The “Ezekiel 38 Alliance” Is Born

Russian President meets Turkish Prime Minister August 9

This past Tuesday, August 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Moscow with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdońüan to discuss areas of mutual security interests. ¬†At the same time, the Russian President has been making overtures in the media with the President of Iran, urging him to join future discussions to create stronger ties in the region.

A month ago, this would have been impossible – you would never see these three countries sit down at any table together. ¬†Even more shocking – students of Bible prophecy immediately raised an alarm in the media, as the Prophet Ezekiel foretold (Ezekiel 38) of a future alliance between modern Russia, Turkey and Iran, warning that this¬†alliance…¬†

will someday militarily attack and nearly completely destroy Israel.

Until the last week of July 2016, none of the events being played out today before the world were deemed even possible.

Turkish and NATO flags (Credit: Reuters)

Then:  Turkey was a strong partner in NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and as such was the largest ally of the West in the Middle East.  They were also an applicant to the European Union, having determined that their future was better as part of a United Europe.  As UK newspaper Express described it:

“Turkey is a key member state in NATO as it straddles the border between Europe and Asia and acts as a key broker between the West and the Islamic world.”

Then:  Turkey was seen by Russia as a constant threat РTurkey allowing the United States access to her airbases, in the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and now ISIS Рthe latter in direct contradiction to Russian airstrike plans in Syria.

Then: ¬†Turkey’s¬†Incirlik Air Base was (and still is)¬†rumoured to have the largest stockpile of NATO nuclear weapons in Europe, all aimed at Russia, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Flames streak from Russian jet shot down by Turkish F-16s in November 2015 (Credit: BBC)

Then:  on November 31, 2015, the BBC reported the Russian / Turkish announcements that a Russian Su-24 attack aircraft was shot down by Turkish F-16s in the Turkey-Syria border area on November 24, though the pilot parachutes to safety.  Putin was furious, condemning the Turkish attack.

Then: ¬†Iran was Turkey’s biggest trading partner and next door neighbour – until Turkey decided to host the establishment of a NATO missile shield in September 2011. ¬† Iran believed the U.S. wanted to detect missiles fired from within her borders, in order to protect Israel from any counter-attack should Israel target Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iranian clerics looking at an Iranian missile

Then:  In addition, Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that Turkey should rethink its policies over Syria, the NATO defense shield, and promotion of secularism over the Arab world following the Arab Spring.

Then: relations between these three countries, in general, were in the toilet.  That is, until July 15-16, when without warning, members of the Turkish First Army, Second Army, Third Army, Turkish Navy, Turkish Air Force and Turkish Gendarmie launched a full-scale military coup against the government, utilizing a shocking 8,651 soldiers, 1,676 non-commissioned officers, 1,214 military students, 35 planes (including 24 fighter jets), 37 helicopters, 74 tanks, 246 armored vehicles and 3 warships.

img_9418The conclusion of this coup has been even more shocking than its commencement. More than 15,000 arrested, including (presumably) almost anyone who ever opposed this current government Рwhich could easily lead to a dictatorship.  Even worse, the Turkish government is furious with NATO for not coming to her aid, although one wonders what kind of military response they expected when the whole thing was over in 2 days, and came without warning.

One also wonders how nearly 10,000 troops could have begun this coup on cue, in every single branch of the military, and NO ONE in government had any clue it was coming? ¬†That’s either gross incompetence or collusion.

I smell a setup so this President could pull Turkey out of NATO and become allies with Russia all on one fell swoop.  Someone somewhere was brilliantly pulling these strings Рperhaps Putin himself.  He did it in Crimea Рwhy not here?

This¬†story has just begun. ¬†Regardless,¬†the real story here is that the 2,600 year old prophecies of the prophet Ezekiel, chapter 38, just became today’s front page news:

The word of the Lord came to me: 2 ‚ÄúSon of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog [Russia], the chief prince of[a] Meshek and Tubal [Turkey]; prophesy against him 3 and say: ‚ÄėThis is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince of[b] Meshek and Tubal. 4 I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army‚ÄĒyour horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. 5 Persia [Iran], Cush[c] and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, 6 also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops‚ÄĒthe many nations with you.


Soviet_Union_USSR_Grunge_Flag_by_think0 (2)

By Retro Russia, Founding Blog Member,
Calling Out Community
Posted August 11, 2016

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Iran’s Nuclear Program – Made in AMERICA

As talking heads in the news media still debate the actual terms of the¬†Iran nuclear agreement that President Obama pushed through in July 2015 –¬†we wanted to advise some of you and remind the rest¬†where this¬†Iranian nuclear program came from in the first place.

We¬†not going to take time to debate the pros and cons¬†of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, nor question¬†the 2012 U.S. intelligence reports stating Iran had no nuclear capabilities¬†or¬†the opposing¬†2012 Israeli reports that¬†Iran was “6-7 months”¬†away from a bomb. ¬†We won’t even look into the reasons why the U.S just implemented a European shield in May 2016 against the very Iranian missiles we were told this agreement protected us from in the first place.

We just wanted you to know that the Iranian nuclear program, as Bruce Springsteen so powerfully rocked it, was born in the U.S.A.


America’s anguish with¬†the¬†Iranian nuclear program is hard to understand, when the facts clearly show that Washington exported nuclear technology to Tehran in the first place.

Russia may have become Iran’s best nuclear supplier since the 1979 Revolution, but, in the earliest days of Tehran’s flirtation with the atom, it was the Eisenhower Administration that provided encouragement, equipment, funds and uranium to kick-start an Iranian nuclear program.

An instructive timeline of America’s shifting views towards the Iranian Atom (compiled by the Iranian Website Alakhbar) details this curious history.

The Shah of Iran greets President Eisenhower at Tehran Mehrabad Airport on December 14, 1959. (Credit: Unknown)
The Shah of Iran greets President Eisenhower at Tehran Mehrabad Airport on December 14, 1959. (Credit: Unknown)

Beginning as far back as the 1950s, the US was busy promoting nuclear power around the world and one of the nuclear industry’s first clients was Iran ‚Äď then under the control of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, a pro-Western despot who held power through the brutal excesses of his secret police, the Savak.

