Qur’an-Denial: The Foundational Error of the Appeasers


untitledam posting, for the first time in history, another blogger’s posting, in its entirety, which I trust my thousands of followers around the world will take to heart.  Never in my life have I read a more powerful clarion call to sanity on the part of both the Muslim and non-Muslim world.

Today is Easter Sunday 2016 – and Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  This included a small group of believers in Lahore, Pakistan, who gathered near a playground for an Easter event.  That is, until a member of a faction of the Taliban, as reported by Fox News entered the park and blew up 65 Christians, including children – sending them to be with the One they worshipped minutes before.

9aeb4c7e577ac1ebffbf6aa76ea54352These are the same type of brutish beasts who just days ago stormed an airport and a subway station and brought HELL to hundreds of families in Brussels, Belgium – and brought HORROR to millions more.

But this isn’t the face of TRUE Islam“, these liars will hiss out.  “Islam is a Religion of Peace“.  Good bumper sticker marketing – and the greatest lie of the modern age.  ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PIECES – pieces of New York, Paris, London, Brussels – all ripped apart by the most evil part of the most evil religion in world history.

tolerate the intolerant These kind of barbaric, Satanic attacks on innocent civilians, and in particular Christians, whose ONLY crime was worshipping Jesus today, will be clucked and cooed over by liberal leftwing pigs – and those of us who are OUTRAGED will be called:

  • intolerant – and you’re damn right I’m intolerant of this kind of evil perpetrated on anyone. True tolerance of evil, barbaric acts is the real crime here.
  • racist – though they fail to explain how this relates, when Islam is a RELIGION in 200 countries and found among every race, including my own.
  • islamaphobic – even though the word literally means “afraid of Islam”, and I’m not one bit afraid

B8s4ouZIcAAgZdN-1_jpg-largeThe rise of Islam is the rise of evil around the world. The Bible says that “when the enemy comes in like a flood”, God would “lift up a standard against them”.

May this article be one of those standard-waving not the white flag of surrender, but carrying the banner of Christ worldwide – and proudly waving the Union Jack, the Maple Leaf, the Star Spangled Banner, to name a few – where democracy and justice still prevail. May God help us in the coming days to stand up to true evil in all its forms, even when it approaches us as an angel of Light.


By Islam Rising, Founding Blog Member
Calling Out Community
Posted March 27 1, 2016

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The terror attacks in Brussels, Ivory Coast and Nigeria this past week were (if you’ll tolerate a well-worn paradox) notable for being completely unremarkable. The murders were generic, run-of-the-mill, classical and exactly in step with the history and character of the Islamic religion. As I have said previously, such violence is best understood simply as the Qur’an in action, or Applied Islam, if you prefer. This is what all those elegant Arabic characters materialize into. This is their effect.

There is no ingenious metaphor behind Quranic verses imploring Muslims to kill “unbelievers.” and “strike of their heads”. It isn’t an allegorical way of saying “Try your best in life and be proud of your heritage”. It means exactly what you think it means. Mutilate and murder people if they derive from a different religious tradition.

The Qur’an murdered those people in Belgium, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Without it’s message, they would still be alive.

But despite that terrible…

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