What Was GOING ON In FEMA Region III?

The Federal Emergency Management Administration, America’s last best hope for assistance in times of major disaster, has been very busy lately on America’s East Coast – particularly in one small geographic area. In fact, one could even so they have been alarmingly busy…

FEMA's Region III Headquarters buildings at One Independence, in Philadelphia.
FEMA’s Region III Headquarters buildings at One Independence, in Philadelphia.

I am very rarely ever swayed by conspiracy theories. I find it’s becoming easier and easier to see right through the smokescreens that media types and leftwing lunatics throw up to get us off the scent of what they are really doing. Maybe they just don’t feel that they have to try that hard hiding it anymore – so many in society approve of their actions no matter what, and so many more don’t care what’s going on around them.

Some conservative conspiracy theorists are equally irritating. They seem to see the “faces in the clouds” just a tiny bit too often, and I get so distracted by their very obvious tinfoil hats, it’s hard to pay attention to what it is they are trying to convince me of.

Then there are those moments when you see and read something so insane, so out there, so unbelievable. You threw every possible explanation at it and it still stands. Yet you’re keenly aware that your next step either leads toward enlightment – or insanity.

I literally tripped over such a story this week, while watching YouTube on an entirely different subject. And after seeing the very short video packed with information, I barely slept a wink that night.

The geographic region of FEMA that is called “Region III” (Credit: FEMA.gov)

It seems that FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Administration – had been whipping out their proverbial no-limit gold card a lot, making some incredibly large and very ominous purchases on behalf of their Region III office – which covers the District of Columbia (including Washington, DC); the States of Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia; and the Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

With a total population base of over 31 million people, thisRegion III” alone houses, employs, marries and buries 1 out of every 10 Americans! Therefore, if FEMA was preparing for some massive devastating event, as the evidence seemed to indicate, it actually does MATTER.

SongstadSo what was going on? It all started when retired State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad of South Dakota supposedly issued an “Emergency FEMA Region 3 Alert!!!,” on August 13, 2013. Senator Songstad was a Republican, serving from 1971 to 1978 and then again from 1985 to 1988 (12 years total) in the South Dakota State Senate.

This begs a few questions that no one at the time seemed to ask -how does a retired State Senator from the Badlands of South Dakota get information about FEMA’s activities on the East Coast? Whoever it was used his name and published a blog article, video and other related information. Of course, the usual group of conspiracy hacks picked it up, and the rest is history.

Here’s a few bullet points that were written to obviously make the hair stand on the back of your neck (remember, all dates were from 2013):

Meals, Ready To Eat have up to a 5 year shelf life, are pre-cooked, at least 1200 calories and no preservatives. (Credit: Meal Supply Kits)
(Credit: MealKitSupply.com)

FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) and heater meals to be delivered to FEMA Region III by October 1st. Meals, Ready To Eat have up to a 5 year shelf life, are pre-cooked, at least 1200 calories and no preservatives. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed.

FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to FEMA Region III by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed.

FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin, Texas by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed. And this one was bizarre in that it has nothing to do with Region III.

Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such training ever took place, outside of this released memo. The notion that 386,000 “foreign” U.N. peacekeeping troops have been training in the U.S. outside the public eye is beyond belief. That number is greater than the entire population of the city of New Orleans, more than double the highest number of troops the U.S. had on the ground during the height of the Iraq War, and about nine times higher than the number of soldiers stationed at Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the U.S. In fact, it’s more than three times larger than the number of U.N. peacekeeping troops in the entire world.

$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA Region III by October 1st, as ordered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) Coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. The WHO did meet to discuss MERS, determining actually that it does not pose a great international public health threat. And antibodies aren’t used to fight viruses.

International MaxxPro Category 1 MRAP. Credit: Grippen / Wikkipedia)
International MaxxPro Category 1 MRAP. (Credit: Grippen / Wikkipedia)

2800 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAPs) vehicles are on order, and must be delivered to Department of Homeland Security by October 1st. Verdict? B.S. there’s absolutely no evidence that such a massive order was ever placed. And even if it was, who cares? Are we really being told that the U.S. government is seeking protection against landmines – in the UNITED STATES itself?