133 million of these “Atoms for Peace” stamps were printed by the U.S. Postal Service, in honor of President Eisenhower’s 1953 speech to the U.N. (Credit: Mystic

In December 1953, President Eisenhower, trying to shed the image of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the world’s consciousness, stood before the United Nations and pledged to find a way to use the incredible discovery of nuclear power for peaceful means, in his famed speech “Atoms for Peace”.

In 1957, under his¬†“Atoms for Peace” program, the US inked a civilian nuclear development deal with Iran. Three years later, the US sold a small research reactor to Iran. After the reactor went online in 1967, Iran signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

In 1970, the US (joined by France and Germany) began negotiations for the construction of as many as 20 nuclear reactors inside Iran. The “nuclear superpowers” also reportedly discussed establishing an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Little proof today exists of this supposed plan by¬†Washington for an Iranian bomb program but it certainly heard a lot about Iran’s civilian nuclear power program. ¬†The Shah had an incredibly progressive plan to build up to 23 nuclear reactors by 2000.

Construction of the first Iranian reactor, the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, in the 1970s. (Public Domain)
Construction of the first Iranian reactor, the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, in the 1970s. (Public Domain)

And it was as a result of this aggressive program of building nuclear power plants in Iran that we found¬†Iran’s despotic and tyrannical Shah starring in a string of eye-grabbing nuclear power ads in the USA, as seen above.

The Shah Loves Nukes So Why Don’t You?

The advertising campaign was backed by large energy companies like Westinghouse and General Electric and the ads carried the names of burgeoning nuclear operators from across several East Coast states.

The ads, which began to appear in the early 1970s, bore the slogan “Nuclear Energy. Today’s Answer.” Small print at the bottom identified the sponsors: Boston Edison, Eastern Utilities Association, New England Power Co., Public Service Co. of New Hampshire, New England Gas and Electric Companies.

The ads featured a striking photo of the Shah, in all his embroidered, beribboned, imperial splendor, epaulets ablaze and medallions aglow. Hovering over his photo was the phrase: “Guess Who’s Building Nuclear Power Plants.” Notice, there was no question mark at the end of the sentence because there was no question about the message.

The Shah of Iran is sitting on top of one of the largest reservoirs of oil in the world,” the ad copy began. “Yet he’s building two nuclear plants and planning two more to provide electricity for his country. He knows the oil is running out ‚Äď and time with it.”

It reads today like an Earth Day message delivered by a well-meaning nuclear industry that wanted nothing more than to save the world from a plague of oil spills, pollution and global warming. ¬†But the real message wasn’t about the shortcomings of fossil fuels, it was about the abiding fear of atoms.

The Shah “wouldn’t build the plants now if he doubted their safety,” the ad copy read. “He’d wait. As many Americans want to do.” But the message was clear – the Shah was wiser than the average American. “The Shah knows that nuclear energy is not only economical, it has enjoyed a remarkable 30-year safety record.

Two major problems with the ad – yes, the Shah WAS “building” reactors, but they were never “built” as long as he lived. And they were never built by American companies – German contractors got that honor. ¬†When the Iranian Revolution began in 1979, the first reactor was 85% complete, the second 50%, and the Ayatollah’s proclamation that the project was¬†“un-Islamic” stopped construction. ¬†The project wasn’t completed by new contractors from¬†Russia until 2009!

First atomic bomb test, near Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945. (Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica)

The¬†30-year “safety record” of nuclear energy also included little historical footnotes like:

  • The first atomic tests at Alamogordo,
  • The two bombs that destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nakasaki, killing up to 246,000 people, and
  • Years of above-ground nuclear bomb tests that spread fallout around the world.

Leaving aside those footnotes, the advertising copy pressed on to argue that atomic power’s safety record was “good enough for the citizens of Plymouth, Massachusetts, too. They’ve approved their second nuclear plant by a vote of almost 4 to 1. Which shows you don’t have to go as far as Iran for an endorsement of nuclear power.

Shah-Bomb, Shah-Bomb

But the Shah wasn’t in the nuclear game just to keep the lights on in Tehran someday, somewhere over the rainbow. There was more to it. ¬†The Shah tipped his hand in 1974 when he boasted to a French reporter that he expected to be “in possession of a nuclear bomb much sooner than is believe” (sic).

President Gerald Ford publicly supported the Shah’s nuclear ambitions, as did his White House henchmen Dick Cheney, Ronald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger who served as the Shah’s nuclear lobby in Washington.

By 1978, relations between Washington and Tehran were so cozy that the US bestowed its “most favored nation” status on the country, which allowed Iran to undertake the reprocessing of nuclear fuel (a sure pathway to acquiring “weapons-grade” uranium).

The Shah’s nuclear ambitions were never realized, however. In 1979, a popular revolution toppled the Shah and the hated Savak. The country’s new leaders terminated the nuclear pacts with the West and ordered the nuclear program shut down for religious reasons.

So clearly,¬†while some say that they cannot take credit or blame for where Iran’s nuclear program is today (which is debatable after¬†the signing¬†of this Iran nuclear agreement), America started Iran’s nuclear ball rolling. ¬†We pray to God that it never actually becomes full realized.



By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted April 14, 2016.  Updated October 16, 2016

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Iran Illegally Test-Fired Missiles (Yawn)

By Calling Out Community, Posted October 12, 2015. Updated January 17, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry after a news conference on Iran nuclear talks in Vienna. (Credit: Carlos Barria/Agence France-Presse)

On July 14, 2015, the P5+1 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States), the European Union (EU), and the Islamic Republic of Iran reached a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).  This, incidentally, is likely the most irrelevant, unrelated title for a document in history.

The JCPOA was sold to the general public as a way of ensuring that Iran does not pose a near or even distant danger to the world through its already-existent nuclear program, which it says is solely for energy generation purposes.

imagesHowever, as news reports about the JCPOA came out, and details were more clearly realized, we were shocked to discover just how badly this had been negotiated. The deal left far too many things on the table, and took off safeguards that seemed totally ludicrous.

