Obama’s Outrageous Ozone Offences

Former President Barack Obama and his “wife” (I still believe she¬†might be a he)¬†have spent an awful lot of time on vacation lately. ¬†You may say “Oh lay off, he’s earned it.” ¬†Well, in that case, I can’t wait¬†to tell you the details of his most recent vacation, because it seems to fly in the face of literally everything he said for the last 8 years. ¬†

Pardon the pun, but I literally mean “fly”… and a host of other carbon-sucking endeavours that would¬†trigger even his most¬†ardent fans, sending¬†social justice warriors and snowflakes everywhere scrambling to find some Crayolas and a nice, quiet, “safe space” to colour until it’s all over.

Sorry Libtards, but I don’t think he’s going to stop embarrassing you anytime soon.

Or the destructive power of a former President who continues to empire-build long after his second term is over.

On May 29, 2014, the Guardian newspaper reported on¬†President Barack Obama’s unveiled plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants and promote cap and trade – the paper stating that Obama was “undertaking the most significant action on climate change in American history“.

The proposed regulations Obama would launch at the White House almost exactly 3 years ago today were meant to cut carbon pollution by as much as 25% from about 1,600 power plants in operation at that time, according to those claiming familiarity with the plan. Power plants, according to the same article, were America’s single biggest source of carbon pollution ‚Äď responsible for up to 40% of the country’s emissions.

And now, let’s fast forward three years later, and take a look at Obama’s recent efforts to single-handedly be responsible for the remaining 60% of the country’s emissions. ¬†All by himself.

Of course, we are exaggerating – but when you hear just what Obama’s been up to lately, you will start to think that perhaps we aren’t the ones in this story who pulled the wool over your eyes the most. ¬†It seems that President Obama the Vacationing Emperor does not march to the same beat as President Obama the Vacuous Environmentalist.

It all started on May 7, 2017, when the Washington Examiner reported:

Now that this dweeb is no longer President (and someone should inform him of that ASAP), and as it seems his “children” have disappeared from the picture, I guess his words no longer need to hold water.

Former President Barack Obama is travelling to Italy to speak about climate change and food security.

He will be in Milan on Monday and Tuesday where he will meet with Italians, “including friends that he made while in office,” a statement said Sunday. It was sent only moments after Obama spoke at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, where he was awarded the Profiles in Courage Award. [emphasis mine]

Obama flew into Milan on a private jet on May 9 and as the Daily Express reported, he pocketed over £2.5million ($3,221,500.00 USD on May 25, 2017) for the sold-out speech to the Global Food Innovation Summit.  The Express reported that when he landed in the city, he headed straight for the extravagant Park Hyatt hotel, which can cost up to £7,100 ($9,140 USD on May 25, 2017) a night.

They continued:

In a way, I can’t fault the guy – his sycophants are clearly stupid as hell.

“After bringing the city to a standstill with a convoy of 14 cars, a helicopter and a 300-strong police escort, President Obama‚Äôs entourage reportedly took over two floors of the hotel.”

Sorry, but I have to ask the obvious – and I actually hope it triggers Leftists everywhere, causing global mayhem, rioting and weeping out loud in public (I’ll settle for the last one):

SERIOUSLY does he know that? 

How exactly does one come to a forum as prestigious as this, to speak about climate change and other related topics, and create this kind of carbon footprint when he does?

Yes, that “Profiles In Courage” award was fitting – because I can’t think of anyone with more balls to pull off this kind of grotesque hypocrisy than he has.

Well, except for maybe “Michelle” Obama, that is.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. ¬†As BizPac Review reported last Friday, May 19, 2017:

This guy is about to experience some powerful storms, I assure you, should he continue to travel around like a bloody Emperor with no clothes.

On Friday, the former president and his wife Michelle arrived in Tuscany aboard a private plane, escorted to a military base by six fighter jets, then whisked away in 13-car motorcade to a private villa where the stay costs regular folk $15,000 per night.

But the Obamas will likely not be paying for their five-night stay at the refurbished 14th century village as it is owned by Obama’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips, the Daily Mail reported. [A whole whack of emphasis mine]

I don’t really care at all how much money he spends on his vacations, or where he stays when he goes somewhere. ¬†That’s his business. ¬†But are we to actually believe that HE paid for 6 fighter jets to escort him, or the 13-car motorcade? ¬†And again, what kind of carbon footprint is this creating?

And again, does this guy know he’s not President anymore?

There, there, little social justice warrior / man-girl, Obama has let you down, we know. But the sun will shine again –
in 8 years, when President Trump’s second term expires.

Now, Obama sycophants, I am providing you with an opportunity to explain the President’s dedication to environmental causes, in contrast with the current debacle unfolding before us. ¬†Give it your best shot.

But be warned – if you were to be foolish enough to choose to debate this topic face to face with me, you might just experience my carbon footprint…

landing dead centre on your rear end.  

I would look forward to experiencing first-hand a bit of climate change right before my eyes, to be sure.  Perhaps, when I hit the mark, we would even see some global warming.

The science is certain on that.







By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted May 26, 2017

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Alberta, Your Foundations Are Being Destroyed

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has done the unethical, unthinkable, impossible, unbelievable, and most destructive act she could conceive of – and soon, Alberta’s foundational economic engine could be destroyed.

And you are letting her get away with it.  