All soldiers will have all leave cancelled from September 28th thru November 5th. Verdict? Total crap. I even found one website from the next year (2014) stating that the leave was being cancelled THAT year.

NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest has been suspended until September 27th. All 2016 targets to be centered and performed in northeast coastal areas. Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th. Verdict? Total crap. There is no way to verify that this training ever happened, or ever happens at all. Can’t seem to even find any definition for the word “Norcomm”.

All Department of Homeland Security agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun and AR 15 by September 28th. Verdict? So what – this is not related to anything. The Department of Homeland Security employs more law enforcement agents than any other Department in the Federal Government. Many of the men and women of DHS put their lives at risk protecting the Nation every day and, therefore, must carry firearms in the line of duty. As such, DHS requires that employees who carry firearms in the line of duty regularly undergo qualification and testing on any device issued to them.

Sporadic testing of global positioning system (GPS) and military communications satellites are to be coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th. Verdict? Crap. Anyone that knows the technology would say “what in hell is this talking about? Testing of satellites for WHAT?

The President of the United States (POTUS) mandates to FEMA and Department of Homeland Security concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st. Verdict? What a weird thing to add. What metro cities are dealing with “extreme climate change”. LOL

Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries are scheduled for the month of September. Verdict? Three-day kits for WHAT? Three days seems rather useless in the light of a major disaster anyway.

United States National Guard will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this years annual two week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th. Verdict? Ummm are you telling me that the National Guard troops have no disaster assistance training now? Isn’t that what they are THERE for?

imagesDaily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System to begin on September 25th and run thru October 2nd. Verdict? Crap. The system had never been tested nationally until November 2011, if you can imagine. As if it suddenly is going to be ramped up to a daily test. I think most people will safely say that didn’t happen, or we didn’t notice it for sure. In fact in March 2015, they ran a test of the system, and people panicked across America.

Eastern-based U.S. Coast Guard units to perform massive group training, usually scheduled for the Gulf Coast of Texas. This year, the 10-day training mission, to begin September 26th, will take place in Virginia and Delaware. Verdict? Why the hell would Eastern-based Coast Guard units ever train in the Gulf Coast? It makes MORE SENSE to have the training in Virginia and Delaware. “That’s what we call common sense.”

Bottom line, folks. This was a non-event – in fact it was a manufactured non-event involving a whole bunch of other non-events, all with the goal of creating fear in the general population needlessly.

America may have many challenging days ahead – let’s not create imaginary ones too.


By Shawn J., Founding Editor
Calling Out Community
Posted July 1, 2016

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Russian Approval Rating for US Leadership: 1%

According to 2015 Gallup World Poll results, median U.S. leadership approval in 132 countries was 45%.

usa-russia-war_0President Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to improve the image of the United States around the world doesn’t seem to have reaped any of the harvest of good will that he jawed on about for the last 7+ years.

Nowhere is that seen more clearly than after the now-infamous (and totally embarrassing) symbolic attempt to push the “reset” button on U.S.-Russian relations in the early days of the Obama administration.

You may recall that on March 6, 2009, then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Geneva, Switzerland to present her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov with a red button with the Russian text “перегрузка”.

Secretary of State Clinton gives Russia a “reset” of diplomatic relations – or does she? (Credit: CNN)

It was intended that this would be the Russian word for “reset“. Clinton explained that she wanted to reset relations between Russia and the United States, which had according to her and the Obama administration had stagnated and even deteriorated over the previous decade.

However, Lavrov explained to Clinton that “перегрузка” actually means “overcharge”. The two pressed the button anyway, with Clinton explaining that the American side meant it; they wanted a new era of better ties. You can see the video here, one of the more cringe-worthy moments in recent diplomatic history.

Reset Button
“Reset” button (Credit: Free Republican)

Today, 7 years after this “reset” relationship, the misspelled button may have been more accurately symbolic then earlier believed, as we learn that a decade-low one percent (1%) of Russians approveof American leadership, according to new poll results released May 26, 2016 by U.S. pollster Gallup.