One of the most notable was the blessing by the International Atomic Energy Agency for Iran to inspect some of its own facilities and report back its findings – though two senior U.S. officials told NBC News that the unusual arrangement between the IAEA and Tehran related only to “past military activity” and that UN inspectors, including IAEA Director Yukiya Amano, would be on site to supervise the Iranians at every step of the way.

Past military activity? That makes no sense – Iran has never yet built or used a nuclear weapon, so the entire program must be under suspicion for military use, or they wouldn’t have pushed to have an agreement to ensure it didn’t get used for evil.

The wolf was allowed to inspect the chicken coop, while the rest of us turkeys shook our heads in amazement.

q_60I and others believed that Iran would eventually show its true colors, however, and expose themselves for the conniving fraudsters that they are.¬† On October 11, 2015, they did just that, with the United States confirming that Iran had just tested a medium-range missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon, in “clear violation” of a United Nations Security Council ban on ballistic missile tests.

The logic of this escapes me, if Iran is to be taken at face value in agreeing to this JCPOA. Why spend any time, energy, money or political capital to sign such an agreement on July 14, and then to test a ballistic missile on October 11 that would clearly rustle feathers?

Unless, of course, they meant to do this as a test of the United States’ will power and resolve.¬† They could have saved the missile fuel – we could have told them that the United States would do diddly squat about this.

Samantha-Power-Meme-10-14-2015The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said in an October 21 statement:

“The United States is deeply concerned about Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch. After reviewing the available information, we can confirm that Iran launched on Oct. 10 a medium-range ballistic missile inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon. This was a clear violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1929.¬†¬†The United States is preparing a report on the incident for the Security Council’s Iran Sanctions Committee and will raise the matter directly with Security Council members in the coming days,” Power said.

In the coming days?  Well, before the U.S. could act, on December 8, the New York Times reported that Iran had test-fired another ballistic missile in November:

“The Obama administration is facing another difficult choice with Iran: As Tehran takes apart much of its nuclear infrastructure to win sanctions relief, how vocally should the White House condemn Iranian violations of United Nations resolutions on other issues?

Based on the first responses Tuesday to reports that Iran had conducted yet another launch of a medium-range ballistic missile, the answer appears to be not very loudly. (emphasis mine)”

Then, on December 15, despite a new International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report that said Iran failed to fully cooperate with an investigation into its past nuclear weapons related work, the United States and the other members of the IAEA Board of Governors voted to close the book on this matter.  Unbelievable.

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano addressing the December meeting of the Board of Governors. (Credit: D. Calma/IAEA)
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano addressing the December meeting of the Board of Governors. (Credit: D. Calma/IAEA)

The above-stated¬†IAEA Director General‚Äôs Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues Regarding Iran‚Äôs Nuclear Programme¬†indicated that Iran engaged in ‚Äúcoordinated‚ÄĚ nuclear weapons activities until 2003 and that some nuclear-weapons work continued until 2009 – a bombshell that contradicts a controversial 2007 intelligence estimate that Iran had given up nuclear-weapons work completely in 2003.

Regardless of all these major concerns, the Obama administration did NOTHING.¬† In fact, yesterday (Saturday, July 16) Obama announced it was #ImplementationDay, the day when the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA, says that Iran has curbed its nuclear program enough to begin receiving relief on sanctions, the terms of which were laid out in the JCPOA. “Today marks the moment that the Iran nuclear agreement transitions from an ambitious set of promises on paper to measurable action in progress,” U.S Secretary of State John Kerry announced Saturday in Vienna.

And today, January 17, the US announced it was imposing fresh sanctions on Iranian companies and individuals over the recent ballistic missile tests. The new sanctions prevent 11 entities and individuals linked to the missile program from using the US banking system.

untitledI’m sorry – pardon me?¬† Imagine, telling 11 Iranians that they are international¬†bad boys, and are now restricted from¬†using¬†their ATM cards in Chicago.¬†¬† Wow, don’t¬†go crazy and tell them that Burger King in Philadelphia is off limits to them too!

I’m sure they were laughing…all the way to the bank somewhere else.¬† What a joke. Iran test-fired, then tested the resolve of the United States and its allies related to this JCPOA – and won the day. In fact, President Obama even stated today that the sanctions lifted as part of the JCPOA deal were “smart”.

Oh, Obama, they were stupid as hell – and so are you.¬† And if you have led us to ruin over this deal, as many of your “fellow citizens” as possible will be demanding your arrest, trial for crimes against humanity. and then we’ll happily strap you to the ground at the projected ground zero of the first nuclear missile that Iran launches against the Israel or the West.

Let’s see if THAT finally…blows your mind.


Holocaust & Hiroshima – Iran’s Plan To Disarm Israel

by Calling Out Community, Posted August 18, 2015

The Palestinian Authority and former Iranian Presidents meet

It’s been reported that sometime in the next two months, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will visit Iran. ¬†On the surface, ¬†the meeting of two Islamic state leaders doesn’t seem that big of a stretch – but actually there is no love lost between Hamas and Tehran, their relationship having been recently defined as “frosty” at best.

The reasons are well-known – it was reported by the Huffington Post’s Arabic edition just two weekends ago¬†that Iran had just canceled a scheduled visit by a Hamas delegation to the Islamic Republic in response to Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal’s visit to Tehran’s rival Saudi Arabia last month.

However, the two sides have a mutual hatred of Israel, so it was inevitable that they should eventually join forces.¬† The¬†Jerusalem Post reported August 11 that one item on the upcoming agenda between Abbas and the Iranian President will be a campaign against Israel‚Äôs nuclear program.¬† Ahmed Majdalani, former cabinet minister in the Hamas Government, and current Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF)¬†said on Monday, August 10 that his recent visit to Iran was reported to be on an agreement to “revive the idea of an international conference to rid the region of Israel‚Äôs nuclear arsenal and weapons of mass destruction“.

In either an instance of very poor timing, or related interest, the United States declassified a number of documents from 1969-1972 yesterday (Tuesday, August 18) dealing with Israel’s nuclear program. The Jerusalem Post rightfully wonders about the timing:

The publication of the documents comes as part of a routine release of historical information by the US State Department.  However, the timing of the revelations, on the background of the disagreement between Israel and the US over the nuclear agreement with Iran, lends them an extra meaning.

