Debunking Liberals That Have Lost Their Minds

There are simple, time-tested keys to victory in almost every debate against liberals.  Aren’t you tired of feeling like you cannot argue with these people?  Ever have a sense that the deck is stacked against you? 

We often believe intentional misconceptions that are perpetuated by the Left.  However, shining a bit of the light of Truth can dispel them – for, to quote an old adage, there is no stronger disinfectant than sunshine.

You can win an argument against leftists… liberals… left wingers… Libtards… the intelligentsia… social justice warriors…whatever you want to call them.  They hate all those nicknames, by the way, so please use them freely.

There is good news for the Conservative world – Liberals have lost their minds.  It was the subject of a recent Atlantic Monthly article, and it could help swing the culture war in our favour.  The only problem with the article was – they caught Democrats in a lie on several occasions, everyone knew it – and they excused it as a matter of “losing their minds”.  Feel sorry for the victims …of their own demise?  For example:

Last month, Democratic Senator Ed Markey delivered what seemed like an explosive bit of news during an interview with CNN: A grand jury had been impaneled in New York, he said, to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.  The only problem: It wasn’t true.

The precise origins of the rumor are difficult to pin down, but it had been ricocheting around social media for days before Markey’s interview. The story had no reliable sourcing, and not a single credible news outlet touched it…  And by May 11, 2017, the story had migrated from the bowels of the internet to the mouth of a United States senator.”

Makes it sound like he was duped and couldn’t help it.  I prefer the tack that the New Boston Post took with the story, running the headline:  “Markey Spreads Malarkey On CNN”.

Not without a can of bear spray. What is she wearing? Is she in a remake of Dr. Zhivago or something –  Whack job.Yes, the Left is desperate.  They know they are losing a grip on the culture, as long as Donald Trump is in power.  You hear calls for everything from martial law by Rosie O’Donnell to Missouri state, Democratic Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal, who publically wrote that she wished Trump would be assassinated.  She’s still in office.  In fact, 14,000 tweets echoing the same thing were recorded after the November election.  It’s outrageous.

Madonna publically mused about blowing up the White House – but then later said that the words were taken “out of context”, even though we all watched it for ourselves on CNN.  She released this statement:

“I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in its entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context,” she wrote. “My speech began with ‘I want to start a revolution of love’.”

Oh BARF.  A “revolution of love”?  One could not have enough vaccinations before attending that event, I’m sure.  Apparently, love includes blowing up the White House.  Leftists have gone mental.  

And everyone cringes and then says nothing to them or about them.  They should be arrested and tried for threatening the First Family.  And Rosie should know that in the case of martial law, the first people to be rounded up and done away with, if Trump really were the fascist dictator they all accuse him of being, would be people just like Rosie.  Loud.  Stupid.  Don’t know how to shut up.  And on the wrong side of history.

Found this photo in an eBay listing for a “hay bale pigeon shooting hide”.  I’d give my right arm to find out how many liberals are buying these to set up at home as panic rooms hahah I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – if Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler, and the Republican Party are fascists, it would be in Democrats’ best interests to find a hay bale in France to hide in NOW, wouldn’t it?

Some of this may be so stupid it’s funny right now, but folks, these people do not like to lose and they will not tolerate it much longer.  You can be sure that Democrats and their wingnut followers are going to become more desperate, more violent, more intolerant, as time goes on.  So it’s important that we arm ourselves with the truth to fight against the blatant lies and attacks that will be targetted our way.

In looking at dozens of different topics over the last 5 to 10 years, I’ve noted a few common denominators, in virtually every situation where a liberal has won an argument with me or a fellow conservative.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say the methodologies have become repetitious and predictable.  Why are they used then?  Because they work – mostly only, however, if you are unaware of them.

1. Liberals will attempt to convince you that they are intellectually superior to you.🔑 Your Key to victory?  Know and internalize this simple truth:  no matter what they tell you, liberals are not smarter than you.