In fact, Gallup said that Russia’s view of the U.S. is the lowest in the world and comes at a time when Moscow is flexing its military muscle in hotspots like Syria, while Obama is struggling to use force.

(Editor: So THIS is what progressive politics looks like and achieves. Not sure I get what all the fuss and hoopla is about. Perhaps this definition of “progressive” is what they are referring to:


(of a disease or ailment) increasing in severity or extent. (“progressive liver failure”)

And no matter how the loony left paints this, it does matter what the world thinks of America. I’m not referring to a mentally-weak, neurotic need to be noticed, even (God forbid) loved.

I’m talking about an America that in a very real sense is at risk of attack and/or even sudden destruction… if her enemies think that for even 5 minutes, they catch Her asleep at the switch.

Overly dramatic? Fear-mongering? Consider the things Russia has done when America has been wide awake:

March 2012 – at the beginning of the now 5-year Syrian Civil War, America supported a measure to bring sanctions to the Assad government, which was vetoed by Russia, to the frustration of all.

Tupolev_Tu-95_Bear,_Russia_-_Air_Force_JP7607398July 2012 two Tu-95 Bears were intercepted by NORAD fighters in the air defense zone off the U.S. coast of Alaska, where they may have been practice-targeting Fort Greely and Vandenberg Air Force Base.

August 2012 – An Akula-class submarine had conducted a patrol within the Gulf of Mexico without being detected, raising alarms of the U.S. Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

February 12, 2013 – just hours before the 2013 State of the Union Address, two Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles circled the United States territory of Guam. Air Force F-15 jets based on Andersen Air Force Base were scrambled to intercept the aircraft. The Russian aircraft reportedly “were intercepted and left the area in a northbound direction.

russia-crimea-invasion-1April 2014 – 10,000 unmarked Russian soldiers seized the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, an invasion that followed Ukraine’s ousting of a pro-Moscow leader. Despite denials from Russian President Vladimir Putin at the time that the troops belonged to Russia, he later admitted that he deployed them. Over 8,000 people, mostly civilians, are killed.

th6KSNSO1BJuly 17, 2014 Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, a Boeing 777 flying from the Netherland to Malaysia’s capital, Kaula Lampur, disappears from radar and the jumbo jet is soon discovered blown to pieces in a field in the Ukraine. The Russians are accused by the Ukrainians, in the midst of a war, of shooting it down with a surface to air missile, but the BBC thinks a military jet may have shot it down. 298 people are killed, the worst aviation disaster in 20 years.

September 30, 2015 Russia lands troops in Syria and immediately begins over 1,000 airstrikes against stated “ISIS” targets (though ISIS resources were never anywhere nearby). As a result of Russia’s efforts, it’s estimated that 400 settlements and 10,000 km2 of land was reclaimed for Syrian government

As we reported earlier in the year, Russian fighter jets staged a mock attack on a US ship in the Black Sea region.

The Russians in fact have made it a bit of an art form to mock and ridicule the United States, especially her lightning-rod President. For example, the New York Post reported last month that:

A Russian company is trying to cash in on the chilly relations between Moscow and Washington by releasing an ice cream called “Little Obama”, irritating U.S. officials.

thC3Y8Y272The product, called “Obamka” in Russian, is glazed with chocolate and its wrapping features an image of a smiling young African boy, wearing an ear ring and holding an ice cream.

You might think that this is just harmless business fun – a little big-boy teasing?

No America, it’s time to wake up. You can’t afford 4 years of Hillary Clinton as President. I fear you couldnt afford the years you already had with her as Secretary of State either. An indictment or several on the former First Lady might assist in balancing that out.


👤 By Retro Russia, Founding Blog Member
Calling Out Community
Posted June 14, 2016

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Elementary School Muslim Thugs – Part 2

👤 By Islam Rising ¦ A Founding Blogger of the Calling Out Community
Posted April 11, 2016
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Yesterday (Sunday, April 10) we brought you a very shocking story, through our partner blogger Islam Rising, that focused on the allegations of Muslim kids from Syrian families – as young as Grade 3 – that were attacking other children in a Halifax elementary schoolyard with chains, making hand gestures of decapitation and shouting pro-Islamic statements.