There are those who would claim that the timing of the release is not a coincidence, and is in fact intended to embarrass Israel, which staunchly opposes the deal with Iran, and embarrass Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who continues in his efforts to challenge the Obama administration and influence Congress to reject the deal.

At last –¬†we may have finally¬†discovered the¬†real¬†reason both Obama and Iran were in such a hurry to sign this deal; why some of the side deals were top secret and we may never know them; and why Obama has been such a jackass (even more than his usual jackassish personae) toward Israel during this entire deal deliberation with Iran.

ParchinSiteBut wait, there’s more! ¬†The Associated Press, in an exclusive today (August 19), is¬†reporting that they have gotten their hands on the text of one of these top secret side deals between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, and it’s a shocker:

Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms, operating under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work, according to a document seen by The Associated Press…

…The newly disclosed side agreement, for an investigation of the Parchin nuclear site by the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency, is linked to persistent allegations that Iran has worked on atomic weapons. That investigation is part of the overarching nuclear-limits deal.

The report goes on to state that those negotiating the deal with Iran were not only briefed on this side deal, but had agreed to it in principle before they announced the agreement with Iran had been made.  This is beyond outrageous.  The wolf is allowed to inspect the henhouse now, is it?

never-let-a-fox-in-the-hen-houseThe Western media has, likely now due to criminal culpability, kept completely silent on this story.  They have so supported the Obama administration throughout this debacle, that they should be charged with criminal intent to aid and abet in this outrageous affair.  Do you not think the American people should know about this, before their Congressmen decide to vote on the issue?  Do you believe that Congressmen would have even known about this in advance?

Fox News is one of only a few Western media outlets to pick up on this story (not a surprise).  The other brave outlets include:

  • Victoria, BC’s Times-Colonist newspaper!
  • the Macon Telegraph¬†(Beacon, Georgia paper)
  • the Cap Times (Madison, Wisconsin paper)
  • The Washington Examiner (Washington,. DC –¬†distributes its content via daily online reports and a weekly magazine only), with the unbelievable headline: “State [Department] ‘very comfortable’ with deal letting Iran inspect its own site”.¬† Are they on crack?
  • The Washington Times¬†(Washington, DC – readership of about 100,000)

In an embarrassing contrast:

  • The Washington Post¬†had an article on Iran as well – the visit of the China Philharmonic Orchestra to that totalitarian nation.¬† For some reason, though two of their city’s competitors picked up on the story right away, this mighty media outlet, which boasted in April that they had broken records with more than 52 million visitors the month before to their site, is completely silent on one of the most important issues of our time.¬† Why?¬† Because they are always regarded at Obama’s official mouthpieces
  • the New York Times, also was silent on the story.¬† In fact, the word “Iran” could not be found in a search of the first page of their site.¬† It’s most recent story on Iran?¬† Wall Street Journal Criticizes Iranian Media Accounts Maligning Its Reporter.¬† Wow, it actually takes effort to ignore a story this big about Iran and not look completely stupid.
  • Russian S-300 missile defence system, which Iran is signing a deal for next week with Moscow
    Russian S-300 missile defence system, which Iran is signing a deal for next week with Moscow

    CNN – also silent on the side inspection¬†agreement with Iran.¬† However, they carry a story that might be equally as scary:¬† “U.S. concerned about Russian arms sales to Iran”¬† What?¬† They do have $150 billion now to spend on whatever they want, thanks to the relaxing of sanctions.¬† The story states:

U.S. officials are concerned that Russia is moving ahead with plans to sell Iran a sophisticated missile defense system that could undercut Washington’s ability to challenge Tehran’s airspace.¬† The advanced S-300 air defense system would mean that U.S. or Israeli warplanes likely couldn’t sneak into Iranian airspace if they wanted to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. Bombing the S-300 radar and missiles first would give the Iranians a warning that an attack would be on the way. (emphasis ours)

So much for a military intervention, should Iran say “screw you” to the West and not sign this deal.¬† But the State Department is “very comfortable“, according to the Washington Examiner, ¬†with Iran doing its own inspections?¬† Oh, well then we have nothing to worry about, do we?¬† I mean, if I didn’t have a calendar, I’d swear it had to be April Fool’s Day.¬† This just CAN’T be happening.¬† And Americans aren’t stupid – they would see this for what it is, but they aren’t being told.¬†We must get the message out.

Coming back to the original story, there is speculation that Iran and Hamas may have been actually been negotiating to force Israel to give up their nukes as well without even consulting them, under the guise of Iran doing the same and creating a nuclear-free Middle East. ¬†One normally would wonder how something so simple in hindsight could go unnoticed (or more likely, be perpetually ignored) by the Western news media.¬† Now, one doesn’t wonder so much about that – it’s expected.

Israeli F-16i fighter jet, which could carry a nuclear missile as a deterrent, should Arab League forces invade Israel again
Israeli F-16i fighter jet, which could carry a nuclear missile as a deterrent, should Arab League forces invade Israel again

Israel is, with question, the mortal enemy of Iran, according to the last several Presidents of the Islamic state in a row. Therefore, ¬†it would be surprising – shocking actually – if one of the items on the table with the United States was not a forced disarmament by Israel as well. ¬†Iran would use the excuse that their nuclear ambitions, though clearly energy-related only (cough), also act as a deterrent against the “aggressive monster” (their words, not ours) Israel.¬† Yet, Israel has possibly held nuclear weapons for decades as a deterrent against a fourth massive invasion by Arabic troops in less than 70 years.¬† Their nuclear program is no threat to a peaceful Middle East.¬† Iran, however, is a different matter.