Premier Rachel Notley should no longer be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to protecting the interests of Alberta and Albertans.  Period.

cp-alta-bgt-balance-2015I personally have plenty of suspicions about the timing of her cutting of the Alberta forest fire fighting budget on Tuesday, April 20, by about $15 million to an even $100 million.  No real justification for this, when forest fires were already raging across the province, ever came.  As the Edmonton Journal reported:

With dry conditions and dozens of blazes already burning across Alberta, Premier Rachel Notley said Tuesday her government’s decision to slash the wildfire budget by $15 million this year won’t impact the province’s firefighting efforts. [Emphasis mine]

The Fort McMurray forest fire looms like a demon in the distance (Credit: Toronto Star)
The Fort McMurray forest fire looms like a demon in the distance ((Credit: Toronto Star)

However, just 12 days later, on May 1, 2016, the disastrous man-made Fort McMurray fire struck ¬†just outside the oilsands project (which¬†she has always been vocally against), forcing¬†all of the oilsands workers, along with the rest of the 88,000 residents of that city, to flee for their lives. ¬†The oilsands projects themselves began shutting down already by May 6¬†closed, and the entire oilsands project was completely closed down, and all workers evacuated by May 16.¬† According to Warren Fraleigh, executive director of the Building Trades of Alberta, “2,000 to 4,000 members of the trade union umbrella group lost their jobs after many oilsands operations were shut down.

What a bizarre, poorly/well-time “coincidence”.

At 6:25 PM on May 3, the entire city of Fort McMurray was put under a mandatory evacuation order.  The optics of not even declaring a state of emergency until May 5, 2 days later, is not lost on some of us who were watching this Premier closely.

(Credit: CBC.ca)

Hearing that Canada’s biggest fire-fighting planes, the Martin Mars water bombers, were not even requested by the Alberta government, and though it was under inspection at the time, another water bomber was offered and not taken advantage of – it makes me question the comments the Premier made April 20 that fighting fires would not be affected by her budget cutting decisions.

We saw the heartbreaking story of the courageous South African firefighters that travelled across the earth to help us battle this 589,000 hectare fire Рand then ended up having to go home because the basic arrangements for their pay were not properly made.  It was a disgrace and I blame the government of Alberta.

Nonsense,¬†you say. ¬†Speculation. ¬†Circumstantial evidence. ¬†There is no way that an elected official in Canada would do something that blatantly evil to her own province. It’s unthinkable.

Well friends it’s about time you started thinking. ¬†100,000 oil and gas jobs are gone and who knows when or even if¬†they are coming back.

And now, we learn today that Premier Notley has hired the proverbial wolf to oversee Alberta’s oil henhouse!

Here how the CBC introduces her:

index“Alberta’s Opposition Wildrose¬†Party¬†is criticizing the NDP government¬†for appointing someone to an advisory group¬†who once compared the oilsands¬†to “Mordor.”¬† Mordor¬†is¬†a dark, scorched land of¬†suffering¬†in the fictional world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

On Wednesday, the province announced the members of¬†an 18-member advisory group¬†to implement Alberta’s climate-change plan.¬† The¬†group’s mandate is to¬†provide advice on ways¬†to ensure that initiatives created as part of¬†the government’s climate-change plan, announced last year, are effective and widely supported.

One of the co-chairs of the group, Tzeporah Berman, an adjunct professor of environmental studies at York University in Toronto, has vocally criticized the oilsands in the past.

Wildrose¬†energy critic¬†Leela Aheer¬†shared Jean’s disappointment, citing Berman’s opposition to pipelines in the past.¬† “To see that this NDP government have appointed an individual from Ontario who¬†openly opposes¬†Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, Kinder Morgan and Energy East is deeply disappointing,” Aheer said.¬†“Hardworking Albertans and their families deserve better”.

How does one come back from all these comments to develop a “climate change” policy for Alberta that doesn’t include the destruction of the oil industry?¬† They didn’t hire her for her administrative forte, leadership abilities, or public speaking skills.¬† They hired her because she’s a leftwing lunatic, oil-hating shrieking shrew that has had no problem wiping Alberta’s reputation around in the mud for awhile.¬† You need to see her comments for yourself here.¬† None of this was a secret before she was hired.¬† It’s the reason she was hired.

imagesGod help us.  The inmates have been hired to run the asylum.  If you believe that a weakened oil industry would benefit from the influence of a woman like this, one of their greatest adversaries Рthen do nothing.  If not, then you must fight back against this.

There is a petition developed by Rebel Media, demanding that this government reverse this idiotic decision.¬†¬† This woman wasn’t elected – she was hired, and she can be let go the same way.

The future of Alberta depends on it.  Your foundations are being destroyed.  What will YOU do about it?


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 18, 2016

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What Was GOING ON In FEMA Region III?

The Federal Emergency Management Administration, America’s last best hope for assistance in times of major disaster, has been very busy lately on America’s East Coast – particularly in one small geographic area. In fact, one could even so they have been alarmingly busy…

FEMA's Region III Headquarters buildings at One Independence, in Philadelphia.
FEMA’s Region III Headquarters buildings at One Independence, in Philadelphia.

I am very rarely ever swayed by conspiracy theories. I find it’s becoming easier and easier to see right through the smokescreens that media types and leftwing lunatics throw up to get us off the scent of what they are really doing. Maybe they just don’t feel that they have to try that hard hiding it anymore – so many in society approve of their actions no matter what, and so many more don’t care what’s going on around them.

Some conservative conspiracy theorists are equally irritating. They seem to see the “faces in the clouds” just a tiny bit too often, and I get so distracted by their very obvious tinfoil hats, it’s hard to pay attention to what it is they are trying to convince me of.

Then there are those moments when you see and read something so insane, so out there, so unbelievable. You threw every possible explanation at it and it still stands. Yet you’re keenly aware that your next step either leads toward enlightment – or insanity.

I literally tripped over such a story this week, while watching YouTube on an entirely different subject. And after seeing the very short video packed with information, I barely slept a wink that night.

The geographic region of FEMA that is called “Region III” (Credit: FEMA.gov)

It seems that FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Administration – had been whipping out their proverbial no-limit gold card a lot, making some incredibly large and very ominous purchases on behalf of their Region III office – which covers the District of Columbia (including Washington, DC); the States of Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia; and the Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

With a total population base of over 31 million people, thisRegion III” alone houses, employs, marries and buries 1 out of every 10 Americans! Therefore, if FEMA was preparing for some massive devastating event, as the evidence seemed to indicate, it actually does MATTER.

