Boycotting Oil? Say Goodbye To 6,000 Items!

STJ1 By Shawn J. ¦ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community

Posted June 5, 2016
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imageThe horrific forest fires in Fort McMurray that started May 1 have brought a lot of sadness and aching hearts to those of us who know the region and love its people.  I am one of those people who lived in Northern Alberta for 20 years, and I know and respect the influence and benefits of the oilsands on that province.

But some out there have decided that now would be as good time to try to destroy the oilsands forever, which at one point actually did lay in this fire’s direct path of destruction. “Surely the oilsands played a factor in this fire’s start?”, they whisper. “Surely climate change, the result of big oil, was the culprit?”, they loudly proclaim on TV and radio.

Neither could be further from the truth (see our related article on how Oilsands Didn’t Start the Fire) .  The fires were started likely as a result of human error, and both weather issues that have existed for centuries – as well as the bad decisions of a cost-cutting, socialist provincial government who philosophically wanted to kill the oilsands anyway – are to blame for this fire’s continued growth into the near 600,000 hectare horror it is today.

So you wanna take this occasion to protest big oil, eh?  Ride your bike to work, do you?  You’re a friend of the environment you say?  Let’s put your money where your mouth is.

First of all, I am no friend of Big Oil – don’t work for an oil company, and don’t have any vested interest in whether they continue to exist or disappear – other than the fact that Canadians owe much of their standard of living to oil revenues.

9835480 (2)I am, however, a realist, and there are over 6,000 products that are partly or entirely made from oil and its byproductsI’m going to list just 400 of them – and I personally am not stupid enough to want to see them all go for the sake of some philosophical nonsense.  PERIOD.  Let’s see how many you can honestly do without.  If you do OK with this list, email me and I’ll send you the next 400.

But before I do, if you think your electric car has no impacts on the environment, think again.  Lithium is required to manufacture the massive batteries that these cars require, (it’s also used to make the batteries for your smartphone, which you might be utilizing to read this article).  Here is a photo of one lithium mining operation, located in Northern Canada (this isn’t a big one by any means):

diamond_2Sorry, did you say there is no environmental impact from your electric car?  Speak up, you’re mumbling now.  Now, what if I told you that a good portion of the parts of that electric car – carpeting, floor mats, dashboard, steering wheel, onboard screens, cupholders, etc. were also all made from oil. 

Oh, you went quiet now, did you?  Well, since I finally got everyone’s attention, here are the items I was speaking of…good luck with saying no to them all:

Items Made Partly or Completely With Oil or It’s ByProducts
Accessories Acrylic Adhesive Speakers Air Mattresses
Ammonia Anaesthetics Antifreeze Antihistamines
Antiseptics Artificial Limbs Artificial Turf Ashphalt
Aspirin Auto Bodies Awnings Ballet Tights
Balloons Ballpoint Pens Bandages Basketballs
Basketballs Battery Cases Beach Balls Beach Umbrellas
Beads Bearing Grease Bedpans Bicycle Tires
Bike Tires Board Games Boats Body Lotion
Bottles Boxing Gloves Bracelets Brake Fluid
Bubble Gum Buckets Bullet-Proof Vests Bumpers
Buoys Butane Cables Camcorders
Cameras Candles Canoes Capsules
Car Battery Cases Car Enamel Cargo Boxes Carpeting
Cassettes Catheters Caulking CD Player
CD’s Childrens Car Seats Cleaning Pads Cleaning Supplies
Climbing Ropes Clock Radios Clothes Clothesline
Cold Cream Cologne Combs Computers
Conditioner Contact Lenses Convertible Tops Cooking Utensils
Coolant Cortisone Cotton Swabs Crash Pads
Crayons Credit Cards Cross Country Skis Curtains
Dashboards Denture Adhesive Dentures Deodorant
Detergents Dice Diesel Fuel Dish Drainer
Dishes Dishwasher Parts Dishwashing Liquids Disinfectants
Disposable Diapers Dolls Door Handles Dresses
Drinking Cups Drinking Straws Drive Belts Dust Pans
DVD Players DVDs Dyes Ear Buds
Egg Cartons Electric Blankets Electric Guitars Electric Pianos
Electrician’s Tape Enamel Epoxy Ethane
Extension Cords Eyeglasses Eyeliner Eyeshadow
Face Masks Face Shields Fake Fur Fake Leather
Fan Belts Faucet Faucet Washers Fertilizers
Fibre-Fill Firefighter Coveralls First Aid Kits Fishing Boots
Fishing Lures Fishing Rods Flexible Handcuffs Flip Flops
Floor Mats Floor Wax Folding Doors Food Coloring
Food Flavoring Food Preservatives Football Cleats Football Helmets
Footballs Foundation Game Controllers Garage Doors
Garbage Cans Garden Hose Gardening Tools Gasoline
Gloves Glue Glycerin Goalie Pads
Golf Bags Golf Balls Golf Balls Gore-Tex
GPS Devices Greases Grocery Bags Guitar Strings
Hair Coloring Hair Curlers Hair Gel Hair Spray
Hairbrushes Hand Lotion Handhelds Handlebar Grips
Headphones Hearing Hearing Aids Heart Valves
Heating Oil Helmets Hockey Pucks Hoses
House Paint Ice Chests Ice Cube Trays Ignition Keys
Inflatable Rafts Ink Insect Repellent Insecticides
Iron-On Patches Irrigation Piping IV Bags Jet Fuel
Jewel Cases Kayaks Kerosene Keyboards
Lab Equipment Laptops Laundry Detergent Lawn Chairs
Lawn Mowers Life Jackets Linings Linoleum
Lip Balm Lipstick Loudspeakers Luggage
Makeup Makeup Remover Mascara Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons Medicines Microphones Milk Jugs
Model Cars Moisturizer Monitors Mops
Motor Oil Motorcycle Helmets Movie Film MP3 Players
Mud Flaps Nail Polish Natural Gas Nylon Rope
Oil Filters Oven Mitts Oxygen Masks Packaging
Paddles Pails Paint Paint Brushes
Paint Rollers Pajamas Panty Hose Parachutes
Patio Furniture Patio Umbrellas Pens Pentane
Percolators Perfumes Permanent Press Clothes Personal Lubricant
Pesticides Petroleum Jelly Phones Piano Keys
Pill Bottles Pillows Plastic Dinnerware Plastic Wood
Plastic Wrap Plasticine Playground Equipment Plywood Adhesive
Polar Fleece Polyester Pool Liners Pop Bottles
Popsicle Molds Power Bars Projectors Propane
Protective Gear Purses Putty Rain Barrels
Raincoats Raquet – Raquetball Raquet – Squash Raquet – Tennis
Raquetball Recycling Bins Refrigerant Refrigerator Linings
Refrigerator Shelves Refrigerators Ribbon Road Speed Bumps
Roller Skates Roller-Skate Wheels Roof Racks Roofing
Roofing Shingles Rubber Boots Rubber Cement Rubber Gloves
Rubber Mats Rubbing Alcohol Runners Running Boards
Safety Cones Safety Glass Safety Glasses Safety Goggles
Safety Seals Safety Vests Salad Bowls Sandals
Sandwich Bags Scanners Scrub Brushes Shag Rugs
Shampoo Shaving Cream Shingles Shoe Laces
Shoe Polish Shoes Shower Curtains Shower Doors
Skate Boards Skates Skis Slacks
Sleeping Bags Smartphones Snowboards Soap
Soap Dishes Soap Dispensers Soccer Balls Soft Contact lenses
Solvents Spatulas Speaker Bases Speakers
Speed Boats Sponges Sports Car Bodies Spray Skirts
Steering Wheel Stethoscopes Storage Tubs Stretchy Jeans
Sunglasses Sunscreen Surfboards Surgical Equipment
Sweaters Synthetic Fabrics Synthetic Rubber Syringes
Tablets Tackle Boxes Teflon Pans Telephones
Televisions Tennis Balls Tennis Rackets Tents
Tire Patches Tires Toilet Seats Toner Cartridges
Tool Boxes Tool Racks Tools Toothbrushes
Toothpaste Tote Bags Toys Transparent Tape
Trash Bags Trays Tubes TV Cabinets
Two-Way Radios Umbrellas Unbreakable Dishes Upholstery
Vaporizers VCR Tapes Velcro Video Games
Vinyl Vinyl Blinds Vinyl Siding Vitamin Capsules
Wading Pools Washers Water Pipes Water Skis
Waterproof Cases Wearable Tech Wheels Windshield Wipers
Windsurfers Wire Insulation Wrestling Mats Yarn
Yoga Mats Yoga Pants Zippers

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