Most Middle East security expert believe it’s highly unlikely Iran will totally comply with the nuclear deal it has yet to be signed anyway. They have dragged their feet for weeks since announcing the deal, as has the United States. ¬†However, to force its mortal enemy Israel to disarm its only real deterrent against all-out Arab invasion¬†(being Israel’s ‘reported’ nuclear weapons) would bring together in one possible event the two greatest horrors of the 20th Century:

Holocaust and Hiroshima

A Star of David burns in flames during a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza in front of the Israeli embassy in Ankara December 28, 2008. Protesters demand from the Turkish government to end all kind of relations with Israeli government. REUTERS/Umit Bektas (TURKEY) - RTR22VQC
A Star of David burns in flames during a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza in front of the Israeli embassy in Ankara December 28, 2008. Protesters demand from the Turkish government to end all kind of relations with Israeli government. REUTERS/Umit Bektas (TURKEY) – RTR22VQC

This would be the greatest blow to Israel that they have ever witnessed.¬† From a public relations standpoint alone, Iran, the United States and the United Nations have all ¬†never possessed a more ugly anti-Semitic mood then¬†they have right now.¬† But Israel’s Prime Minister was to shut up about this?¬† We were all supposed to go along with the “this is the best deal we could get” bulls–t?”

This is how I predict it will fly, and it will fly quickly. ¬†Obama is certainly no “friend to Israel” as he likes to state. ¬†He¬†makes statements that he’s “the closest thing to a Jew”¬†ever in the White House – then he made sure that remained true by snubbing¬†the¬†actually-elected¬†Jewish leader, the Prime Minister of Israel, in his joint session to Congress earlier in the year.

A quick footnote: ¬† Benjamin Netanyahu did not just appear and speak in the United States of his own volition. ¬†He¬†was officially invited by the Congress of the United States of America – “Republican-controlled” or otherwise – and protocol and social skills would normally dictate that you put up, shut up and show up – if for no other reason than to legitimize your criticism later.¬† But no, Obama hid in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like the sewer rat that he is, waiting for the “Jewish¬†interloper” (not his exact words of course, but the actions speak louder than the words in this scenario) to get back on a plane headed for Jerusalem. ¬†Embarrassing. ¬†Pathetic. Shameful. ¬†Rude. ¬†Arrogant. Jackass of the Year.¬† Now, it seems, we can add¬†TRAITOROUS to this list of Obama adjectives as well.

This is the real Obama. ¬†Not ¬†the “Yes We Can” crap¬†of his first term. ¬†The mask is off, the sleeves are rolled up – and the most socialistic, anti-Israel, anti-American President¬†of the United States in history… is¬†finally¬†really getting to work. ¬†And U.S. authorities ought to be storming the White House tonight, arresting the bastard, and give him either life without parole or the electric chair for this crime against the United States, or crimes against humanity.

Barack Hussein (sniff) Obama¬†has done more damage to America in 6 years than the first 44 Presidents combined die…in the last 233 years before that.¬† It’s time to get your heads out of the sand – I know you want to believe that an American President couldn’t do this stuff, but regardless, HE IS.¬† It’s time to rise up and remove him from power before it’s too late.¬†

If it’s not already too late.


The Massive Rally …That Never Happened?

by Calling Out Community, Posted July 24, 2015

The falling tree in the woods - did YOU hear it?
The falling tree on the island – did YOU hear it?

“If a tree were to fall on an island where there were¬†no human beings would there be any sound?”

Рpublished in The Chautauquan, June 1883

The famous question¬†¬†above, now told in a hundred different ways since, has morphed over the decades from it’s original intent into some weird¬†philosophical “thought experiment” that raised questions for decades about observation and knowledge of reality. ¬†People for decades have wanted to read into it, wanted to discover some deep esoteric meaning.

imagesOnly one problem with that – the¬†32-year old question was actually¬†scientific in nature – no “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey” (i.e. SNL skit) required. ¬†In April 1884, Scientific American published the answer to this question to educate/entertain their readers, the contents of which may surprise you:scientific-american-v50-n14-1884-04-05_0000

Sound is vibration, transmitted to our senses through the mechanism of the ear, and recognized as sound only at our nerve centers. The falling of the tree or any other disturbance will produce vibration of the air. If there be no ears to hear, there will be no sound.

Sigmund Freud and his cigar
Sigmund Freud and his cigar

As¬†Sigmund Freud¬†is¬†widely¬†quoted as saying:¬†“sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” – meaning that sometimes, there’s no symbolic meaning behind what you hear or see. ¬†It’s just facts as facts as presented. ¬†Becomes a bit ironic¬†as Freud is widely quoted with this sentence, and¬†there’s never been any evidence that he ever uttered a single word of it. ¬†Once again, an example of society’s perception of something morphing over time – being told something over and over again that’s not true, and suddenly it becomes true to the masses.

Fast forward to 2015, where we find¬†the mainstream news media, particularly in North America, considering themselves to be just such a type¬†of brainy bunch. ¬†Like the intellectually elite above,¬†they love to analyze and share their expertise on virtually every subject imaginable – jack of all trades and masters of none. ¬†And often, like the ethereal crowd looking at the fallen tree question, the media¬†loves to see things that aren’t there, and tell us that they are. ¬†They also like to ignore things that are there, and pretend they don’t exist.

It’s true that some¬†in the media have been stellar at their jobs, and were /¬†are even brilliant at it. ¬†The really good ones didn’t have to tell us they were- ¬†they showed it with their prose, depth of knowledge of the subject at hand, their ability to get the story (“just the¬†facts”) no matter what the barriers – and their skills in presenting the information, which allowed the average Harry &¬†Mary out there to¬†make educated decisions and form logical opinions on the subject.

The Hindenburg zeppelin goes up in flames at Lakehurt Naval Air Station in New Jersey on May 6, 1937
The Hindenburg zeppelin goes up in flames at Lakehurt Naval Air Station in New Jersey on May 6, 1937

America wept¬†with Walter Kronkite, as¬†he broke the news on November 22, 1963¬†that an assassin’s bulletin had slain their young President in Dallas. ¬†And who doesn’t¬†still get chills when they¬†hear the live radio¬†news report¬†from ¬†Herbert Morrison, witnessing¬†the Hindenburg explode and drop to the ground like a stone, killing 36 people. ¬†We trusted and respected guys like this for decades.