SongstadSo what was going on? It all started when retired State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad of South Dakota supposedly issued an ‚ÄúEmergency FEMA Region 3 Alert!!!,‚ÄĚ on August 13, 2013. Senator Songstad was a Republican, serving from 1971 to 1978 and then again from 1985 to 1988 (12 years total) in the South Dakota State Senate.

This begs a few questions that no one at the time seemed to ask -how does a retired State Senator from the Badlands of South Dakota get information about FEMA’s activities on the East Coast? Whoever it was used his name and published a blog article, video and other related information. Of course, the usual group of conspiracy hacks picked it up, and the rest is history.

Here’s a few bullet points that were written to obviously make the hair stand on the back of your neck (remember, all dates were from 2013):

Meals, Ready To Eat have up to a 5 year shelf life, are pre-cooked, at least 1200 calories and no preservatives. (Credit: Meal Supply Kits)
(Credit: MealKitSupply.com)

FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) and heater meals to be delivered to FEMA Region III by October 1st. Meals, Ready To Eat have up to a 5 year shelf life, are pre-cooked, at least 1200 calories and no preservatives. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed.

FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to FEMA Region III by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed.

FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin, Texas by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed. And this one was bizarre in that it has nothing to do with Region III.

Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such training ever took place, outside of this released memo. The notion that 386,000 “foreign” U.N. peacekeeping troops have been training in the U.S. outside the public eye is beyond belief. That number is greater than the entire population of the city of New Orleans, more than double the highest number of troops the U.S. had on the ground during the height of the Iraq War, and about nine times higher than the number of soldiers stationed at Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the U.S. In fact, it’s more than three times larger than the number of U.N. peacekeeping troops in the entire world.

$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA Region III by October 1st, as ordered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) Coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. The WHO did meet to discuss MERS, determining actually that it does not pose a great international public health threat. And antibodies aren’t used to fight viruses.

International MaxxPro Category 1 MRAP. Credit: Grippen / Wikkipedia)
International MaxxPro Category 1 MRAP. (Credit: Grippen / Wikkipedia)

2800 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAPs) vehicles are on order, and must be delivered to Department of Homeland Security by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed. And even if it was, who cares? Are we really being told that the U.S. government is seeking protection against landmines – in the UNITED STATES itself?

All soldiers will have all leave cancelled from September 28th thru November 5th. Verdict? Total crap. I even found one website from the next year (2014) stating that the leave was being cancelled THAT year.

NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest has been suspended until September 27th. All 2016 targets to be centered and performed in northeast coastal areas. Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th. Verdict? Total crap. There is no way to verify that this training ever happened, or ever happens at all. Can’t seem to even find any definition for the word “Norcomm”.

All Department of Homeland Security agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. Verdict? So what – this is not related to anything. The Department of Homeland Security employs more law enforcement agents than any other Department in the Federal Government. Many of the men and women of DHS put their lives at risk protecting the Nation every day and, therefore, must carry firearms in the line of duty. As such, DHS requires that employees who carry firearms in the line of duty regularly undergo qualification and testing on any device issued to them.

Sporadic testing of global positioning system (GPS) and military communications satellites are to be coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th. Verdict? Crap. Anyone that knows the technology would say “what in hell is this talking about? Testing of satellites for WHAT?

The President of the United States (POTUS) mandates to FEMA and Department of Homeland Security concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st. Verdict? What a weird thing to add. What metro cities are dealing with “extreme climate change”. LOL

Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries are scheduled for the month of September. Verdict? Three-day kits for WHAT? Three days seems rather useless in the light of a major disaster anyway.

United States National Guard will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years annual two week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th. Verdict? Ummm are you telling me that the National Guard troops have no disaster assistance training now? Isn’t that what they are THERE for?

imagesDaily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd. Verdict? Crap. The system had never been tested nationally until November 2011, if you can imagine. As if it suddenly is going to be ramped up to a daily test. I think most people will safely say that didn’t happen, or we didn’t notice it for sure. In fact in March 2015, they ran a test of the system, and people panicked across America.

Eastern-based U.S. Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually scheduled for the Gulf Coast of Texas. This year, the 10-day training mission, to begin September 26th, will take place in Virginia and Delaware. Verdict? Why the hell would Eastern-based Coast Guard units ever train in the Gulf Coast? It makes MORE SENSE to have the training in Virginia and Delaware. “That’s what we call common sense.”

Bottom line, folks. This was a non-event – in fact it was a manufactured non-event involving a whole bunch of other non-events, all with the goal of creating fear in the general population needlessly.

America may have many challenging days ahead – let’s not create imaginary ones too.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 1, 2016

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Boycotting Oil? Say Goodbye To 6,000 Items!

STJ1 By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community

Posted June 5, 2016
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imageThe horrific forest fires in Fort McMurray that started May 1 have brought a lot of sadness and aching hearts to those of us who know the region and love its people.  I am one of those people who lived in Northern Alberta for 20 years, and I know and respect the influence and benefits of the oilsands on that province.

But some out there have decided that now would be as good time to try to destroy the oilsands forever, which at one point actually did lay in this fire’s direct path of destruction. “Surely the oilsands played a factor in this fire’s start?”, they whisper. “Surely climate change, the result of big oil, was the culprit?”, they loudly proclaim on TV and radio.

Neither could be further from the truth (see our related article on how Oilsands Didn’t Start the Fire) .  The fires were started likely as a result of human error, and both weather issues that have existed for centuries – as well as the bad decisions of a cost-cutting, socialist provincial government who philosophically wanted to kill the oilsands anyway – are to blame for this fire’s continued growth into the near 600,000 hectare horror it is today.

So you wanna take this occasion to protest big oil, eh?  Ride your bike to work, do you?  You’re a friend of the environment you say?  Let’s put your money where your mouth is.

