Alberta – WAKE UP

By Calling Out Community, posted January 20, 2016.  Updated February 10, 2016

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Alberta, I love you and I was one of you for nearly 20 years.  I have a relatively good idea how you used to think and feel – but what gives with this NDP thing?

During my last 4 years in Alberta, I worked in the PC (Conservative) government of iconic Premier Ralph Klein, as the constituency Manager for one of his junior cabinet Ministers, meeting thousands of fellow residents and dealing with hundreds of individual issues of importance to them. It was only when my Minister lost his seat in the November 2004 election – and I subsequently became instantly unemployed – that I decided to make the move to British Columbia during the lifetime of an opportunity that I thought was the opportunity of a lifetime.

For years I regretted that decision, feeling that Alberta was the greatest province, in the greatest country in the world in which to live, work, dream, and make a difference.  BC seemed so backwards and foreign and unfriendly and less entrepreneurial and much less caring.

downloadI don’t think that anymore. Today I look at that fair province and I think “Stranger, who are you, and what have you done with Alberta’s body?”

I know what I’m talking about when I say that, with all due respect, the fault for all of the idiocy that the current NDP government is imposing on Albertans falls squarely at the feet of the PC and Wildrose Parties.  The fact that they ARE still two parties will ensure that Notley and her Motley Crew of socialist minions destroy the very moral fabric that the province was built on since 1905.

Premier Klein must be rolling over in his grave.

HOW DARE YOU allow the province to fall apart while you snipe at each other. Get in your offices, get on the phones, and set up a joint caucus meeting NOW to discuss amalgamation and termination of this nonsensical NDP “mandate”.  

On December 9, the leader of the Wildrose Party, Brian Jean, called for just such merger.  Since the PC Party is the real reason for a fractured right to begin with, Rick McIver, as interim leader, it falls on you to get on that phone.

Polling numbers tell the real story, which Insight West provided to the Edmonton Journal on November 12.  They show support for the various parties as follows – numbers indicate the total support (and support amongst decided voters)

  • Albera New Democrats (NDP) – 25% (33%)
  • Wildrose Party – 22% (28%)
  • Progressive Conservatives – 16% (21%)
  • Liberals – 10%
  • Alberta Party – 2%
  • Don’t know – 22%

2016-02-22 09.03.32
During the election in May 2015, the NDP garnered almost 41% while the PCs and Wildrose captured 28% and 24% respectively.  But let’s get real – this wasn’t a vote for the NDP, it was a vote away from you right wing yahoos that couldn’t get your leadership in line over the last few years.  Uniting the right must be the first priority – running after undecided voters who likely won’t even vote is a waste of time.


Centre Street Church in Calgary.  At over 5,000 members, it is0 the largest church in Canada. (CREDIT: Globe and Mail)

And to the Church in Alberta regardless of denomination – there will never be enough true NDP supporters in the entire province to counter the power of the true Church. You even have the largest church in Canada located in your midst (Centre Street in Calgary).  For the sake of all that’s holy STEP UP and PUSH BACK. Jesus said to render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God that which is God’s. If you honestly believe that the spiritual and moral compass for your cities belongs in the hands of Caesar, then by means do nothing. And you will go down as the generation that saw the beginning of the end of society as you knew it. You will be responsible.

story_slug__-10On January 14, 2016, Education Minister David Eggen launched this cultural war full throttle by introducing a guide for schools boards on how to “properly” deal with transgender students in elementary through secondary school.  It literally forces school boards to offer everything from bathroom space to correct pronouns to proper clothing guidelines to these so-called ‘gender diverse’ he/she/it students – most of which are still very much impressionable young minds that did not yet possess the emotional maturity to make such moral decisions alone.

Now its been awhile since I was in high school in Alberta but I don’t think there’s been some rash of transgender students popping up in our school system, and this isn’t really about that.  It’s about softening our moral code in schools which leads to a newly defined generation of adults down the road.

What really ticked me off was the audacity of the NDP trolls to say this wasn’t a “legal document” – yet school boards that didn’t comply could be defunded.  This is how left wing politics works – if deemed unacceptable by the main stream, just make it illegal to disobey.  Heil Hitler.

This isn’t politics – it’s a declaration of a culture war and you are losing by default – you’re not even on the right battlefield. This rachel-notley-laughingcurrent dictate from the Wicked Witch’s throne must not stand. Jehu knew enough to call for Queen Jezebel to be throw  out the window (2 King’s 9:33) and end her evil reign. Stop pattycaking with this #looneyleftwing shrew.  We maybe can’t feed her to the dogs but we can certainly make her every move look like a dog’s breakfast.

Christians should be phoning their MLAs or MPs by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Stop standing around, looking at each other and clucking your tongues. Get out there and FIGHT BACK.

If the NDP – who really won this election by default and nothing else – are not countered, they will stop at nothing to eliminate all threats in their way – including YOU. Impossible? Laughing? Yah that’s what we all thought on May 4 last year.

corrigan-ndp-surprise-for-alberta-tories.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxIf you’re looking for the “slippery slope” that leads to the destruction of the traditional Alberta way of life, I suggest you turn around – it’s been in your rear-view mirror since May 5, 2015 – the date of the general election. The fat lady has sung, the Devil has bought a snowblower, and pigs are flying everywhere. WAKE UP ALBERTA.

I plead with the PC Party and Wildrose Party – for God’s sake and the future of Alberta, will you both GROW UP, MAKE UP, JOIN UP and KNOCK OFF this pathetic slug and her socialist hordes in the next election (if not sooner).

I’d start today – you have a lot of bloody work to do to fix this mess.

Election result 2015

NDP                                604,515

Wildrose                        360,511
PC Party                         413,607

See the problem yet?

And the only solution?

#abpoli #pcaa #wildrose


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