ISIS Rockets Launched at Israel

by Calling Out Community, posted July 5, 2015


A new front in the global War on Terror has been opened recently by ISIS-connected terrorists in Egypt – which is both grounds for considerable concern, and may be very short-lived, as they seem hell-bent on taking on far too many powerful enemies at once. According to the BBC, this relative newcomer in the global War on Terror has been flexing its muscles of late, rather stupidly I might add.

Just to get you caught up, a January 30, 2015 BBC article on this new relatively new group states:

Sinai Province was previously called Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (Champions of Jerusalem), but announced a name change in November 2014 when it pledged allegiance to IS, the militant organisation that had made rapid advances in Iraq and Syria. Ansar Beit al-Maqdis was an Al-Qaeda-inspired group that started its operations immediately after the January 2011 uprising that led to the fall of Egypt’s long-running ruler Hosni Mubarak. The group was initially known for launching attacks on Israeli targets and interests.

Completely confused? They seem to be as well, for since February 1 they have carried out targeted attacks in Egypt, igniting the Egyptian (and predominantly-Muslim) people and armed forces to rout and destroy them entirely. Egyptian air strikes just this past week have seriously harmed this ISIS-related group, killing 25 fighters and destroying weapons supplies, according to reports by the Al Jazeera news network.


Now, it seems they are trying to provoke Israel as well, claiming to have launched 3 rockets at “occupied Palestine” on July 3, all of which fell far short in the Negev desert. And don’t be deceived – the rocket isn’t going to distinguish between an Israeli or a Palestinian when it lands.

Meaning? ISIS isn’t riled up over Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinians – they couldn’t carry less if they wipe out both groups, just so long as they are the dominant player left standing. This should be of particular concern to the Palestinians, who will depend on their greatest enemy (Israel, in their eyes) to have the grace to become their greatest defender.

Now let’s do a little War on Terror math for a moment, shall we:

Egyptian F-16 refuels

Egypt’s armed forces – the largest in the Middle East and Africa – 468,000 active personnel and 1 million reservists, plus 4,600 tanks, and 1107 fighter jets. 18th most powerful army in the world

Israeli F15i Ra'am

Israeli F15i Ra’am

Israel’s armed forces168,000 active personnel, 450,000 reservists, and another 2.5 million trained personnel that could be called up (as every 18 year old must serve some time and be trained) . Plus 4,100 tanks and 680 fighter jets. 11th most powerful army in the world

Sinai Province Fighters
only 1,000 to 2,000 fighters, according to Egyptian experts

Sinai Province fighter on his transport of choice

Sinai Province fighter on his transport of choice

Ummm, just based on the math, this should be over in weeks. But we know these groups don’t just wither away – they gain strength if not properly dealt with (ie. they must be annihilated)

How ironic that they would intentionally awaken the two great armies of the Middle East in a common cause. Yet, despite all this recent activity, you won’t find much word of it in our Western press. Why? What if Israel and Egypt joined forces against ISIS? How would the dumbocrats and other left-wing loonies explain THAT to their kids? Aren’t Arabs and Jews supposed to hate each other?


How quickly these dimwits would like to forget the 1979 Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty, mediated by US president Jimmy Carter. Full diplomatic relations were established on February 26, 1980. Egypt has an embassy in Tel Aviv and a consulate in Eilat. Israel has an embassy in Cairo and a consulate in Alexandria. It’s been one of the only consistent peaceful regions in the Middle East – for over 35 years. Even the Muslim Brotherhood stated in 2012 that it supported the treaty.

I do not remotely wish that the citizens of Israel or Egypt be attacked or even threatened any further in any way by ISIS forces in Egypt. However, I do admit some strong desire to see these two mighty neighbours work together to defeat a common enemy. That may be

Egyptian and Israeli flags flying together

Egyptian and Israeli flags flying together

pie-in-the-sky officially, but to be sure if ISIS continues its stupid assaults on these two nations, whether in a united front or individually, these terrorist goons will be sent to their desired martyrdom in a hurry, and I’m glad for it.

Thanks be to God for the miraculous victories of Israel’s past and the peace between these two great nations. Pray that this sanity and peace will continue over the region, even if it must be maintained with an iron fist by one or (preferably both) countries. Egypt and Israel look very good side by side.


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