First of all, I am no friend of Big Oil – don’t work for an oil company, and don’t have any vested interest in whether they continue to exist or disappear – other than the fact that Canadians owe much of their standard of living to oil revenues.

9835480 (2)I am, however, a realist, and there are over 6,000 products that are partly or entirely made from oil and its byproductsI’m going to list just 400 of them – and I personally am not stupid enough to want to see them all go for the sake of some philosophical nonsense.  PERIOD.  Let’s see how many you can honestly do without.  If you do OK with this list, email me and I’ll send you the next 400.

But before I do, if you think your electric car has no impacts on the environment, think again.  Lithium is required to manufacture the massive batteries that these cars require, (it’s also used to make the batteries for your smartphone, which you might be utilizing to read this article).  Here is a photo of one lithium mining operation, located in Northern Canada (this isn’t a big one by any means):

diamond_2Sorry, did you say there is no environmental impact from your electric car?  Speak up, you’re mumbling now.  Now, what if I told you that a good portion of the parts of that electric car – carpeting, floor mats, dashboard, steering wheel, onboard screens, cupholders, etc. were also all made from oil. 

Oh, you went quiet now, did you?  Well, since I finally got everyone’s attention, here are the items I was speaking of…good luck with saying no to them all:

Items Made Partly or Completely With Oil or It’s ByProducts
Accessories Acrylic Adhesive Speakers Air Mattresses
Ammonia Anaesthetics Antifreeze Antihistamines
Antiseptics Artificial Limbs Artificial Turf Ashphalt
Aspirin Auto Bodies Awnings Ballet Tights
Balloons Ballpoint Pens Bandages Basketballs
Basketballs Battery Cases Beach Balls Beach Umbrellas
Beads Bearing Grease Bedpans Bicycle Tires
Bike Tires Board Games Boats Body Lotion
Bottles Boxing Gloves Bracelets Brake Fluid
Bubble Gum Buckets Bullet-Proof Vests Bumpers
Buoys Butane Cables Camcorders
Cameras Candles Canoes Capsules
Car Battery Cases Car Enamel Cargo Boxes Carpeting
Cassettes Catheters Caulking CD Player
CD’s Childrens Car Seats Cleaning Pads Cleaning Supplies
Climbing Ropes Clock Radios Clothes Clothesline
Cold Cream Cologne Combs Computers
Conditioner Contact Lenses Convertible Tops Cooking Utensils
Coolant Cortisone Cotton Swabs Crash Pads
Crayons Credit Cards Cross Country Skis Curtains
Dashboards Denture Adhesive Dentures Deodorant
Detergents Dice Diesel Fuel Dish Drainer
Dishes Dishwasher Parts Dishwashing Liquids Disinfectants
Disposable Diapers Dolls Door Handles Dresses
Drinking Cups Drinking Straws Drive Belts Dust Pans
DVD Players DVDs Dyes Ear Buds
Egg Cartons Electric Blankets Electric Guitars Electric Pianos
Electrician’s Tape Enamel Epoxy Ethane
Extension Cords Eyeglasses Eyeliner Eyeshadow
Face Masks Face Shields Fake Fur Fake Leather
Fan Belts Faucet Faucet Washers Fertilizers
Fibre-Fill Firefighter Coveralls First Aid Kits Fishing Boots
Fishing Lures Fishing Rods Flexible Handcuffs Flip Flops
Floor Mats Floor Wax Folding Doors Food Coloring
Food Flavoring Food Preservatives Football Cleats Football Helmets
Footballs Foundation Game Controllers Garage Doors
Garbage Cans Garden Hose Gardening Tools Gasoline
Gloves Glue Glycerin Goalie Pads
Golf Bags Golf Balls Golf Balls Gore-Tex
GPS Devices Greases Grocery Bags Guitar Strings
Hair Coloring Hair Curlers Hair Gel Hair Spray
Hairbrushes Hand Lotion Handhelds Handlebar Grips
Headphones Hearing Hearing Aids Heart Valves
Heating Oil Helmets Hockey Pucks Hoses
House Paint Ice Chests Ice Cube Trays Ignition Keys
Inflatable Rafts Ink Insect Repellent Insecticides
Iron-On Patches Irrigation Piping IV Bags Jet Fuel
Jewel Cases Kayaks Kerosene Keyboards
Lab Equipment Laptops Laundry Detergent Lawn Chairs
Lawn Mowers Life Jackets Linings Linoleum
Lip Balm Lipstick Loudspeakers Luggage
Makeup Makeup Remover Mascara Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons Medicines Microphones Milk Jugs
Model Cars Moisturizer Monitors Mops
Motor Oil Motorcycle Helmets Movie Film MP3 Players
Mud Flaps Nail Polish Natural Gas Nylon Rope
Oil Filters Oven Mitts Oxygen Masks Packaging
Paddles Pails Paint Paint Brushes
Paint Rollers Pajamas Panty Hose Parachutes
Patio Furniture Patio Umbrellas Pens Pentane
Percolators Perfumes Permanent Press Clothes Personal Lubricant
Pesticides Petroleum Jelly Phones Piano Keys
Pill Bottles Pillows Plastic Dinnerware Plastic Wood
Plastic Wrap Plasticine Playground Equipment Plywood Adhesive
Polar Fleece Polyester Pool Liners Pop Bottles
Popsicle Molds Power Bars Projectors Propane
Protective Gear Purses Putty Rain Barrels
Raincoats Raquet – Raquetball Raquet – Squash Raquet – Tennis
Raquetball Recycling Bins Refrigerant Refrigerator Linings
Refrigerator Shelves Refrigerators Ribbon Road Speed Bumps
Roller Skates Roller-Skate Wheels Roof Racks Roofing
Roofing Shingles Rubber Boots Rubber Cement Rubber Gloves
Rubber Mats Rubbing Alcohol Runners Running Boards
Safety Cones Safety Glass Safety Glasses Safety Goggles
Safety Seals Safety Vests Salad Bowls Sandals
Sandwich Bags Scanners Scrub Brushes Shag Rugs
Shampoo Shaving Cream Shingles Shoe Laces
Shoe Polish Shoes Shower Curtains Shower Doors
Skate Boards Skates Skis Slacks
Sleeping Bags Smartphones Snowboards Soap
Soap Dishes Soap Dispensers Soccer Balls Soft Contact lenses
Solvents Spatulas Speaker Bases Speakers
Speed Boats Sponges Sports Car Bodies Spray Skirts
Steering Wheel Stethoscopes Storage Tubs Stretchy Jeans
Sunglasses Sunscreen Surfboards Surgical Equipment
Sweaters Synthetic Fabrics Synthetic Rubber Syringes
Tablets Tackle Boxes Teflon Pans Telephones
Televisions Tennis Balls Tennis Rackets Tents
Tire Patches Tires Toilet Seats Toner Cartridges
Tool Boxes Tool Racks Tools Toothbrushes
Toothpaste Tote Bags Toys Transparent Tape
Trash Bags Trays Tubes TV Cabinets
Two-Way Radios Umbrellas Unbreakable Dishes Upholstery
Vaporizers VCR Tapes Velcro Video Games
Vinyl Vinyl Blinds Vinyl Siding Vitamin Capsules
Wading Pools Washers Water Pipes Water Skis
Waterproof Cases Wearable Tech Wheels Windshield Wipers
Windsurfers Wire Insulation Wrestling Mats Yarn
Yoga Mats Yoga Pants Zippers