Not any more. ¬†Today’s¬†24-hour news cycle demands content, and suddenly the “talking head” was born. ¬†Around that same time, news organizations stopped caring so much about whether they got the facts straight (if they had any real facts at all) – because they could retract later. ¬†And the facts didn’t take long to tell – so they introduced¬†their OPINION of what was taking place as well, like their opinion matters or means anything.

Today, there is virtually no news item that isn’t¬†tainted by a touch of the “experts”, and there’s no universally accepted standard for the determination of an “expert” today in the news media – anyone can self-publish a book today and become an “expert” on the subject, even if they truly are just a wingnut with an undiagnosed mental illness and a lot of free time.

As¬†our news outlets struggled at times¬†to find suitable content to fill the 24-hour cycle¬†allotted, some of these¬†“journalists”¬†committed the unpardonable sin of journalism –¬†stretching the truth, letting hyperbole get the best of them, not fact checking a story because of time – or as we saw recently with Brian Williams, the anchor of NBC News, they just flat-out¬†made up stuff.

Of course, the worst consequence of having the networks share their opionons with us is the birth of the “liberal” vs. “conservative” press – which naturally causes distrust in at least 50% of society right off the marker, even if the story they are giving you is 100% accurate. ¬†I liken it to¬†when a person touches a¬†perfume or cologne container, and the oil of their skin actually spoils the fragrance.

Times-Square-Iran[1]So, with this insane pressure everywhere to get a story, any story – and get it before your competitors do –¬†you’d¬†think that news organizations¬†would fall all over themselves for a story that just naturally develops, such as the one ¬†on Wednesday evening, July 22 in New York City’s Times Square, when up to 12,000¬†people gathered to send a message to the US Congress not to vote “Yes” on the Iranian nuclear agreement, as presented to them earlier in the week by “Psychobama’s”¬†goons.

Fox News¬†was there, reporting that the crowd may have been “the largest protest ever held in Times Square”. ¬†The U.K.’s pre-eminent newspaper the Guardian was also on hand,¬†as was the Jerusalem Post (their¬†senior contributing editor, Caroline Glick,¬†was a speaker)¬†along with¬†A-list¬†speakers¬†like former New York Governor George Pataki.

Even the CNN of the Arabic world,¬†Al Jazeera, so mistrusted in the West for reasons stated above, showed up and¬†gave¬†a surprising well-balanced report, even¬†presenting a new poll that the “suggested that of the 79 percent of Americans who heard about the deal [with Iran], 48 percent disapprove.”

ShowImageNow, this is “massive”¬†Times Square protest was happening in New York City of course¬†–¬†so it stands to reason that the New York Times (after which Times¬†Square is named)¬†– the paper that has boasted since 1896 that they cover “All the News That’s Fit to Print“- surely they would have been out in force, speaking with at least some of¬†the thousands of their fellow New¬†Yorkers who were very concerned about their futures because of this nuclear deal. ¬†Right?

Ummm – nope. ¬†Reporter Jonathan Weisman briefly brushed over it in a 27-word sentence (the whole article was one paragraph). ¬†He must have made a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong event, because the whole focus of the article was wrong. ¬†He¬†wrote: ‚ÄúIn New York, opponents of the accord organized a large protest in Times Square on Wednesday evening, drawing thousands of people to demand that Congress reject it.‚ÄĚ

Wow, deep – you or¬†I could have written the same thing after¬†reading my¬†blog posting. ¬†His sentence was factually true, but the media doesn’t just tell the story today – it has to explain it, share how it feels about it, spin it.¬† The New York Times is often accused of being President Obummer’s personal soapbox, which is unfortunate as they can hardly get to the bottom of issues like the deal with Iran, when they are practically sleeping with the enemy.

So¬†this story involving 12,000 protestors, stunningly underwhelming, was¬†buried by editors on page 16, and¬†politically spun with the title¬†‚ÄúCampaign for Congressional Backing of Iran Nuclear Deal Begins‚ÄĚ. ¬†The message? ¬†Forget the thousands screaming against this Accord outside. ¬†Congress is gonna love it. ¬†The problem with that is, of course, that Congress is PISSED about it. ¬†You’d have to be drinking Draino to think that the Republican-controlled Congress will pass what Governor Pitaka called a “God-awful deal” at the rally, after “President Barricade N. Bombem” snubbed¬†Congress¬†altogether and ran to the United Nations to get them to ratify the agreement without Congressional input in the first place.

It’s like going on a¬†field trip with your school class to an extremely questionable art exhibit at a gallery that your parents find abhorrent and would never approve of in a million years – but¬†not wanting to miss out,¬†you forged a note from your parents giving you fraudulent permission to¬†do so.

While that is certainly fodder for anothyer article, I want to state clearly that I believe there was¬†no absolute authority granted to Obama to negotiate this nuclear deal in the first place on behalf of America, nor permission or authority to single-handedly offer Iran any of the top secret side deals that they have admittedly given away, and most assuredly, taking the agreement to the United Nations as if he¬†spoke for America and everyone was¬†in agreement with it, when the American Congress hadn’t¬†even seen¬†the deal yet (and some had¬†already said they wouldn’t support it regardless)….¬†is unthinkable.

Sorry folks, but that¬†type of government style can only be defined as dictatorship. ¬†Americans want to believe their Presidents have their best interests at heart. ¬†But seriously, how much evidence do Americans need that this guy is up to something, that he doesn’t quite seem to think the way most Americans do?

And now, it seems, the President seems to have accidentally forgotten the check and balances that were built by the founding fathers so abuse of power could not happen. Even in my Grade 7 social class in a Canadian school, I was taught that the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the U.S. Government are all clearly mapped out and defined in the U.S. constitution.  How does President Obimbo not know about them?

Either Obama goofed and made a mistake in bypassing the structured order of things here, a basic flaw in understanding American politics which makes him an incompetent President after 6 years in office Рor he did this on purpose, which makes him a dictator.  Ask yourself these questions

  • why on earth does this President think it is so important to do this deal with our sworn enemy right now.¬† They had been negotiating for 10 years before with no success
  • why did Iran so quickly sign this agreement with the Devil, the “Great Satan”? ¬†Could it be because they get back $150 billion¬†in frozen assets, and still get to keep part of their nuclear program as well? ¬†And what will that money be spent on?