It was without a doubt one of the most-read stories we have ever had on the Calling Out Community site – in fact the #3 most-read story of all time out of more than 110 posts in the last year. We are particularly proud of the fact that we picked up on this story up to half a day before much bigger players did so.

The reactions were mostly favourable, minus that of one Muslim woman who had the gall to blame the reaction of the paper, after pulling the story without warning, as being the result of “poor journalism practices“:


You were partly correct. There is a newspaper strike into its 80+ day, and the article would have been written by a freelance author. However, that in no way affected the decisions made, nor was the writing of the article in any way the issue – it was the resulting editorial decisions (and accusations made against concerned citizens like ourselves) that we are now quite FURIOUS BEYOND WORDS ABOUT, and we are going to get even.

The paper posted a very revealing response today to the backlash created by stories like ours. What was offered was perhaps the worst piece of yellow journalism CRAP, which they considered their justification for retracting the story:

untitledCHRONICLE HERALD | PUBLISHED APRIL 8, 2016 – 8:01PM | UPDATED APRIL 11, 2016 – 9:01PM

The Chronicle Herald published a story Saturday that has drawn the wrath of many of our readers, particularly online.

It was based on two parents’ allegations of physical bullying and threatening behaviour by some of the children who recently arrived with refugee families.

The school cited in the article, Chebucto Heights Elementary, has had an influx of new students in recent weeks.

The story quoted two mothers who didn’t want their names used for fear of reprisals against them or their children. A third person, a grandparent, was interviewed and had similar concerns.

Since the article ran, another family has contacted us with a similar complaint.

Bullying is a sensitive subject. So is the integration of newcomers, particularly those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way here.

Our story was incomplete and insufficiently corroborated, given the serious nature of the allegations.

Readers also rightly pointed out that the headline ‘Parents worried over school kids’ brutality’ was unfortunate. Using the word brutality to describe children, particularly of an identifiable cultural group, is problematic.

Reaction to the story was all over the map, from thoughtful to downright scary.

Many journalists called publishing the story irresponsible. Some parents weighed in on social media on the need for better discipline and more supports to help newcomers in our schools.

Appallingly, anti-Muslim groups with words like ‘crusade’ and ‘jihad’ in their names started sharing the article.

We pulled it from our website.

Since then, some readers have contacted us to object to the article’s removal.

Our concern is about more than reaction.

Social media is not a great place for the cautious, well-considered examination of problems. A newspaper ought to be. We should have done better and we will.

We’ll start by asking more questions and getting more answers.

We will also run letters and commentary. Please email us at letters@herald.ca.


Here’s our thoughts – 6 things to take away from this piece:

confidentialApparently, in order for a source to be considered valid to this paper, they have to be publicly named? Is that a joke? One secret informant in 1972 brought down a sitting President (Nixon), sent several to jail, and earned the journalists a Pulitzer Prize after the Watergate scandal. Yet, apparently this paper thinks abused kids, terrified by little Islamic thugs already, need to also be exposed publicly for the audacity of criticizing the Muslim community.


images821ROVCJThe little Islamic thugs remain free and clear. There even seems to be some justification for their behavior. Notice the soft language used to describe them: they are called ‘newcomers’, ‘some of the children who recently arrived with refugee families’, ‘those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way here.’ Oh BOO HOO, poor little Mohamed. Don’t be upset that he choked your kid with a chain around his neck – cause he’s had a rough go. Right, and there are no abused kids in Halifax homes already? They should just shut up and take it?


childabuseApparently two different families can complain about the same thing and it’s still not enough. WHOA!  Wait a minute – but isn’t the paper now admitting that parents or grandparents have come forward now from four different families with the same story? How many kids have to come forward before its considered a story? What’s your child abuse minimum, Halifax Chronicle Herald?  (Oh yes, by the way Herald Chronicle,  ignoring or worse, even justifying child on child attacks is a form of abuse too).


These kids are ISIS soldiers - brutality can be a learned behaviour at any age.
These kids are ISIS soldiers – brutality can be a learned behaviour at any age.