  •  Liberals do not possess special intellectual powers of deduction, reasoning or information gathering, that a conservative can not also match or supersede.
  • Liberals are not tapped into a higher plane of understanding than you are capable of also attaining.
  • Liberals do not have any kind of unique mental faculties, genetic predispositions, or even privileged information sources that no one else can access but them.
  • Liberals do not somehow gain some intellectual advantage over you by simply being a card-carrying member of the left-wing, nor simply gained by calling themselves or being called intelligentsia.
  • Intelligence is not a liberal’s right of passage or “liberal privilege”, or some kind of gift with purchase when you ideologically become a liberal.
  • A liberal may have more degrees than you do. A liberal’s University knowledge, however, is generally built on the views of other liberals. In other words, they often state they are factually correct because University Wherever says so too – which is comprised simply of more liberals. “I as a Liberal am correct because I think like other liberals”.  At no time is this circular argument the same thing as TRUTH or FACT.
  • You think “well all these liberal intellectuals agree with this, it must be right”.  Well, no, you just have three people who all agree on something.  Right and wrong, fact and error, are not proven by majority rules.
  • Liberals can be stupid.  They can be insane, mentally handicapped or even mentally retarded.  They can be immoral, unethical, liars, cheaters, manipulators and moochers.  They are no different in any of those regards than any other citizen.
  • Liberals may have book knowledge, but that often doesn’t equate to common sense, rational thought or wisdom.  EVER.  They may, in fact, be very wise – just don’t let them convince you that, because they have 3 degrees on their wall, that they are wise.  Wisdom and knowledge are both connected and mutually exclusive – A person can be absent of one and full of the other.  Wisdom is predicated on actually applying the knowledge in a healthy way, in order to become a better person and lead others to the same by example.

  • Remember this – a person may have 5 degrees on their wall.  But a full circle is 360 degrees.  In other words, they do not, cannot and will not know it all, nor are they correct merely because of the amount of courses they took and passed, taught by other leftists.

  • 2. Liberals will rarely ever debate you on a subject, using facts or statistics.  🔑 Your Key to victory?  Know and internalize this simple truth:  arm yourself with the truth.  Know the facts.  And you will never be at the mercy of someone with just an argument.

  • In the absence of facts, Liberals will go to anecdotes.  Anecdotes prove nothing.  What their Aunt Shirley said or did or thought doesn’t have any bearing on what the nation or the world necessarily thinks.  The liberal in question may not even have an Aunt Shirley.
  • Which brings me to the next important point – if a liberal does not have the facts on his side, he will almost always absolutely make it up.  Yes, you heard me – when the stats aren’t there, they will just make up something.  And the higher up in the food chain they are, the less they are questioned.  I think of elected liberal officials, for example.  One needs to constantly fact-check them, because inevitably they will twist the truth to fit their agenda, because again, often times, their agenda is crap, and can’t be substantiated with truth.  I call these “amazing statistics”.
  • On April 15, 2017 , the BBC ran a fascinating article entitled:  The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news.  In it, they stated:
  • “The fact-checking site Snopes told BBC Trending radio that in the past week, for example, they have debunked many more anti-Republican party stories than pro-Republican ones.  One example of an incorrect story is the unflattering, digitally-manipulated image, which suggested that US President Donald Trump had diarrhoea during a recent golf outing.

  • It’s hard to gather definitive data on the political bias in fake news stories, so the evidence for a rise in ‘liberal fake news’ is essentially anecdotal. But a recent study did effectively debunk the stereotype that fake news tends to be shared more by uneducated people or those with right-leaning politics, as compared to other groups.”

    • Many times during the campaign, ridiculous stories about then presidential candidate Trump came out, which were all refuted and debunked for the most part.  Did the sources apologize for spreading the stories?  Nope.  Did they know the stories were fake news?  Of course they did.  They hoped that something near the end would gain traction when they realized Hillary wasn’t going to win.  And it didn’t work.
    • You’ll notice that often times networks like CNN and others will run a story without a single on-camera person, stating “experts” or “family friends” or the like.  Why do we accept this stuff at face value?  CNN has been caught literally faking stories at least 3-4 times in 2017 alone.
    • In one cringe worthy example, legal expert Nancy Grace was talking to another female correspondent, Ashleigh Banfield, and they gave the impression that they were speaking from completely different outside locations – until people started to notice that the same cars were driving by both women in the background and lit up social media with the outrage.  The two women were actually in the same parking lot.  Apologies all around?  Nope, not a word was ever stated.  They were on a mission to give a narrative, and by God they were going to do anything they could to make that happen.  You can watch the video here.

