America’s Glory Days:  Distant Memories?

by Calling Out Community, Posted July 4, 2015

FireworksOn this July 4, I wanted for a moment to take America back to a July 4th celebration of yesteryear, to remind people again of how great America was – in a powerful speech from President Ronald Reagan in 1986, as he rededicated the renovated Statue of Liberty, he spoke of an America that seems like a memory today.  I pray it is an encouragement or incentive for Americans to wake up, before this nation, possibly the greatest and most influential nation in world history, collapses and crumbles from within.

America is in serious trouble, and I believe that, without the grace of God and a change in the heart and mindset of Americans – this shining light on a hill can and will be snuffed out.  America is no longer “in danger”, she is in a coma on life support.  The sooner Americans face the fact that this nation is desperately ill and needs serious attention – and unless she elects the proper leadership to bring what is needed to bring America back – this nation as we know it will pass away.  Only fools, our enemies and those people who are not students of history believe America is doing ok, that she is invincible, that she has unlimited lives.

They thought the same way in Rome millennia ago.  It was the cultural, financial, military and political capital of the world – perhaps even more so than America is today.  Rome today is dirty street, crumbling buildings constructed thousands of years ago, postcards of a distant ideal that fell to internal corruption, not external enemies.  Rome’s biggest enemy was herself, and she eventually committed slow suicide.

National-DebtThe socialist, left-wing administration of Barack Obama has financially decimated the once strong and proud America – his addition to the National debt ($13 trillion and rising by $2 billion a day) being equivalent to that of all of the previous 43 Presidents put together.  He stated at the University of Wisconsin on July 1, 2015:

And the unemployment rate is now down to 5.3 percent. (Applause.) Keep in mind, when I came into office it was hovering around 10 percent. All told, we’ve now seen 64 straight months of private sector job growth, which is a new record — (applause) — new record — 12.8 million new jobs all told

Even the left wing media have called him out on this absolute lie, with Forbes magazine reporting on July 3:

us-unemployment-05-12We are now 29 quarters from the pre-crisis peak and total non-farm labor hours utilized by the US economy are no higher than they were in Q4 2007. In other words, if you use a common unit of measure—–labor hours rather than job slots which treat coal-miners and part-time pizza delivery boys alike—–there have been no new units of employment at all. Our teleprompter reading President is actually tooting his own horn about recycled hours and “born again” jobs and doesn’t even know it.

Oh but he does.  Obama’s not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing and what he has done to devastate America.  And he doesn’t give a damn.  And spreading these kind of lies – continuing to lead America by deceit, knowing a liberal press will never correct him, never challenge him, never seek truth about him – well, he’s just as comfortable here as the President of Russia is today in his job, I’m sure.

The financial crisis in 2009, by the chart above, showed a massive increase in the unemployment rate from 5% to 10% in a year.  According to a July 1, 2013 New York Times article by  Jared Bernstein, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington and a former chief economist to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.,:

…the fact that there’s still about 12 million unemployed (including four million who’ve been jobless for over half a year) in addition to about eight million involuntary part-timers (who want more hours, and can’t find them) should give one pause before declaring all clear on the economic front. (emphasis mine)

But according to the unemployment chart above,  it’s been getting better right?  I mean, you can feel consumer confidence again, can’t you?  Me neither.  So why do the numbers look so good?

Daniel Amerman, a CFA, looked indepth at the government’s reporting of unemployment figures over the last several years, particularly since the financial crisis, when suddenly the numbers started suspiciously improving under the Obama Administration.  His report Making 9 Million Jobless “Vanish”: How The Government Manipulates Unemployment Statistics” states bluntly:

…A detailed look at the government’s own data base shows that about 9 million people without jobs have been removed from the labor force simply by the government defining them as not being in the labor force anymore.  Indeed – effectively all of the decreases in unemployment rate percentages since 2009 have come not from new jobs, but through reducing the workforce participation rate so that millions of jobless people are removed from the labor force by definition. (emphasis mine)

th7D0BL0TUObama knows that the jobs lost above are being completed today by people who speak Mandarin.  He knows those jobs have been replaced by full-time McJobs at every turn in America at best – but most are part time with no benefits..  He doesn’t care that the math doesn’t make sense for the current tax base to keep the same level of schools, hospitals, Universities, roads, etc. funded as before  Why should he care?  He’s got a guaranteed job that that pays pretty well, free housing and transportation, and powerful friends that will undoubtedly reward him after his second term with some comfy job somewhere.

