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Shawn Jorgensen

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Ready and Steady...Until He Comes™
In 2015, Shawn Jorgensen founded the Calling Out Community - a counter-culture collective of conservative bloggers, utilizing every social media platform possible, to fulfill our mission to bring together like-minded conservatives from around the world to discuss pressing issues, and share real-world stories that the liberal leftwing bloc - individuals, corporations, governments and mainstream media outlets - don't want you to know about.

However, before the Calling Out Community began, he had published a series of three travel blogs of his adventures in:
Sydney, Australia (August 2008)
Boston, USA (May 2009)
Paris, France (September 2009)

These blogs are now available to Calling Out Community readers for the first time ever - having been moved from their previous home on Blogger. We think you will enjoy them, for though they are a decade old, most of the information is still usable today, and the perspectives are definitely timeless.