Canada’s COVID19 Crazyness

The #COVID19 vaccination program right across Canada has been the biggest train wreck I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

The federal government has lied all along the way about how many vaccine doses we will be getting, by when, and from whom.  We still have no idea on that front what’s really going on.  More on that in another posting.

But I have especially cringed while watching the BC government drop the ball on administering their vaccination program, with the doses that they actually HAVE received from the federal government.  Their incompetent vaccine blundering has been the icing on the cake COVID19 cake.

In fact, it’s been much like the icing on THIS cake

First text message from the BC government’s official COVID19 vaccine program site.

On April 16, 2021, I finally received the news that I was able to finally register, to get the #COVID19 vaccination in my home city in the Northern Okanagan, British Columbia, in Canada.

After I registered online, which only took a few minutes, I received the following text – no, not to confirm my appointment to get the vaccine.  Apparently, it was just a confirmation that I had registered, so that I could GET an appointment for the vaccine. 

How mindless.

What followed were days and days of waiting and waiting and waiting some more.  I almost began to think that they had lost my registration or something.

The second text message from the BC government’s official COVID19 vaccine program site.

Finally today, Sunday, May 2, 2021 – 16 days later – I received another text from the same service (below)I couldn’t believe it.  Once again, NOPE, it still wasn’t a confirmation of an actual appointment date.  Now I was advised that I had to go to yet another website and pick a date and time that worked for me, at the location of their choosing, to get the vaccine. 

However, when I first registered for the appointment, I had specified what days and times I was available to be vaccinated.  Now, I am wondering why they even asked me that, because it didn’t end up meaning anything.   

16 days of waiting – for nothing. 

NOW this feels like they are just stalling.

I went to the site literally 5 minutes after I received the text.  I dropped everything to book the appointment.  I was only delayed trying to find my wallet with my health care number in it.  And I confirmed my appointment for the first available date:

Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 9:40 AM. 

2 more weeks from now, to get a 20 second needle.

SUMMARY:  It literally took A MONTH, from initially registering for the appointment, to the date I am to actually get the shot.

That’s idiotic. 

And even worse – it’s also not guaranteed.

(Credit: CTV Toronto)

The provinces have been known to cancel such appointments when they didn’t have enough doses to go around.  In fact, Ontario cancelled 10,000 of them just 2 weeks ago, when they ran out of doses. 

Why would they not know what supply they had BEFORE they accepted the appointment bookings, I wonder? 

BC also flopped miserably in the middle of March, when it told several BC police officers to cancel their appointments for the vaccine.  Apparently, prison guards qualified at that time.  But frontline emergency workers, like the police, who put their lives on the line every day?  NOPE.

(Credit: Global News)

If I was the Premier of BC, I would have fired the person that decided that on the spot.  And frankly, if it was the Premier who decided it, he should have been forced to resign.  The same day.

We need to have the ability to recall politicians in this Province.  That would put the fear of God in them.

If it didn’t put the fear of God in them, then they clearly would be demonstrating that they are too stupid to run a province anyway.

(Credit: CBC News)

Less than a month ago, on April 9,  BC’s Northern Health authority cancelled appointments in the city of Terrace, BC, and the people were told they’d have to wait yet another week, because they didn’t get enough interest among older people in the community to book a vaccine.

Unbelievable.  So people like me have to wait a MONTH just to book and show up for an appointment.  And yet, in the same province, they don’t have ENOUGH people booking in another health authority, so they cancel everyone who did.

The inmates are running our asylum. 

 I used to say (quite often, in fact) that the problem with the vaccine rollout rested with the federal government.  They were, after all, the ones procuring the vaccine doses, and to be sure, they have failed miserably on that front

Yes, they have received 15 million doses in Canada thus far. 

But to vaccinate everyone, we need 5 TIMES that many. 

It’s now the beginning of MAY.  They have been vaccinating people since DECEMBER.  1/3 of a year has gone by.  At this rate, we won’t have enough doses for everyone twice until the middle of 2022!   By the time I get my second dose, the first one won’t even be VALID anymore, as protection against COVID, if they don’t get their act together.  


According to these stats above, and some simple math, there are 1.2 million unused doses, out of the 15 million received. 

What are they waiting for – Christmas? 

(Credit: Bloomberg News)

Heads need to roll over this.  Why aren’t Canadians getting FURIOUS about this already? 

After all, on December 7, 2020, we were told that:  “Canada has reserved more vaccine doses per person than anywhere”.   Justin Trudeau himself, in his smirky, punch-him-in-the-throat arrogance, was bragging about contracting with pharmaceuticals to bring to Canada over…


400 million.  To vaccinate 37.5 million people. – what, 10 times each?

And he was bragging about that.  Like buying 325 million doses too many was something he should be applauded for.

And now we discover, Trudeau is accessing the COVAX program, which is like a vaccine food bank for lower-income countries that can’t afford to buy enough for their people.  The same program that, earlier in the year, he had thrown millions of dollars at, to make Canada the #1 donor in the world to the program – while countries like India, with over 1.2 billion citizens, is subtracting from it.

Now, he thinks it’s OK for Canada to be one of those recipients.  And, of course, I see that CBC News, in a segment on their website called CBC Explains (which sounds a lot like “mansplaining” to me) is telling Canadians that this is a good thing.