And sadly, he’s also got about 431 days left in office, as $2 billion a day hit to the U.S. economy, before we finally get rid of this guy, and he retires.

images (1)Maybe in the Kremlin.  Maybe in Beijing.  But Comrade Obama has been a master at his committed task.  Like any good card-carrying Communist boy (as he was in University), he loves the idea of a weak capitalistic America.  Americans are just patriotic and decent enough, that they couldn’t believe that they may have elected a fox to run the hen house.  TWICE.  It will take maybe 50-100 years, if ever, for American to recover from the post-Obama destruction levelled on it financially.  My bet is that after he’s left office, he suddenty leaves America too.

Can you see a future for him here?  Bush Jr. went back to business.  Clinton before him became a powerful speaker and leader of a great Foundation.  Bush Sr. did many great charitable works.  But can you actually visualize what Obama does after he leaves the White House?  I can’t either, and that’s because he was nothing before he came in but a puppet for higher masters.  As our enemies gain in strength, and America weakens by the day, one of two logical conclusions must be considered, when we review the national debt, the U.S. job picture, U.S. confidence, the U.S. image around the world:

  • untitledEither Obama has been the most incompetent, idiotic, stupidest, and most mentally challenged President in American history to actually believe he’s done a GOOD job to this point or
  • It’s all part of the game, and the destruction of America being his #1 goal, he is by far the most successful American President in history to complete HIS agenda.

What was his agenda?  Let’s take a look:

  • untitledAbortion still kills 1 million babies every year – he increased funding.  Since Roe v. Wade came into law in the 1970s, more than 50 million American babies have been aborted – that’s 1.5 times the entire population of Canada today – dead in a garbage bag.
  • Gay marriage is now a reality in every state of the Union.  Thank you, Barack.
  • The U.S. economy borders on bankruptcy every budgetary period, and the government has been forced to shut down at least once during his Presidency, because they couldn’t even pay the light bills
  • imageAmerica is borrowing money from countries like China (who alone hold more than $1 trillion of American debt) – and no one seems to be stopping to think about it.  Now, even if Communist China were not American’s sworn enemy, they did not hate American so much they started and/or financed both the Korean and Vietnam Wars to fight against American indirectly?  Even if we were just friendly rivals on the world stage – would Burger King let McDonald’s own a controlling share of it’s debt?  Would Shell Oil’s shareholders allow it to borrow money from Exxon?  Yet, Americans have borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from the very corrupt creatures that stole American jobs and weakened your economy in the first place.  Wow, that’s either masterfully done or stupid as hell, I can’t figure out which.  China is now so financially powerful that it lost over $3.2 trillion on the stock market recently – and it’s still in business.  American still can’t pay it’s phone and power bills unless it prints more money.  Something’s a bit remiss, don’t you think?
  • Obama introduced a health care system so confusing, the website and phone lines literally crash for days as Americans tried to find answers about it.  It’s so expensive it’s still incalculable how much it costs – ask even a Democratic member of Congress and he won’t have a clue what dollar value to tell you.  And I thought the reason for this program was so that the poorest members of America could have coverage too?  So why is it that at least 5 million of them didn’t even qualify for it, until was taken to the U.S. Supreme Court to finally prop up this bill – well done Obama.  Like any good Democrat, if you can’t get the people and the lawmakers to agree on something for the country, just ram it down their throats with 9 unelected judges. 
  • American continues to insult it’s friends around the world, and forges new alliances with sworn enemies.  In a 60-day period, America signed an agreement with Iran about its nuclear weapons, a country that even a week ago was still calling America “the Great Satan” and they start up diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than 50 years, announcing it on a Sunday evening to take Americans by surprise.
  • F080724AH02Israel?  Obama is no Jew-lover, let’s be clear.  In fact, he thinks he’s the closest thing to a Jew that the White House has seen in recent memory.  Yet, the U.S. Congress invited the Prime Minister of Israel to speak to a joint session, and not only did that asshole Obama REFUSE to show up, but basically the word went out that none of the Democratic Congressmen should attend either.  What an embarrassment your President is to your country.

