What I DON’T Think About Israel – Part 1

IsraelIsrael Is Forever: Special feature to the Calling Out Community, Posted January 18, 2016.

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem

The older I get, the more opinionated I become about the State and people of Israel. They are unlike any other people group, nation, race, or religion that exists today, or that has ever existed.

You likely don’t know where Botswana is on a map, nor frankly care. You couldn’t name two unique things about the Honduran people, and if you were totally honest, you would need a Google Search to tell me what language is predominant in Zimbabwe. Fair enough.

But if I say “Jew” and “Israel” – you instantly know who I am talking about, where they are located, what language they speak, what their houses of worship are called, who their Prime Minister is, what their currency is, the name of their holiest book, the name of their largest cities, what kind of climate they live in, one or two of their most famous kings or historical figures of the past.

Can you say the same about Switzerland? Kenya? Malaysia? Uruguay? Likely not. And there is likely no other country in history that is loved by more people and that registers a stronger connection with people that have never even visited it than the State of Israel.

55379440At the same time, everyone can come up with at least one negative news item regarding Israel that they have seen or heard reported and repeated by the mainstream media. And there has never been a single people group or nation that has been despised by more people around the world than the Jewish people and Israel. It is undoubtedly the only group on earth that has been targeted for eradication and the only race of people which has words related to both discrimination against them, and eradication of them:

an-tee-sem-i-tiz-uh m, an-tahy-sem-i-tiz-uh m] noun.
Discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews.

(hol-uh-kawst, hoh-luhkawst)
(usually initial capital letter) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually preceded by the).

Jews Are Not Taking Over The World!

Let me be clear – the Jewish people are not reviled because of the actions of, the government of, the military of, or even as a result of the founding of the State of Israel. I and many other supporters of Israel will say with certainty that public disapproval with Israel exists because it is connected to the Jews, not the other way around.

I truly believe if there were no Israel, there would no less anti-Semitism in the world. The protection that Israel affords the Jews today would not be there in other nations, including in the United States. With no Israel, there would likely be a lot fewer Jewish people in the world. And we would all be the poorer because of it.

35c957bd9da29f3a420e5bf87abc1b561d590e8450e2e005fd3f1a271ee40539It’s no small feat for Israel to be in the media spotlight constantly today, yet the reasons for it spouted by the anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist lot make no sense.  The number of Jews in the world is less both in number and in % overall of population than at any time in modern history.  The Jews for decades have been evilly, erroneously and eternally blamed for the world’s ills.  It’s why the Holocaust happened in the first place, though it made no more sense back then than it does to us today.

  • Yet there are still a lot of seriously whacked-out folks who think the Jews plan to conquer the world, or already have.  Yet according to the American Jewish Yearbook:
  • In 1939, the global Jewish population was 16.18 million. In 1950, it was 11.5 million.  In 2008, it was 13.1 million.   That means that there are 3 million Jews less in the world today than there were 70 years ago.
  •  The Jewish population in Europe was about 9.5 million in 1933. In 1950, the Jewish population of Europe was about 3.5 million. Why?  Because 65% of all the Jews in Europe were murdered in the Holocaust.
  • The largest Jewish population in all of Europe was found in Poland in 1939.  However, by 1945, only 10% of Polish Jews were still alive.
  • Today there are more Jews in the United States than in Israel.  Yet, the population of Jews in the United States only grew by 500,000 people in 70 years, while the population of the United States overall grew from 132 million in 1940 to 308.7 million in 2010 (over 176.7 million people),  This means that the percentage of Jews in the population went from 3% in 1939, to 0.17% today.  That doesn’t seem like a very logical or likely percentage of conquerors.
  • It took nearly 70 years, until 2013, for the population of Israel (6.1 million) to equal the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust (6 million)
  • Only 2 countries contain over 85% of the world’s Jews  the United States and Israel.  And of those, 80% live in just 8 cities in the United States and 2 cities in Israel.  Again, that global conspiracy just doesn’t hold water.
  • In 1948, the population of Jews in Israel was 716,700, which grew to 6.1 million in 2014, a growth of 850%.  However, Arabs only had a population of 156,000 in 1948, growing to 2.48 million in 2014, a growth of 1,589%

(As an aside:  How could Palestinians have claimed Israel as their own land in 1948, when they only had 21% of the population of Israel at that time,?  How can Palestinians state that they currently have a Holocaust under Jewish rule, when they have grown nearly 16 times larger in population since 1948?  Today, they still represent less than 1/3 of Israel’s population.)

57456087Along with all the nonsense in the media today about Israel, there are some pretty fundamental beliefs about Israel and the Jews that I hear from major Christian pulpits as well – even sometimes from Jews themselvesand I just do not, will not or can not agree with some of it.

I’ve decided that it’s time to set the record straight. No more grey areas – I want everyone to know exactly where I stand, and to stop propagating some of the “phony baloney” I hear all the time.

Warning: some will find this to be highly controversial. However, please read right through to the end, as I believe it will put things into proper perspective for you. I might even win some of you over along the way.  

As for everyone else – you will not convince me, nor be given a platform to convince any of my followers, that Israel is anything but hat I’ve already stated.  Comments are moderated and offensive ones will be deleted.

Just saying – this blog is not a democracy, you do not necessarily enjoy freedom of speech here, nor am I obligated to provide a soapbox for neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic wingnut filth.





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