Remember, Iran wasn’t pulled to the table at the end of a war that they lost with us. ¬†They didn’t come to us in an act of surrender. ¬†The sanctions had not crippled them so effectively \that their people were starving to death. ¬†Yet, they were willing to sit down with the¬†Devil¬†and negotiate away a¬†nuclear program¬†they¬†spent untold billions on already? ¬†Something doesn’t add up here.

Now Obama thinks that the Congress should actually vote to support this plan? “Trust me, it’s a good deal”, he tells us. ¬†“We couldn’t have done better”? ¬†Really? ¬†Because I think dismantling the nuclear capability altogether would have been better. ¬†Not giving back $150 billion in seized assets would have been better.

See, President Oblimpo, we know more you¬†than we did 6 years ago. ¬†Your¬†ties to socialist and even Communist groups in the U.S. and abroad is well-documented. ¬†Your¬†birth as an American was in question from the beginning, and you never produced your¬†birth certificate to prove it. ¬†You’ve¬†added $13 trillion to the U.S. National debt 4 times more than all of the previous Presidents cumulative debt combined, which has crippled America financially.¬† You were quick to suddenly¬†open diplomatic relations last month with communist Cuba after 50 years – announcing it, I noticed on a Sunday night when no one was paying attention.

Now, you’ve negotiated a deal with the #1 terror support system on earth, Iran, pushing a¬†secret deal right past the U.S. Government to the international court of public approval, to be voted on by the Security Council – whose membership includes several countries that are outright enemies of the United Statss – and they unanimously supported the plan!¬† And Americans still think that “Obama is da bomb”. ¬†I think you’re DA BOOB. ¬†You’re not¬†misunderstood, misrepresented. ¬†I personally believe you might even be the¬†most¬†evil man to be President.

Americans looks at their Presidents with rose-colored glasses. ¬†But what if our greatest enemies – Communist nations, Islamic terrorists groups, etc. – actually were successful at getting their man into the White House? ¬†His name alone, and his possible connection with Islamic groups in the past, as well as socialist groups, should have been a red flag. ¬†But he smiles, he’s hip, he’s happening. ¬†He can’t be bad?

And our news media continue to propogate that message, which makes them just as liable even he’s a fraud as Joseph Goebbels was liable for Hitler’s monstrous policies. ¬†I personally think Obama¬†should be arrested and charged with abuse of power and treason, the American side of the deal should be ripped up, and we should slap Iran with sanctions so crippling, they abandon their nuclear ambitions and support of terrorism, or they¬†starve to death. ¬†We’ve been betrayed by this¬†President, and you can dismiss this as mere rantings if you want, but you’ve left a lot of unanswered questions on the table when¬†you do.

23cong-master675Head spinning yet? ¬†Well, then let’s get back to the spin itself. ¬†The only photo in the New York Times article was¬†of Secretary of State John Kerry coming out a briefing with¬†U.S. Congressional officials on the Iran deal. ¬†It’s now my favorite photo of him (see left). ¬†Not only is he on crutches, giving that air of …umm…strength and confidence¬†–¬†but his face says “I think¬†I just crapped myself”. ¬†Round it out with the bloodshot eyes and the face that looks like a whoopie cushion – after the whoopie, and a star is born.¬†(Barf)

This was the best they could come up with? ¬†I mean, it takes solid WORK for the Times¬†to ignore 12,000 protestors just 3 blocks from your office, while you write a story about Congress approving something that even the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny will tell you ain’t gonna happen. ¬†Put down the crack pipe and start doing some real journalism, NYT. ¬†

Kudos, however, to the New York Post – they had a great article, clearly actually talked to people that were there, and they have a good sense of the issues. ¬†But then, that’s probably because¬†“severely normal”¬†people read their paper, and they are used to telling it like it is and getting in idiots’ faces. ¬†Long live the Post.

So, the New York Times tanked, gett ing a “D” for being true dipsh–s, for burying this story because it goes against their lunatic-left-leaning, Obama-ass-kissing viewpoints. Well, there’s¬†always their sister CNN or CNN International to come to the rescue – the “world’s news leader”. ¬†Christina AMansPower, Wolf is Blitzered, and Anderson Pooper¬†–¬†right? ¬†¬†Do¬†a search on CNN’s website for stories about “Times Square”, and here is¬†the most recent search result:

  1. I thought this was a picture of the crowd at the anti-ivory protest.  Nope, it's the ivory at the protest.  Sigh Credit: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
    I thought this was a picture of the crowd at the anti-ivory protest. Nope, it’s the IVORY itself at the protest. (Sigh) Credit: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

    #ivorycrush: U.S. destroys ton of ivory in Times Square (05:11 AM, Jun 20, 2015)   The message was crushingly loud and clear: Stop the illicit ivory trade. And to highlight it, the U.S. destroyed more than a ton of elephant ivory.

Ummm. ¬†Errrr.¬† So 12,000 protestors didn’t make the cut, but some story about ivory crushing in the same Times Square a month earlier gets one – oops no TWO – separate stories back in June. ¬†Well, it must have been an important story, let’s review:

…The United States destroyed more than a ton of elephant ivory in New York’s Times Square on Friday. ¬†Lawmakers, wildlife officials, conservationists and bystanders watched the ivory turn into sand-like powder as an industrial rock crusher descended on carvings and raw tusks.

