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🎦 Epidemics & Pandemics (Last Days’ Dawning Video)

Another video in the  Last Days’ Dawning  video series on the Biblical End Times:


The Book of Revelation warns that someday, 1/4 of the world will die from diseases, famine and the sword – and it’s nearly happened already. Several times: – In 541 AD, Justinian’s Plague wiped out 25% of the Roman Empire. – The Black Death killed 1/4 of Europe, and millions in Africa and Asia, before fading away in early 1350s. Then, after a highly-ominous 666-year hiatus, it reappeared in 2017. – I finished posting this video on November 20, 2019, in which I said that “mankind has the capability of succumbing to great plagues…that could kill hundreds of millions…it would be surprising if somehow, somewhere, this viral nightmare has not already begun”. 8 WEEKS LATER, on January 26, 2020, novel coronavirus appeared out of nowhere in Wuhan, China, and just under a year later, it has infected 85.6 million people in 200+ nations, killing 1.85 million. And it’s just getting started…

A Sick, Sick World

Vid#: LDD11.   Running Time: 16:26

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