“Using the word ‘brutality’ to describe children, particularly of an identifiable cultural group, is problematic.”  Wow, I guess the cultural elite in Halifax don’t get out much.  Perhaps it’s best we don’t tell the sensitive little darlings at this paper that there are videos on YouTube of Palestinian 3 year olds singing “death to Israel” songs (yes, there actually are songs) while brandishing knives.  Little ISIS soldiers under 10 years of age are slicing people’s heads off in other video horrors.  Kids can be brutal if they are taught to be.   But apparently in Halifax, it’s not considered ‘brutality’ when kids choke other kids in Grade 3 with chains. An autistic kid is threatened with decapitation but that’s not brutal? Children are even told that “Muslims will conquer the world”.  And yet you believe that the only truly problematic part of this story is the fact that some thinking people called it “brutality”?

thought-police-e1369141340932“Appallingly, anti-Muslim groups with words like ‘crusade’ and ‘jihad’ in their names started sharing the article.” And that is the reason, dear friends, why a newspaper deleted its own stories from its own site.  Because someone was sharing it.  Sorry, is that not a newspaper’s actual REASON FOR EXISTENCE?  And is it in fact not the ULTIMATE MARKETING PLAN of most news media outlets today to boldly share controversial stories without compromise, and to have people you don’t even like or agree with share that story with others?

We used to call that “promotion“.  Are left-wing media outlets today so insecure about their messages that they now try to decide who gets to even read them One wonders what the editors of this paper would do if they knew that people actually use their newspaper to dry newly-washed windows, soak up any urine the new puppy might dribble out, cover the bottom of the bird cage, or to use as lightweight packing material for boxing up shiome nuts.  My God, the Halifax paper would fold in a week (pardon the pun).  Let’s keep these revelations our little secret – the poor ‘journalistic’ darlings are apparently dealing with enough.

Protecting parents and their kids with warnings about a real threat to their safety is not relevant, I guess – nor apparently is it the lack of this protection on an elementary school playground  the fact that the editors found to be most appalling.

Protecting Muslim reputations is paramount, no matter what the cost to  journalistic integrity or credibility. Clearly Muslims forced them to take the story down – otherwise this newspaper just provided us with a copy of their suicide note.

So, on behalf of the people of Halifax who have depended on you for generations to tell the truth, the whole truth (the W-5 who, what, when, where, why and how), we ask this question of the editors:

Herald Chronicle,  you bluntly stopped readers from being able to access a controversial story on your site, simply because some folks had the audacity to share it.  Therefore, can you now define for us going forward – what the hell is your REASON FOR CONTINUED EXISTENCE? 

This is an truly and incredibly bad example of total CENSORSHIP – from a newspaper of all places.  And we call “B.S.” on this nonsense about an identified “anti-Islamic’ group who would have the word Jihad in their name.  AND SO WHAT IF THEY DO? They have every right to free speech in this country, which one would have thought a newspaper would defend loudly and long.  The Herald-Chronicle has lost their way in this 80 day journalist’s strike I guess, as now they believe they are our den mother or hall monitor, not the provider of the news?

How people use the information a newspaper provides is quite frankly not a journalist’s main concern nor actually any of their business – telling the true story is their only task.

Since when does this paper suddenly feel the need to protect Islamic groups over all others?  How did Muslims suddenly manage to become the victims in this story – or in general?  We’re pre-supposing that anti-Israeli or pro-BDS groups can share this newspaper’s articles to their hearts content, and such actions won’t trigger story retractions from this site, because the stories themselves are often anti-Israel or pro-BDS.


Spect_Revolt_Elites_Anton-EmdinIt was hard to pick a winner, but in the end, we chose this sentence as our ultimate lame-ass  favorite: “Social media is not a great place for the cautious, well-considered examination of problems. A newspaper ought to be. We should have done better and we will”.

Well guess what ladies and gentleman? Apparently you’re too stupid to figure this stuff out yourself. Don’t be talking around the water cooler or your Twitter feed about thinge. The cultural elite will tell you exactly how to think.

