Obama Is JEWISH Now?

by Calling Out Community, Posted June 4, 2015

images (1)Now I can die happy.  I’ve officially heard it all.

It’s being reported this week that U.S. President Barack Obama’s top confidant David Axelrod recently described a moment where the president expressed exasperation to him over being derided as anti-Israel by some:

“You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office,” the president claimed, according to Axelrod. “For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.” (Emphasis mine)

Wow – now what’s he smoking?

He must be one of those self-loathing closet case Jews that’s embarrassed by his own culture – one of those sons of Abraham, rare though they be, that’s hellbent on praising and openly rewarding every one of his own sworn cultural/racial enemies, while seemingly working hard to  guarantee the simultaneous, complete destruction of his own homeland.

Oh yes, one of those M-O-Ts (members of the 13 Tribes) of Israel. But there are only 12 Tribes, you say?  The 13th Tribe is all in his head.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. He likes ice cream, writing books on terrorism- and being a pain in Obama’s butt.

He must be one of those traitorous “Judas” types that’s embarrassed by strong leadership (like that of his own Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) and would sell him out for a few silver coins.  After all, the man likes pistachio ice cream and speaks perfect English  Good lord, he can’t be that trustworthy.

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran. He likes smiling, collecting religious taxes, nuclear negotiations, and long walks at night - plotting the best way to annihilate Israel.

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran. He likes smiling, collecting religious taxes, nuclear negotiations, and long walks at night – plotting ways to annihilate Israel.

But the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani?  Now that’s a stand-up guys with some great ideas about the future. And the President’s got some mad phat stylin’…(cough). Sorry, every time I think I can get through that sentence, I gag and throw up in my mouth a little bit.). “I wanna be just like him.  Why can’t my war criminal homeland Israel have leaders like that”, Barack Obamashein often muses to himself.

Oh yes, >maybe one of THOSE Jews. The one that criticize his own government for the “irresponsible killing of innocent civilians”, and feels sorry for the poor Palestinians and their plight, enjoying the moments when he can turn the media darlings into little victims again and again in the press on CNN – his beloved Communist Newspeak Network.

The Iron Dome defense system launches a mssile to counter a rocket fired by Hamas into Israel. Credit: AP

The Iron Dome defense system launches a mssile to counter a rocket fired by Hamas into Israel. Credit: AP

But Rabbi Obamastein must have be praying in the synagogue during every one of the 11,000 times that Hamas fired rockets onto his homeland.  Guess that’s possible – though you’d think that much praying might have some positive effect on him after awhile.  Maybe God’s just not listening to him anymore.

I have never in my life understood anti-Semitism.  I could never grasp how children, old women – anyone for that matter – could have become such a disgusting sight – such a threat – to the Nazi butchers of the past generation, that they put millions of these children of ancient Israel to their deaths.

Then I read that Rebbe Obamameister now equates himself with the same Jewish race that he’s been openly betraying and selling out, in favor of Islamic totalitarian wingnuts like those found in Imperialistic Iran.

“Obama thinks he’s like a Jew”.  Oh, so this is what anti-Semitism feels like?  That sick feeling in my stomach like I’m going to vomit but it’s only dry heaves?  No?  It’s that feeling plus pure evil?  Oh ok I….nope sorry I still don’t get it.  the Nazis were all whacked out freaks.

But Obama’s photo (above) wearing a yamulke conjures up some feelings inside me that God himself needs to stomp back down right now.  For me, that image would be the slippery slope to the end of the world as we know it.

imagesListen Abba (Father) Obamagarten. I’ve got a few words for you.

First, I’ll never address you as President directly again, because I respect the position too much and you have completely betrayed it.

You are without a doubt the biggest fraud in American political history.  How a card-carrying, anti-American, anti-capitalistic Marx-and-Mao-loving Communist wingnut actually became President of the last bastion of true liberty, freedom and capitalism in the world, after railing against those very principles all his life – it’s beyond me.

How he duped the American public twice  into believing his B.S. on Election Day is incredible.  That he’s had the guts to since spend the last 8 years openly weakening her military, tarnishing her image in foreign embassies worldwide, morally raping her society, and showcasing leadership of the absolute lowest common denominator is just outrageous.

But it’s how Barack “Insane Hussein” Obama managed to financially bankrupt the country – and do it with a smile on his face and a high-5 on the basketball court while the world “admires his groove” – that has brought my true hate-on for him.

But coming back to my original premise for this posting – Obamacares has such “hurt feelings” because he’s so pro-Israeli that now he considers himself on the same level as the children of Israel, the Apple of God’s eye? He thinks he’s like a JEW?

Obama_CommunistRedObamasheister, here’s the reality. Your approval rating is about 45% among Israelis.  The overwhelming majority of ACTUAL Jews know that this president has been probably the least favorable to Israel of any in Israel’s history and especially at this moment when their closest neighbour, Hamas in Palestinian territories, has fired 11,000 rockets into Israeli towns – while Israel is called a “war criminal” in the media when it fights back.

At the same time, Iran has been developing a nuclear missile, which it would love to launch on Israel.  Will we someday see a mushroom cloud over Jerusalem?   Obama rushes to shake Iranian hands and sign deals with them, but is personally hurt when he snubs Israel and we don’t see him as friend of Israel.

IMG_1725Who cares what that traitorous, insidious socialist feels? This jackass betrayed Israel after he first betrayed America, and negotiates with both countries’ mortal enemies.  This is too damn much.

After all, not to sound racist or anti-Semitic (for its meant to be a compliment) but he couldn’t possibly be Jewish….Rabbi Barack Obamastein clearly can’t even balance a check book, not to mention run the world financial system, which Jews are always accused of running so well.  This guy would rob Visa to pay off MasterCard so he can fool around with Amex without Diner’s Club finding out.

Or, as they more succinctly say down South – “that dog don’t hunt“.

As long as he’s still not in jail but in the Oval Office, why don’t Americans encourage Obamaowitz to focus on being the closest thing to a PRESIDENT that he’s ever been (if that’s even possible) and leave being Jewish to the actual Jews?

I am not a Jew, but I have Jewish friends.  I love the Jewish people.  The Jewish race makes consistent, positive contributions in religion, politics, education, business, wealth creation, innovation, technology, sports, agriculture and anything else they touch…

YOU sir, are NO JEW.

Obamaski, why don’t you pick up a book sometime and learn somet… NO not the Karl Marx one.  That one on Jewish hist… no that’s the Communist Manifesto…

(Sigh). Never mind….


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