TRAVEL BLOG - Boston 2009

Day 4a – A Great Day Awaits

For the events of Monday, June 1, 2009

8:30 AM – I can’t believe it’s June already. Where has the year gone? Woke up and heard on the news that the weather outside is – well, different! Apparently some parts of the city woke up to the 30sF (meaning almost freezing). It was approx +8C here at the hotel. Crazy considering how warm it was yesterday – probably mid 20s.

Heard on NBC Today that an Air France jet from Brazil has ‘disappeared’ off radar over the Atlantic ocean, with over 225 people on board. It was bound for Paris, which definitely got my attention, as I’m going there in just a few months. They think they may never find the plane if it actually crashed into the ocean – was experiencing electrical problems along the way. Lots of places over the ocean where there is no radar and so no way to detect them.

I see Susan Boyle was overthrown on “Britain’s Got Talent” by a dance troupe of teens – they were just amazing. Never seen anything like they – they were all joined together at the beginning and looked like a single octopus, etc. – really cool. Susan Boyle did an amazing job too – she’ll have a great career I’m sure. But a lot of people said she messed with success – died her hair, wore an evening gown, etc. which then lost the ‘magic’ for some people of the simple woman with the Broadway musical voice.

Weather is supposed to be great here now – they’ve changed the forecast. I guess the rain got out of its system yesterday – could have a small chance on Wednesday, but not concerned about it at the moment. Today is going to be really nice – not too hot (mid 70s) and not as humid. Tuesday is supposed to be something like 28C!

I have to be at the Convention Center for 9:30, so going to run downstairs to the little sandwich place and get some breakfast. More later – am at the American Transplant Congress (which I’ll call ATC from now on) until about 2:30 or so, then will do some touring. Got some definite ideas of where today, but will leave as a surprise. More later.

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