Here’s our message to the Chronicle Herald – SCREW OFF. No one asked the you to give a “cautious well-considered examination” of anything. Tell the damn story – who, what, when, where and why. We can figure out what it means for us, thanks just the same.


imageFolks, forget what these idiots have to say. They gave up their right to be heard when they deleted their story.

If you want to know what’s really going on with this story, checkout the Rebel Media video. They have boots on the ground in Halifax and they have uncovered a shocking story that the cultural elite – and the Liberals – don’t want you to know. What else is new.


Media Protects Syrian Child Attackers

👤 By Islam Rising ¦ A Founding Blogger of the Calling Out Community
Posted April 10, 2016
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On Saturday, April 9, the Halifax Chronicle Herald published a very provocative story with the title “Parents worried over school kids’ brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School.”. The story, along with the rest of the Saturday paper, was distributed to 72,000 homes that morning, according to 2014 circulation stats.

But today, just one day later, you will find the following, when you attempt to view the story on their website:

If you didn’t or couldn’t read the retraction statement, we’ve taken the liberty to reprint it:

This story has been removed.  Bullying is a sensitive subject.  So is the integration of newcomers, particularly those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way here.  Our story was incomplete.  More work needs to be done and will be done before the story is republished.  We should have done better and we will.”

If I were this reporter, I would sue.  This is lamest thing we have ever read.  “Bullying is a sensitive subject” – yah WE KNOW.  That’s why we need to actually read about it – especially when the article alleged that it’s happening on elementary school property, at the hands of Grade 3 Islamic thugs using chains to choke other kids, utilizing hand signals to signify cutting off their heads and announcing that Muslims are gonna conquer the world.

img_7082We especially need to read about it when it’s perpetrated by these so-called Syrian “refugees” that our Prime Minister is paying a fortune from our national piggy bank to ram down our throats. Seemingly almost desperate to swamp us with these Third World backwater-and-rape-culture suspects, Trudeau even ordered the selling off our remaining gold reserve to pay for their golden tickets to Canada, and our abundant social welfare programs.

We at Islam Rising (as well our hosts the Calling out Community) don’t care what their reasons were – the Chronicle Herald has demonstrated a gross lack of journalistic integrity with this story, and we’re all about shaming them for it today.  If the facts were wrong or the story was made up, then simply state that to the readers.  Don’t papers fact-check stories, especially ones that are this explosive, before they go to print?

This “incomplete story” nonsense, framed with references to “bullying” and “integration of newcomers”, says to us that they in fact were also bullied by possibly the same Muslim community to shut up.

img_7080Staff at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris criticized Islam and were brutally slaughtered for it. Therefore, excuse us if we refuse to tolerate the bullying of our Canadian media by these Islamic hordes.

To be sure, there won’t be a republished story.  They hope in 2 days you’ll forget all about it.  We’re gonna make sure that doesn’t happen. So here now is the original story in its entirety.  The editors at the Chronicle Herald may have been scared into silence. The same knee jerk reaction/retraction after bullying will not be duplicated here.  Enjoy.

img_7078HALIFAX — Concerned parents are reporting incidents of violence by refugee students at Chebucto Heights Elementary School.

Reports of students choking, pushing, slapping and verbally abusing their fellow classmates are causing parents to worry about the school’s disciplinary action.

“There has always been some fighting and bickering going on at the school but never to this degree,” said Missy, the mother of two children who attend Chebucto Heights. She asked to be referred to by her nickname for this story.

Missy said her daughter, who is in Grade 3, was choked on Monday and Thursday last week by two refugee boys. A chain was used on both occasions, but she cannot confirm the size or strength of the chain. She said one boy yelled “Muslims rule the world” while choking her daughter. School staff intervened, but to her knowledge, the students were not disciplined further.

According to the Halifax Regional School Board, refugees began registering at Chebucto Heights, located in the Cowie Hill neighbourhood of Halifax, in mid-February.

School board spokesman Doug Hadley said, as of last week, there are currently 252 refugee students enrolled in the region, with another 71 waiting on settlement of permanent housing.