I’m now convinced that Canada is hopelessly lost.  We officially have a majority of Canadians that are clearly as mentally retarded as the “leadership” they trust and the “news” they watch and read.

And no one is asking the obvious questions here in our Canadian media, proving they are all complicit – Where are the 400 million doses he promised back in December, that were supposedly contracted? 

And don’t you dare blame this on the pharmaceutical firms.  20 other nations have accessed more doses than Canada has.  They clearly have not had issues with the pharmas in terms of deliveries, like Canada has.  That includes nations like Indonesia, Estonia and Romania, by the way.

Global financial superpowers, one and all. (Smirk)

So this has been a total GONG SHOW. 

Only – some of us have been banging the gong for 5 months now,  And yet, unlike TV’s actual Gong Show, the bad singing and terrible dancing and awful magic acts don’t stop.

The federal government must be doing this on purpose.  No one can be this totally incompetent for months on end, if they knew that the majority of Canadians are ticked off about their progress so far with vaccines.  They told us late in 2020 that mass vaccinations would be the golden ticket to get us out of lockdowns, get us back to a semblance of normality.  And they keep moving the goalposts ever since, making this “plandemic” just drag on forever.

But the real problem is that the majority of Canadians AREN’T ticked off.  The majority believe these idiots are doing a good job.

Look at these two headlines from the same polling agency – Ipsos – just 2 months apart.  Do you believe that these headlines are both legitimate?  Seems that going from “seven in ten angry (70%) to 64% being convinced they are on track is a MASSIVE leap in 2 months, especially when, at that point, they had not done much to deserve the newfound optimism – as I clearly showed in my case:

(Credit: Ipsos Reid, February 17, 2021)

(Credit: Ipsos Reid, April 13, 2021)

How did the government possibly sway that many people to believe they will succeed when we have vaccinated only 1/3 of Canadians in 4 months.  We need 5 times more doses by September 30 than we have now.  Why do they think Trudeau will finish the job in the next 4 months? 

It’s idiotic.

I used to brag that Canada was one of the greatest nations in the world.  And we were.  But if what I’m seeing now is any indication, we have become overrun by morons.

Yep, Canada is now officially full of s—.  

Pardon me.  No, actually, don’t.  I meant every word.

If you don’t like it, sucks being you, snowflake.  This is why we’re in this position to begin with, because Canada is full of pearl-clutching little queens, swooning after every victimization and wrong that they can blame everyone else for perpetuating on them.  And grabbing every government handout like it’s heroin for an addict.

Most of our governments don’t ever want us to get back to normal. They enjoy lording over us too much.  They wouldn’t be able to control us anymore. 

And Justin Trudeau is a psychotic lying dictator-in-waiting with a Messiah complex.   He even loves to throw around the fact that he and his younger brother Alexandre were actually born on December 25.  Yep – Those leftist halfwits share their birthday with JESUS. 

There’s no LOL at the end of that sentence,  I wish I was kidding, but I’m as serious as a heart attack. 

(Which is also, ironically something I admit that I secretly wish for Trudeau at times too)


But why should we believe that Canada will ever wake up and get upset about this nonsense?  After I saw this recent information about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).  it seems pretty unlikely.

8.9 million Canadians received  $74 billion.

Even more shocking?  According to the official government site:

The CERB Program received 27.5 MILLION applications

What is going on here? 

8.9 million unique applicants applied an average of 3 times EACH for CERB?  

Stats Canada, states that we have 20.35 million people in our labour force, ages 16 and older.  39% of our national labour force sat at home on CERB during a 6-month period last year.  Why are they applying 3 times each for it?  I thought it was continuous.

I know I wasn’t one of them.  Nor was any person I know working at my store, nor any immediate member of my family.

Sorry, let me reiterate. 39% of Canadian workers applied and received CERB.  And they applied 27 MILLION times for it.

But I doubt you’ll even lift a finger to tweet about that. 

I am actually getting sick and tired of telling Canadians things that they clearly are too stupid to process, or just don’t give a crap about.  Why do I get worked up over the fact that nearly 40% of our entire workforce applied 3 times each on average to receive this benefit?  How does that make any damn sense? 

It sounds like widespread fraud to me.

Knowing Canada as I do, that pathetic, prissy, pantywaist pedophile Queen will get elected 5 more times before you finally decide he should be charged with crimes against humanity.  Don’t say you never knew what was going on.  I told you back in 2021.

Who am I kidding?  Canada will be bankrupt before Ontario and Quebec can elect that idiot 5 more times.

And now for something completely different…

As I stated before, today the B.C. government finally texted me, 2 weeks after registering for a vaccine appointment.

I confirmed my registration for an appointment within 5 minutes of getting the text, and I was made to wait for another 13 days for the vaccination date.

After registering, the appointment confirmation page said to
“print the QR image below”
and bring it to the appointment.

So I clicked “Print“.
And then the following box popped up
(wait for it):
“This website is blocked from automatically printing”.

I laughed so hard I thought I had lost my mind.
Maybe I have.

Might as well join the rest of the country.

By Shawn Jorgensen, Founder,
Calling Out Community
May 3, 2021
[God’s Got A Plan For You!

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