The “United States” did this? ¬†Or maybe you meant to say “6 environmental wingnuts from fringe groups protesting¬†the ivory trade did this“? ¬†Must have been an auto-correct error. ¬†The A-list speakers included the Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife¬†– though I miss the¬†obvious connection between¬†African elephant poaching¬†and his job title. Jessica Alba was there – and¬†of course we care what one of the Fantastic Four¬†has to say¬†about elephant tusks. ¬†And sorry, can I get some explanation for how destroying ivory saves elephants. ¬†And¬†isn’t there like an elephant tusk soup or something out there in Chinese food¬†restaurants? I would have loved to follow that dump truck full of ground up ivory – I wonder where it went. (snicker)

Speaking of Chinese food – one of my¬†favorite speakers in the video shown¬†was the Asian female¬†“US representative”¬†speaker¬†–¬†from Queens, New York. ¬†Again, not seeing what expertise she had on the subject of¬†elephants? ¬†Africa? ¬†Ivory poaching? ¬†I wanted to hear her¬†talk about the horrifying practice of sawing off their tusks while the elephant may still be alive or how incredibly cruel the hunters are to these beautiful, intelligent animals. ¬†But her take on it was very simple: ¬†we¬†should save the elephants¬†“because they are interesting creatures and they create communities“.

Say what? ¬†Ok, you just¬†described¬†piranha and maggots too, honey – what’s your point? ¬†Have you actually ever seen an elephant? ¬†No no, not Babar. ¬†Discovery Channel is cheating. ¬†A real elephant – like in a zoo maybe? ¬†¬†It suddenly dawned on me why she was there. ¬†The event¬†was lame-assed, and no one else was gonna go – she picked the short straw. Or some store nearby had a shoe sale. ¬†The woman didn’t have a clue. ¬†And THIS was deemed to be of more value than 12,000 protestors? ¬†The largest assembled protest in the history of Times Square

It wasn’t covered, of course, because it doesn’t make their boyfriend Obama look all manly and stuff. ¬†But CNN didn’t just bury the story, they¬†ignored it like it didn’t happen. ¬†Excellent journalistic instincts. And inviting Jessica Alba along to hand ivory to some gimp on a¬†rock crusher to destroy in Times Square? ¬†Priceless. ¬†Worth every second of both stories own the event that CNN ran that day. ¬†And the¬†video. ¬†The mind numbing, seemingly never-ending video. ¬†And all that grinding….sigh

Protest against Obama? ¬†Oh hell no, they aren’t going to¬†let that get on the Mother Network. ¬†Well, thankfully the thousands¬†who assembled at the¬†rally that CNN is pretending didn’t happen¬†are in the know – and the millions more in the silent majority across America – are not getting the wool¬†pulled over their eyes. ¬†Fortunately THEY don’t get their news primarily from CNN or the New York Times. ¬†This “invisible” rally was organized by people who¬†know full well that you don’t push something out the door to the United Nations, bypassing your own Constitutionally-designed Legislative branch of government – unless the item¬†you’re pushing¬†either stinks, has been stolen or its a secret you don’t want revealed – or in this case, all of the above.

Let me propose a question to my readers today:

“If 10,000 people were to¬†gather on a Wednesday evening for¬†possibly the¬†largest protest ever¬†held in Time Square, and most of the¬†mainstream media outlets ignored¬†it, did it actually happen? ¬†And if millions of people were to be concerned about the contents of a deal with Iran that has¬†top secret elements and a bypass of the U.S. Congress marked all over it¬†– do those millions of people exist?

Like that tree falling on the island,¬†I think I’m starting to hear something here….


“Is There Anyone Left Standing With Israel?”

by Calling Out Community, Posted July 20, 2015

The Security Council unanimously adopts resolution establishing a monitoring system for Iran’s nuclear programme. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz
The Security Council unanimously adopts resolution establishing a monitoring system for Iran’s nuclear programme. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz

This morning it was announced that the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to adopt the Vienna Agreement, which allowed Iran to operate sanctions-free, while paying lip service to its agreements to not develop nuclear weapons.  I will be going into more depth in the days ahead on this agreement, and how it looks on the surface to be actively / intentionally created to betray the people of Israel.

President Obama (I use the title loosely here, for I believe he is a traitor and trust America someday sees how he has led them toward complete ruin) smugly told Israel today that suddenly they have “no truer friend” than the United States – but through his Secretary of Defense, visiting Israel this morning.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, center, and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 91st Division Commander Moni Katz, right, view the Hula Valley from the Hussein Lookout near Kiryat Shmona, Israel, Monday, July 20, 2015.
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, center, and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 91st Division Commander Moni Katz, right, view the Hula Valley from the Hussein Lookout near Kiryat Shmona, Israel, Monday, July 20, 2015.

Obama¬†himself will likely not be caught dead in Israel from now to the end of his term and he’d be wise not to. ¬†And of course the Defense Secretary’s¬†speech was full of all the typical bravado and promises and assurances – it was also delivered almost simultaneously as the United Nations votes to put this nonsensical agreement into internationally-ratified law. ¬† Pre-meditated scheduling?

On one of the Israeli news sites this morning, I saw a posting by a man named “Mustafa”, which I know to be an Arabic name. ¬†His sentiments were clear – and I admit, when I first read the sentence, I got an instant lump in my throat, as I stood on a crowded train on the way to my Downtown office.

He said simply, as a representative cry from the hearts of Israelis – both Jewish and Arab alike:

“Is there anyone left who will stand with Israel?

I want to share my reply to his posting with you – not just because I believe it to be true, but because we need to see the bigger picture, and not allow the 24-hour news cycle to discourage us:

God evens out the sides, no matter how weighed against Israel
God evens out the sides, no matter how weighed against Israel

Mustafa, I am with Israel, as are literally millions of Christians – Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox – who believe with all our hearts that Israel is God’s chosen people. ¬†Though you today seemingly have been betrayed in the eyes of the world, know that you have one Friend who stands above the rest. ¬†For today, the One¬†True God stands with you – the¬†same One who stood with Joshua as the¬†ancient walls of Jericho were flattened, and who¬†stood with IDF in modern times, destroying the Egyptian Air Force in minutes and forcing a surrender – and eventual decades-long peace treaty – between the two most powerful nations in the Middle East – Egypt and Israel. ¬†Your nations have together shown that anything is possible – don’t despair. ¬†

images (1)Stand still, Israel, and see the salvation of your God today. ¬† And know that in a very real and practical way, there are many of us who would consider it an honour to take up arms to defend Israel against possible invaders – even to the death. ¬†We will never allow the enemies of Israel to overrun her. ¬†You are the Apple of God’s Eye and we love you. May God bless the State of Israel and the people of Israel.”