3. Liberals will try to deceive you for agenda-based reasons.

🔑 Your Key to victory?  Know and internalize this simple truth:  recognize the real agenda, and call them out on it.

These latter people I most despise, because they don’t care whether or not what they say is absolute nonsense.  They are OK actually making up nonsense, or even damaging stuff that can ruin families – as long as they win the ideological debate.

They know they are telling lies and they don’t care As long as you believe it, or whoever is around to listen to them, and you follow along with the script of their pre-ordained plan, all the way to their desired endgame, ‘all roads lead up Rome’, as they say.

In a culture war, or in a battle for ideological control of a nation, victory will be attempted by the loony Left at any cost, with any number of casualties being acceptable, and any amount of collateral damage wing inflicted.

Ethics play no part in these intentional campaigns of deceit, and those who utilize these methodologies don’t lose any sleep over it.  Regardless of how they got there, the spoils always belong to the victors.

 This is why conservatives have often found it difficult to debate liberals when cultural wars are declared against us.  We are not prepared to sacrifice innocent people, to lose our integrity, or to present bold face lies in order to try and win a case over to the public.

Nor do we have to. The Bible says, in John 8:32, “you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Nations are often enslaved by lies, deceit and fraud. The Bible indicates that we don’t have to argue or debate these things like you would in a courtroom.  Truth stands on its own merits.  Know it, and it will set you free.

Hosea 4:6 says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “knowledge” as: “the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association“. [Emphasis mine]  In other words, the prophet Hosea was saying that people today are being destroyed – good people – simply because they don’t know something they need to, perhaps as they haven’t experienced it yet.

Knowledge really is power. Don’t just trust everything you’re told – research it, fact check it, find out who or what the sources are, and then simply speak the truth to that same situation.  And do not be a parrot that just mimics the news – most of it is a lie, and Christians don’t look good when they believe a stupid story, promote it or react to it to the end – and then find out it was a lie in the first place.

She also was available for kids’ birthday parties (yeesh, I’m kidding).I think of the high-profile rumour that infamous atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who successfully did take prayer out of schools in the 1960s, was now actively working to get Christians taken off of television altogether, and to have Christmas programs taken out of schools.  The rumour first began in 1975, and was revived with different wording, but the same basic idea, over the next 20 years.  The Federal Communications Commission received nearly 30 million letters or phone calls from angry Christians, swamping the taxpayer funded organization beyond their ability to respond.  “Good for them”, I can hear you say. “Thank God the Church woke up to fight this”.

Not exactly.  One small problem – it was all a lie.  In fact, O’Hair went missing over 12 years ago, and in June 2000, a man named Gary Karr was convicted of kidnapping her, her son and granddaughter, and then he murdered them all.  Pretty hard to work your butt off to take Trinity Broadcasting or Daystar off the air, when you’ve got a bullet in heard in the woods somewhere.

The murderer wasn’t even charged with murder, but with bilking her Atheists group out of ransom money.  While I certainly feel for the son and the granddaughter (he had become a Christian), I think O’Hair made her bed and was killed in it.  But that being said, what was the motivation for someone making up this story and propogating it for 20 years?  To make the Church look stupid?  Keep us from fighting other battles because we’re too busy fighting fake fire?  We may never know where this started, but I hope we finally are ENDING it.

Folks, you can win against Liberals.  They don’t have to dominate our culture. We don’t have to sit by and let them make fools out of us.  We let them take over the universities and popular media, to our detriment.  We’ll have to claw it all back now or we could lose the culture war altogether.  And be sure, it is a war, and it’s for keeps – mankind’s souls are at stake.

And womankind too – don’t want a social justice warrior (SJW) to get triggered and lose their mind.  We have enough of that to deal with already.  Need a crayon or a safe space?



By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted August 18, 2017

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