The Oilsands Didn’t Set Fort McMurray On Fire

STJ1ūüϧ By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community
✒ Posted May 9, 2016.  Updated June 6, 2016.
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The giant 500,000+ hectare fire near Fort McMurray, AB makes the evening sky glow red like the morning dawn. (Credit: Canadian Press)
The giant 500,000+ hectare fire near Fort McMurray, AB makes the evening sky glow red like the morning dawn. (Credit: Canadian Press)

Update: June, 6, 2016:

From Alberta Wildfire (Sunday, June 6, 2016):
Wildfire (MWF009) has experienced minimal growth and is estimated to be 581,745 hectares in size (including SK). Firefighters and heavy equipment continue to make steady progress securing approximately 442 kilometres of guard around the perimeter of the fire.

Agriculture and Forestry has 2,161 wildland firefighters and support staff, 80 helicopters, and 217 pieces of heavy equipment working to extinguish this fire. Assisting Alberta Agriculture and Forestry firefighters are firefighters from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Parks Canada, Nova Scotia, PEI, Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), South Africa, Yukon and the U.S.

As we continue to see crews transition in and out of the Horse River Wildfire it is important to acknowledge all those who have supported the tremendous firefighting efforts being undertaken. These crews have travelled across Canada and the world to stand side-by-side on the fire line with their fellow wildland firefighters. We are grateful for the national and international relationships that allow for this resource sharing and we thank each and every one of the men and women who have joined Alberta wildland firefighters and all those who will still be joining. Thank you! (emphasis ours)

Original Post: May 9, 2016

I woke up several mornings in this past month from a great night sleep, only to become¬†instantly irritated with the toxic brew of talk radio idiots, spewing nonsense about how the Fort McMurray, Alberta wildfire (that forced the evacuation of the entire city of 88,000 on May 1) was “karmic” and/or a result of climate change or of the oil sands.

Now, the reality is that a cause for this fire is not yet determined, even one month later, and we may never know what happened for sure. However, Huffington Post quoted Mike Flanagan, a professor of wildland fires at the University of Alberta as saying:

“…the fire’s proximity to the city, as well as data that shows there were no lightning strikes in the area, lead [Flanagan] to believe the cause of the fire was likely human.”

Canada’s politicians and scientists have also all cautioned that individual fires cannot specifically be linked to climate change, but agree that it is part of a general trend of more intense wildfires.

Let me be completely clear Рblaming the initial cause or development of this massive forest fire on the oilsands, just because it was located in the same general area of the province, is both insensitive, stupid and slanderous.  It makes as much sense as blaming the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (outside of San Francisco) on the 62,000 people gathered nearby at Candlestick Park to watch Game 3 of the World Series.  Maybe they were jumping around too much Рthe earthquake did start at 5:03 PM as the game went live on television. 

The fire out of control (Credit: Canadian Press)
The fire out of control (Credit: Canadian Press)

First of all, fires do not ever start as a result of climate change.  They are caused by human error, electrical malfunctions, lightning Рbut the gradual warming of the earth will never start a forest fire. EVER.

And as we reported earlier in the year, scientists announced recently that this trend toward a warming earth actually has been paused anyway Рfor 18 straight years.  Right around that same time, the Climate Change Institute at the prestigious Ivy League school Yale University closed for good. Coincidence?

Now, this forest was made bone dry as a result of the very dry Spring weather in the area, caused by warm dry air coming¬†from the equator (El Nino).¬† But it’s been happening for decades, yea centuries, recorded first in the 1700’s.¬† We are currently breaking some records that were set back in the mid to late 1800’s, but these are all part of a weather cycle.

(Credit: Frugal Café)
(Credit: Frugal Café)

The site JustFacts.com, on the subject of global warming, clarifies that:

According to temperature measurements taken near the Earth‚Äôs surface that are correlated and adjusted by NASA‚Äôs Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the Earth‚Äôs average temperature warmed by 1.5¬ļF (0.8¬ļC) between the 1880s and 2000s, mostly during 1907‚Äď1944 and 1976‚Äď2014.¬† (emphasis mine)

Hard to believe that¬†all this fuss is about an increase in 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit, isn’t it?¬†¬†AFTER the toxic smog of the Industrial Revolution had come and gone?¬† And including all the current pollution of today?¬† That¬†doesn’t sound like people have had a lot of impact on anything.¬† You cannot possibly argue that ALL of that temperature increase came from man regardless of your philosophical persuasion.

