continue to kill low-level dealers, some drug customers, and those occasional unlucky bystanders that may in the future get gunned down in Greater Vancouver’s volatile drug wars.

In fact, it was recently reported on April 14, 2014 that my city of Surrey had 18 shootings in 45 days, with only one fatality:  Arun Bains, 22, the nephew of Surrey-Newton NDP MLA Harry Bains, who was shot dead that weekend and laid to rest on April 24.  Within 2 weeks, the number of shootings had more than doubled.

Tourists walking outside around¬†the world-famous casino “Strip” or Freemont Street Experience zones in Las Vegas are legally allowed to carry around (and drink from as they please)¬†giant 60-ounce¬†Eiffel Tower glasses full of Budweiser; and tourists can get in touch with their tutti-fruity sides as they guzzle 100-ounce saxophone-shaped souvenir cups full of their favorite¬†Hurricane, Mudslide, Long Island Iced Tea, Pi√Īa Colada, Blue Lagoon,¬†Watermelon Buffalo, Goin‚Äô Bananas, Cosmic Lemonade, Polar Punch, Grape Ape… and likely 100 other oddly-named and flavoured concoctions, the effects of which could be scientifically expressed as:

100 oz. alcoholic cocktails + 100¬įF temperatures = 100% chance of needing an ambulance

Now, while this idea of open liquor in Las Vegas may not be new, imagining that one could duplicate the experience in Calgary, Alberta or Charlotte, North Carolina (or at any point on God’s green Earth between) would be equivalent to eating Turkish Delight with the White Witch in Aslan’s Kingdom of Narnia.


For those unfamiliar with C.S. Lewis’ fantasy land, perhaps the phrase “Satan will get a snowblower first” brings the point adequately across. Or, as they say down South, “that dog don’t hunt“.

Ahem. It ain’t gonna happen.

And frankly, to repurpose the famous phrase: “what’s done in Vegas really should stay in Vegas”. The relative stupidity that’s inherent in that much free-flowing booze would be best kept hidden in back rooms and basements, as is our society’s common practice today.

However, find yourself wandering the streets of Metro Vancouver and you will find an even greater sense of entitlement than Vegas could dare dream of. ¬†Yes, there’s open booze everywhere, though that is frowned upon. Sternly. Really it is. (Cough)


It’s just so difficult to take those rules seriously when people are smoking crack, pot, meth and¬†shooting up heroin in our Downtown Eastside – all openly, unashamed and in some cases, even proudly. It’s possibly the only jurisdiction in the world that has created a union, with more than 2,000 members, who fight for better access to clean drugs, and the opportunity to do said drugs anywhere they wish.

The¬†enforcement of marijuana possession and trafficking laws in this city is so pathetically weak – like the margarita sippers of Vegas, you can actually walk around in most areas of the Lower Mainland, openly smoking a joint. ¬†Though I suppose if you weren’t able to, the police would have a lot of explaining to do, as people here¬†openly smoke CRACK on the street too!

Anyone who thinks Vancouver is a “progressive¬†city” because of the tolerance towards pot needs to walk through the Downtown¬†Eastside during the day and just look around –¬†and¬†I am not suggesting you do this at night.¬† When the sun goes down on this “poorest postal code in Canada”, it turns into Night of the Living Dead. That is the real harvest we are reaping from nonsensical and non-existing drug enforcement in Canada.¬† And Justin Trudeau knows all about our drug problems in¬†Vancouver – he taught drama class in this city for several years.

We aren’t losing the War on Drugs because the enemy is so organized, smart and powerful. ¬†We are losing ground a little more every time the now-Prime Minister Trudeau voices his support for open marijuana trade in Canada…by default.

It’s without a doubt the only War Canada has ever fought where the longer we fight it, the less we remember why – and the more we actually identify with the enemy we originally swore to destroy. We even help finance the enemy’s operations.

Legalization to a 13-year old says endorsement, approval, acceptance…even advertising for drugs.¬†¬†Now even if little Johnny is caught rolling a doobie, he’ll maybe have it confiscated at worst¬†– and because there would be no legal impact, he’d find another doobie before the day even ends.

Every time a teenager in Canada lights up, they get a bit more dopey. ¬†And a bit less healthy – we pointed out in an earlier article on 4/20 Day this year that¬†smoking one joint is equal in carcinogenic (cancer-producing)¬†materials to smoking¬†five cigarettes.¬† So if you smoke 4 doobies over a weekend with friends, you’ve actually smoked a pack of cigarettes.¬† If you are a cigarette smoker already…you’ve doubled your chances of dying from lung cancer, one of the most horrific deaths possible.

Justin Trudeau¬†makes such a great example as a self-confessed pothead –¬†now, when he changes the laws to allow for legalization of pot, it’s like Peter Pan decreeing the laws for Neverland.¬† It has the optics, as Liberals often showcase, of being for and all about him.

Without a doubt, the biggest and most successful street-level dope dealer in Canada this year.. was the Liberal Party.¬†¬†Unlike so many fellow Canadians, we at the Calling Out Community are not fooled by the mass hysteria “highs” promised by Justin TrueDope.¬†¬†Like any dealer, the first things this goof promises¬†are gonna make you feel good.¬† When you awaken the next day from your stupor, however, and realize he robbed you blind the night before, with true sorrow we’ll be here to remind you that “we told you so”.

And we’ll help you kick the habit…in the next election.


By Shawn Jorgensen, Founder
Calling Out Community
August 21, 2014.  Updated April 20, 2018.
[God’s Got A Plan For You!]¬†