Millions of Turkish Muslims Collect German Welfare

Islamic IslamRising: Special feature to the Calling Out Community, Posted December 24, 2015.  Updated December 30, 2015

Author Thilo Sarazzin

On September 9, 2010, the Washington Post ran a story about a German economist who had become the most talked-about man in Germany.  The 65-year-old had a hot new book, Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany Does Away With Itself – in its 7th printing with 300,000 copies sold), and a sudden groundswell of popular support that had the German media dubbing him a folk hero.

But some were scared of Thilo Sarrazin as well. As the Post told it:

Some are calling him dangerous. Sarrazin, a board member of the German Central Bank until he resigned under pressure Thursday, has divided the nation by postulating the theory that Germany is being “dumbed down” by Muslim immigrants and their children. Wielding statistics and scientific arguments both in his book and in public comments, he delves into territory largely taboo here since the Holocaust, suggesting that “hereditary factors” are at least partly to blame. Turks and Kurdish immigrants, he asserts, are genetically predisposed to lower intelligence than Germans and other ethnic groups, including Jews.

Though most of his supporters publicly kept a distance from him and his ideas, they also had to admit that at least he was willing to address the problem of Muslim immigrants, who are often the antithesis of the German language and culture.

He dared speak the truth about higher immigrant unemployment, birthrates and welfare rates among German’s immigrants.  Approximately 5% of Germany’s population of 82 million was Muslim at that time – more than 4 million people – and most were of Turkish descent.

Muslim call to prayer, in the streets of a German city

A poll published in the national magazine Focus that same week showed 31% of respondents agreeing that Germany is “becoming dumber” because of immigrants, with 62% calling Sarrazin’s comments “justified” and 52 percent saying he shouldn’t be thrown out of his Social Democratic Party because of them.

Those Party chiefs had been inundated with thousands of e-mails supporting Sarrazin. High-profile politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, strongly condemned him. But others praised him for bringing Muslim immigration concerns to the forefront of the national dialogue.

Fast forward to March 31, 2013, and an article in Frontpage Magazine was a bit of a shocker:  “80% OF TURKISH MUSLIM SETTLERS IN GERMANY LIVE OFF WELFARE“. According to the article:

Three million Turks live in Germany already, while 2.5 million of them have German nationality, and the majority of them are conservative Muslims.

Very few Turks in Germany have a regular job: about 20%. The other 80% live on the so-called Hartz IV (state social benefits). 70% of their children have no GCSE; they left school before they finished their basic education.

img_4814According to the German state benefit system, every adult citizen who was an unemployed German national, and who could not find an appropriate job, was entitled at that time to get monthly 482 € ($700CA, December 2015).  Parents also received 200 € ($303CA) for each child under 18 years old, plus all their monthly expenditures in terms of rent, heating, power, health insurance, and public transport.

Some Turks who lived on the generous state benefits were rumoured to be even buying houses or apartments and were at times driving luxurious cars like Mercedes or BMW.

German legislators still didn’t see a problem when, by November 2014, Hartz IV legislation officially provided state benefits to some six million people, of whom 4.3 million were employable and about 1.7 million were children under 15 years of age.

If people refused or were unable to keep up with requirements made by job centres, they are threatened with sanctions – a further reduction to the then-€399 ($605CA) a month for a single person (plus rent and heating allowances).

In August 2014, an unbelievable 140,000 such unemployed adults and 35,000 under-25s received at least one sanction. You’d think, if one was going to lose an average of €123 ($187cA for adults) or €107 ($162CA for under-25), you’d want to fulfill the requirements!  But if you had a house full of such deadbeats, you don’t worry too much about losing some funds, if it means you still can collect some benefits at least while doing nothing.

Now you can understand why Islamic immigrants are flocking to Germany  by the hundreds of thousands. Bear with us for a moment, because it’s critically important that you see the true scope of this problem:

  • In 2015, Germany will spend about €12,500 euros ($18,000CA) per new refugee/migrant crossing into their country from across Europe and the Middle East.
  • With 800,00 new migrants coming to Germany this year, it will cost them approx. €10 Billion (or $15 BILLION CA) just to process and settle these new migrants.
  • But that’s only part of the story – Germany already has more than 4 million Turkish Muslims – and 80% are unemployed and on welfare.
  • At approx. €399/month for each of these welfare recipients (based on a single adult with no children) the cost to Germany annually just for the Turkish Muslims alone is a minimum of €15.3 Billion (more than $23 Billion CA).
  • All told then, in 2015 alone, Germany has spent more than €25 Billion ($38 Billion CA) on the refugees within its borders.  That’s out of a total federal budget of €300 Billion ($451 Billion CA) or 8% of their annual budget!
  • Even more horrifying, the total budget just for social spending on welfare, unemployment insurance and other related benefits in Germany was a staggering €142 Billion ($213 Billion CA), according to the German Federal Ministry of Finance website and that’s just for the first 11 months (to November 30)!  That’s already 47% of their total budget.
  • Germany will spend more on its current and previous landed refugees this year than on any other single department, other than Defense and Social Insurance.
Just one question:  ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE?

In a November 2015 article about Islamic immigrants in Europe, the Pew Research Institute stated that:

Germany and France have the largest Muslim populations among European Union member countries. As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8% of the country’s population) and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5%). In Europe overall, however, Russia’s population of 14 million Muslims (10%) is the largest on the continent.

Yet, even though Germans are now paying out welfare benefits for millions of Turkish Muslims alone, they still view Muslims favourably, which makes little sense.  In fact, only 36% of German right-wing nationals had an unfavourable view, with just 15% on the left.

And the situation is bound to get worse – according to DNA India, India’s leading English daily newspaper, a record 800,000 refugees are expected in Germany in 2015.  More than 200,000 arrived in September 2015 alone.

Deutschland Welle, an English-language service in Germany, reports that’s in 2013, Germany spent around 1.5 billion euros ($1.67 billion) on allowances for asylum seekers, or about 12,500 euros per refugee per year, according to official statistics. If per capita costs stay the same, Berlin might find itself spending as much as 10 billion euros in 2015 ($20.6 billion) to feed, house and teach German to the new arrivals.  Germany approved their 2015 annual expense budget at 300 billion euros ($454.8CAbillion) total – meaning refugee costs account for 15% of total spending.  That’s ludicrous.

Be warned Canada, it’s this kind of lunacy that we find ourselves in the midst of today.  We at the Calling Out Community are never going to “drink the  government Kool-aid” concerning refugees.  This country was founded upon the legal immigration of hundreds of thousands who came here, not for a great welfare rate, but to pull up their sleeves and join the rest of us in building this great country.  Let them prove themselves over the course of the first year by finding a job and working toward self-sufficiency- or they need to get out. 

Knowing the current Liberal government’s way of thinking, however, the refugees in question are unlikely to be found at our nation’s airports in a year’s time, being escorted out of the country.  Rather, they’ll be queued at provincial welfare centres across Canada.  Expect to pay a hell of a lot more in taxes to feed and clothe them too.

And expect that this problem, once brought into our country, will never go away.


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