Missy’s son, who is in Grade 5, has also been the subject of rough play on the soccer field. During games, refugee students reportedly take their thumb and slide it across their neck from left to right while staring into the eyes of their competitor; imitating the slicing of the throat.

Missy said the school’s response to this and other on-field violence was to cancel intramurals and soccer. But cancelling of recreational activity is not beneficial to students like Missy’s son who has ADHD and relies heavily on physical activity.

“Soccer is what gets my son through the day,” she said.

When asked about the violence at Chebucto Heights, Hadley said he couldn’t confirm whether an individual student had been involved in any behaviour that broke the board’s code of conduct.

He said there’s no connection between the cancellation of extracurricular activities and any violent behaviour. “There’s a term teacher at Chebucto Heights that is finished their term in the next week or so, and they just finished the unit on soccer,” he said. Intramurals will resume in May when the next term teacher begins.

Another mother, who asked not to be named, said her daughter was slapped after she and a classmate disagreed in the schoolyard. Her daughter reported the incident to her teacher.

“The school didn’t even call me to let me know.”

She called and left a message, but said no one has returned her call. She said her daughter begs not to go to school because of the persistent bullying.

A language barrier could be a factor. Many refugee families do not speak English and integrating students into a primarily English speaking environment is bound to cause a few problems.

Missy suggests having an interpreter on staff to help new students understand curriculum or the reason for disciplinary action. “I’m all for the transition,” said Missy.

“I just think there should be people in the school to help and guide them.”

The school board says there are currently 19.5 English as a second language teachers working in regional schools. “We have a long history of welcoming newcomers all over the world to Nova Scotia,” said Hadley. He encourages an open stream of communication between the school staff, students and parents.

“It doesn’t matter if the student is new to Canada or if they have been in school for many years in our system,” said Hadley. “Schools would address it no matter who the child is the same way.”









So media tells a shocker that could bring a very real warning about danger to our kids – and then just deletes it- most likely after pressure from the Islamic community.  Now, greater pressure from Canadians should be levelled on these editors for making this cowardly decision to pull this story.  This relates to real children in a real Canadian schools who have been attacked and whose very lives have been threatened by real Islamic thugs.

'Oddly enough, I feel offended...'
‘Oddly enough, I feel offended…’

A question to ponder:  if the grade 3 children in this family so easily perpetrate these crimes, imagine what the parents who raised them are like?

Our take on it? Round up the families of every child who instigated this violence and send them all back where they came from.

Don’t give us the “civil society / light shining on a hill” crap either.  This is not redeemable behaviour – and if we allow it to continue we won’t have a civil society anymore.  

These kids are programmed to hate from birth, and their parents may be here to cause us harm. Kids that age don’t pick up “Muslims will rule the world” on Sesame Street.

To our Prime Minister @Justintrudeau: At least for one day in your tumultuous reign and trust-fund-privileged life, can you cut the crap, drop the drama lessons, put the politics aside, grab some balls (maybe your “wife” will let you borrow hers) and do what’s right for Canada.

At least for one day.


Millionaires… By The Millions!

image👤 By Shawn J. ¦ Founding Editor, Calling Out Community
Posted March 31, 2016
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In April 2009, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) was created by the 26 richest nations on earth to monitor and make recommendations about the global financial system. Founding member institutions included the Bank of Canada, US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and People’s Bank of China, to name a few.

Credit Suisse Global Headquarters, Zurich, Switzerland
Credit Suisse Global Headquarters, Zurich, Switzerland (Credit: Credit Suisse)

As the global financial crisis of 2013 abated, this FSB identified a list of global banks that strategically couldn’t fail in the future – known as Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs) – and then they devised a plan to ensure that these G-SIB banks wouldn’t fail.

I note with some concern that no Canadian bank is listed in the 2015 report, while China has 4 banks on this list, out of 30 globally identified.  However, FSB named the 160-year old European megabank Credit Suisse as one of these can’t-fail institutions, and it makes sense.  Not only is a financial powerhouse with over $880 billion in assets, but and Fortune Magazine in 2012 ranked it the #6 most admired bank on earth. 