But here’s something to consider as well¬†from another Global Warming fear mongering site that stated:

World Temperature Trends over the last 10,000 years. (Credit:
World Temperature Trends over the last 10,000 years. (Credit:

Six thousand years ago, when the world was one degree warmer than it is now, the American agricultural heartland around Nebraska was desert. It suffered a short reprise during the dust- bowl years of the 1930s, when the topsoil blew away and hundreds of thousands of refugees trailed through the dust to an uncertain welcome further west. The effect of one-degree warming, therefore, requires no great feat of imagination. (emphasis mine)

STOP THE PRESSES.  EX-SQUEEZE ME?  If 6,000 years ago it was 1 degree warmer than today, and we warmed up by 1.5 degrees since the 1880s, it must have been at least 2.5 degrees colder at some point in the last 6,000 years.

Why was it so hot back then?¬† Surely not as a result of the impacts of man.¬† And why did it cool down so much – that’s almost as dangerous if not more so.¬† Again, couldn’t have been because of man’s influence.¬† Which says that we are at the mercy of the planet.

Therefore, the traumatic impact on the planet as scientists, politicians and other assorted jackasses warn today is coming is all nonsense.¬† Man survived¬†hotter days¬†before.¬† The ice caps didn’t all melt.¬† The polar bears didn’t all drown.¬† We survived.¬†

And even if we did have an impact, based on the rate of temperature increase previously (which was well before any environmental laws were in place as well) it would take us nearly 100 more years just to get back to the point we were at 6,000 years ago.

But what happens if/when the world goes into a major cooling down point?  Can we blame the scientists and politicians who brought in these laws in the first place?

Experimental pavement made with bituminous sand. (Credit: Robert Fitzsimmons, 1930 / Edmonton Journal)
Experimental pavement made with bituminous sand. (Credit: Robert Fitzsimmons, 1930 / Edmonton Journal)

Secondly, the oilsands themselves not start this fire, and it continues as a result of the current weather conditions and man’s decisions in fighting it.¬†¬† The fires never actually reached the oilsands, nor were they started in the oilsands.¬† They started some like 25 kms away from there.

Let’s get real about this region, people.¬† The oilsands have always been there, they are naturally occurring¬†and have been exposed for many, many years to the elements and surrounding environment.¬† In 1929, the Dominion of Canada issued a patent to Dr. Karl A. Clark for the hot-water extraction process for separating¬†bitumen from oil sands in Alberta. This process laid the groundwork for the large-scale methods used by today‚Äôs producers of Canadian oil sands.

But the oilsands existed far before that.  As quoted from the United Nations University site:

imagesKWGC85VDHistorically, raw bitumen was used by the indigenous Cree and Dene peoples to waterproof their canoes. European fur traders first discovered the resource in the early 18th century and Canada’s colonists soon began experimenting with techniques to separate and upgrade it. It wasn’t until 1967 that the first commercially viable Great Canadian Oil Sands (now Suncor) plant opened, using surfactants in the separation process.

Today, we see a host of un-informed celebrity no-minds and leftwing media and politicians join forces to use this forest fire as their catalyst to boycott this “dirty oil”, as if the two had any correlation.¬† These oilsands would exist whether we developed them or not, as they have for centuries.¬† The oilsands have been leaking into ground water and been exposed to fire and the elements long before the white man set foot in North America.¬† And again, this fire was not caused by the oilsands, nor does it continue because of them.

Hollywood A-List actors Leonardo DiCaprio (front in blue) and Mark Ruffalo (in blue to his right) participate in the Sept 23, 2014 "People's Climate March" in New York.
Hollywood A-List actors Leonardo DiCaprio (front in blue) and Mark Ruffalo (in blue to his right) participate in the Sept 23, 2014 “People’s Climate March” in New York.

These same¬†pinko watermelon (communist red on the inside, green on the outside) environmental idiots, like Leonardo DiCaprio, will fly in to the televised protests on private jets from one of their multiple homes, be whisked to the protest site in the biggest limousine possible…

…And will then will jaw on in front of the cameras about¬†how they drive a hybrid, or rides a pony or a bike to work, and are on some kind of moral high ground as a result,¬†to berate the people the rest of us who aren’t quite there yet mentally or financially.

Yet these people are missing one major fact in their protests Рthe bike they ride to work with has tires partly made with oil, as is the grease they use to lube up the chains, and possibly the handle bar grips.  Half the parts inside that hybrid car are also made with oil or its byproducts, including nearly all of the fluids that vehicle still requires to operate.

In fact, according to some experts, there are 6,000 items that we use every day that are made from oil.¬† The list is going to shock you.¬† Check out that post here – we have listed just the first 400 items.¬† You get rid of mankind’s need for any of these, and then we’ll talk.

In conclusion, stop blaming Fort McMurray for creating its own problems.¬† That is vile and evil as far as I’m concerned.¬† No one looks at Hiroshima today and blames Japanese people for their own demise, yet history shows that’s in fact the case.¬† But when people attempt to make political or philosophical hay out of this fire, when there isn’t even a true link, I trust that hay will always ignite as well, and burn those who attempted it.

The Fire and the Prom King

STJ1ūüϧ By Shawn J. ¬¶ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community
‚úí Posted May 5, 2016. Updated May 10, 2016
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Last Thursday, May 5, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, left me speechless Рfor the very first time.

For on that Thursday, for the first time since the federal election held on October 19, 2015…

…I almost caught a glimpse of him being Prime Ministerial.¬†

That afternoon, he stood up in Parliament to address the devastation caused by a tremendous wildfire burning totally out of control outside of the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta Рhome to nearly 80,000 people.

Oh sorry, I meant to say that it was home to 80,000 people.   

