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The CANZUK Free Trade Bloc

The world is becoming increasingly hostile to freedom-loving nations like Canada. We can build on existing familial relationships with the United Kingdom, Australia, amd New Zealand to become one of the most powerful trade blocs in the world.

Israel Breaks Tourism Records

The Jewish News Service (JNS.org) has just announced that, in April 2017, the State of Israel recorded its biggest tourism month since it was founded in 1948. We give God the glory for taking care of His beloved people, during a period of continuous verbal attacks by the United Nations […]

Islam… Is LAME

IslamRising: Special feature to the Calling Out Community, Posted January 12, 2015. After reading the horrific headlines screaming at us all week, the average John and Jane Citizen could be forgiven for becoming sick and tired of hearing the word “Islamic”, and all the negativity the word conveys. This centuries-old faith group has quickly become […]