When Black LIES Matter, Black LIVES Don’t

Black Americans are in a funk, a spiraling devolution into racial and cultural divisiveness, thuggery that runs rampant on American streets, nonsensical accusations in the media  about “black genocide” that are never challenged or corrected, a general hatred of policemen regardless of their character or color, and a mistrust of all authority figures, with the exception of the seditious, race-baiting so-called ‘leaders’ of #blacklivesmatter, a hashtag that is marching toward a Holocaust if the rhetoric and rioting don’t de-escalate.  And none of it addresses the real heartbreak behind this story – that black Americans are being killed in a record number of gun-related homicides…

…but the gun was in another black American’s hand.

black-lives-matter-lolWe are bombarded on CNN and other leftwing yapfests with constant facetime by  misunderstood and suffering blacks, discriminated against and harassed at every turn, unable to break free of their oppressors that follow them everywhere they go. America never even started the Civil Rights Movement, nor had a black President in the White House for the last 8 years apparently.

The rhetoric tossed around is misleading, erroneous or a flat out lie.  Even President Obama stepped into the fray, calling the leaders of Black Lives Matter people with “good hearts”.  Really – is that your interpretation of the riot photos and videos you’ve seen?  Some of this nonsense thrown at us includes:

imagesDiscrimination:  We are told that blacks are not being hired, promoted or are fired just because they are black, or told they can’t live in certain places.  This seems hard to believe in an age of tough anti-discrimination, labour and tenancy laws, and Affirmative Action, which almost guarantees success.  If they still can’t cut it, I have to ask:  Are they just DUMBASSES?

Infant Mortality: According to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health, “African Americans have 2.2 times the infant mortality rate as non-Hispanic whites. They are 3.5 times as likely to die as infants due to complications related to low birthweight as compared to non-Hispanic white infants.”  Terrible, but nowhere in this site does it say WHY that’s happening – nor any idea how this could be white America’s fault.  And did you notice, they intentionally leave Hispanics out of these stats?  Why?

CnqDrljUkAEl8RQSpeaking of infant mortality, the majority of abortions performed annually by Planned Parenthood are on blacks.  In fact, of all things that could kill a black person in America, abortion is number one.  Statistically, the most dangerous place for a black person to be in America – is in the womb.

Black Kids Left Behind: We’re told that black kids won’t succeed in school or life compared to white kids – the excuses range from not having breakfast before school to not having enough comic superheroes in their particular color.  And we have just learned to accept it, even make excuses for it.

This week, the New York Post ran a story of a black 4th grade teacher in Brooklyn who told her class to wake up, because they were falling behind white kids.  Every word was true, and she meant it as an inspiration that they could rise above, that the color of their skin was irrelevant.  The reaction of the students was typical – the little victims complained that they had been called “dumb”, and she faced disciplinary committee action.  Did I mention before that she was black?  Luckily, she was exonerated.  And what was accomplished?  What lesson was learned?  That there is no greater power today in our classrooms than a child that is armed...with an excuse for failure.  And the kids she spoke to that day?  All still dumb.  

Black Family Disasters:  One may not have to look much farther for black kids’ school failings, than the home life that they face every day.  According to a 2010 study in the U.S., 72% of black kids are born to unwed mothers.  These single parent moms are raised to sainthood, and the black men/fathers are emasculated as shiftless losers that are either in jail, dead, too busy cheating, manipulating, lying, lazy, high, drunk or broke to be a good parent – portrayed as “knocking her up” like she wasn’t even there at the time.

To be sure, there is likely a lot of that at fault, but no one seems to be asking these girls – have you never heard of a condom, birth control, or common sense or discretion in who you sleep with?  Anyone who watches 72% of their friends ruin their lives in a certain way, and does the same thing, is stupid as hell. Don’t be blaming white folks because you can’t cross your legs or say no, honey.  And black America, stop glorifying single parent moms.   That’s your biggest weakness, not greatest strength  And that’s all on you.