Aerial view of devastated Fort McMurray. Not a house standing for blocks around (Credit: Global News)
Aerial view of devastated Fort McMurray. Not a house standing for blocks around (Credit: SkyNews)

The devastation is beyond comprehension, almost Biblical in proportion.¬† I¬†like many have been thinking that this soon would¬†be over and people would go home.¬† But they won’t – neighborhood after neighborhood¬†has been flattened.¬† And I didn’t learn that on CBC or Global – I had to¬†hear the¬†report on SkyNews today from Great Britain on my Roku.

My heart has been very heavy the last 48 hours.¬† As¬†a near-20 year resident of Northern Alberta, I have watched in horror and grief as the “beast” of a forest fire has hit the city of 80,000 head-on, already destroying over 1,600 buildings,¬†according to Global News as of a week ago – with the potential of literally wiping the city off the map.¬†¬†When the police and emergency officials declared a mandatory evacuation of the ENTIRE CITY – with images on the highway of¬†tens of thousands of people fleeing for their lives last-minute, I realized¬†that this was not like anything Canada has ever seen before.

(May 10 Update – 2,400 buildings have¬†been destroyed, about 15% of the city.¬† that would mean over 13,000+ are homeless if the majority¬†of the burned buildings¬†were houses.¬† “Notley said that nearly 90,000 evacuees have registered with the province online and more than 30,000 have settled in the Edmonton area, with 5,000 in Calgary and 2,000 in Lac La Biche. Many others have not indicated their location.”)

Red Cross racketThat afternoon, Trudeau announced a few initiatives to help the devastated city of Fort McMurray Рthe biggest being a dollar-for-dollar financial matching program with individual donations made to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fired Appeal.  As of that speech, $11 million had been raised, turned into $33 million by the matching promises. Ottawa has also given $2 million to the Red Cross so they can more quickly set up a HQ in Fort McMurray.

(May 10 UpdateRed Cross raises $60 million and counting Рthe largest fundraising campaign in their history, though this includes corporate donations not qualified for government matching)

It’s got to be the biggest Ponzi Scheme¬†of them all.¬† I give a dollar to¬†a charity that is running the show like a mob boss.¬†They even have the government giving them $2 million to set up shop in the area –¬†they have no local presence.¬†¬†Local groups like the Food Bank and United Way get ZILCH though they’ll do 80% of the work.¬† Once¬†I give my dollar, both Alberta and Ottawa¬†will give them another dollar each –¬†also¬†of MY MONEY.¬†¬†What a racket the charity business is.

This¬†Prime Minister¬†started¬†his¬†soliloquy¬†¬†today and at first he reminded us of what Canadians are all about, giving a¬†bit¬†of a¬†David vs. Goliath theme – how we can stand together and rise up and¬†hold each other and support against this giant against us….

Ugh, it started to quickly get emotionally exhausting, condescending and annoying so quickly.

Then it even started to gnaw at me a bit.¬†He had talked about¬†going door-to-door canvassing in Fort McMurray¬†before the October 2015¬†election and ‘now some of those doors will be gone.¬†¬†It was a wistful, fond memory.

That sounded a little fake.

And he started to¬†manifest this very familiar and annoying habit of pausing. Dramatically. For. Effect.¬† It’s his ‘tell’ – its how you know…

…He’s¬†full of crap.

Now something was bugging me.  so I went to Google.  Yep, as I suspected.  Fort McMurray had one federal riding in the October 2015 federal election:

Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

Party Candidate Votes % ‚ąÜ%
Conservative David Yurdiga 28,625 60.56 -11.95 ‚Äď
Liberal Kyle Harrietha 13,403 28.36 +17.57 ‚Äď

Trudeau¬†wasn’t remembering the great memories on the campaign trail from voters he met door to door. ¬†The Liberals got their asses handed¬†to them by Harper’s man in Fort McMurray. ¬†In fact the Conservatives got more than¬†TWICE the number of votes of the 2nd place Liberal.

So this was all just crap.¬† And maybe, just maybe, all his lack of action thus far was…. revenge?¬† Oh, please say its not so.

imageRona Ambrose, Opposition Leader gave a very brief and heavy-hearted speech, as a resident MP in Northern Alberta.  It was intensely personal and when she broke down at the end and began to cry, I wept with her.  And the entire House gave her a standing ovation.

Then¬†Prime Minister ‘Me Too’ Trudeau walked across the aisle and HUGGED her.¬†It was¬†so political –¬†it was not¬†Canadian, it was not¬†classy, it was not subdued – it was, however,¬†totally awkward and flashy.¬† Like watching a high school kid from band class try to hit on a cheerleader.

image Then it¬†hit ne like a punch in the gut.¬† He thinks this is high school again.¬†¬†NO WONDER his brilliant ideas sounded like something from a student council.¬† He thinks he’s campaigning for Prom King!¬†

Dear God, set us free of this moron.

I changed the channel.

I thought I saw a glimmer of him being Prime Ministerial today.¬†¬†NOPE –¬†just¬†something on my glasses I guess.

Rona Ambrose meets local officials in the area at one of the many shelters for evacuees. Credit: Rona Ambrose Facebook page)
Rona Ambrose meets local officials at one of the many erasure shelters. Credit: Rona Ambrose Facebook page)

May 10 Update –¬†Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose visited¬†the¬†fire region Monday, May 9, in spire of the fact the Prime Minister announced he would not be going there as it would be unhelpful.¬†¬†Today, suddenly his office announced. he’ll be there Friday.¬†¬†Chalk one for Ms. Ambrose’s positive peer pressure!)

So nice of you to show up now, Justin, but no one cares anymore.) 


Yale University Closes Climate Change And Energy Institute

By Calling Out Community, posted March 2, 2016.

