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A Young Missionary’s Monumental Martyrdom

On November 15, 2018, John Allan Chau, 26-year old American missionary and avid outdoorsman, began a journey of personal faith and a love for mankind that would lead him halfway around the world. His goal sounded simple – to share the love of Jesus Christ with people he had never met….but it was made nearly impossible by his need to first go halfway

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Russia and China Host Joint War Games… On 9/11

UK newspapers The Guardian, The Independent, and the Sun, and many other European news services are reporting today that the Russian Federation has just completed the largest military drill by their armed forces in their entire history.   American news bureaus have been largely silent on the matter. The Russians have made no secret of it – international journalists were invited to

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Is Northern Europe Prepping For Disaster?

For the first time in over 40 years, and long since the spectre of the Cold War loomed across Europe, Sweden has called its entire Home Guard to begin immediate military drills, to bolster the country’s “defensive and operational capabilities”  And they just sent out a booklet to every home in Sweden, teaching citizens what to do in the event

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