When this bank talks, the world listens – and every year in October, Credit Suisse releases a Global Wealth Report that gives, in essence, a State of the Union for all of the Daddy Warbucks of the world – a broad overall picture of who’s getting richer globally, who’s getting poorer, where and (if possible) even why?

Good News For …Some?

(Credit: Statista.com)

Perhaps this won’t be much of a surprise to some of you, but I was very stunned to learn that there are a whopping 33.7 million millionaires in the world.

According to the October 2015 report, the United States economy seems to be rebounding rather dramatically – with a stunning 46% of the world’s millionaires living within its borders, compared with 41% of the global total last year. The report also highlighted the fact that the U.S. alone added a whopping 903,000 millionaires over the past year, to reach a record-breaking 15.7 million.  Yes, you read that right – in the United States alone, there are over 15 MILLION MILLIONAIRES.

(Credit: ATNew.com)

Now, my apologies to Wally the Welfare Whiner – your version of the American Dream IS Over.  The days of welfare entitlement with little to no effort on your part is long over.  But the true American Dream is not dead – as Occupy Wall Street would like you to believe.  It’s every bit as alive and very much as well as ever.  And the 1% are also not 1% in America – more like approx. 4.4% based on current population! 

You can’t possibly believe that of the 13.7 million millionaires in the U.S., that all were white men 40+ with university degrees and perfect upbringing?  That takes more faith than it does to believe the truth – there are 903,000 new millionaires this year alone, and some of them look just like YOU.

(Credit: Christian Science Monitor)

Now to slash another myth – the middle class is not dead.  Globally, 14 percent of the adult world population belonged to the middle class in 2015 – that’s 664 million adults in total.   It might be especially shocking for you to know what this report uses to define “wealthy”, “rich” and “richest”(where do you stack up?):

“To be part of the wealthiest half [50%] of the world’s adult population, you need $3,210.00 once debts have been subtracted. To be a member of the world’s wealthiest 10% you need $68,800.00 and to be among the richest 1% percentile, $759,900.00.

The So-So News

The news isn’t as great if you are a citizen of China, where they did add the second-highest number of new millionaires in 2015 (152,000), but they still only account for 3.8% of the world’s total rich, at 1.3 millioneven though they are roughly 19% of the world’s population, at 1.3 billion.  That’s right – there is 1 Chinese millionaire for every 1,000 people living in China There is 1 American millionaire for every 38 people living in America.

The next time someone tells you that America is sunk, and China is the real financial powerhouse – just remind the socialist wannabe that this is in fact TOTAL CRAP.  For every Chinese millionaire in the world, there are 17 American ones.  China’s mythical “1%” is actually “0.1%” of the population – America’s, as was said before, is “4.4%” of the population.

The Bad News

untitledNow for the bad news, mostly for China.  According to many news sources, including Yahoo! News, a number of countries are opening the doors to the estimated 1 million Chinese millionaires … provided they bring their money with them. It’s something of a bidding war in reverse.  For $1 million, the U.S. will give the Chinese national a green card and residency.

As was reported in February 2014 in the Wall Street Journal and others, Canada’s economic immigration program was in fact so swamped by Chinese nationals that they shut the whole thing down – at least for now.  Our program was too beneficial for the investor, apparently! The canceled visa program granted permanent residency to those who committed 800,000 Canadian dollars (US$726,700) to a five-year zero-interest loan to one of the country’s provinces.  We had to pay it back?  Glad they fixed that problem.

Though 33.7 million millionaires sounds suffocating , the overall number of millionaires globally actually declined by 2.4 million!

Now The Really Bad News??

For the first time in modern history, and for a variety of reasons, the report states that:

(Credit: WorldNews (WN) Network)

…the US middle class has come to epitomize the middle class. But this year, the Chinese middle class for the first time outnumbered it. The Chinese middle class now counts 109 million adults, well ahead of the 92 million adults part of the American middle class. [emphasis mine]

But that’s a bit misleading when the same report states that the U.S. created 750,000 more millionaires than China – presumably, some of them at least were middle class!  I don’t think it’s always a bad thing to get a raise.