Wow: 1 Year and 1,000 Readers Later…

by Calling Out Community, Posted August 6, 2015

IMG_0234When I first launched the Calling Out Community on July 28, 2014, I just wanted to have a place to write out my frustrations with the endless stupidities abounding in our society.  I really wasn’t expecting anyone to read it, comment on it or…

…follow it, re-post it, like it, pin it, Google 1+ it, retweet it, link it, share it, email it, puff it, buzz it, IM it, or any of the other social-media related activities we are so accustomed to today.

I turned 48 yesterday (August 5) – and like all the kids like me that were born during Canada’s Centennial (1967), I had the opportunity to interact with my grandparents, the Greatest Generation – those people who literally and figuratively built this country from scratch with their own bare hands.  I have also had the privilege to live in the home of Baby Boomers, married for 52 years, and watch the largest and most influential generation in world history make it’s mark.

untitledBut I now live in an age I don’t understand any longer, nor recognize – a world where:

  • People can’t “find time” to go for coffee face to face, because they are too busy sitting at home chatting on “social media” (an oxymoron considering the masses of witless social retards it produces);
  • The majority of people reading the word “oxymoron” don’t know what it means;
  • Hair style trumps hard work in leadership;
  • The average young citizen today may not even know the words to the first verse of O Canada in English, but they have every Lady Gaga song memorized;
  • Words like “phat”, “sick”, and “dope” and calling someone a “dog” are all good things; and
  • Stupid is celebrated, and heroes are mocked.

1945 American Heroes – GIs in Europe


2015 American Heroes – Bone Thugs N Harmony

The world has changed, but I have not.  Well, that’s not entirely true – the more I write this blog, and see just how obvious the “progressive” leftwing social influences are in trying to destroy everything I believe in and love, the angrier and more militant I become to defend the same.

As I started to write this blog and research stories, another byproduct was that I began to fall in love with this amazing country of Canada, and I am so proud of her reputation and position of prominence around the world.  I will defend her honour against the disgusting dark elements of this world that hate her and seek her destruction.  They will not succeed.

I’m sick of this need to be “tolerant” today – when really what is demanded is a blank cheque for acceptance of society’s biggest freak shows of the century.  I believe its time to push back (and yes, I’m talking to the Christian Church here too) against society’s demand that we be all-inclusive of certain elements of society.

islamTake, for instance, the Islamic religion. No please, take it.  Many Muslims seek the introduction of Sharia law into society, which threatens our freedoms, democracy, peace and our security. They seek to weaken or overshadow the millennia-long influences of the Christian Church and Judaism, or violently wipe them out altogether.

I refuse to let this ugly, sexist, bigoted and blood-soaked sect of parasites invade our culture and insidiously plan our demise, as they have done in so many countries already. There is no place on the world stage for thugs, and Shariah law will never be allowed to take root in this country.  Period.  You want to practice Islam, go right ahead – perhaps someday you’ll become good enough at it that you won’t be reviled by the world anymore.  But threaten to conquer our country by the sword, or slowly sneak in and think you will erode us, wear us down, intimidate us – and we’ll already be prepared to defend Her.

I’ve been energized with the number of readers and comments and supporters of this Calling Out Community.  I’m starting to feel like I’m coming in to my own, and it’s thanks to the support of people like you, my readers who have given me suggestions, shared my articles with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Pinterest, Path and so many more.  I’m humbled by the response.

It’s an odd feeling for 1 total stranger to read what you write, and tell you they liked it.  However, that hasn’t been my experience – I’ve had 1,083 such readers from 18 countries representing every continent (except South America, and I’m working on it!).  It’s empowering and I feel a sense of responsibility to “get it right”.  I am so pleased to welcome citizens of the following countries (with their respective numbers of readers in brackets) that have joined the Calling Out Community since we launched the first blog on July 28, 2014:

Africa (10)
Benin (1)

South Africa (9)

Asia (24)
Japan (21)

South Korea (2)
Taiwan (1)

Australia (1)
Australia (1)

Central America (3)
Guatemala (2)
Niragua (1)

Europe (29)
Finland (2)
France (2)
Greece (1)
Ireland (22)
Switzerland (1)
United Kingdom (1)

Middle East (6)
Israel (2)
Kuwait (4)

North America (1,010)
Canada (906)
United States (104)

TOTAL – 1,083 wonderful readers!  THANK YOU for visiting us and commenting, and for retweeting, liking, pinning, Google 1+ing, sharing, emailing, linking and buzzing our stories all over the world. We will continue to look for and share the truth with you, wherever it may be found.  Feel free to drop us a line and tell us about the stories that matter to you!  Together, we can push back the darkness – and the stupidity – that surrounds us.

Shawn Jorgensen


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