2023: It’s About To Get REAL…

When I posted my first blog article on August 1, 2014, I had no idea that one day, over 26,000 followers from over 120 countries would be following what I wrote.  I had no idea that I would have such a huge amount of ideas to write about, ,and I had no idea the pressure I would put on myself to always post something that was perfectly written and edited.

But now, 8+ years later, I totally get it.  And it’s time to make some changes….

Khalil Gibran, Author, The Prophet

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path. 
Khalil Gibran
Best-Selling Author
The Prophet

It’s not a bad thing to want to do things well, and I believe this blog has been relatively successful as a result.  But in my quest for perfection, which is never possible, i became so bogged down with the process, I ended up having almost as many articles in my Draft list, as I do today in my final postings.  And I soon became so paralyzed in trying to get everything looking and reading right, I lost sight of the original intent of some of the articles.

One can edit themselves into oblivion and I was very much in danger of that.  Rather than take an hour to write something that I believed in, it could take a day, and that was not sustainable.  Soon, I started to see that ever-growing list of draft articles incompleted, and it started to drive me away from the blog altogether.

But this is a new year, and I have a new desire to get that information out to my current and new readers.  In some cases, the moment has passed, and I will move on and not worry about it.  But in many cases, when an article gets posted isn’t as important as just GETTING it posted.

My New Year’s resolution in 2023 is to get these articles out for you to see.  I have some pretty crazy topics that you might not believe I would write about currently, but I have and I will.  Some examples:

  • I started a series on Enviro Evangelists, those charlatans that tell us we need to cut our electricity usage and our dependence on fossil fuels, but they prove every day by their actions that either they really DON’T believe in climate change at all, or just don’t believe THEY need to do anything about it.  For example – why did Barack Obama warn us that sea levels were rising as a result of climate change, and yet, when he retired from teh Presidency, he bought a $13 million+ oceanfront property?
  • I began writing a series on the mosque shootings in Quebec several years ago, and while I never accused anyone of anything specifically, I found a lot of discrepancies and bizarre facts about those stories, that no one else seemed to be talking about.  I was afraid to myself, but I’m not afraid now.  I trust some common sense will prevail as you read what evidence I have gathered.
  • On New Year’s Eve 2022, Pope Emeritus Benedict XIV passed away.  In so doing, I became curious about his resignation a decade prior, citing health reasons that clearly didn’t incapacitate him for the last 10 years – the first Pope in 600 years to do so.  So why did he actually resign, as a staunch conservative Pope, knowing full well that his successor would be a raving Liberal like Francis?  Of the 266 Popes over 2,000 years, there have only been 5 Popes that freely resigned their Papacy while they were still alive – and 3 OF THE 5 were named Benedict – including the oldest and the youngest Popes that ever lived?  What is going on here?  Why would Benedict choose this name for his Papacy, with that kind of crazy history behind them, and why would he still go ahead and resign hhis Papacy, knowing that two other Benedicts had done so before.  Or was even his name choice signalling to us that he had planned to do this all along at a specific time of his or someone else’s choosing?  As you may know, a Benediction is the final blessing given by a minister at the very end of a church service.  Benedict died at the very end of 2022!  Was even his death symbolic of a bigger picture?
  • I also want to take a look at Nazi Germany’s connection to some of the most popular brand names in the world today, like Hugo Boss, who designed the Nazi generals’ uniforms; Coca-Cola, who were shipping their product to BOTH sides in WWII; IBM’s involvement in the number tattooing which was done to Jewish prisoners; Volkswagon’s use of Jewish slave labour to manufacture their first cars, and many more….you won’t believe some of them!  And for the most part, they all GOT AWAY WITH IT
  • In my upcoming series, the Great War of China, I look at the mounting evidence that China is definitely preparing for war.  SOON.  And no one has threatened any such conflict with them, so we must then assume that they may plan to be the aggressor. They have built as many naval ships in the last 5 years as Great Britain possesses in total.  They have dredged up the ocean floor to build islands over 1,000 miles from their mainland, with oil tankers and landing strips on them – could they be refueling stations for future bombing runs on the US?  A decade ago they had zero aircraft carriers, and now they have  built three, with the capability to build up to 2 at a time.  And was COVID19 an accidental pandemic – or part of their war games?  I’ll share some evidence that you will be very uncomfortable reading!
  • And what is Russia really doing in Ukraine?  And why, about 5 years ago, did they stage not one, but two general mobilizations of their citizens in a great drill in case of an emergency – one with 40 million people, and the other with 60 million people!  And why did they build over 5,000 bunkers in the city of Moscow, that can hold all 11 million people?  Why did they build an underground city in the  Ural Mountains, that can survive a nuclear blast, and is equivalent in size to Washington, DC – over 400 sq. kms?  They know that the US is not an existential threat, especially since the Cold War ended – so are they in fact preparing for THEIR initial assault on the West, knowing we will retaliate?  And why, when they invaded Ukraine, did they make a visit to the Chernobyl site that very first day, and spend a month digging up the grounds around the site, and seizing hundreds of computers that had been abandoned there for decades, since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster?  What were they looking for?
  • I also look at some of the craziest nonsense that NASA has ever purported as truth to us, and what’s REALLY going on there?  Why do they have more CGI artists employed than Hollywood?  Why did they state they can’t currently go to Mars, due to not having protection against the Van Halen radiation belts-  yet somehow they flew astronauts through them 6 times to the moon and back in the 1960s with no protection at all?  And did you know, when they were testing the first space shuttle, they had a live demonstration on TV of how the shuttle would operate – and live on TV (and I have the video to prove it) we watched as the space shuttle glided off the back of a 747, and gradually flew back down to Earth, though it apparently had NO engines in it, and no ability to take off vertically from the back of a plane?  Why didn’t it fall to the Earth like a stone?   And why did they announce in the mainstream media in the early 1990s that a secretary had accidentally deleted ALL of the moon landing videos from tapes – when everyone know there were no video tapes in the late 1960s?  How were they then able to produce their new digitally edited versions of the moon landing AFTER that fact, when they had no originals to work with anymore, by their own admission?

Stay tune, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride?  And you can be sure of one thing – I will give you so much evidence to back up each of these stories, you are going to be truly unnerved by the possibilities I’m suggesting!

Happy New Year – and get ready – a tidal wave of topics is coming your way – as many as one per day!  I have 147 Draft articles and 72 articles in Private status right now, not to mention any new topics that might come up this year.

I’d  better stop talking about them and start pushing them out!

By Shawn Jorgensen, Founder,
Calling Out Community
: January 11, 2023
Video: [God’s Got A Plan For You!]

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