Kroon Hall, Home of the Yale Climate Institute. (Credit: Sage Ross ‚Äď Own work)
Kroon Hall, Home of the Yale Climate Institute. (Credit: Sage Ross ‚Äď Own work)

After years of ‘feeling the heat’, Yale University’s Climate & Energy Institute¬†(YCEI) is finally facing ‘an inconvenient truth’: it was announced¬† on March 2, 2016 that the program will close at the end of June, following¬†three consecutive years of budget cuts for the program, which was established eight years ago to conduct climate change research.

The impending closure was announced Monday afternoon, February 29, in an email from the institute‚Äôs co-directors, geology and geophysics professors David Bercovici and Jay Ague: ‚ÄúWhile not all good things have to come to an end, sometimes they just do,‚ÄĚ the email said.¬† According to the Yale Daily News:

 Richard Levin President, Yale University (1993 to 2013)
Richard Levin, President, Yale University (1993 to 2013)

The YCEI was founded in 2008 with the backing of then-University President Richard Levin. Since then, the institute has hosted conferences, fostered collaborations across science departments and between universities outside of Yale, as well as supported scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships that address the changing climate. The institute also supplied undergraduates with a database of energy-related internships. Bercovici and Ague wrote that the YCEI was founded with ‚Äúoverwhelming enthusiasm from faculty and students across campus.‚ÄĚ Bercovici and Ague declined to comment Monday night, citing time constraints.

The institute’s purpose was to analyze how climate change interacts with modern energy use. However, some of the research arguably sounded a wee bit whacky, with student research project including:

Warning signs that the end was near had been on the horizon for years, as budget cuts reportedly gutted the program.¬† ‚ÄúThey eventually cut funding so much that it just became buying food,‚ÄĚ student James Barile told The Daily News.

The YCEI had an extensive budget under Levin’s administration, YCEI New Haven Energy Scholar Intern Matthew Goldklang stated. Although Goldklang did not provide specific figures, he said the YCEI had enough money to pay its student fellows, fund research and create new classes in the Energy Studies Program.  Goldklang and several other students involved with the institute expressed shock and frustration with the decision:

“It¬†can‚Äôt be a budget thing. It can‚Äôt be. I¬†don‚Äôt want to say that Yale doesn‚Äôt support [the YCEI], but‚ĶI think it‚Äôs the administration‚Äôs lack of interest. I had no idea we were going to be completely cut. It‚Äôs really sad.‚ÄĚ

logo-cop21-enThe timing of this announcement is highly suspect.¬† Recently, much has been said in the media about a global warming “pause”, whereby the Earth has not registered any significant increase in temperature in now¬†18 years, 9 months.¬†This information was known before the United Nations Conference on Climate Change began on November 30, 2015 and it seems the media all chose to bury the story until well after the event was over.

In fact, in a September 25, 2013 New York Times op-ed, , Richard A. Muller stated that:

cartoon - GW DollarsTHE global warming crowd has a problem. For all of its warnings, and despite a steady escalation of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, the planet’s average surface temperature has remained pretty much the same for the last 15 years.

As you might guess, skeptics of warming were in full attack mode as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gathered in Sweden this week to approve its latest findings about our warming planet. The skeptics argue that this recent plateau illustrates what they always knew ‚ÄĒ that complex global climate models have no predictive capability and that, therefore, there is no proof of global warming, human-caused or not.

Cartoon-Temperature-Rising-600I think it is possible that current leadership at Yale, possessing equally brilliant minds to these “climate change” scientists, perhaps has been looking at this nonsense in the media of late and saying – this is just another Y2K situation all over again, and we’re jumping ship now before we start to look actually stupid.¬† Scientists of course have tried to play intellect into this debate, stating that they are way smarter than us, and since they all agree on this topic, the conclusion must be accurate.

Hogwash. Millions of Germans agreed with Hitler too – in fact you could barely find a German alive at that time who would admit anything but loyalty.¬† Well, here’s one University with a huge, global reputation for brilliance, and they certainly cannot be argued as being driven by some “right wing agenda”.¬† ¬†This is of course just speculation, but this “global warming pause” was announced last week, at the same time as the Institute was being swiftly closed.¬† Surely if this issue was actually growing in seriousness, an academic institution like Yale with such an international reputation would actually be adding to the budget of this Institute, not cutting its funding entirely.

Yale College and the College Chapel by Daniel Bowen (1786)
Yale College and the College Chapel by Daniel Bowen (1786)

And what a reputation this institution has to protect.  Yale University was initially founded in 1701 and incorporated as the Collegiate School Р75 years before the American Revolution.  It traces its roots to 17th-century Christian leaders who sought to establish a college to train clergy and politicians.

Located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, the private Ivy League research University was renamed after Elihu Yale in 1718,¬†a former¬†governor of the British East India Company and¬†the University’s¬†largest benefactor.¬† In 1861, it’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ¬†became the first U.S.¬†school to award a Ph.D. degree.

YaleBowl_crop_northToday, at age 315, Yale is the third oldest institution in the United States, and boasts approx. 12,300 students from 117 countries, as well as 4,400 Faculty (2014).  Recognized as having the 2nd highest infrastructure assets in the entire world (worth over $35 billion), classes are held in buildings covering 260 acres on central campus.  The University also boasts 35 varsity sports teams playing on over 500 acres of athletic fields, including this 71,000 seat Yale Bowl.

The glorious 100-year old Woolsey Hall, complete with 2,600 seats and the Newberry Memorial Organ, one of the world’s largest and most renowned pipe organs.
The glorious 100-year old Woolsey Hall, complete with 2,600 seats and the Newberry Memorial Organ, one of the world’s largest and most renowned pipe organs.

The University also holds over 15 million books  in its Libraries, and scholarships and endowments today top over $23 billion.  This is an incredible wealth of resources and assets to protect and at the end of the day, money talked louder than adherence to some nonsensical worldview with no evidence in reality.


Yale is also widely recognized as one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the world, accepting only 6.3% of applicants in 2014.¬† I wonder how many of them were climate change researchers?¬† Hmmmm….