Trudeau – Stop Defending Terrorists

by Calling Out Community, Posted October 5, 2015

Justin-TrudeauJustin Trudeau may be a great many things –  but “bright” and “logical” are not attributed to this trust-fund idiot.

The Toronto Sun gives us the overview of our story on September 30:

According to Justin Trudeau, “the Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship.”

The reason? Trudeau says: “Because I do.”

Trudeau gave a speech in Winnipeg earlier this year where he discussed the Conservative attack ads against him declaring he was soft on terrorism.

He told the audience he believes a Canadian is a Canadian, no matter where they were born or what kind of heinous crimes they commit.

Trudeau went on to say he thinks it’s “very scary” that the government gets to decide if you can be a Canadian citizen if you were born in another country.

Who should decide this then? The local butcher? An archbishop? I thought that the government of a country seems the most LOGICAL choice to decide if a person should keep their citizenship or not.

Zakaria Amara, Toronto 18 terrorist mastermind
Zakaria Amara, Toronto 18 terrorist mastermind

Trudeau was of course reacting to the Conservative government’s letter September 26 sent to Zakaria Amara (a mastermind of the Toronto 18 terrorist plot) in the Quebec penitentiary where is he serving a life sentence, advising him that he is no longer a Canadian. He still holds citizenship in Jordan and could be deported there following his release from prison.

Let’s quickly recap what the Toronto 18 had planned to do to Canadians. They were accused of planning to detonate fertilizer truck bombs through the city of Toronto, to open fire in crowded areas, and to storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Canadian Parliament building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) headquarters, and the parliamentary Peace Tower to take hostages and to behead the Prime Minister and other leaders.

Should a man be Prime Minister of Canada if he defends a monster who wants to BEHEAD the Prime Minister of Canada?  
Trudeau is stupid as hell.

A poll conducted October 6 asked the question:


A stunning 84% agreed with the statement, 69% strongly. Trudeau is once again on the wrong side of history and Canadians’ views, on this one. That high of a number must include Liberals, NDP and even immigrants themselves!

Helmut Oberlander, Nazi interpreter who was stripped of his Canadian citizenship.
Helmut Oberlander, Nazi interpreter who was stripped of his Canadian citizenship.

But it gets more bizarre. After the Munk Debate on Foreign Policy on October 15, Rebel Media asked Justin Trudeau what he thought then about stripping Nazi war criminals of their dual citizenship – which we did decades ago. In fact, we have stripped 50 people of their citizenship over the decades – this is hardly a new idea.

Trudeau’s response?:

Revocation of citizenship can and should happen in situations where you became a Canadian citizenship under false pretenses…such as lying on their paperwork.”

Are you KIDDING ME? Lying on paperwork is worse than joining a foreign army plotting to destroy us? And sorry, I guess I misunderstood the situation – here I thought we threw the Nazi jackasses out of out of our beloved Canada and stripped them of their citizenships because:

  • They murdered 6 million Jews in gas chambers, shooting galleries and bonfires throughout Europe;
  • They exterminated a further 5 million people in concentration camps including gays, gypsies, political prisoners and others
  • A total of 50 million victims across Europe, Africa and Asia resulted from World War II, all of which was Hitler’s fault to begin with.

On election day, we cannot allow this schmuck Trudeau to govern Canada – he’s obviously too stupid . Vote CONSERVATIVE.


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