In a speech days later, Obama stated, however that  America is still “the best friend Israel ever had?”  LOL.  Funny, the Prime Minister of Israel himself stated on July 31, 2015:

Canada is one of Israel’s closest friends. We deeply appreciate our extensive and deep cooperation with the Canadian government, which has flourished in recent years and of which the free trade agreement is but one example,” Netanyahu said.

img_2818Oh yes, while that idiot in the White House was insulting the Jewish people and leadership and signing agreements with her mortal enemies, Canada’s leadership was actually busy forging closer ties with Israel than we had before, even strengthening our free trade agreement with Israel to include 7 more areas of our economies.  The United States and Israel  also has a free trade deal with Israel, signed by President Reagan in 1985 – and never once updated.  It’s so old, it doesn’t include intellectual property rights from this thing called the Internet.

Good thing for Israel – they have become a global leader in all things technology-oriented, to the point that the Radio Islam website now declares that the Jews started the Internet in order to spread their influence worldwide.  LMAO.  Let’s say it is true, what’s the problemOnly anti-Semitic, Jew-hating fanatical goat herders with a Grade 3 education in the desert, who couldn’t turn on a computer to save their lives (but the Taliban wouldn’t let them anyway) would look at this as a bad thing for the world.  You know who I’m talking about.

Abandoned houses in Detroit.  Credit:

Abandoned houses in Detroit. Credit:

The city of Detroit has become the greatest testament to America’s demise, and this President’s lack of interest in same.  Detroit was once the fastest growing city in the entire world in 1950 thanks to the auto industry – and that same auto industry today is also responsible for it becoming the fastest shrinking city in American history.  This was the price of the “American Dream” folks – your car companies and other American giants of industry committed high treason by taking over 9 million manufacturing jobs overseas to China, leaving a sea of crisis in its wake.

Nearly 1/3 of the city of Detroit lies in ruins – 100,000 houses in the city currently have been abandoned and taken over by squatters, and over 33% of black men alone in the city are unemployed.   Ironically, the fastest growing city in the world today?  Chongqing, China, with over 28 million people. Why so ironic?  It’s one of Detroit’s “sister cities”, and Detroit today doesn’t even have a Chintown anymore .

What has America done about this crisis of good-paying American jobs?  Where has this President been to help them recover?  Did they have a bailout package for the City and people of Detroit, like they had for the car markers of Detroit?  No, this President turned those great jobs – high taxpayers all – into McJobs and then counted them roughly in such a way as to make you think the unemployment rate went DOWN.

2014-10-02-FBN-LDT-ObamaEconomy2It’s your country, America.  It doesn’t belong to China… yet.  You haven’t been sold out to Russia or some other socialist/Communist nation yet by this comrade-loving Commander in Chief.  You may have only a few years left if you don’t do something NOW.   It’s time to throw out all the bums that brought you to this point – it’s not the first time America has needed a Revolution to survive or thrive.  Could you really afford four more years with another leftwing whack job like Hilary Clinton?  Or is it time for real change?

It’s time to take seriously the “fringe element” that propose deep and dramatic change for America.  It’s possible that they were the ones called of God to lead you into your best days…yet ahead?  Or perhaps, to keep you from total ruin.


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