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Allah Isn’t My God

MUST READ: Many today will tell you that Allah and the Christian God are one. They will tell you that Muslims revere Jesus Christ as a great Prophet. But they aren’t telling you THE TRUTH – and once you know the Truth, you can never look at Islam the same way again…

Jesus: Through Muslim Eyes

Following our popular article “Easter: Through Muslim Eyes”, published Easter 2016, we want to take a look today at what the Quran, and Muslims, say about Jesus Christ himself. Believe it or not,Ā Jesus isĀ the most mentioned personĀ in the Quran; 25 times by the name Isa, 3rd-person 48 times, […]

Easter: Through Muslim Eyes

Ā Christians –Ā do notĀ be deceived. The war on Easter has begun in earnest. The end goal is nothing short of the complete eradication of the celebration of Easter from the Western, including Canada and the United States. Let’s examineĀ a quote and photo from a blog named Stand Up For […]

Wanna Leave Islam? Prepare to DIE!

šŸ‘¤ By Islam Rising Ā¦ A Founding Blogger of the Calling Out Community āœ’ Posted April 25, 2016.Ā  Updated May 8, 2016. šŸ¦ Twitter: Follow Us Ā¦ šŸ‘ Facebook: Like Us āœ‰ Email us with comments and ideas! InĀ April 2013, theĀ Pew Research CenterĀ released the results of a startling […]

Hijacking the Holy Land

by Calling Out Community, Posted August 4, 2015.Ā  Updated September 15, 2015.Ā  I highly recommend a documentary called “Hijacking the Holy Land” on DVD.Ā  Happened to see it at our local public library,Ā and I thought it would be some militant leftwing, anti-Israel garbage – but was stillĀ curious enough […]