White Glass Ceiling:  There is, for reasons unknown, still a rampant belief amongst some in the black community that they can never arrive, never achieve.  That’s been put to rest by a few well-known figures:

  • The President of the United States  is black.
  • Highest paid athlete in the United States – LeBron James ($77 million per year) – black.
  • World’s highest paid celebrity couple of 2016 – Beyond and Jay-Z ($107.5 million) – black.
  • World’s richest female celebrity – Oprah Winfrey (Net worth – $3.2 billion) – black.
  • The first American female self-made millionaire – Madam C. J. Walker (1919) – black
  • That plus Bishop Desmond Tutu, Mohammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Kofi Annan, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Jesse Owens, Pele, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt, Bob Marley and so many more black superstars, world leaders, athletes – how many more role models does the black community need to know that they can achieve great things?

Nonsensical Leaders: Today’s young blacks are not being led by the ideals of the Civil Rights Movement, or its heroes like Dr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks, who refused to sit at the back of the bus when ordered.  No, protestors today have become so mindnumbingly annoying – I may not even dream of making them sit at the back of the bus today, but I have had some temptation to push one or two of them IN FRONT OF the same said bus.

Jamilah-Lemieux-Screen-Grab-CNN-7-13-2016-e1468423060422Take, for example, the editor of Ebony Magazine, Jamilah Lemieux, who was heard on CNN this week saying that white people and cops cannot be victims of hate crimes – continuing the idiotic narrative that blacks can’t be racist.  Also not realizing that many BLACK cops are shot and killed in the line of duty, including a few in the last several weeks.  She didn’t specify how she came across this belief, considering many gay and Jewish people are also white and might think she’s full of sh-t.

CHTwKh-UwAIvXng.jpg largeLet’s not forget Rachel Dolezel, one of the leaders of the NAACP, who railed against the white community for years.  She also pretended to be black for years.  The parents that raised her got sick of her lies – she’s not got an ounce of black in her, except a seriously screwed up heart.

UntitledAnd finally there’s Shaun King, the leader of Black Lives Matter, who sent out this tweet last weekend, following the coup attempt in Turkey.  He may not be serious, but attempt a coup in America, and he will most certainly be dead.  He keeps whining about being a minority – does he not think that also carries over into the number of people he’d need to stage a coup?  LOL

"SOMEHOW inherently anti-police", Mr. President?

“SOMEHOW inherently anti-police”, Mr. President?

Police Genocide:  this is the most idiotic of them all.  This lie is what is getting cops killed and certainly, will get more blacks killed that attempt it as well.

Here’s the reality, according to the Washington Post, that keeps a database of such things: there were 990 killings of citizens in the United States last year by police – and of those 494 were white, 258 were black.  Go check it out for yourself.  Ummmm – that sounds more like whites were biting the bullet – almost 2 to 1.

Now, in perspective, there are currently 890,000 policeman protecting 323 million Americans, including 13 million blacks.  And 258 were shot by police, which is sad.  You think none of those were hardened criminals that had it coming?  Please.

And all this effort focused on one shooting victim, Alton Sterling, who by the way was a criminal selling counterfeit goods that resisted arrest and had a gun in his pocket.  One situation involving even a few bad cops represents statistically NOTHING compared to the hundreds of thousands of cops would never dream of doing such a thing.  That hardly makes for demonstrated evidence of MASS killings of blacks, nor did it sound unjustified to me.  Nor does it indicate a hostility toward blacks in general.  If you commit the crime, you do the time – disproportionate to the population or not.

CniwdfWVIAAFb8LHere’s the stat they don’t want you to hear, and that they don’t want us to talk about.  Black on black crime is very real.  In fact, FBI stats show that 47.4% of all homicides were black victims. 52.9% of blacks were OFFENDERS.  Remember, they represent 13 out of 323 million people – 4%, committing 52.9% of the homicides?  Wow.

The Centers for Disease Control reports 8,059 were murdered in 2015 – and with 52.9% at the hands of other blacks, that’s over 4,250+ black on black murders.  885 were 15-19 years old, and 1,847 were 20-24.

#Blacklivesmatter, maybe you should focus on your own backyard – cause black lives don’t matter one bit there.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 15, 2016

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