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The Oilsands Didn’t Set Fort McMurray On Fire

👤 By Shawn J. ¦ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community ✒ Posted May 9, 2016.  Updated June 6, 2016. 🐦 Twitter: Follow Us ¦ 👍 Facebook: Like Us ✉ Email us with comments! Update: June, 6, 2016: From Alberta Wildfire (Sunday, June 6, 2016): Wildfire (MWF009) has experienced minimal growth and is estimated to be 581,745 hectares in size (including SK).

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Millionaires… By The Millions!

👤 By Shawn J. ¦ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community ✒ Posted March 31, 2016 🐦 Twitter: Follow Us ¦ 👍 Facebook: Like Us ✉ Email us with comments and ideas! In April 2009, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) was created by the 26 richest nations on earth to monitor and make recommendations about the global financial system. Founding member institutions included the Bank

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600 Palestinian Jobs Lost By “Boycott Israel”

Israel Is Forever: Special feature to the Calling Out Community, Posted March 2, 2016 In our June 1, 2015 posting about the global BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement against the people and businesses of Israel, we warned in our title that if you Boycott Israel, Only Palestinians Suffer.  To our heartache, it seems we couldn’t have been more accurate. We told the story of global carbonated drink maker Sodastream, a Israeli-based

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